Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contract Negotiations Start Back Up March 7th

Negotiations start back up during the week of March 7th and we expect to be making some pretty good progress. Those that are at the table have seen that each subject has many sides and layers to it. Indepth discussion on everything from grievance procedure to holidays and vacations have proven that.

Please continue to inform your shop stewards if you an issue at work or if you are about to be disciplined.

Just to clear something up. YOU are represented by IBEW Local 363 right now. Anyone who says you have no rights to anything until you have a signed contract is wrong. That is not a correct statement.

You are represented right now. There are those who have had issues resolved already by the union.

If you have any ideas for bargaining continue to inform your reps.

Stay Strong, Stay Solid

Monday, February 21, 2011

100,000 Hits!! Along With Overwhelming Support From All Over The Country! Just Amazing!

100,000 hits! That is really amazing! This much attention for a group of people that numbers around 165! Your story is an amazing one!

Here is another one and worth giving some time here even during our own issue of bargaining. These people are now fighting for only that - the right to bargain. This is about much more than paying more for health insurance or pensions - they already agreed on that.......this is an all out assault on American Workers rights - period.....and it IS poliical and it is CORPORATE DRIVEN. With a goal to "trickle down" the attack to the rest of the American Workforce. Don't be fooled, the only way to protect yourself is to band together.

More now than ever:
The workers at MCC Newburgh are truly an inspiration to all workers across the country. We are grateful for all of the support that we have been given from all around the country and suprised from the support we have from a few countries OUTSIDE of the United States!

With so much going on now with the economy, the world and in the political arena there was no better time for the workers here in Newburgh to make a decision to come together and have a voice. The workers of MCC Newburgh took the brave steps they needed to take to ORGANIZE!

We have a much better chance at making improvements and having the peoples opinions become part of the decision making process when we BAND TOGETHER.

....and look what has happened - we have come to the table and presented the opinions of the people to representatives of the company. We are working on a contract - together - labor and management - to hopefully start a great relationship and to work together to reach the goal of making Newburgh the best can making facility in ABINBEV.

IBEW Local 363 is PROUD to be working with the workers at MCC Newburgh and proud to be helping them put together their new contract.

We would like to thank everyone out there again for all of your support and kind words! Please stay with us, stay on our side and keep up that support.

Negotiations start up again the week of March 7th.
As always, if any workers at MCC Newburgh have any ideas or thoughts about any subject related to bargaining - please contact your reps.

Stay Solid, Stay Strong!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Let's Reflect On How And Why We Have The Right To Organize, Unionize and Bargain For A Contract In America

At this time, I would like to reflect on the reason that we, as American Workers, can have the ability to sit across the table from our employer and bargain for a meaningful and fair contract. We can do that because we are free.

We have that right because generations before us stood up and fought for that right and the very existence of this country. They did it for us - the future generations.

We honor those past generations, who fought for us, every time we excercise the rights that we have as Americans. One of those rights is the right to ORGANIZE and bargain for a contract.

We need to really look at our own negotiations - where we are at the table trying to make improvements for all of the workers in the MCC Newburgh plant - and we need to thank those who came before us and protected that right and our freedom.

Our negotiations will start back up again during the week of March 7

Thank you to everyone who has given us their support and encouragement.

Also, if you have a subject on your mind, please pass it to your reps or steward.

Stay solid, Stay strong.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

It's Not How You Start - It's How You Finish.

Negotiations are still going as well as you could expect at this point in the process. With that said, there may be some people who might be wondering about the amount of time it takes or is taking to negotiate the contract.

I am sure that everyone can understand the sensitivity of publicly and specifically discussing subjects that are or will be on the bargaining table. It would be like telling the car salesman's brotherinlaw that you are willing to spend $34 Thousand on a new car - it doesn't make any sense.

I can tell you that we are covering everything from attendance policies and hours of work to call-in procedures and every other subject that pertains to your life at work. Every issue is being disected and analyzed by both sides of the table. Most of the subjects, particular ideas and concerns came from the people we represent - YOU.

We are exchanging those proposals back and forth and each exchange creates another and another. That is what happens in bargaining. It takes a great amount of time to develop THE LANGUAGE for each and every subject in any FIRST CONTRACT.

We negotiate for only one week each month. The company attorneys fly in for the week from St. Louis. All of the time that we meet is used wisely. We are going over everything that pertains to your job and work. There is almost unlimited subject matter. There are hours spent on each subject during each session. Most are revisited and rewritten many times.

Keep in mind, none of your reps are being paid to represent you and they are all there on their own time.

IBEW Local 363 will spend as MUCH time as it takes to get this contract RIGHT. We are not stingy with time.

So far, we are making progress this week - just as we have in the previous weeks.

In regard to something as important as your own contract I offer you this advice someone once told me: is not how you start it's how you finish.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Negotiations Start Up Again This Monday

Negotiations start up again this Monday at 10 am. Talk to your reps if you have ideas to bring to the table. Looking to make some good progress this week - most is just getting down on paper what we do.

Sometimes explaining the procedure has not exactly been so clear. We are trying to clear some of those things up so everyone can understand what the rules are. That is good for the company and the employees.

We want to get to the point of making this plant run at top speed and efficiency.

Thank you all for your support!