Friday, January 7, 2011

Negotiations Start Back Up On Monday

Negotiations start back up on Monday January 10 at 10 am in Newburgh. We will be meeting for the third week and we expect to begin to make some progress. We will be discussing the attendance policy, state of emergency issues, grievance procedures, vacations, safety and possibly an additional subject or two depending on how things progress.

All reps please meet at 9:30 am in the conference room. The room should be open just before then so if you come early, just walk in.

We still encourage the membership to bring any issue they are concerned with to our attention - we want to hear your thoughts. Thank you to those who have given in their input - it all counts.

We don't want the fastest contract we can get - we want the best one we can get.


  1. I want a snow policy that clearly states when we can miss work during states of emegency. It needs to be clear and realistic. Thanks

  2. So, Todd is now on his way to a sane future... and we are left to deal with those who either 1) have too much time in to leave and are looking for the finish line, or 2) don't have the skill set to move on to a company that is actually world class. Our pet idiot keeps insisting on more with less, accepting sub-standard work by contractors, and doing nothing as much as defending himself against allegations of his obvious incompetence.

    I suppose that all we can do is raise our game and hope that eventually management will least the new sup's seem good so bad can it be at the breweries when people bail to go to can plants?

    Safe and Healthy New Year to all!

  3. Can we get in writing something that makes certain that we know when the police say the roads are closed only open to emergency vehicles

  4. that we can stay home without getting an occurance. sorry, i hit the wrong key.

  5. Good luck tomorrow to all the reps,Sam,Steve,and john at the negotiation table.

  6. I Call Them As I See ThemJanuary 9, 2011 at 7:58 PM

    Good bye Todd, only two other people left who show any competence and one of them leaves in March. Managers please vote the other competent person off your island or alternate reality, universe or whatever the case may be.
    I haven't been paying much attention to the the games but I hear management doesn't like the f*@k word used in negotiations? Over heard by whom at a management holiday party? Too fuckin' bad. Boo-fuckin'Hoo! Management invented the greaseless f*@k at MCC Newburgh and now it has come full circle to bite them on their own ass. If you wrote down your policies instead of hiding them in your self-indulgent and miniature psyche's you would have realized you invited it. Just as your tunnel vision has made labor's long awaited union a reality. And your best are jumping ship.Can't wait to see the climate survey results. The floggings will continue until morale improves.
    Negotiators; #1:Inclement weather policy, #2: Continued stipend for early retirement health insurance bridge, #3: Focus on all our best interests as you have done. Good luck and Happy New Year.

  7. atta boy I call them as i see them! I say Fuckem too.Your right. Hey reps. kickem in da nuts tomorrow. Maybe they will wake the fuck up!

  8. I say good luck to the reps tomorrow and I would like to add a thank you to all of you. Your self sacrifice and hard work is greatly appreciated. Now go in there this week and kick some ass and don't take no for an answer for anything. We deserve a fair contract.

  9. Tomorrow we begin again!
    Sam, Steve, John, and all the reps that can make it are going to are going to enter the battle ground to fight ....
    Fight for what is fair.
    Let's here it folks, let's hear who were fighting for.
    The big battles are this week, so chime in, lets hear what you hope for.
    What we're fighting for.
    Tonight, I'm polishing my armor, putting the edge on the blade of truth, putting on my war face.
    I don't want to take advantage, I want what's fair.
    Tomorrow we put on the good fight ... for me, you, and us.
    Don't forget, this fight is for AB/Inbev too. Never forgtet to be thankful for a good job. All we want to do is keep it that way!
    Let's hear it folks!

  10. a state of emergency policy would be nice. No options either "state of emergency" close the plant.

  11. Today started a new week of our new contract negotiations. I want to thank the people that are involved for the hard work they are doing. Its a long process but i have a feeling it will be worth it in the end. Happy new year to all..

  12. I Call Them As I See ThemJanuary 10, 2011 at 10:36 PM

    Yes, a state of emergency! Who's emergency? Management's? A decision made by an armchair quarterback? "By golly, I could make it in! But it is quite nice by the fire. Is the hospital open? The police agencies? Then we should be making cans during this STATE OF EMERGENCY!
    Could there be some rational thought by the powers as to asking employees who live nearby to come in or stay and "firewatch" the plant, if the roads are impassable put up the off going shift 200 yards up the road?Management should make an informed, smart decision when it comes to inclement weather. Don't risk your people's well being.Don't punish those who stay away. No "case by case" reviews. As a matter of fact why don't you decision making managers come to the plant for night shift during a state of emergency. Just for a taste. Drive in, with your adrenaline flowing, on maybe passable roads. Do the 12.25. Then try and return home, tired and wired. Haven't really seen any of you there yet! and never will! What are you going to do when an entire crew obeys the law of the state and not the"law"of MCC? Group occurence? Take the trip, walk the walk.

  13. Simple Fix......No pay involved just eliminate occurances when there's a school closing or delays or early release or state of emergencies. If you chose not to come to work for delay or closing or state of emergencies you will not be penalized. If there's a 2 hour delay you have 2 hours to get to work on time. The real problem here is management would have to manage it. Imagine that. I'm sure Kronos can handle that.

  14. over the years, we have had training for various things, including acting as adults-----hope the negotiations go smoothly, and we have a good contract, so we can train the management team at mcc, how to respect the people who work there, and teach them to appreciate the decisions and the hard work that we do on a daily basis----but first, jason owens needs to get employment else where !!!!!

  15. Quite entertaining on the last snow storm to watch the managers bail.
    One in particular was very amusing.
    His area of responsibility is in chaos.
    He was made aware of all issues.
    He was clearly observed cleaning his vehicle in the parking lot.
    Then he went home.

    Way to go Jason!

    Your area is failing and you bail!

  16. How long should a disciplinary action be on file?

    When I started it was a year.

    Now it's eighteen months.

    There's discussion of twenty-four months, TWO FULL YEARS!

    I've heard there's been discussions to maintain records as long as long as FIVE YEARS!

    Could you imagine?

    Let's go back a bit.

    Let's end the Management Kangaroo Court.

    Let's go back to one year, twelve months, three-hundred-and-sixty-five days.

    If you don't mess up in a year, whetehr actual, or designed by management, all documentation is destroyed.

    I think it's time for the seperation of management and workers disolves. Let's start working together.

    What say you?

  17. Lets just take a look at how St. Louis handles inclement Weather.

    Inclement Weather Reminder
    January 10, 2011
    To: All St. Louis Salaried Employees
    With the prospect of inclement weather in the St. Louis area, this is a reminder that any changes to the operating schedule of the corporate offices due to inclement weather will be communicated by e-mail, on My A-B Web and the Emergency Weather and Operation Hotline, 1-800-808-3181.
    As always, please use discretion when traveling if there are hazardous conditions. The company's flexible work arrangement programs may be an appropriate option. Please consult with your supervisor in determining the best way to accomplish your job duties.
    Jim Brickey
    Vice President, People

    How in the hell did we miss out on this? Are we dogs or misfits? Is this another example of Local management mismanagement? Sounds so friendly and easy with great communication. Not in our facility.

  18. I Call Them As I See ThemJanuary 11, 2011 at 6:36 PM

    Hey,It's going to snow tonight or already is. Give Jim Brickey a call or email and ask him what to do.I'm sure his number or pager number is on the intranet. Our "leaders" can't seem to get their balls out of Bhalla's "European shoulder bag" to make any kind of gutsy call like that. Apparently from Bhalla down their are no individuals in management who do not regard the safety of the employee despite all their propaganda to the contrary. They regard only their own political safety. Except perhaps the poor schmuck who has to try and explain it.
    In other words: The police are open, the hospital is open, state of emergency? Can makers must be open, now excuse me but, my easy chair calls.
    This ain't St. Louis, Toto.Welcome to third world leadership,or lack of. Remember, all policies are holistic and subject to total "mental" recall, on a case by case basis. Consult your local seer for a reading on whether you, because of the weather,will receive that occurance because you erred on the side of your personal safety, and others you might meet on the roads. AS ONE OF THE MANAGERS ALWAYS COUNSELS " DO WHAT YOU THINK IS BEST"

  19. The inclement weather needs to be fixed. Especially in a state of emergency. I think it's bullshit that it is even an issue. As for th writeups, the problem is our management team is so screwed up that they manufacture writeups when they want them or lie when their ass is on the libne and we have to take the hit. We need a shorter time period or we need to grieve every singel write up they give us. We also neeed a hotline to let St. Louis know what kind of stupid crap our managers do to us and why we need protection of a contract and a union. We need it more than ever if these jerks can't even figure out a legitimate way to handle a state of emergency. All that crap at the captive audience meetings was just that CRAP they don't care one little bit about us. We beetr get on board and support our reps and our union. I know that a huge majority does but the company needs to feel it so they know we aren't going to take their stupid excuses anymore. Just treat us fair - whats so dam hard about it?

  20. Hey its funny that they can shut the plant down for a week at christmas but they want all of us on the road during a snowstorm to come to work instead of just shutting down for the day. The last crew on during the storm should idle the plant and when the emergency is over the next crew should come in and start it back up. Simple no brain cells need to be burned. wow maybe Dan could figure this one out its not rocket science. But obviously he's not a scientist lol. we do need a storm policy and it needs to be strictly enforced by the union. Good luck to all the reps this week we count on you all big time. go 363 we are union strong at mcc.

  21. Does that 1-800 number work for us? Or is this another reminder of the AB / In Bev caste system?
    Only if you're salaried you don't have to risk your life. Hourly, your life and safety means spit.

  22. PC Is Not MY View, It's What I Type OnJanuary 11, 2011 at 9:21 PM

    AB/Inbev Caste System? The only true still practicing Caste system is in India, where your 1-800 call probably goes before it is rerouted.(Hmmmmm, do we serve the Rajah,Ranjive?) The salaried/ hourly reference is true. If you believe in the caste system don't go to McDonald's because you could be eating your cousin. If you don't believe in the caste system you are an hourly (untouchable). Buy a whole side of beef. If you can't beat 'em, eat'em.
    8:27: if you keep thinking (yes, just thinking) you'll never become more than you are. (Stay that way, if you stop thinking you are a manager).
    They don't need a broom for the front office they need a street Zamboni.

  23. everybody knows that the reason why management
    wants to extend what they called the fair treatment process is because the longer it stays on your file the more of a chance they will have
    to terminate higher paid employees and replace
    them with lower paid employees without paying
    them unemployment benefits.What people also
    need is unemployment benefit protection also!

  24. Maybe the peoples manager (Dave L)needs to step up to the plate. Or at least roll his chair up to it..

  25. Sam, We the people at Metal Container local 363
    know,realize,and understand the company your
    dealing with and know that it is going to take
    a great deal of time and effort to come up with
    a good contract we know this and we understand this please take your time do not be in a rush
    as we have a trust in you and our reps please
    also know and have trust in us... we stand behind you and our reps.We the people of mcc 363 may not always be vocal..but we are when we
    need to be and right now we need to be a little
    vocal again... Saying This... A BIG WARM HEART

  26. Hey Sam, a few weeks back i seen an old friend
    at the bar.When i told him we went union he asked what local and i told him 363.And then he said your in very good hands.This made me feel proud to be a member of 363.Then he went on and mentioned your name...and how great of a guy
    you were.. this also made me feel proud to be a
    member of 363.I just thought i would let you know who he is..His name is John Gable retired
    from Perreca Electric.

  27. snow policy: i think the best way to know this
    is to have the company accountable they need
    to have a number at mcc newbugh where you call
    and get a prerecording telling you if it is
    unsafe to travel to work saying you will not
    be penalized if you do not show up. But the
    plant will still be open if you decide it is
    safe in your circumstance to come to work.

  28. yes there should be an expiration date on write
    ups i believe the write up must be written up
    within two weeks after the offence.You then have
    two weeks to repeal the offence.And within two
    weeks the offence goes to trial.And you should
    have the decision within two weeks.Or the policy
    is void.

  29. 12:38 If the "PEOPLE'S MANAGER" rolls up to the plate he is going to think he will be served hummus and yogurt on a bed of watercress."Did this come from my friends at the crappier than we had vending service? or you are what you eat?" (ground up chickpeas and old milk). And what Peoples does he represent?
    An expiration date on write ups? It should be the same as the freshness "BORN ON DATE" we so proudly adhere to every beer can. And as the beer... when the expiration date expires so does any record of the offense, not to be dredged up at a future time as evidence. Even the Great State of New York doesn't try to achieve such monumental depths of institutional vendetta based memory. And yes as to the time frame for the write up. And the manager who needs to write up the hourly SHOULD STEP UP TO THE PLATE,HIMSELF AND NOT HAVE ANOTHER MANAGER WHO WAS NOT PRESENT ADMINISTER THE WRITE UP HIMSELF. IN THE U.S.A. it's called DUE PROCESS. the right to face your accusers. Perhaps they didn't teach the Marines about that in boot. It's also in the UCMJ. (Uniform Code Of Military Justice)Which is apperently not required reading as it is in the other services. It's a part of America's judicial system. Not practiced at MCC. It needs to be fixed.How many good people who were employed here would still be here if we had a set of laws to follow? Support your Union and those who are working for it for you.

  30. Thank you for your support everybody.

    1:23 pm John Gable has always been a gentleman and really great electrician and an honest person so I am glad he spoke well of our union and I.

    Things are going well at the negotiating table but we are getting into some deeper subjects now that include some changes that the company wants to make and were planning to make. Some make sense, some need to be tweaked. We are also proposing changes in how some things go and they feel the same way about some of our changes.

    The bottom line is that it is much better to be at the table discussing and talking about these things then to get them imposed on you without a thought.

    Thank your reps - they are really giving it everything they have and they are devoting their time off for everybody.

    Round of applause for the reps......

  31. I havent heard any specifics about the contract yet. When are we going to know some details?

  32. Check your email. if you didn't get one,you never came to a meeting.

  33. I went to the meetings and have not gotten an email either. How do I get details?

  34. I didnt know there were details about the contract in an email!?!? I voted "NO" for the union and did not attend any meetings. How do I get specific details about the contract?

  35. There are no details yet because the entire contract ties together and we have not completed negotiations on all topics. I understand the anxiety that comes with the unknown. One topic affects another, and until it is all completed it is not right to short cut to ease anxiety while so much has not even been discussed yet. Our efforts would be fruitless if each or some of the topics being discussed were told as being final as they are not until the entire contract has been completed. Please be patient, if not for yourself then for everyone else.

  36. Mr. 1:57
    How many times have you seen this question asked? How many times have you seen the same response from your reps? Don't you ever get it? If you were so interested why DIDN'T you attend a meeting. Did you ever ask anyone how you could be put on the email mailing list? It's certin you knew you weren't. That's right you'd have to take action then wouldn't you. You are either management or one of their buddies being a wise ass. You will get it when everyone else does and live with that. If you don't like that you have a decision to make. I hope you decide for the best.

  37. For those of you who have not received emails periodically contact your Reps and they will tell you how to get your email on the list. These emails are not sent on a regular basis. When Sam feels there's a need to communicate with the body he will send one to update on things that he can.

  38. Thanks guys. Cant wait to see the contract. I know Sam and the reps will do their best to get the most for us when it comes to wages and pension. I know we will all be happy with the increase in wages and pension. Communication was always managements weak spot, glad to see we don't have a 1-800 number here. 1:57pm needs to become part of the body. Give your email to one of the reps and you will get details of he contract. Be patient! Support your reps! Go IBEW!

  39. We gave our emails to Sam at the meetings he had for us. Sorry you felt the need to be stupid and never come. Oh well. Maybe you will smarten up soon. Maybe some other no vote can help you.

    By the way Sam, great email today.

  40. I went to two meetings and filled out the form where you have the nice little boxes to clearly write each letter for your e-mail so as not to be mis-understood\mis-read. I never received any e-mail, how come?

  41. The spread they put on at the hall was done very well too.

  42. 6:35 Why did you wait so long to say something?
    You should have told me right away. Please give your name and cell number to your rep or steward and I will call you and take care of that for you.

    Anyone who would like to be on the email list should do the same.

    Tonight I emailed everyone on the current list again asking them to help out and to feel free pass on any requests to me.

  43. This is 6:35 again. It's not that I waited so long to say something. I didn't know everyone else was getting e-mails. Maybe my form got lost in all that delicious food that night. Will get back in touch soon.

  44. Any other folks like that?

    As Sam said, see your rep.

    We'll forward your information, privately, to Sam.

  45. OK 6:45 talk to your reps and I will catch you up.

  46. oop 6:35 ( no glasses )

  47. Thanks Sam. I will do the same. I too never received any emails. Was not sure why.

  48. I would like to have every persons email and help bring everyone - yes and no , black and white, yankee or red sox - all together and on the same page.


  50. Thank you Sam ,and the reps for doing a good job on the negotiations. I know that you are trying your best because when I talk to my rep on my crew he couldnt tell me details but gave me enough to feel confident we are in good hands.

  51. I think it's important to be clear. If you recall, during the forced meetings, we were told that if we chose the union, we would put someone between the workers and management. By choosing the union we would end our "Relationship". It shows how out of touch our management is. What relationship? There is none. Much like some folks are experiencing now, if management chose to write us up, justified or not, we were at their mercy. As some folks are finding now, the "Level System" is a joke, and open to modification of policies at management's pleasure. What management chooses to do cannot be challenged, and more often than, it clearly illustrates their deep corruption.

    Soon we will have a contract, and thank goodness we will have someone between the workers and the corruption our management spews. Again, thank goodness. We will have a grievance procedure that will hold management to a standard known by all. Disciplinary documentation will have to be justified and proven to be true. Not trumped up as many are now. Most importantly it will have be completed by management in a timely manner. No more of the days of being accused of doing something wrong and hearing about it months after the alleged infraction.

    Soon, folks, soon.

    For that reason alone, it will good to have a union and a contract. There are so many other reasons as well.

    Thanks Sam.

  52. Good luck everyone