Saturday, July 16, 2011

Next Negotiations Begin The Week of July 25

The next negotiations will begin the week of July 25 at the Homewood Suites in Newburgh.

With the change of People Manager, there are a few things that may need to be cleared up - such as the elusive attendance policy. That may add some time to the process but no matter what, it still needs to be clarified.

If there has been any issue that we have requested that the company has not brought to the table in any form that you can take in and digest, it is that one.

That is just one stone that still needs to be turned.

Should we let it go because we are afraid of taking any longer?


The contract will be made and Local 363 is going to work hard to have it finished this session. We know what the people want and we will bring that to the table.


  1. We are with you on that! Planning to show support at the hotel.

  2. good, no GREAT job so far, keep them in check!!

  3. Keep in mind that Monday things won't start up until after 3pm at the negotiation table. We will be there around 12:30 to set up.

  4. do what you got to do for us buddy. I'm sure you and the Reps will represent us as you see fit.

  5. Who are these people saying they are ok with no money?

  6. 12:14 - Who are these people you ask? They might be people that rather have benefits and medical at retirement because thay are going out within three years. Maybe they are people who have sick family members and the most important thing is those medical benefits they so need and used to have. MJaybe they are people who have handicapped children at home so time off is the most important thing.Maybe they are people who wrongfully been disiplined by a policy or kangaroo court with nothing in writing. I hope you get the point. We all have a say in this and I hope we can at least all agree on a fair contract that all of us can agree on and live by. Money is not everything.

  7. The med benefits will be exactly what the rest of the company has. Do you think that just because we are a union that the company will change that? Won't happen. All of the can plants have families and needs and they have a benny package that is comparable to the rest of the world. So will we. If we get no money, but get a guarentee in benefits, then we really wouldn't have gained anything in the end. I agree there are a lot of other reasons to have a contract, but I also think some here are downplaying the money so it doesn't look do bad when we get boned. And yes I will be there next week with my 3% or bust shirt on.

  8. There is no downplaying of anything here.

    Whatever we get we will bring back to you.

    And it will be the company response that we are bringing back to you.

    The fact is that the company is the one holding the money.

    We are going to negotiate for some of that money for the people.

    If your new company doesn't give you what you want - who then, would be "boning" you?

    Just wanted to clear that up a bit.

    By the way, the last 3% raise was when? If it was recently, it should be no problem to repeat it.

    If you have been getting something different, that will factor in. Then again, this is a NEW COMPANY, isn't it?

    Just want to make it clear to the militants - direct your forecasted anger at the proper party when the time comes -if it comes - that you are unsatified with any money issue.

    If you want to be pro-active - come to the hotel and say it - with your 3% t-shirt on and show the company lawyer you mean business.

    Maybe you will help us to get them to loosen up the purse strings.

  9. Yes. The boners are on the other side of the table. Or, maybe not. Let's see what they bring. We got 3% a few years ago but got 0% last year and so far this year. Windsor got 2% in April, but they have no dues. That's why many of us determined 3% is right to ask for. I imagine it would be dreaming that they will bring that to the table, but it's what we should ask for. I think we're worth every penny. By the way 2:18, where can we get one of those shirts? Should we where them this week at the plant?

  10. 3% sounds about right.

  11. I'm one of the folks who would LIKE more money, but .....

    What I NEED is a contract.

    What I NEED is a retirement.

    What I NEED is to lose no more.

    Sam can get us a contract.

    The rest is up to the company. Keep in mind that the managers have things they want to buy and Brito needs a bigger yacht than the three he already has. The next Brito bonus should do it.

  12. 7:08.......even @ 3% we are just breaking even!! Money is everything.

  13. Then lets muster the troops and lets fight for it all. See you all in the lobby.

  14. I am a proud supporter of the IBEW and I'm also still proud to be employed at Anheuser-Busch. It doesn't matter if it's owned by InBev or not. Remember we tried to get this union many times before InBev ever showed up. Let's stop the Brito bashing and get on board with the rest. The union is needed not to fend off the big boys, but to control local issues. For those expecting a big raise you need to get a grip. The company will not make a better offer than the other plants just because we are organized. This is reality and we all knew this deep down since we voted. We will take a pay cut compared to the rest. But the prize will be the contract we have always wanted and needed. Yes it comes with s price tag and yes it's worth it. Stay focused and support Sam and the team to get this done. Don't distract them with foolish demands. See you there.

  15. 6:07 are you serious? We did not vote for a pay cut or less than he rest.

  16. ann street hookerJuly 17, 2011 at 7:33 PM

    6:07.....we?????????I didnt vote yes for a pay cut!!!!!!! r u fucking nuts? not gunna pay 1% for a pay cut. fuck that.

  17. So in your own vocabulary.....who are you gonna hold fucking accountable if we don't get more than 1%....are you going to bash the company or those fighting their asses off for you? Comon buddy speak up

  18. am i correct in saying that Sam thinks that 3 percent is out of the question because we havent seen that in a couple years? Well let me say this Sammy, 3 percent or we will send you packing

  19. 6:07 you are in denial. We have every right to expect a nice raise for our hard work and good benefits. And yes, we can expect more because we are organized. That's the point. One large voice representing many carries more weight than alone.

  20. is ann street in the city of Newburgh?

  21. It seems like some of us are not thinking smart or logical. The reason we called Sam is because some of our benefit package was being taken away little by little. Lets all stay strong and together and see how this plays out. I would say it can't get much worse than it would have been without making the call to Sam. .Lets Do the best we can--Safely...Lets go Team.....Thank you Sam and our Reps..

  22. Don't go throwing Sam in the fire now. The company hasn't made an offer yet and he and the local haven't had a chance to refuse it if it's not good. Patience. After all Sam has done for us so far don't you think it's a little crazy to start threatening him? Back off jerk. Money isn't the whole world.

  23. I am Ann Street hookers best client and I need the raise to support my habits.

  24. Boy I hate to do this.

    I NEVER said any raise was out of the question. Ever. If that was the case, we could finish this by phone.


    This banter about three percent or two percent or one percent comes from the few geniuses on here who are so against the union that they are against themselves anyway.

    You guys go ahead and keep talking about what you think the raise should be OR ELSE.... and that raise gets smaller by the minute.

    The sad problem is the rest if the group has to suffer for your stupidity. You are doing exactly what the company wants, weakening the groups bargaining position.

    Nice job. Makes me wonder who sends you in or if you're all geeked out on your own.

    Hers another thing for you, telling me that I better get this or that makes YOU look foolish and also weakens the bargaining position.

    I do not give the raises. I along with your coworkers negotiate your raises with the company.

    Be pissed at the right people later if you are not satisfied. Your logic makes no sense.

    When it all shakes out, it will BE YOUR CONTRACT. The best your co-workers could wrangle from your company. It will be written out for the people to see and read.

    The people still hold the choice of whether to accept a contract or not. They have always had that choice.

    To 8:37 who so elequently wrote to me today after I have spent every day for almost one full year, no matter where I was, not matter what time, paying attention to the subject of the people who work at the MCC Newburgh Can plant and I quote:

    "Well let me say this Sammy, 3 percent or we will send you packing"

    If you think that scares me, you got another thing coming. I am not here for anything other than to get the people this written contract.

    We are here to build on a long term relationship and to help the people who work there have some rights and a contract. Just like we do for over 40 other places in the Hudson Valley.

    So don't worry - we don't have time to waste.

    So now that you said what you said, I'm guessing you threw that out there for the company to use as a tool - to help them decide the future of the plant the easy way......3% and the union stays.......less than 3% and the union, that makes it simple...mmmmmm let's see what happens now.

  25. Sam, don't let them get you riled. Thats what those idiots want and they got a response. You are our model of self control and we need that at the table. The people already know the company isn't going to offer 3%. And what is said on this blog won't have much influence on any of it. Its a blog. Some of our guys think they can stir the pot but we are way too strong now. Let's just go forward in the same direction that we have been going. Strong, professional, and rational.

  26. I'm on your side Sam

  27. Dam no - voters - company antics - nothing has changed

  28. When is the next meeting no voters? I'm ready to listen to your plan. Comon lets get together and do this right. All 5 of you people led by Dan and Dave can get this done. I bet the place would be packed. You can sit up front at your head table and lead us better than this union could. This way we'll know who you are so we can help the cause. Probably have the meeting right in the conference room. If you have it on the right day we could have free donuts from Motion. Lets go for it!!!!!!

  29. Sam> Don't forget--you still have the gavel in your pocket....Use it when you think we are ready..

  30. too many secrets

  31. I've been sitting back reading away here on the blog for several weeks now and keeping quiet, absorbing all the commentary. We are now at the most important part of the whole contract journey, MONEY, and we do exactly what the company expected us to do at this stage. Turn into a bunch of bickering, blithering idiots. Easily egged on by their lackeys into saying dumbassed things to bolster their views that we may be in an organized union, but we are a disorganized group in that union. In reality they couldn't be more wrong. And WE should prove that at the table the end of the month. Wear your 3% tee shirt (that's all you want?), continue your support, support is far greater that the wannabe climbers realize. And those buffoons don't seem to get the fact they are involved and can benefit from this action also. Remember this, we are trying to bring to vote a contract that has benefit for all, $, security, rules on paper not in someone's head to be randomly executed depending on the individual, pension continuity ( younger employees should realize the older part of the work force may be focused on pension, but it's a ground work for them to build on for their future), a real attendance policy (wink, wink, nudge, nudge). So let the lackeys shoot off their mouths and themselves in the foot. Bear with us we're almost there. And remember IT'S A NEGOTIATION, GIVE AND TAKE, COMPROMISE. And we're trying to take more than we give (and so are they). AND A SPECIAL TO THE ASSHOLE WHO SAID WE'LL SEND SAM PACKING: Such supportive kind language from a fellow IBEW brother or sister is something I find quite amusing. You apparently have an oral expression problem as well as an understanding of the socio-econmic issues at hand here. Heaping such praise on an individual reflects upon the cummulative effort of the whole, ie: your negotiators, shopstewards and supportive fellow team/union members. On your level you are accusing us all when you accuse Sam, we're in there with him, WE talk, WE negotiate. It all ain't Sam. He's our guide, he has light years more experience at it than us. So, think about who you're sending packing. Look before you leap. Nuff said. Back to observing.

  32. Coo coo cachoo Walrus! Coo coo cachoo.
    Next week will be very telling. Let's get this place running, finish the contract, get a raise, and put the bs in the rear view mirror.

  33. Walrus Lovers of AmericaJuly 19, 2011 at 3:28 AM

    I'm standing and cheering you Walrus. That was beautiful dude.

  34. 4:24 P.M if you think the company is going to give you 3% because you have to pay dues, you are out of your mind. dont even try to pull that card. The company never asked you to pay dues, you did that on your own. We are professional can makers, Sam is a professional organizer and negotiator, lets do our job and let him do his. When the contract comes out, im sure that he did his best to get us the best possible contract.