Sunday, June 26, 2011

New Jersey Attorneys Join the IBEW

Thought it would be interesting to show everyone at MCC who else feels the right to organize is a very valuable right.

It is also very interesting to note that more and more workers in ALL fields are choosing the IBEW - the right choice.

All workers who work for a paycheck to support a family need to be organized to have a voice. The alternative is too open ended.

You guys saw the value of being organized and you are now close to getting your first contract in place. A contract you can build on for years to come.

Stay Strong, Stay solid.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Next Negotiation Meetings Begin July 25: Support Your Reps

The next negotiations for the contract will begin on Monday July 25 at the Homewood Suites down the road from the plant. We normally start late on Mondays - sometime in the afternoon - to give the company reps a chance to get in from the airport. Every other morning we get there around 9:30am to get set up for the day and we meet with the company soon after that.

During this next week of negotiations, we will cover all monetary issues like wages, health, pension and establishing the 401(k) into the contract.

Between now and then is a great time to work hard, make cans and to openly display your support for your reps and Local 363.

Remember, we are there for you. We represent you sitting there.

We are going to ask for fair compensation for you in all of the above. After we ask for that fair compensation, the company will respond. We will bring that response back to you. We believe that the company will be fair and does see the value in an organized workforce in Newburgh.

We have all surely put our best foot forward up to this point, so we hope to get a nice first contract on which we can build a future for all and a solid relationship with the company.

It's all about money. They need to make money. Big money. We need to work hard to make sure they make that money.

We just need to get our cut out of the pie too - not be cut out of the pie.

Stay strong, Stay solid

Support your reps and IBEW Local 363!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

We Have Turned The Page: MCC Newburgh Is IBEW 363!

It has finally happened. The union at MCC Newburgh is finally aware of who it is.



Wow! Thanks for the support you guys showed the committee today. We couldn't believe the amount of chairs we had to get - lucky I ordered four pies. It was great to have the discussions we had about some of the recent subjects to hit the table. I think it is very clear to most that there surely is a lot to cover and think about when you are putting together a contract.

Today was great to be part of and watch.
Things progressed in a forward motion today and we cleaned up a few items. We still have a few things to hash out before we can say our "language" articles are complete.
We will most likely complete those language issues by the end of this week.

If we get to that point, we will begin to discuss some of the economic issues in general.

I want to acknowledge that people are coming to visit on their days off or even after a long shift sometimes - it is inspiring. Thanks for coming and stop by any day. Between 11:30am and 1pm seems to be the best time if you want a window. Text your reps if you can to let us know you are there.

Stay Strong, Stay Solid, Support each other