Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Keep The Emails and Calls Coming! Your Side Is The Only Side!

Bargaining starts on November 29th! We already know what side you are on and we are right there with you! We are on the side of the worker! The person who puts in all of those hours for that hourly paycheck.

Every worker at the plant should be on that same page by now even if they are non-committal on the surface. If there is anyone not on that page for any reason, you my friend, are working against your own interest. I know you are ALL wayyyyyyyyyyyyy smarter than that though!

Support your reps, stewards and alternates. They are really doing a great job and putting in a lot of time for everyones benefit. We are going to do something great here. Be part of it!

Stay solid, stay strong!


  1. You know its time to bargain.We might not agree about how much wax to put on the car or how often to rotate the tires or what kind of oil to use, but WE ALL AGREE that we need oil, wax,and tires need to be rotated. It is that simple. Wages, benefits,pension. We need a car that has the basics. Dont buy one that doesnt have tires, or oil.Make sure it gets wax for protection. get it?

  2. OK, Here we go! Countdown to contract! Are there any new issues? Please put them up now. Foresight is better than hind sight. We will probably only meet 2 more times as a committee before we challenge the company. So, if you have anything, ANYTHING, you want addressed please put it up ASAP. So we can argue and incorporate. Shut down notice is already noted. Think down the road, not the here and now as much, that's negotiable. Think about how you want to see your future play out. Tell us. LAST CHANCE before the big sit down. Going, going, going, Hindsight!
    Support the effort in Mira Loma and Windsor.
    A retiree told me about a book to read. It's about the takeover. It's called "Dethroning the King: The Hostile Takeover Of Anheuser-Busch". Details what schmucks our former benefactors were and probably what bigger schmucks we work for now. A must read. Research.
    Keep doing the job as best as you can, keep blogging, participate any way you can. It's all about support. Help us help us all.
    Blog on!

  3. We're on it Walrus. We are all paying attention now. I'm so glad this all happened.

  4. Thank you for the support 10:05. Much appreciated, win them one at a time. we the committee are dead serious about our future with MCC as a whole. We just want a rule book. Some security. For all, even 12:07 or whatever his anonymous was. A level playing field. Enough cliches. Instead of MR Danendave go to St. Louis, it's St. Louis comes to us. To arbitrate our grieveance and create a contract, suitable and beneficial to all. I think if all the parties do this right we'll all come away feeling everybody won. thank you again for your support.

  5. walrus,
    Way to go! Keep up the pump up. However I am reluctant to call negotiations a challenge. I am dedicated to forming a union made from us for us. I think that we should present our concerns and our requirements to the company and try to come to an agreement that is fair to both parties,while protecting the things that are important to us we should not rush to an acute resolve that compromises our long term security.Limiting lesser impacting concerns will increase focus on the important items that are the highest priority for the majority of the population of the plant. I do not suggest that a reduction of tenacity in the way we negotiate. I recommend the opposite. Bring to the table the emotions that erupt from our members when the company uncaringly changed everything from breaks,raises,and adding nothing to our pension, while upper management capitalized from our efforts. Walrus you are the shit!

  6. Kicked ass last night! Good job brotheres and sisters. Once again the hardest job was working against senior mcc management. They've got the number of people cut so close to the bone, one person calls in and the hole place goes into a tailspin. Quality, who knows, running around so much, who had a chance to look. The new super seems pretty good, talks to you like a person, and tries to help. I glad he was trained by holly and not the crossword dude. I'm still shocked hehasn't been fired yet. A six + on the board and even a couple off the sorter. If we could get management with us instead of against us, we might make lots of really schweeet cans.

  7. Glad to hear a good night and sounds like you guys might hit the jack pot with new superintendant. keep it going. stay strong stay solid. go 363

  8. Im glad that IBEW is on our side!

  9. I wonder who the company is going to send to negotiate with us?

  10. I wonder who's going to buy all these cans we make?........mabe we should handle sales too

  11. Ummm, Rin Tin Tin, is being the shit a good or bad thing? It could be hot shit, in the shit, full of shit, shit out of luck, stepped in shit, shitfaced, don't touch my shit, hey, this is good shit! or any other combination. So, as they say in OZ: Am I a good witch or a bad witch? Just asking.
    11/10 7:17 PM: We know it's not going to be Ken, so don't send any MRE's or take up a food drive or anything, OK? Ain't that some shit? No shit! OK enough of this shit! I gotta take a..............break!

  12. ar ar ar ar ar ar ar walrus.It dont matta who dey send. if gods on our side who can stand against us!

  13. The only reason the company can give to reduce anything is that Brito needs more frito

  14. ernest and julio galloNovember 10, 2010 at 8:34 PM

    play nice hes going to sign the contract. its in his best interest and ours.

  15. There is going to be a time when all of us are going to have commit to a contract. We have to learn to respect each other and it cant be one way like it has been all these years. Is there going to be language to protect the hourlies from abuse and actually stop the individuals from abusing the workers on the floor? I have been at the mercy of management abuse for years at this plant and when I complained nothing ever happened to the abuser.

  16. Everything we are doing is in the best interest of both us "THE TEAM" and management, "THE COMPANY". It's true they can send anyone they want. Negotiation is just that, talk about it, argue over language, compromise and then agree. Brito is so far removed from our situation that we aren't even a asterisk(*) on his daily report. If there was any real over the top hemorraging going on there would be a bigger heavy hitter (Think Kramer and Company) presence. Everyone concerned just wants to see how this plays out. Of course the low key approach by management could mean they are underestimating how really driven and committed we really are to achieve our goals. Remember we have been the complacent, docile work force for 20+ years and have finally found our voice and took our balls out of Tony Bhalla's "European Travel Bag" and stood on our own feet and said "Enough", "You can't take anymore, and we can't let you take it"! We stood as one and formed a union, now let's get behind it as one and be the definition of what the word union means. One for the betterment of all. Deep, huh?
    Blog away, continue to attend meetings when you can, stay informed, ask questions, participate, this concerns everyone. Keep doing what we can do so well, no, not bitch and moan, make cans. Make them have to resort to excuses for trying to screw the best workforce in the business! Stay united and we are on our way.
    Mira Loma and Windsor, good luck organizing. We are here, and we can hear, talk to you and help any way we can. All you have to do is ask. Maybe we'll have a party after the signing, management included. It will be a good thing.

  17. Ben aroundjr. we are writing a rule book, the feds have rules too, we have to abide by them and so does management. Report the abuse. Name names, times dates, be specific. get a hold of your rep, or call the business agent directly, your Shop steward can put you in direct contact. There may not be a contract yet but there are protections in place. Report it.

  18. Wow, it worked!

    Thanks Mr. Apple Picker

  19. Thank you Walrus,

    kookoo ka choo to you!

  20. I want to use this forum to thank everyone for getting us through all these VPO audits. It's a lot of work organizing all of it but it is the hard work of the Team Members on the floor making it all happen - day after day. And thank you to B crew for covering for me.

    I love reading the "Walrus" - very on target.

  21. Two more weeks and we can finally sit down with dignity for the first time as Metal container employees and discuss what we will agree upon between employer and employee.
    When I was hired, I was told there was going to be expectations from both sides. As time went on I realized it was only one sided. Their side.They had expectations of me doing more and more for less .
    Now we can get the expectations down in writing and actually have both sides live up to them.
    I dont want to see things change in how we make cans. we have a good group of people that work here.I want to just have what we have put down on paper and make sure that the expectations are what they said they would be when i was hired. Finally.

  22. what happens if the company refuses to bargain at all? what if they say we will not consider any of our requests even if they are the same as we have now?

  23. Diane,
    Good job, you make me proud to work with you and the walrus. You people show the company what kind of people they should hire. Motivated ,dedicated,sincere,eyes focused on the big prize.Long term job security for all of us ,hourlies and management. keep it going. you both inspire me.

  24. 11:15 They cannot do that without violating federal law. Besides why would they do that? In our captive meetings they were concerned with our safety and well being. They are still the same people right? They weren't just saying they cared, were they?

    They are on our side too, that's what they told us.

  25. The reality is that ABinbev doesnt care about its american workers.Look how they didnt respond before the union campaign started.They gave no type of reassurances that we would be kept or that conditions here at Newburgh meant anything.Me personally , I think that they are going to just hope we go away. They think that with todays economy we should be lucky to have what we have. Even though their management staff is way overpaid and greedy.

  26. Listen bright boy,that was then this is now.I think they will negotiate in good faith because thats what the law demands.If you think that we have no chance. start looking for a new job. If you have any balls at all, stand up and bring your enthusiasm,support, and strength to your reps, and even this site.Im tired of hearing whining from people who are scared of their own shadow.Our plant voted in local 363 for a reason. We are tired of getting humped by management. So grab your sack and squeeze and stand shoulder to shoulder with your peers and help hold up the umbrella of protection cause if you dont, when management pisses down on us all your going to do is get wet.

  27. Dont worry Hutzpa, neon is just nervous because most people are afraid of the unknown. I understand your frustration.Its good to see that we have strong people who are ready to get things done for themselves and their families.

  28. Negotiations are much like shopping: if you are realistic and informed, patient and have a plan you can get a good deal. If you are impulsive, selfish, greedy and don't keep your eye on the prize you will not get what you need, not all of it, not any good deals and when the dust settles you will not be happy.
    Keep this in mind, this is our first contract, a baseline, we get to find out what the company feels we're worth, how they will respond to our concerns across the table and also how we will come together as a group.
    Having said that, we can't allow ourselves to mess up by focusing on what's not important, be selfish, impulsive and approach in such a way that it will hurt our goal.
    Seems to me that the company is holding back at making any mistakes. All their moves are scripted from St.Louis, all of them, exercising restraint, maybe waiting for us to make a bad move. We won't. We all have to think that way. We have to show that we're up to the task. So far we have and then some. Performance is one way. The positive stuff on the blog is another. The understanding of the situation is more. The next and most important one is the negotiating process. What we come up with, how we present it, how we react and respond and how we are supported by the rest of the group is going to determine what we end up with.
    Really happy and proud to see a lot of smart people posting a lot of intelligent stuff over here.
    A little more to go.
    Try hard to do your (our) share and do not allow anything to happen that would put us at a disadvantage, even if minor.
    Stay strong and together.
    Talk to your reps now if you have ideas or concerns.
    Thank you.

  29. very well put 2:33

  30. wow you should work for the union.

  31. Eagle eye,

    I hope your keep on the blog. We could use your wisdom from time to time. We are rookies at this and want to get it right. I know the reps personally and know that they want the best for all of us but they are human too. They are trying hard to get things right and to represent the people of Newburgh the best way they know how.If you know them you would agree.

  32. Thanks Diane for the thumbs up. And you yourself have done a fine job, between you, Mr Connor and Ms Kearns, you will have made the VPO cert a reality. It's nice to see that an hourly and two managers that aren't that far up the food chain can carry the program and the upper food chain managers. Well done. And you fit in the time to be a rep. Gene is doing a good job filling in for you, when can we expect you back? I think your secret admirer misses you. Poor soul, bless his heart.
    Eagle Eye that's about the best analysis of our situation I read in a long time. Keep it up.
    11:15, 12:39 is correct, that would be not bargaining in good faith and it's probably the last thing they want to do. With Windsor and Mira Loma and a cast of thousands (more extras than a Cecil B. DeMille movie) watching and thinking about going union the company really doesn't want to f... this one up. Stay tuned in, blog on, go to meetings.
    On a lighter note: Hutzpa, I usually don't rag on bad spellers, but I know what word you think you are using. It's Yiddish and the word is Chutzpah., it means that took balls. Phonetically it is pronounced: (phlegm sound)ootzzzpahh! Don't be mad at me, I saw what you called yourself and thought "WOW, what a great handle!" Just spell it right, OK?
    Yes, 11/29 we go to the table and we are ready. Stand behind us, and we'll prevail, show the united front and we prevail. Basically we have a good program, everybody should come away happy and that means....we prevail. Blog on 363.

  33. Lest I forget, A big thank you to all our Veterans, for your sacrifices in our name and for our freedoms. Your service have made our country the defender of freedom that it is. Raising one in your honor as I write this. This is your day. THANK YOU.

  34. USA.......USA........USA.......USA.......USA........THANKS WALRUS

  35. Glad you guys liked the latest post. I'm sure many feel that way, I just happened to be the one putting it down, much like an echo of their thoughts.
    Like I said I'm proud to be part of the group that includes so many smart people that show insight and good judgement. Of the many, first one that comes to mind is Walrus. Not only have you been consistently active on the blog but you've shown true leadership and good forward thinking.
    Our group needs both as we head into the negotiations. Our job is twofold: facing the company reps across the table but also talking to those we represent and keeping the focus on the important issues, those worth getting secured first.
    Can't phrase it any better than this:
    Keeping our eye on the prize!
    Distractions and issues that are not of general concern and are not part of the core priorities tend to dilute the message and could get us into spinning our wheels complicating the process and making us inefficient.
    Stay strong and stay together.
    Talk to your reps.
    Think forward.
    Thank you!

  36. Walrus,
    I know dont know yiddish. she might be a nice person but she dont know everything. I spell my name like my fadder before mee. Ewe ar eh gud gie . eweun starong gow eweun.

  37. Is there a plain english translation to this or is it a riddle to be solved only by those that were given the knowledge by their fadder?

  38. It says I want a dam contract, so I will have something in my hand that tells me tomorrow I know what I have, not just hoping they will kind to me!

  39. I want a contract

  40. I want to make sure our bonus is in there

  41. I want a matching 401k

  42. I want good health care coverage at a cost of 20 % cost to me

  43. I want to be treated with respect

  44. 3:24; I think it means the same as an earlier post, that I am the shit. I think it's a good thing. Boy, does that take Chutzpah.
    4;01 through 4:22: I agree with you (a lucky guess says you are one person), except for the 20% health cost, I would like to see it lower. All the other wants, I agree, I'd like that to be the way it is also.
    Eagle Eye, Thanks for the compliment, but I'm only one part of this whole movement. Thank you for your to the point commentary. The negotiation stage is going to be a whole new experience. We'll see on the 29th what the tone is going to be and adjust. I think we'll do just fine despite our inexperience. We do have "OUR EYES ON THE PRIZE". We are focused and we have a lot of our peers relying on us to do the best job we can for all of our's and the company's benefit. I'm confident in what we have put together for the company to ingest and accept. We are realistic. So they should be also. We have the tools, the skills, the knowledge, it's.........oops.this Bud's for you oh men of compromise.

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  48. You guys are pathetic. I was listening yesterday to a few "union" people and cant believe what I was hearing. Where did you people get the idea you deserve more than what you get! My god you must be idiots! You arent worth half of what you get paid! Wake up ,and dont drag the rest of us down.

  49. Another Suck Ass Needs CorrectingNovember 14, 2010 at 8:46 AM

    Well, let me pull no pincehs this time and tell ya like it is and comment on your little post even though you are the biggest jerk in the plant.

    First, the smartest thing you said was:
    "I was listening yesterday to a few "union" people"

    Second, if you can identify yourself maybe we can negotiate YOUR pay in half to put you down to where you think you belong - it may help the rest of the workers who posses logical thinking to see what little sense you make.

    YOU probably used a management computer to type that.

    YOU probably are what most of us call a rat or a suckass.

    YOU really don't deserve more than what you get.

    YOU should remember that it's always best to wipe your chin before typing anti - worker statements.

    A man against his fellow men isn't realy a man.

    Suck ass maybe - but but not a man.

    Once upon a time, deep in the south, one "stupid" slave probably said to another:

    "Where did you people get the idea you deserve more than what you get! My god you must be idiots! You arent worth half of what you get paid! Wake up ,and dont drag the rest of us down."

    .....the stupid slaves tried to convince everyone that their best choice was to stay slaves.

    YOU Stupid slave you.

  50. I know it's hard to show you can handle the barbs coming your way but since this is mainly a provocation it should be handled as such and any response should be measured and controlled. Only a few that have such strong opinions on this topic now, not hard to pull back the veil of anonimity, it will not be a positive ID but close enough.
    7:35 thank you for showing us all that you have not changed all that much, just adjusted your behaviour once again so that while amongst the group you "fit in". Once by yourself on the blog the true "self" re-emerges. It is a classic example of the phony you've been for the last 11+ years: say one thing while with the hourly but tear them up while in the privacy of the salaried. You fool no one, we have your number, we adjusted to your behaviour as well.
    Feel sorry for you, have you tried EAP?
    We can all learn from that not to be complacent and keep the guard up not just with the company but also with some of us. Sounds so weird, "with some of us", we should be a cohesive group since this is for all of us not just some, being against this is fighting yourself! Reality though...
    Just wanted to put this up so as to help others that may want to respond in a stronger and more emotional way to think a little, be measured and not cross the line of professionalism we have imposed on ourselves.

  51. 7:35,

    your the reason fat chicks wear black spandex pants!

  52. 7:35 did you have a rough night? TL job has you burned up on top of feeling you are too good for the company of hourlies? or is it that you were passed up for several promotions and this is your only way of venting?
    Wanna share what's really on your mind?
    Come on in, the water's fine.

  53. Well well,looks like someone doesnt have very high opinions of the majority of the plant! Swearing and calling names shows that your afraid. Instead of getting angry think about what the comments that were made. Ask yourself why it bothers you. If at any point during that thought you ever considered anyone else in your mind besides yourself then your making progress. Your behavior of your statement shows that you only think of yourself as being better than everyone else, and you do not value yourself because only you know what your worth. You feel like your overpaid and cant understand why management pays you the amount you receive. To justify it to yourself and to make yourself feel better you put others down who you think are beneath you. Everyone knows that you are a weak minded and understand you mentality. I suggest that talking to someone might help you in the long run,maybe a union rep ould be a good place to start. 1800call363.

  54. I can't believe this person is going to reap the benefits he clearly does not deserve once the contract is in place.

  55. who ever it is needs to grow up and stop being angry. Its not healthy for mind and body.I have an idea who it might be but I would not do to him what he has done to others. ridicule and judge.Maybe he will see that the union is a friend not foe.

  56. In a short time, we will be negotiating with the company for things that impact everyones quality of life.Its time to put aside negative feelings. The company wants to divide the union. We will not divorce our marriage that the consensus formed.I know that everyone has different opinions. Thats good,thats what makes us strong. I want my friends to tell me when they think im wrong. If they just yes me . They are not my friend.I want their opinion, their input.We dont have to agree on everything, just honest communication.
    We have alot in common and the same concerns.I commit to make sure that Our interests, the people at Metal Container are put first. I will not defer from confrontation on the key points that we all agree upon.I will make sure that the people who work at the plant interests are put first and foremost. If the company wants hurt us I will let you know asap.
    We will put ourselves up front for all of us. We will hold together strong. We will not bend for the easy road.
    I will stand nose to nose to anyone who wants to punish us and I know that our group of reps are strong. We are strong because we have you behind us , pushing us forward, for you and your families. I commit to our membership to do the best, whatever it takes. If I need to take it outside so be it, I wont be going alone.

  57. Been a while since I posted. I do read this everyday though.

    7:35 sure has a low opinion of his fellow co-workers. Poor guy thinks he's better than the rest of us. That is so far from the truth and they just can't see it. I'll bet they don't have many friends at work, I can see why. Like it or not we are equal brother and sisters under 363. I hope that 7:35 will take full advantage of the new "Your Voice" company site where they will not be able to hide behind "Anonymous said" like they do here.

    For ALL THE REPS Thank you!!!! I believe in the process and you. Please continue to do the work that you have set out to do.

    So far, the company has been co-operative with our requests, I appreciate that also. I hope that that spirit will continue when we sit down to talk with them.

    I look forward to a bright future with my 363 family.

  58. Dear 7:35, not the poet; Were you listening to "reps" who aren't supposed to divulge any part of the proposed contract?This is so a antagonist like yourself doesn't over hear something and run up front with it, or do they have your number and fed out some bullshit so you would run up front with just that, bullshit. What was it smart guy? Another thought for you, do you realize that other than losing what allies you thought you have, real fast, by taking such an insulting anti union stance you are betting and voting against yourself, because like it or not you are in this union. And whatever deal we negotiate with the company is a deal for you too. So go ahead and continue with your assinine diatribes against yourself and the union you apparently abhor, but are a reluctant member of. Continue to show your true contempt for your fellow team members, people that you work along side of on a daily basis. The very same people you have said aren't worth half of their wages and benefits. Face them every day, get on your soap box, look them in the eye and with your self righteous outbursts, tell them to their faces. Here you can be anonymous, on the job most of the "union" people are quite open about their affiliation, now is the time for you to "put up or shut up"! You might think your circle of friends is growing, but are you really being surrounded. I'm sure you won't, mostly because you have insulted the majority of you fellow workers, and the very people who are working very hard without compensation, to get a fair contract, through negotiation, that even someone as sour as you can benefit from, which you can vote no on, if that makes you happy. I'm sure most of us have had about enough of your "views". So post away, I think you should be ignored. You don't make a case for anything, you just insult people. Enjoy your minorityship. Have a nice day!

  59. So glad to see that the responses have been pretty rational and not defined by the provocative posting.
    Think of it as practicing composure.
    There's value in dealing with someone like this much like dealing with adversity, you know where you stand and what to expect.

  60. 7:35 Can't believe I work with someone like you. How rude towards your fellow workers. I will definitely pray for you.

  61. dear 7:35 good job it's not easy to piss off the walrus . you sound like you run in the same pack as other people who i rather not mention any more because they are a lost cause just like you but the more you listen in on other people talking maybe some day you will catch a clue on what is going on with this movement

  62. Its not worth the comment with the anti guy anymore . lets move on folks. I cant wait until we start negotiations.We are prepared to go!

  63. Let's leave him in the dark ages where he belongs. When he can address some issue other than his opinion that we are a bunch of mentally defective morons for wanting a union contract, we'll listen. Any issue, wages, benefits, "I don't like my boss", anything, but insulting the people that he works with is not going to get a rise. It's a distraction. Guaranteed if anyone finds out his identity, 100% positive, with recorded evidence and it gets out to the people he/she has insulted, he/she'll be the first one running to the union to file harrassment grievances. The collective memory is large. Fortunately for him, his/her shop steward will have to protect this indivdual. And you know what?, they will, without predjudice. Enough said.
    Yes we start to negotiate Monday the 29th everyday for a week and then tentatively again in December. Full day agendas, Monday through Friday. 8AM until? Until we can agree. It might take a while, so, be patient. There is a lot to cover. Bear with us, we are prepared. Stand behind us. Show your support. We have all worked hard for this and now it's "SHOW TIME"! 363

  64. What more is there to say.
    everything has been said
    Now its up to the company to show its true colors.
    Does Brito really believe its own beliefs?
    Compensation equivalent to capabilities?
    Newburgh is the poorest design of all the plants yet we make money.
    Newburgh has very high utility bills but we make money.
    Newburgh leads in customer satisfaction and we make money.
    Newburgh solves major problems head on and we make money.
    Newburgh bottom line makes money. pays the bills, leads customer satisfaction.leads the way in our industry.
    How else can we say it.
    We are capable, we are ingenius, we are resolute,We make it happen.
    Lets face it . Tony hires people from the outside to manage our plant.Who teaches them how to make cans. Who makes cans.We do
    Brito look us in the eye and treat us fair and we will do the same. We will treat you like you treat us. remember that.

  65. Since the election we have worked hard to make the plant run. We have succesfully completed major overhauls, fought through some difficult issues front to back.Store room has stepped up to the plate and shown they get the job done for everyone, if you need it ,they get it.Without them we wouldnt keep the plant supplied.Our quality coordinator has been relentless in the pursuit of perfection.Her 5s efforts should set the standard in the plant.She makes sure that nothing gets out that shouldnt.Our maintenance crew from front to the agvs go way beyond being good at their jobs, they come up with ideas that keep us going then they do it. Without them downtime would be more than run time.Quality in our products hinges on how well they do their jobs.
    The reason I bring these people up is that they are the unsung heroes. They are the ones we turn too when we cant fix it. They have the answers.They jump right into the fire,put it out,then go back to chipping away at nagging problems,rebuilding for the next maintenance.They cover all our asses.
    So to them I say THANK YOU.I know I can call on you guys to bail me out of a jam.To make sure our quality is right. To get it here when it has to be positively here overnite.
    Heres to you oh wizards of wonders, a salute from a brother who knows what you do and what you are.

  66. Thank you,
    Its nice to hear that we are appreciated.

  67. De nada mi hermano


  69. Excuse me, did someone insignificant speak??????

  70. OK! Who passed wind? If your gonna be sick go to the hospital, man! It's not the smell it's the burning in my eyes! My, it must be the anonymous pansy-ass. What insightful words of wisdom, to quote "MORONS YOUR TIME IS ALMOST UP". Is my laundry dry? I didn't hear the timer. What time is almost up? Are you threatening your fellow workers? We're right where you work and breath, coward. This BUD's for you, oh, lack of substance man. Yes you who posts dumb ass blogs on a site that's meant to solicite ideas for a union contract who thinks he is winning hearts and minds,(been through that conflict, asshole) (you were still either in diapers or buying ribbons at the PX). And you think you are creating opposition. Congratulations, You are, to you! because if you are the leader of the "no's" we are in deep shit if we are following a deep thinker like yourself. Like the Walrus says, if you have a legitimate issue, write it up, put it here. Everyone will listen. I would have been on your side but if this is how you want to make your case? I'd rather join them than follow your lead. You have made it harder for the no union thinkers, thanks alot. You MORON, you could be the "voice of dissent" but nooooooooooo, you want to be a dickhead. you better hope your luck holds out and noone figures out who you are. I would not want to be in your "Victoria's Secret" underwear when they figure it out. So just quit vomiting your mouthful of shit before "your time is almost up". Don't say anything more to help us, OK? Shit for brains.

  71. Hey 6:53 Never talk with your mouth full

  72. Just ignore the person who thinks the company is going to treat them better if there is no union.
    Hey jack wagon heres a question.How was the company treating you before the election? Didnt you like the no raise, no raise in pension conversation you were having with Tony?
    Oh thats right. it wasnt a conversation. They just told us how it was and we had no input. Nobody had to listen to your concerns. Now they do.

  73. Hey I got a better idea. If you think the union thing sucks so bad, quit the union! Good bye! You are willing to kiss off on 20 plus years of working here, and your pissing off everyone you work with, just quit the union! Good bye! other wise I think when the contract goes thru your fellow union memebers are going to let you read the contract the hard way, as an enema. Bon Apetite!

  74. Tony showed up at Jax with Craig Tomeo today unannounced.Next thing we know present plant mgr is retiring and Tomeo is to be new plant mgr.Appears their culling out the high paid managers.Anyone know anything about Tomeo? Good Luck in negotiaions.

  75. Jax Steelworker: Tony is due to be at Newburgh on Monday,11/22. In town Sunday 11/21. There was BS reason for his visit 2 wks ago, but his father died and he cancelled, my condolences, new visit, no reason. Same kind of thing happened here when You got Russ Lindberg on a weekend and we got LT. Dan. Don't know anything about Craig Tomeo. Plant mgr. retiring? On shorty notice? Sounds like Mr. Bhalla is stepping on more people again to save his own ass. I guess our union thing gave the impression that he can't control his people. Was your "retiring" Plant manager someone you could work with? Or a ghost? We'll let you know what happens here, but the grapevine will tell you before our shift is over. Bhalla got to where he is by stepping on others and has the BS line of a snake oil salesman. He leaves a snitch behind in every plant. We know who ours is. His desk is less than 2.5 meters from LT. Dan's office. ****** wouldn't do that! He's too professional" exact Bhalla quote at MCC NEW. See how it plays out Jax. We go to the table 11/29, we'll keep you informed on the blog.

  76. andthehorseyourodeinonNovember 18, 2010 at 4:45 PM

    tic-toc tic-toc tic-toc ti-toc we all know what's coming. question is who? Crossword man? The happy dancer? we'll see!!!

    as for the dick posting negativity, if you really want a response, ok FUCK OFF!!! there feel better? YOU REALLY DID DISRUPT MY FOCUS AND OURS AS A WHOLE. wajt forgot to breath and 2+2 is 4, there i'm back to your level. remember all my brothers and sisters stay strong, stay positive, stay united, work hard. WE ARE 363!!!

  77. Seems that the negotiations are right around the corner, and I have but one request. Please give a copy of the finished contract to the sector leaders, supervisors and those that think they know all the rules so we are on the same page.

  78. Tony is coming to replace our high paid manager with a younger cheaper guy? A guy that may listen to people and not just himself? Oh no, how will we make cans????? LT Dan is the glue that keeps this place together!!! I say we start a rebellion. Everyone that wants to save Lt Dans job, hand Georgia back your paycheck today!! That will teach Tony!! 363 stands together

  79. Let's put it in simple terms for the "anti's" to understand:

    There is uncertainty about the outcome of negotiations, that is true. Could be better, could be about the same, could be a little worse.

    BUT- have you taken the time to understand how seriously the people we chose to represent us are taking their responsibilities? Just the PRIDE I have in their efforts makes me ok with the outcome, because I know it will be the best possible for all concerned.

    Negotiation requires a quantum shift in management mindset...it's not "what can we get away with?" anymore. Tony thought he could get away with 'no raise this year'...although we made a shitpile of money for him. He admitted that was an error on his part while he was here during the campaign.

    So now it's more a 'what will it take to keep this profitable venture moving forward?' scenario. And while I don't expect miracles, I do expect a fair outcome. And if that seems like too much to you, my recalcitrant friend, feel free to donate any excess you don't feel worthy of to United Way!

    I'm guessing you won't, though. To all of our reps, keep up the excellent work!

  80. I think our management staff is starting to smell blood.Some are starting to get a little itchy.
    Be careful everyone the knife is sharp. I think some of the upper management are worried for their own skin.
    Tony NEVER forgets who let him down. That also goes for hourly people. Remember that if you get called into office for disciplinary action. Ask for your shop stewards.
    Also Tony always makes multiple changes in staffing to create a fresh start for plants.

  81. Goooood morning I think that the whole management team needs to be educated after we get a contract signed.I hope the shop stewards get some too so they know whats right and wrong.

  82. here come da judge here come da judge.glory glory here come da judge!