Friday, October 29, 2010

Movin On Up! Things Are Going Smooth!

Good meetings this week. Good questions! Legitimate concerns! All discussed and answered. Glad to see the turnout and interest.

Reps get back this weekend about next weeks meetings and for the two weeks we spoke about...................... email your availability.

Things are coming together nicely. Thank you to all for your emails, texts and phone calls.

Stay tuned and stay strong!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Wow! 75,000 Hits! See You At The Union Meeting!

Wow! 75,000 hits! Not bad for 164 employees.


The meetings will be held at the IBEW Local 363 Building in Harriman:

Monday October 25 A - B Crew 10 AM

Friday October 29 C-D - M Crew 10 AM

Stay Strong, Stay Solid.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hey! It's Union Meeting Time!

We are scheduling a General meeting for all of the crews ( on two different days) so all of the people can get a chance to talk and ask questions. We will be discussing issues that are on your mind and ours. We will also be answering your concerns and questions about bargaining. Your Reps have worked very hard and they have much more work to do. Come together with us on these days as we prepare to move forward united as one for the good of all!

The meetings will be held at the IBEW Local 363 Building in Harriman:

Monday October 25 A - B Crew 10 AM

Friday October 29 C-D - M Crew 10 AM

Stay Strong, Stay Solid.

See everyone there!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Worth Reading - Pass It On

We are moving forward as planned and as we discussed at our meetings. I would like to thank the many people who have been putting much time into helping to develop what will become a written contract.

I cannot stress enough that IBEW Local 363 is a union that wants the company to be profitable and we want them to have product to ship, when they need it. We are a cooperative organization that can respect management and look out for the interest of our people at the same time.

That is a winning combination. One we can ALL surely agree upon as desirable.

Your Reps are working hard studying what we have, what we want, what we need, what the company needs, what the company wants. Soon we will meet with the company to begin negotiations. We have had many suggestions and most were the same as the committees so we have good representation of the issues here.

Thank you to everyone who gave in suggestions in person, by phone, by email or through your reps.

As we move closer to bargaining,
we will keep you informed of what is going on through the blog.

We will be having a meeting of ALL MCC workers on all crews shortly to give an overview of where we are going and to discuss some topics that are important to all of us. THE MEETING DATES WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THIS SITE SOON. Have some questions? Come to the meeting and get an answer - the right answer.

The reps will not be discussing bargaining on the floor or answering questions about bargaining.

The fact is that would undermine our position. You WILL be informed of all progress and all attitudes - good and bad, company proposals, certain bargaining issues on the blog or at a meeting should we need to meet on a subject. You can comment as issues are posted there.

You are all together now. To the few left who don't understand the concept of joining together - You can fight about car racing, the Yankees, the Jets or whatever - but you CAN"T fight about standing up for what is fair for you and your fellow workers. It does not make sense to fight against your own welfare.

Nobody HERE is the enemy. And neither is the company - if they are fair.

If you have a suggestion you can still pass it through to the reps. We will always look at everything we get.

You guys are doing great. Keep up the good work and the good attitudes. Be heard here and support the concept of working together and the need for a fair written contract.


Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Union Is Behind Us - We Shall Not Be Moved

The spirit of the people at MCC Newburgh is high! The morale of the workers at the plant is high! The production of cans by those workers is high! Everything is right where it should be!

There is much work being done right now - everyday - by your reps behind the scenes in preparation of contract negotiations.

You have made great choices and selected reps who truly look out for their fellow workers. The people you selected are fair, experienced and level headed. These are the people you want at the table representing you.

We will be meeting again this week and will probably log another 16 hours in going over details of what should be included in your contract. The company would be proud to hear the logical discussions and fair sense of play for both workers and management that is spoken and displayed in that room.

I have received calls again this week from all over the country about you. More people are getting more interested in your story.

I am predicting that MCC Newburgh will be a story that can be told all over the country about when the people band together and organize, they can accomplish great things! About how the union and the company can get along and how the people can produce more product when they are worry free at their job.

After this week we will be contacting the company to arrange dates to begin negotiations. Pay close attention to your reps and to this site for information.

Play your part and let your feelings be known right here. Let the people in the plant, across the country and THE WORLD know what your concerns are.

Let them see and read that we are together. USE THIS AVENUE TO COMMUNICATE YOUR THOUGHTS.


All we want is a fair written contract - nothing more.

The union is behind us - we shall not be moved.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Great Meeting, Another One Monday - Nothin' But Blue Skies!

We had a great meeting on Friday. It should have been on film because it is exactly what should have happened - much discussion, some debate, more discussion and then the result of it all.

This company is VERY LUCKY to have the people they have working for them. I BELIEVE THEY KNOW THAT. Just look at what it takes to get hired here. They don't just hire any person off the street here. They hire only quality and qualified people. They have created an ENTIRE plant full of ALL GOOD PEOPLE. That is an EXCELLENT BUSINESS STRATEGY.

The people are still the same now. In fact, they are BETTER. Now they have a VOICE. They can use that voice for the betterment of the worker AND the company. They are part of the IBEW Local 363 now. That was actually a great move for them and the company. Done the right and fair way, which is what we pride ourselves in, the people are protected by a written contract and the company has LESS EMPLOYEE ISSUES because everybody knows the rules.

The only thing left to do is go to work and make cans after that.

We are headed in that direction and we are moving forward. We are looking for a partnership - between management and the workers - the same one you guys always had with the company but with a REAL CONTRACT.

Fridays meetings were positive, enlightening and productive.

Monday is a new day and a new meeting.

Nothing but blue skies

Stay Solid, Strong Strong