Thursday, September 1, 2011

Talking Is Done - Contract Meeting Vote Scheduled

The talking is done and we have a draft contract to present and review. Here are the dates and times for our meetings:

September 9, 2011 1:30 pm

September 10, 2011 3:30 pm

September 12, 2011 10:00 am ( additional meeting date )

These dates allow all to attend based on the crew schedules.

The meetings will be held at the IBEW Local 363 Building located at 67 Commerce Drive South, Harriman, NY 10926.

Please pass the word to all of your co-workers. I am posting this in the cafeteria, on the blog, emailing everyone and I am planning to send out a flyer.

See you all there.


  1. Outstanding! I'm glad to hear that the contract is ready to be reviewed and voted on.
    I would like to personally thank all the Team Members that sacrificed their time and effort to represent us in good faith.
    However, I am concerned about that the meeting times mentioned above will not give everyone the opportunity to review the contract and vote. There are seven team members from A Crew that are working overtime on September 9th. I do not know if any A Crew Members are working swaps that day. Also, There will be 6 team members from C Crew working overtime on September 10th and I have a swap. I do not know if there are any other swaps, but at least 14 team members will not have an opportunity to review or vote on the the contract. This also does not consider vacations or people out for other reasons(mloa, etc.)
    Another aspect that concerns me is that A and B Crews will not even come back to work again until September 10th. That will be too late to see the posting in the cafeteria and there are several people that don't read this blog regularly.
    I think it would be a disservice to the representatives that worked hard and sacrificed their time if we do not allow everyone to review and vote on the contract.
    I recommend that there be at least four meetings (one for each crew, before or after work)
    I also recommend that the meetings be held after everyone has been notified at work about the meeting times and dates.
    I would also like to review the contract before the meeting so I can make an informed choice.
    If the meetings are too much trouble to organize, perhaps we could arrange a vote at work or through the mail.

    Thanks again to all the representatives that worked hard on this contract!


    Eric L. Stolz

  2. Eric, Sam and all the reps understand the importance of having a voice and will provide all the workers with a chance to review the contract so that we can all make an educated choice. We are all what makes up the union and will have a voice when it comes to the contract. Thank you for your concern but I'm sure Sam and all the reps will make sure we ALL HAVE A VOICE. After all thats why we voted yes to the IBEW, TO HAVE A VOICE IN OUR FUTURE.

  3. For once Stoltzie is right. Sam there has been too much time and effort spent on this entire process and to not include all is unfair. I have been a loyal supporter from day one and have played by all your rules but you need to have a litte flexibility in these meeting times if you want to make this vote accessible to all. Please reconsider the times or a lot of YES votes wont be able to make it.

  4. LOL! Thanks for the kind words. Maybe there is hope for me after all. ;-)

  5. Eric for shop Stewart!

  6. Thank you Eric for your comments they are much appreciated.

    I am going to add an additional day to accomodate those who are working overtime on their regular shifts off day. This additional day is an option for anyone who would like to participate but mainly for those working their off days like Eric.

    I will open the additional meeting back up at 10 am on Monday September 12, 2011. I have checked and there should be no employee who now cannot participate.

    The company wants an answer on the contract ratification by Sepember 15. Part of the contract depends on it being ratified by that date. That was part of the company proposal with a contract date of October 1 or before.

    As for contacting everyone, don't worry. We will be mailing a flyer to each persons home, I sent out an email today and will send out this additional meeting notice by email also, we have it posted in the break room and it is on the ever popular blog. That is four direct ways of communication.

    Please realize that the contract will be very easy to digest for everyone and we will go over it as for long as you would like. I am no hurry at these meetings. I want you to understand it so you know how it covers you.

    I will be sending out the mailing tomorrow with all three meeting dates and times.

  7. I sure hope that when I read that contract, there is more than a 1% raise In there. The cost of living has gone up over 40% for the average middle class worker since 1999. AB-INBEV has posted record profits every year since the buy-out. They told is we are the highest paid employee's in metal container. We should be , we work in the second highest cost of loving states in the country. I will garantee our cans also cost more for the fillers and brewery. Then they do any where else I'm country. Tony said we did not get a raise last year so the union plqnts could catch up. But what about this year? They already had there raises for this year in there contract. Like I said I hope its more than 1% ....that will only cover the union.

  8. Sorry Mr Stoltz, there still is no hope for you. Your always has been and always will be up the front office ass. But I wouldn't be s true union supporter if I didn't believe everyone deserves a chance to be heard and to vote. I hope we can accommodate this.

  9. I would have to agree with Stoltzie I also would like to see the contract posted on the blog so i could review it before the meeting so if i have any questions or concerns that i might be able to write them down and ask you...