Sunday, February 27, 2011

Contract Negotiations Start Back Up March 7th

Negotiations start back up during the week of March 7th and we expect to be making some pretty good progress. Those that are at the table have seen that each subject has many sides and layers to it. Indepth discussion on everything from grievance procedure to holidays and vacations have proven that.

Please continue to inform your shop stewards if you an issue at work or if you are about to be disciplined.

Just to clear something up. YOU are represented by IBEW Local 363 right now. Anyone who says you have no rights to anything until you have a signed contract is wrong. That is not a correct statement.

You are represented right now. There are those who have had issues resolved already by the union.

If you have any ideas for bargaining continue to inform your reps.

Stay Strong, Stay Solid


  1. You guys have my support.Thanks for giving up your time.I know you will try your best.

  2. We know we're represented, can someone deliver that message to some of the remaining management team? They are the ones who don't seem to get it.