Wednesday, January 5, 2011

IBEW Local 363 / MCC Newburgh Go Nation Wide!

Just to let everybody know our story has gone nationwide. We are on the AFL-CIO site, DailyKoz, and the story came as a google alert to my phone today. It has also been on the IBEW National website.

The story of MCC Newburgh bringing in IBEW Local 363 and how we used the blog was carried on over 150 radio stations across the country on January 5th through

It will be carried on another 300 affiliates across the country from a Pittsburgh radio station that wants to speak with IBEW Local 363 sometime this week.

The SEIU in California, Teamsters in St. Louis, Florida, Newark and IBEW in Michigan have contacted us for info and to lend support.

We have plenty of support now and it's growing everyday. YOU MAY NOT REALIZE IT YET BUT........

.....You the workers at MCC Newburgh are an inspiration to many, many other American workers - and it's only going to get bigger.

Stay solid, stay strong and lets work hard on getting a fair first contract and begin to help management make this plant the best there is.

Welcome to all workers across the country who have discovered us, support us and who will hopefully, some day be us!

This is the time - with the world economy turned upside down - for the American workers to stand together because the fact is no one will do it for US and no one else cares.


  1. WTG! Awesome! Saw your story on the AFL-CIO blog and had to come congratulate you. Well done indeed.

    A note, btw, on video posting: when you get the embed code from YouTube, scroll down a wee bit to where you can customize your video size. Put your video width at about 480 pixels. Then, when you paste it into your blog entry field (you have to use the HTML editor to do this) use the <*center*> tag at the beginning and the <*/center*> tag at the end to center it neatly (remove the asterisks).

  2. One of the best will be leaving MCC today Todd Connor was the best one up front did all the work and took all the shit that went with it good luck too him.

    He will be missed !!

  3. Todd is a good man.

    He is a pleasure to work with, and for, and I had great respect for him.

    I always worried about Todd, he is a man of great integrity, and working in the environment created by senior management with their poor mores, one of three things was going to happen.

    Todd was going to go against his values and become like the current management, unscrupulous.

    Todd who suffer some kind of retribution from always trying to do the right thing.

    Or Todd would go to greener pastures, to an environment that would appreciate his honesty, integrity, and excellent work ethic.

    I so please Todd chose the latter.

    Todd is too good a man to become like our entrenched management.

    I saw the frustration daily in Todd's face, and I'm glad to see those days have ended.

    I wish Todd and his family the best in health and happiness in his new venture.

    I hope GE learns what a gem they have in Todd and truly appreciate him!

    Todd's going home!

    Going to miss you Todd.

  4. Good bye Todd! Great knowing you and working with you.Wishing you and your family the best of everything cause God knows you deserve it.Will miss you.

  5. Todd was the greatest manager at MCC. GE is lucky to get him. We will miss him greatly. Todd is a great american worker.

  6. Best of luck Todd, & the new IBEW Local 363 workers... 2011 will be a better year for all!!

  7. I think the recent hirings of the new superintendants were good selections. Being from the breweries they have experience in our industry and bring that knowledge so they can make informed decisions. They have potential to go far. I have witnessed them so far treat everyone with respect.Hopefully they can help push out the old attitudes of the victory dancer and the witless management staff up front. This plant has lost alot in Todd leaving to go to GE. My hope is that the new people coming in bring in a refreshing approach to todays business and that they help define the type of plant we can be.

  8. As American jobs have transitioned away from manufacturing, union membership has declined. Yet, unions can still play a vital role in safeguarding the wellbeing of working people as the country climbs out of recession and high unemployment rates. Growing and emerging sectors like the service industry and green jobs are increasing in numbers even as manufacturing sectors decline. As technology and the landscape of American jobs evolve, the ability of employers to exploit and mistreat their workers lives on, and the need persists for working people to pool their strength to defend their rights and interests. Panelists will discuss the role that labor – union organizers and the workers who comprise union membership – will play in determining the future of the American workforce, and whether existing labor and employment laws are equipped to handle future challenges.

  9. monday we continue with negotiations. Much to do, much to discuss. We will continue on with all our families in our thoughts. I pledge to make sure we get this right and do the best I can to represent the interests of our membership at newburgh metal container.

  10. I'm with you A rep and i too pledge to sure we get this right.

  11. I'm sorry i forgot the make in that sentence. I must be from snownobyl.