Sunday, November 28, 2010

We Are Ready To Negotiate As A Team

Negotiations for a new contract will start tomorrow! This is what everything has been about since the beginning - getting a written contract. We are all on the same page, the same playbook, the same team. We are there for the workers, the people, the paycheck earners.

We are beginning our negotiations with a great attitude.

An attitude that will spill across the table. An attitude that will show the company that we are open minded and fair - but by no means stupid or pushovers.

We have been meeting and planning for months now and WE ARE READY.
We want what is best for all of the people working at the plant.

It is time for ALL of the workers at the plant to become one and support your union and your reps. There are no other sides anymore.

The only side for a worker to be on now is the side of the worker. To do anything else would be self defeating and non-productive.

Thank you to all of the many people emailing, calling and pledging their support - it has been great to hear from you all!

We will keep the membership updated as we progress to the degree that we can discuss the issues at hand. You may be asked direct questions on here for your opinion - please give those opinions freely.

Get ready, hold on tight, stay solid, stay strong, support your reps and support yourself.

YOU are IBEW Local 363!



  2. The GREAT and OVERWHEMING MAJORITY of the people at the plant are behind you! We support your efforts to get a contract for us all! Good luck tomorrow!

  3. Gotta Watch This Video.
    We will raise from hell to the light INCH by INCH led by Sam ( Al Pacino ) Fratto and we will win our prize and goal....A WRITTEN CONTRACT !!!!!! Holy Shit I'm Pumped up Baby !!!!!

  4. GOOD LUCK TOMORROW! Know you will do a great job.

  5. Power to the people!

    Lets all do our jobs to the best of our ability and support our negotiation team! We have pride in our work and ourselves! Go 363!

  6. We are going in tommorrow to make right what has been wrong.
    To represent the the people who live and work at Newburgh.
    To write down and make a pact with our employer.
    To protect our rights and ensure that justice prevails.
    To offer a stablility to both sides of the bargaining table.
    To stop the one sided conversation that has been the way of life for the hourlies.
    To show our employer that we the ones who produce the commodity that supplies our income are together as one.
    We will bargain to the best of our abilities,represent all of us in a way that reflects who we are.
    We will not defer from the hard way to make it easier on ourselves.
    We will not be pushed,swayed,bullied into anything.
    They havent created anyone who will instill fear into us because we have you,the work force of Newburgh to hold us up,to steer us in the right direction. You that has our back.
    We do this for all our families,ourselves and for the future work forces in America.
    Tonight is the last night that our voice will be unheard.

    Godspeed to our entire team.We will make you all proud!

  7. wow, lets go mets!

  8. Thank you to all the reps. Its been a long time coming!

  9. Great job Iamaunionman! Thank you for working so hard. You inspire me! Go getem. bring us home the bacon.

  10. Thanks Sam for all the hard work you and all the people that have assisted you in getting us to this point. Be assured that we all want you to be successful during bargaining.Its in our best interest and yours.

  11. Please dont settle for less than a 3% raise. Its been too long since we had a raise.

  12. So now it starts.Lets see just how much our Friends at the top think of us.

  13. Hello Team. I want to thank all of the people involved in this long process. I do not expect a 3% increase--but a fair contract i will be happy with. Lets all do our best with quality and safety. Hopefully everything works out for the best. I also agree with 7:41 pm--Lets go METS...

  14. 3%, I'm thinking more like 4 or 4.5%!! A healthy increase in our pension also!! Remember we are a union now and there is power in numbers. The contract will deliver.

  15. Good Luck Sam and Negotiating team, may you get treated fairly and respectfully. Thanks for all your work.

  16. Sam, I hope you read this before you walk into the room to negotiate.I am one of the original people who came to 363 and asked for your help.
    I did not take that action lightly as I knew what was at stake for myself and everyone at the plant.I knew that many families were at risk and still are until we have a contract.I cant express how important to me all the people that I work with are. Their families future lies ahead in that room you are walking into.I want you to go in there with the knowledge that we might be respectful but we are strong.We have put our faith in the IBEW. We have put our hopes and dreams,into your hands to represent us at that table. You are not alone! We are all there with you. We will stand for fair treatment and nothing less. I want to thank you, Tom,and Steve for all the effort you have put into making this day come true.I want you to know that I will not quit.I expect the same from you.I will be right there pushing you when you tire.I will pickyou up when you fall.I will bring all my brothers and sisters to the fight.We must move forwards and if I have to drag anyone and everyone to get there I will do what ever I have to. A sincere Thank you.Now go kick their ass!


  18. You guys are the best! go play lets make a deal!

  19. WOW!

    First day of negotiations under our belt.

    I must say, I left very impressed.

    I'm impressed by Sam, Steve, and John. I know we have tried to explain what our jobs are like to those we hold dear in our lives. They can't understand. Again, the old line, "Unless you work there, you can't understand". Imagine walking in cold and deciding that YOU are going to represent the entire hourly staff in negotiations. THE IBEW doesn't work there, each time they've had a meeting they've viewed different faces and heard a multitude of ideas. To bring all this together under one contract? Now that's impressive. Sam, Steve, and John you did us proud today.

    I'm impressed by our Reps. One after another they walked in, prepared, cool, calm, and collected. I'm glad they were, 'cause I sure wasn't. Almost every crew was represented, and our table was FULL! There was not a spare seat.
    Our conversations went well, and there was forward movement. Good show folks, I'm proud to be part of you!

    My initial impression of MCC's Legal Council was very good. Mike and Eric, on initial impression, appear very confident, capable, and fair-minded.
    I hope my initial impression is factual, because we're all on family, and we need to work together. I am impressed by the Legal Council team and it was a pleasure to meet you folks. Welcome to Newburgh!

    The look on the Management Team's faces when they saw our packed table was priceless.

    I came home feeling good about what transpired today.

    Sam, Steve, and John, once again, thank you. Thanks for getting the meeting hall. Thanks for all the preparation for today. Thanks for lunch. Thanks for keeping us aimed at the target, a fair contract for us, our families and our future.

    MCC & IBEW looks to be a winning combination.

    My thanks to all involved!

  20. Thank You all!!6:04 that made me feel good what you said.Glad you had a good meeting keep up the good work you guys and gals rock !!!!!

  21. Thanks to all of our reps who gave their time off for the good of all of us here at the plant.
    I also spoke to someone who was there and I could feel the sense of excitment and accomplishment in his voice. He told me that we are in good hands and going in the right direction. Thank you Sam and 363! Get us our contract!

  22. today went well hope tomorrows better.working on this contract is alot like picking apples only its done in a conference room and not on a orchard.

  23. No he dinin!

    Did he say apple picker?

    I hope the apple picker's not a hunter or we may never see him!

  24. yeah, sometimes ya gotta go huntin' !

  25. Thanks reps, I'm glad it went well. I'm sure you all know why I wasn't there. One under the belt and now the butterflies are gone. I might not be there in body but I'm with you. Remember it's the good fight for all of us. Even those on the other side of the table. I'll get my day there, soon. Thanks for your effort.

  26. Thanks for the update Sam. I'm glad to hear everything went pretty well. I'm sure by now they realize that we are prepared and not just some can makers. Fellow reps I'm sure you represent us well.
    Go get um team

  27. Day two of negotiations under the belt.

    Again, great job Sam, Steve, and John. I amazed at how much was accomplished today. I was a little curious about how the process differed from the first day, but it worked out very well.
    The contract now has it's own momentum, its own inertia, it's an amazing process to watch and be part of. Thanks for letting me be a part of it. Too, thanks again for lunch, I feel like I'm taking advantage though.

    Reps, GREAT JOB! Great discussion! We don't often get to spend time with each other, but we're coming together. One mind, that's very cool. I'm so impressed by our team. Once again a FULL table, more full than yesterday! Thanks reps for your sacrifices.

    MCC Legal Council, my initial impression is holding. Mike and Eric you're very professional in what you do, and that is appreciated by those of us who have never done this sort of thing before.

    Again my thanks to all, Sam, Steve, John, the reps, and I'll include MCC's legal council.

    MCC & IBEW appears to be a winning combination.

    My thanks to all.

  28. I know you guys are in there right now trying to create a fair contract that will answer the questions for both sides to makes us one side once again. Its nice and cute right now but everyone should know the beast is hiding. He is still there waiting for his chance. Both sides I say to you keep the beast at bay. he is dangerous and he will hurt both sides if you cut him loose. keep him away and both sides can walk away unscathed.

  29. Thanks everyone for your time and effort.

  30. What does the beast look like? Is he tall? What does he eat? Kill the beast......

  31. i hope your not calling a 4% increase in wages the beast........?

  32. Day Three of negotiations.

    Both sides are happy with the progress.
    I must say that thus far I am very impressed with the professionalism on both sides of the table.

    Correct me if I am wrong, but we were all a bit tense on the first day, Dan K and Dave L included. No one wanted to speak out of turn. But the polite calmness on the part of the negotiators for the company and the union put us all at ease. Their influence made us feel comfortable asking questions of each other across the table - room actually; two long tables facing each other with about 8 feet between us.

    At this point we (the union and the company) are just making sure we understand the terminology in all the different contract articles - the details matter. Wording and interpretation matter for the future relationship between us and managers. So it is best to take the time now to insure a clear and mutual understanding of what we each are requesting and at some point hopefully agreeing to.

    See you tomorrow B crew. Take it easy on me – it’s been awhile!!

  33. Third day of negotiations under our belts.

    Some things that transpired today brought me back to some Latin terms I learned long ago. Not Latin as in Hispanic, but the ol' stuff, you know Latin as in .... Latin.

    Verba volant, scripta manent.

    Say what?

    Why I remember this carp I'll never know.

    Verba volant, scripta manent is a Latin proverb. Literally translated, it means "spoken words fly away, written words remain".....

    This remained in the ol' memory banks because under the situation I was in that time, concise, accurate documentation was a necessity. Information had to be accurately documented up-channel and down-channel to save lives.

    Spoken words were lost.

    I came to the realization today, that the scenario is different, but the need is not.

    Today we are striving for a fair future for all.

    Past practices have not always have not always been done in a consistent manner.

    As many people know, I'm not a great believer in Unions, as a whole.

    Today my my belief system in the IBEW 363 was rocked.

    In a good way.

    Words are powerful.

    Today I observed the careful elocution of words to benefit the workers and the company.

    Both sides equally.

    Even better, it's written down, it's on paper, it's a firmament that both Management and the workers can stand on to make MCC Newburgh strong and profitable .... for all.

    Any doubters, as I was, can be assured that your reps and the IBEW 363 are doing the right thing on your behalf.

    Sam, Steve, thanks for your hard work. As the process continues, I'm understanding more. The momentum, the inertia is becoming more obvious. The need for the concise contract we are drafting is becoming SO CRYSTAL CLEAR. This contract is a tool for all to use, Management and workers alike. It's a tool that will clarify all aspects of the job, a yardstick to keep us in-line with the targets we MUST hit. This contract will ease the burden of Management and the workers.

    It's an amazing process.

    Mike and Eric, you continue to impress. Today I began to grasp that your part in this is not so different than ours. The exception you had to leave you homes and come to a strange town to do so. It's been a pleasure to meet you guys.

    Reps, you never fail to impress me with your capabilities. We exploring new ground, a place no one in MCC Newburgh has ever had to venture before. You're doing good, good for the folks you represent, and good for the plant. Your sacrifices are appreciated, never doubt that.

    Sam and Steve, thanks for lunch, thanks for all the things you do.

    Stay strong, stay focused!

    We need to make cans, lots of great cans, the best cans on the market.

    Soon we'll have the environment conducive to achieving that goal.


    That's been our legacy.


    That simple Latin statement remains the sole reason why we need a written contract.

    Verba volant, scripta manent

    Thanks Sam & Steve, the Reps, and Mike and Eric for your participation.

  34. Stephen King you are 100% correct. It is a marketable skill to avoid that and still bargain to a mutual satisfaction but you are again 100% correct. In most cases one normally multiplies and it is even worse when two beasts are in the room.

  35. went well today. moved forward, but lots more to go. good dialog.addressed some concerns.great effort by reps and sam,steve,john. Nothing getting past the people picked to represent the floor.Do it again tomorrow. Until hell freezes over. Staying strong and solid.

  36. Thank you guys. I bet its exciting being there all day !

  37. Glad to be there. Its for all of us.Im sure in the long run the efforts we all do now will help us later.

  38. Be sure to do the Employee Survey at work. Let them all know how you feel about your job, your managers, your life with Inbev.- not that they are going to do anything about it. That's why we have a UNION. We will do it for ourselves now.

  39. Well we finished our first week up today. It was quite an experience.Its difficult to gauge how much work was completed because we have never done this before.I can say that we gave our best efforts. Im am proud of all our reps for conducting themselves the way they did. Very professional.very sincere. I could tell that everyone there realized the gravity of what we were doing.Thank you to all of them.
    Sam, Steve, and John, our representatives did an outstanding job negotiating on all our behalfs. Thank you all for your efforts. Be assured that they were there for our interests. Nothing was taken for granted and the attention to detail was precise.
    I want to thank Mike,and Eric,the legal department for the company for dealing with us respectfully.Thank you also to Dan Kimutis and Dave Lehman. I realize that this week was difficult for you and so do all the reps.Hang in there.
    To all the people that we work with, Thank you for being so supportive and patient. This road will be long and we are unsure what lies ahead,but im glad that 363 is riding with us, guiding us on how to navigate the twists and turns.
    More negotiations on the horizon for the week of December 13th. Stay strong and stay solid. Keep our plant running at its best. Our futures depend on what we do today.

  40. Conan the LibrarianDecember 3, 2010 at 10:46 PM

    Joe D.------- I LOVE YOU MAN !!!!!!

  41. Congratulations! What a great way to conduct a union organizing campaign -- through a blog. How did it get set up, how did you train people in how to use the blog, and how did it work to protect people's identity? Did people use nick-names? Did you have problems with management posing as workers and posting remarks that tried to undermine your campaign?

    I am a 40 year union member/supporter in California.