Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost Everybody Is Right

Believe it or not, almost everyone on here or involved in the conversation is right about a portion of what they say. I say almost because there are a couple who are plain wrong and just try to fan the flames.

The fact is that there is nothing to argue about with each other at this time. Nobody should be against anyone or what they want. They are the same things that we told the company you wanted anyway. ALL of YOUR ideas hit the table. Every one. Now we are waiting for a confirmation of a compensation package from the corporate higher ups.

Our language is set and the Articles of the contract are in place and ready for review. Although some may never get it - the written contract is an extremely valuable document. Like I said many times before - I wouldn't sell mine for any amount of a yearly raise. Why? Selling that would give me nothing in return for the long run, my future. Mull that one over good - multiple times.

I know people are frustrated and that many are upset over the direction you think the company will be pointing you in.

Wait until you have concrete information before you react to it. I spoke the truth. They did tell us numerous times while we presented different compensation packages that you were already extremely well compensated and the highest paid MCC plant they have.

I believe that you should know that and factor that in to your expectations of what they are comfortable with in regard to your pay. Once we know all of the information, we will bring it to you for your approval.

One more thing, please keep the comments clean.

Stay Strong, Stay Solid, Stay together

Friday, August 19, 2011

The Talking Heads Have Spoken

Your union, IBEW Local 363 and your reps have bargained all of the language pertaining to hours and working conditions. Even though it was a long process, we believe that we have examined each Article of the contract with an eye toward your best interest in every one.

Make no mistake, this was no picnic for your co-workers at that table and it took a lot of dedication and drive to do what those guys and ladies did. we fought for every inch. It got heated a few times but on a whole, everyone respected the other side. We wanted to come out of those negotiations with a mutual respect and understanding for each others concerns. That was our plan and we feel that we have followed it through.

We are waiting on the company reps to caucus with their corporate people about your financial compensation. They have their own opinion about what is fair and right for you. That will take place in the next week or so. What I can tell you is that they believe that you are extremely well compensated already and are struggling with adding to that. I believe you guys need that contract more now than ever. Soon we will review it all and you will vote and decide that question.

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Next Negotiation August 15th

The next session of negotiations will be held on August 15th at the Homewood Suites Hotel at Stewart Airport - just down the road from the Newburgh plant.

We will get a late afternoon start on Monday and start at 10am on the days after that. If you would like to visit - please come by. If we are in between breaks we will invite you into the board room where we hold our meetings. We have done that in the past and have had some good discussions and even enlightened a few people on some issues.

We hope to move ahead, clean up the attendance policy language and some other minor wording issues and then get to some financial issues.

Our goal is to complete the negotiations during this session. I believe we have a decent chance at accomplishing that. I must stress though - and I am telling you this for your benefit. I am not rushing it.

That would be a mistake. We will negotiate until we have the contract we will bring back - we know what you guys want and we are going to let the company know what that is.

Stay Strong, Stay Solid