Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Newsflash For All MCC IBEW Workers: Come To A Rally For Workers Rights THIS Thursday At 4:30 PM

Hudson Valley working men and women will stand in solidarity THIS THURSDAY with Teachers, Firefighters, Nurses, Construction Workers, Public Employees and many other under attack by governors and state legislators who are attempting to take away the RIGHTS OF THE AMERICAN WORKERS.

Please join with IBEW Local 363 and come out to support all American workers and their rights to bargain collectively over their working conditions.

The rally will be held at the Teamsters Local 445 Facility at 15 Stone Castle Road, Rock Tavern, NY. Stone Castle Road is located just off of Rt. 17k on one end and just off of Rt. 52 on the other.

The rally begins at 4:30PM. You should try to arrive a little earlier than that if possible.

As an active Local Union, IBEW Local 363 is always there to support working people and labor in the Hudson Valley and beyond and we ask our members to come out, speak out and stand together with other working people for the benefit of us all. Come be part of the UNINTENDED rebirth of the labor movement.


  1. Protecting the American working class. That's what this is all about and i will support it to my fullest.I hope you all understand what could happen to every American worker. THINK ABOUT IT//BE SAFE //BE UNION // BE ALL YOU CAN BE [[SEE ALL OF YOU THURSDAY RESPECTFULLY

  2. I will be there to support our way of life.I will be ther to support the american worker.
    I will be there to help us all.

  3. I'll be there after I get off at 6

  4. The Wisconsin governor has decided that he doesnt like the idea that he has to deal with people that support eachother or agree with eachother. He wants to be able to reduce the cost of labor by getting rid of the older, more expensive employees.
    He cant come out and say it, because that is against the law.The older more experienced state workers cost more than the younger ones.A plain cold hard fact.They cant come out and say that older employees cost more because that would mention age, and that would be discriminatory and would be illegal.Most of his constituants are feeling the effects of our poor economy. They want low taxes for their state,as does everyone.
    Last in first out policy(seniority) seems to be a priority for alot of governors right after President Obamas Governors meeting. If you stand back and think about it,which one would you prefer,A brand new employee who costs less and has no experience, and is inefficient and would take years to develop into a productive employee. Or an employee that has years of experience and understands what it takes to get the job done.
    If you were being held hostage by a terrorist, who would you rather be behind the trigger. The new exciting eager to learn trooper with talent ,or the experienced officer who has been there before and has taken the shot and has eliminated the threat.
    Give me the experienced one everyday and twice on Sunday.I thought thats what you would say.Good luck to all the state employees who have earned what they have through hard work and dedication. We elect the people we think have the most experience and have the best track record dont we? Why doesnt that apply to us ,the middleclass average worker?
    Lets take this idea to the top.

  5. next week back at the table. We want to continue moving forward. Keep the input coming everyone,we have alot already but more is better!

  6. go 363 bring home the bacon!

  7. rally rally rallyMarch 3, 2011 at 7:44 AM

    Glad to be part of the labor movement with 363. See you today at the rally!

  8. What would be a realistic time frame to have a contract ready to be reviewed and voted on?

  9. How about this idea? Instead of attending a rally to bash the governor of Wisconsin why don't we try to get a contract for us. Meeting a few times a month isn't quite getting it done. WE NEED A CONTRACT.

  10. A Union is all about sticking together. As a Team.....

  11. The company is going to wait till April so that they dont have to give us a wage increase for another year. I'm sure the IBEW and our reps will not let that happen. They will make sure that our raise will be from Jan 1st. Support your reps and union. Proud to be an American union worker. Proud to be union made. Show your support and come to the rally tonight. Let's circle the wagons.

  12. 11:13am - why don't you come and help us get it done? Maybe you should have put your name in for a rep then you could talk and make things happen instead of just blowing air. Right now you just sound like the little skinny uncoordinated cheerleader pickin on the players...lol

  13. 11:13 How does going to a rally that supports all the working people in America mean anything negative to us getting a contract? The reps are doing everything they have been asked to do.If you want to help work on the contract,please contact a rep for Sams number and you can help too.So far we havent witnessed anyone wanting to give input who has denied.Feel free to step up and give your time and effort to obtain what you want. Call Sam and let him know how you feel and why.

  14. The Rally today showed support for American workers.All the people that showed up understand that we need eachother everyday as together we are strong.
    The teachers and prison guards are the ones under attack right now in Wisconsin. If we let them get their right to collectively bargain ripped away from them then who is next.
    They did not create all the loss of tax revenue from their state or our country.The loss of jobs and manufacturing in the U.S. caused our taxes to rise. NO other reason. Corporate greed is the beast that has eaten away at our tax base.
    The teachers and prison guards are the tax payers. The more they make the more they pay to the state. The same with all of us. We have to support all of us or we all go down.
    Our contract and our income ties us together with all workers.Our state and country are suffering from job loss. It is impacting our way of life.I say its time to elect the middleclass to office. People who work know what the majority need not want.
    Support for our union is support for all American workers.Now its time to sit at the table again. Support your reps and they will support you. Go Newburgh. Go 363.Go America!

  15. I Call Them As I See ThemMarch 4, 2011 at 9:22 PM

    11:13: How about this idea; March your impatient ass up to the front office and tell the powers that be that they have to spring for their negotiating team to be here more often so YOU can get YOUR contract. Nobody said this is an overnight deal. It's the first one and nobody, NOBODY, company or union wants to get anything wrong.
    The reason for the support rally is obvious to most of us, maybe lost on you. The governor of Wisconsin wants to take away the right to COLLECTIVE BARGAINING. Now, Einstein, what do you think our negotiations with A-B Inbev are?
    COLLECTIVE BARGAINING! We as a union have to support those unions' efforts because it threatens our very same rights.
    When we meet to discuss and negotiate for a contract why don't you come to the hotel and sit in the lobby, talk with your negotiators during breaks, and just SHOW YOUR SUPPORT! Everyone's show of support is welcome. It's a contract for all of us.

  16. 5:05: Not true, we will negotiate our wages, April first is an irrelevant date as we are negotiating a contract with MCC. 4/1 is not a date engraved in stone. I think if the contracted wages happen after 4/1 it will be retroactive to 4/1. In other words you will get a back wages owed check. At this point the company really can't change anything until an agreement is reached. And your negotiating team will take the company to the task over wages, I'm sure. Just remember Money Changes Everything.

  17. So answer me this... Do you really think that
    Britto would have gave us a raise this year?
    Or do you think he thinks we are over paid
    already? Remember 50th percentile!No mention
    of our cost reduction programs such cleaning
    and reusing of plates,electricity,and staffing
    reductions(and more to come)You would think we would have wound up with a raise last year!Hey
    Britto im sure you read this time to time
    and if anybody thinks he dosent there foolish
    even if he personally dont he has somebody keeping him informed...As you are well informed
    We are running on minimal staffing(Very lean)
    on the blue collar side.Now on the white collar side it could be leaner which means more profitability.. Here is a scenario..

  18. Plant Manager: Dan Kimutus
    Production Manager: Warren Tomllins
    Plant Engineer: Dave Jenkins
    Plant Accountants :Marie Bianco,Denise Hall
    Quality Assurance: Gregg Giaquinto
    HR: Dave Leahman
    Plant Secretary: Georgia Kerns
    FrontEnd Sector leader: ?????
    BackEnd Sector leader: Mark Piatt

    I think you might agree that anymore than
    this is the fat you can trim off.. we ran
    great for years like this.. only in the past
    5 years have we added all this extra management.
    Before you cut anymore blue collars take a close look at how your white collars are staffed.

  19. Come on brothers & sisters we got to stick together! Do you actually think The union is responsible for taking as long as this for our contract? Do you actually want Jacksonvilles contract or do you want our contract? Do you want as much as possible on paper or do you want
    to leave everything up for interpretation!
    Yes i believe the contract is being stalled
    a bit but do you actually think its the union!
    There not getting paid until we get a contract
    Be glad there not rushing into something we
    do not want. I know things are getting tight
    rising taxes, rising food costs,(including beer)
    rising utilities and fuel. But hang in there
    we will get our contract and fair collective
    bargaining for this state you live in.