Sunday, January 2, 2011

It's A New Year! Turn The Page......

Happy 2011 everybody! We accomplished a lot together in the last 6 months of 2010!

We did what many thought could never happen - we brought the people of MCC Newburgh together. That was no easy task with four different shifts in addition to a maintenance shift.

We found out that a great majority of the people at MCC Newburgh had the same concerns - they feared an unstable future. They wanted a voice.

We created a way for everyone to help organize the plant and still put no one at risk or out in front of the campaign. The result was the IBEW Local 363 was voted in and we are now at the negotiating table. The people got their voice.

We are picking up our negotiations in the second week of January. Negotiations are polite and cordial. There are many, many discussions among the reps themselves and also at the table with the company reps.

Now we need to concentrate on our contract negotiations. It is time to turn the page on yesterday and to devote all of our positive energy to the future.

Together we can do great things for ourselves and our employer.

Let's do it!


  1. We are ready to take the next steps. Hopefully this journey wont take to long.So far its been an interesting process.Lets get this dance movin. enough of the slow music.We are ready to shake things up.Come on ABINBEV lets dance.

  2. Will we have a contract in Jan., Feb., or March? $10.00 gets you a square.

  3. not trying to be negative at all but it would be great to see the same enthusiasm for OUR BLOG as there is for the Superbowl or fanticey football pics! we have great participation but it sure would be nice to see even more input from as many people as possible. you'd be surprised once you get talking about your future - contract or policies and how an idea comes up in your head that you haven't even considered yet. so the more everyone can participate the more well rounded our growth will be as a true team of professionals. THANK YOU all for the hard work and effort everyone has put forth and for the negotiators and stewards the amount of free time and family time they given up to help us all!!!!!



  4. I'll take 60 squares. Better odds of getting something for my money that way.

  5. Good luck with that.

  6. So it has started the 2 T/M on the palletizers on A Crew had to releave themselves for their breaks(1st,2nd,bathroom) other than their lunch.The new platform is up.They each watched 4 palletizers.Jason Owen what do they do if there is a crash say on line 1 and you get called run out line 4 for label change.Run out or let it Crash? The T/M as I hear it did a good job of it not backing up the lines.So now it starts.

  7. What a disaster.
    I'm glad we offered that impression. The plant was backed up frequently.
    We lost a lot of cans that day.
    Quality, who knows, I don't think quality is a concern of management anymore. We were running around so badly, never had a chance to look at the cans.
    Remember the words of Dan the Crossword King, "Keep the line going at any cost."
    Quality is the cost, massive DMRs are the cost, an increase of injuries is the cost.
    Management doesn't care.
    Thier pockets are padded.

  8. Management is the same everywhere. The difference where you are is that the workers have come together to try and improve things for themselves. Keep up the good fight.

  9. alot of the problems will disappear, when jason owens finds employment elsewhere !!!!

  10. Keep up the good work. I read your story today and I loved it. Good luck to all of you. I hope all the workers get what is fair and deserved!

  11. poster at 11.37 am. Don't know who was running around only you do. shame on you for putting your selves at risk of getting hurt RUNNING AROUND BADLY. DON'T GET HURT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. I suggest that people follow exactly to the letter what and who instructed the people who feel they are understaffed. Who cares if they send crap out the door right?Wrong. The bad decisions made by people who are incapable will become exposed. Make sure you have witnesses and document the events. This way when it comes back they can only point the finger at themselves. That is a perfect example why we need to protect ourselves. A contract would provide the protection that is needed.

  13. you're absolutely right.
    half way through the night when i knew that i wasn't capable of doing what management demanded ...
    i asked myself why was i trying so hard to do the impossible ...
    management doens't care about me, why am i trying so hard to stasify their demands?
    a good work ethic is why, it's how i was brought up. it's wasted on the management of mcc.
    if i work hard, or act like the slackers, i get paid the same.

  14. Do not put your body or your job at risk. The managers making promises to Tony or Tony making promises to Brito are at times ignorant and unrealistic, with most of them never working on the floor there decisions are based on false perseption and ignorance to the job or process. Cover yourselves with documentation and let your Superviser ( boss ) have the accountibility for decisions that need to be made in your process.

  15. Work ethic and integrity it's something you cannot take on-line or in a class room. Unfortunetly most of our Leadership struggles with those two words, they may be able to define it verbily but cannot lead properly without executing those terms, leadership is not a job title or a promotion it is an action. Unfortunetly for most of us the wrong people are in leadership positions in our plant and poor decisions are made regularly, that is why we now have the I.E.B.W. 363.