Sunday, January 30, 2011

People Working Together Can Make Positive Things Happen!

Working together will help the company and the workers to remain strong. We are working on a contract that will spell out what the rules and expectations are for both sides. We are putting our best intentions on the table on behalf of our co-workers.

Negotiations will start back up within the next couple of weeks. A subject that will be discussed during that time will be the grievance procedure and how that will work.

We believe we can clean up the process a bit and have a fair system in place that is an improvement for both parties.

Thank you to those who emailed their questions and those who just called in support.

Stay solid, stay strong.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wow! 93,000 Hits And Climbing!

Wow! 93,000 hits! There is truly a lot of interest, participation and support going on here! ALL for the benefit of the MCC Newburgh workers!

THERE IS A UNION MOVEMENT THAT HAS BEEN BUILT BY THE PEOPLE AT THE NEWBURGH CAN PLANT. That movement is for the BENEFIT OF ALL OF THE WORKING PEOPLE AT MCC. We have made it to the bargaining table and we are bringing the peoples concerns to the table.


THE PEOPLE CALLED IN IBEW LOCAL 363 AND DECIDED TO FORM A UNION TO PROTECT THEMSELVES. The people banded together to speak as one voice. THE PEOPLE WANTED to sit at the table - with management - and work out a FAIR and WRITTEN contract.

That is exactly what we are doing.


Be on YOUR SIDE. Stay on YOUR SIDE - the side of the workers.

The IBEW 363 side.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Power To The People - The Written Contract

Things are moving along in our quest to negotiate a written contract. It is amazing that every subject has so many parts to it. This is an eye opening experience for those who are in the room as reps. WE WANT TO THANK EVERYONE FOR THEIR SUPPORT.

Thank you to all of those people across the country from other unions, other International Unions and their officials, Labor Publications, the AFL-CIO, Labor radio stations, other can plants and breweries for your support.

A special thanks to the IBEW Local 363 members at Ball Metal and Tony Russo Chief Steward for meeting with our guys at MCC. It is very much appreciated Tony and crew.

The mix of people that we have on the bargaining committee makes this a great group to work with. They are all really concerned with representing each and every one of you to the fullest extent that they can.

None of this would be possible if the PEOPLE in the plant did not take action to better their situation and contact the IBEW.

IBEW 363 and the MCC workers - We are really a perfect mix.

Get ready to digest a few subjects here on the blog as we go further into negotiations. We may have an open discussion or two coming up at some point.

Power To The People.

Stay solid, stay strong

Friday, January 7, 2011

Negotiations Start Back Up On Monday

Negotiations start back up on Monday January 10 at 10 am in Newburgh. We will be meeting for the third week and we expect to begin to make some progress. We will be discussing the attendance policy, state of emergency issues, grievance procedures, vacations, safety and possibly an additional subject or two depending on how things progress.

All reps please meet at 9:30 am in the conference room. The room should be open just before then so if you come early, just walk in.

We still encourage the membership to bring any issue they are concerned with to our attention - we want to hear your thoughts. Thank you to those who have given in their input - it all counts.

We don't want the fastest contract we can get - we want the best one we can get.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

IBEW Local 363 / MCC Newburgh Go Nation Wide!

Just to let everybody know our story has gone nationwide. We are on the AFL-CIO site, DailyKoz, and the story came as a google alert to my phone today. It has also been on the IBEW National website.

The story of MCC Newburgh bringing in IBEW Local 363 and how we used the blog was carried on over 150 radio stations across the country on January 5th through

It will be carried on another 300 affiliates across the country from a Pittsburgh radio station that wants to speak with IBEW Local 363 sometime this week.

The SEIU in California, Teamsters in St. Louis, Florida, Newark and IBEW in Michigan have contacted us for info and to lend support.

We have plenty of support now and it's growing everyday. YOU MAY NOT REALIZE IT YET BUT........

.....You the workers at MCC Newburgh are an inspiration to many, many other American workers - and it's only going to get bigger.

Stay solid, stay strong and lets work hard on getting a fair first contract and begin to help management make this plant the best there is.

Welcome to all workers across the country who have discovered us, support us and who will hopefully, some day be us!

This is the time - with the world economy turned upside down - for the American workers to stand together because the fact is no one will do it for US and no one else cares.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's A New Year! Turn The Page......

Happy 2011 everybody! We accomplished a lot together in the last 6 months of 2010!

We did what many thought could never happen - we brought the people of MCC Newburgh together. That was no easy task with four different shifts in addition to a maintenance shift.

We found out that a great majority of the people at MCC Newburgh had the same concerns - they feared an unstable future. They wanted a voice.

We created a way for everyone to help organize the plant and still put no one at risk or out in front of the campaign. The result was the IBEW Local 363 was voted in and we are now at the negotiating table. The people got their voice.

We are picking up our negotiations in the second week of January. Negotiations are polite and cordial. There are many, many discussions among the reps themselves and also at the table with the company reps.

Now we need to concentrate on our contract negotiations. It is time to turn the page on yesterday and to devote all of our positive energy to the future.

Together we can do great things for ourselves and our employer.

Let's do it!