Monday, February 21, 2011

100,000 Hits!! Along With Overwhelming Support From All Over The Country! Just Amazing!

100,000 hits! That is really amazing! This much attention for a group of people that numbers around 165! Your story is an amazing one!

Here is another one and worth giving some time here even during our own issue of bargaining. These people are now fighting for only that - the right to bargain. This is about much more than paying more for health insurance or pensions - they already agreed on that.......this is an all out assault on American Workers rights - period.....and it IS poliical and it is CORPORATE DRIVEN. With a goal to "trickle down" the attack to the rest of the American Workforce. Don't be fooled, the only way to protect yourself is to band together.

More now than ever:
The workers at MCC Newburgh are truly an inspiration to all workers across the country. We are grateful for all of the support that we have been given from all around the country and suprised from the support we have from a few countries OUTSIDE of the United States!

With so much going on now with the economy, the world and in the political arena there was no better time for the workers here in Newburgh to make a decision to come together and have a voice. The workers of MCC Newburgh took the brave steps they needed to take to ORGANIZE!

We have a much better chance at making improvements and having the peoples opinions become part of the decision making process when we BAND TOGETHER.

....and look what has happened - we have come to the table and presented the opinions of the people to representatives of the company. We are working on a contract - together - labor and management - to hopefully start a great relationship and to work together to reach the goal of making Newburgh the best can making facility in ABINBEV.

IBEW Local 363 is PROUD to be working with the workers at MCC Newburgh and proud to be helping them put together their new contract.

We would like to thank everyone out there again for all of your support and kind words! Please stay with us, stay on our side and keep up that support.

Negotiations start up again the week of March 7th.
As always, if any workers at MCC Newburgh have any ideas or thoughts about any subject related to bargaining - please contact your reps.

Stay Solid, Stay Strong!


  1. larry the table guyFebruary 22, 2011 at 7:16 AM

    get er done Sammy!

  2. Wisconsin,trying to balance their budget by screwing their teachers and state workers.Sounds familiar doesn't it? I'm surprised it hasn't happened here in NY yet. On the public side that is. It was happening to us, canmakers, with a huge, self-profiteering foreign beverage conglomerate,taking from the workers and offering nothing in return. We organized and are excercizing the same collective bargaining rights that the governor of Wisconsin wants to revoke from the state workers and teachers in that state so as to appease the special interest (read corporations) groups that got him elected. He's trampling the worker's rights to collective bargaining. What's his next step? Union busting?
    On a side note, from the rumor mill: Is it true that John Guerra gave 2 weeksnotice and is leaving MCC?

  3. The John Guerra question, well it's true.He's going to Mastercard International as the worldwide safety guru. S'long, Johnnie is was good to know ye! People are leaving so fast there's either a vapor trail or a vacuum in their wake.

  4. Wow, John's going too?

    Another good guy bites the dust and is going to greener pastures.

    With all the good bosses leaving, what are we left with?

  5. Riders on the storm...

  6. Its amazing. Why do you think that the salaried staff is having a big turn over? Could it be that the company has a new motto? Take whatever they can take away from their own workers including management? How can any American salaried staff member sit across from us at the table and argue that the company wants to be the best at something while they are unwilling to invest in it? Their own salaried staff at Newburgh are leaving because of its compensation policies towards management. I understand why the brewery workers are soo upset. I hope someday soon the company realizes its error. We went from best, to even with the rest. Anheuser Busch didnt become the king this way.

  7. Take care John G. You were one of the good guys...Not many good guys left. How come everyone is Bailing out? Where are the new hires? Is the ship sinking? Is it time to put on our life jackets, or is it too late?

  8. It'll be interesting to see the new division of responsibilities. Or irresponsibilities. I imagine they will be chaining Dave Jenkins to his desk as he has probably become the #1 escape risk. We just have to keep doing what we have proven over and over; We are an excellent workforce, with huge production capabilities. AND WE WORK BEST WITH LITTLE OR NO SUPERVISION OR MANAGEMENT OVERSIGHT. Let's prove that We are deserving of an equitable and fair contract.

  9. Larry the table guyFebruary 22, 2011 at 3:06 PM

    The plant is running very well. Good job everyone.It just goes to show its the people on the floor that step up and make this plant run.Keep up the efforts Im sure it will be reflected in our contract.There is motivation for us to do well.Get er done.

  10. Good Luck and the Best of everything to you and your family.It was great knowing you .Yes you were one of the "GOOD ONES". Take care and God Bless you John Guerra!

  11. brothers from the floorFebruary 22, 2011 at 3:42 PM

    FOZY bear good luck brother.

  12. I wish Jason Owens would act more like John G. thats leaving.Better yet I wish he would just leave too.

  13. John G was always nice to me. Take care John..

  14. Just document everything Jason says to you. He has generated so much negative feelings.How foolish this company is keeping people in management that behave like he does.Union or non union there is no excuse for his behavior.Sooner or later he is going to be charged with harassment.Then the company will be liable. Besides all that, he is plain stupid.

  15. well dan, you cut moral, no raise, reduced manpower to below or needs haven't listened to a damn thing we had to say in the last 3 years.well get your work shirt on, all your superior managers are gone, or leaving, except for superman, and even he can't run this place by himself......good luck with all this

  16. VH1: Behind The MusicFebruary 22, 2011 at 9:54 PM

    Listen to "Keep On Rockin'In The Free World" by Neal Young. Political sarcasm at it's best. "We got a kinder, gentler, machine gun hand" Then listen to "The Wall" in it's entirety. Cap a cold one, chug it and then go to bed. Be "Comfortably Numb". Because I'm sure we are in for more surprises from the other side of the double doors. Stay tuned..............

  17. What worries me is there a something looming for Newburgh other than what we have already seen from Brito and his cronies. Does the management at the plant know something we don't? Only time will tell!

  18. Even if that is true, what can we do about it? Maybe they are all running away because they have no say in what happens to them. They can't even talk about it because they have no union like we do, and thank God we voted 363 in. That uncertainty and mistrust of the plans of management that we ALL feel just solidifies the fact that we all made the right decision to unionize and vote in 363. It is much better to have a voice and a chance.
    Go 363

  19. Something is telling me that having a "Successorship Clause" of the contract has just become mighty doggone important.

    Is there such a thing in our contract?

  20. lets all say it together---BALL

  21. Larry the table guyFebruary 23, 2011 at 1:39 PM

    Lets start a leaving pool.Which salaried person leaving next?(humor) Why worry about what lies next?(sarcasm)Its all about foreign investors bought this company and they have an agenda.To make all the can plants make the same amount.Period. Tony told us that when he was here.They didnt lie, they told us what they intended to do.
    Now, what do you intend to do?How far are you willing to go. You went as far as being pissed at all the things that brought us to the table and decided you werent going to just bend over and take it anymore. You took the first steps in actually having your voice make a difference.
    Whatever the grand design of the millionaires club wants, it has to be done by us. We have the power to make this company greater everyday, or just come in and be an AGV.Do what your told and think like the 50 % of the rest of the world does.You cant control what management wants or does but you can control what you do.What are you willing to do?

    Lets watch the strength of Wisconsin union workers. They are controlling what they do.They already told their management what they were willing to do.They ARE being heard arent they.It aint over for any of us.We need to use them as an example of how sticking together gives strength.
    We can work with the company if they are willing to listen and help both sides come out being better.The chance is here. It doesnt matter what one side wants to do. It only matters what both sides are willing to do.We control our side.Lets see what they want to do. They will show eventually show what they want.Then we can show them.
    Get er done!

  22. Proud to be part of a team. For the 1st time c-crew is really coming together and working as a team. We owe it all to the IBEW. I feel like I'm a part of something bigger than myself. Stand tall and stand strong next to all your union brothers and sisters. Is April when our non-union plants gets their wage increase? Wonder if Brito is going to throw them a bone or give them the bone!?!?! Proud to be American Union Made.

  23. Larry the table guyFebruary 23, 2011 at 4:19 PM

    Remember that good things dont come easy and are not cheap. Hard work has its rewards. We are going to work hard at getting a good contract.We are a good thing. we aint easy and we aint cheap. Get er done! 363.

  24. We'll just have to sit back and see what the Boys from Brazil do to the non-union plants. My guess is they will turn them into union plants. The Belgian connection? They are just counting their Euro's and couldn't care less as long as Brito delivers $$$$ into their pockets. Remember they (the Belgian half of AB Inbev)
    screwed with their own people in one of their flagship brand breweries and the workers revolted and held the brewery management team hostage. They really don't seem to sow contentment for their employees no matter where they are or who they buy up. (Read the article in Bloomberg News dated 1/21/11: "Deadbeat Companies Deserve an Obama Wake Up Call", by Jonathan Alter, interesting reading.) I have a hard copy.)
    Keep on exceding the budget, sit tight , support the negotiators, and let them show their true colors. We know where we are coming from.

  25. I see now that what ever we don't get in negotiations will be because of the company holding it from us. That is becoming more clear to us in the plant now. I am now joining my fellow yes voters for good. Sorry it took me awhile to catch on.

  26. Maybe after all the management leaves, you guys can be the management.

  27. Why not? Most of them are so inexperienced or ignorant of how the process works they rely on the hourlies to tell them how to do the job. The hourlies really work as a team. We were taught by the real pros, the canmakers who made the processes and perfected them. They were our first process superintendants. Unfortunately, they retired and upper management chose education over experience or a combination of both. Experience is an education in itself. So now we have managers with degrees in Animal Husbandry masquerading as millrights.So, to answer your statement 3:46 AM. Yes, we can be management. But not with AB Inbev after the schtupping they are handing the AMERICAN worker, hourly and Managers alike. My apologies to the 2 new Crew Managers who came over from the Breweries, you seem to be the exception.

  28. We work for a bunch of scumbags!!!

    Lest you think such behavior is reserved for the technology sector, consider the case of Anheuser-Busch InBev NV, the Belgian company that is the world’s largest brewer. Net 60 is too wimpy for these folks. They routinely stiff their advertising agencies and other vendors for four months: Net 120.

    Not surprisingly, AB InBev isn’t run by charming brewers with an appreciation of the fine human beings in their industry. It’s run by “ruthless, machete-wielding investment bankers,” as Ann Gilpin, an analyst at Chicago-based Morningstar Inc., told Advertising Age trade magazine. They don’t know foam, but they sure know float.

  29. In my humble opinion:

    A class act left MCC Newburgh today. Holly's last day. She walked to the furthest reaches of the plant to say goodbye to us. My hands were filthy and it didn't matter, she shook my hand and wished me well.

    She always treated me well, with respect, listened to my opinions in situations and sometimes followed my advice.

    Senior management of MCC could learn a lot from her.

    Two thimgs I wish.

    I wish Holly was our plant manager.

    I wish i could have seen Holly outside of MCC, I betcha she's a lot of fun.

    Best wishes Holly, you'll be missed, your one of the best managers I've worked for at MCC.

    May you have health and happiness in your future.


  30. wow, looks like Brito freed up some money to give us all raises with the number of managers that exited recently! Keep an eye on Jenkins, he could be next.


  32. When Shawn Whitehead worked on the maint. crew, he worked on the massive amount of mass conveying and did a great job. Now we have mixed labels. The guys that worked on the roof walked everywhere up there. Does it come as a surprise that we have mixed labels? Maybe another chart or check sheet will fix the problem? Please bring Shawn back to the maint. crew before we get in trouble with our customers and have to pay for it with bonus points. Thank you.

  33. Wisconsin union workers you have my support! I feel that for the government to be able to take away a right that our grandparents fought for is something we all should be concerned about.When and where is the limit on how much the government can do to the middleclass worker?The president of the United States said in the past he would put on a comfortable pair of shoes and walk the picket line if the government tried to take away the collective bargaining rights from the people. Well Mr. president where are you now? Its time to put up Mr. President.
    We should all voice our views to our elected officials. Im going to.

  34. He has commented and said it looks like union busting and he was criticized for butting in. I agree with you, screw 'em jump right in there.
    McCain should show up and support the

  35. What the hell kind of mess are our country has. We are in two wars,economy is a mess,millions unemployed,property values down,demonstrations in the streets of wisconsin,taxes are soaring, business still leaving the u.s.,then to top it off, our president has decided to sit on the sidelines and watch the american middleclass workers rights get ripped away from them, while he enjoys the fruits of their votes.Enjoy mr. president. I hope you like the taste of that fruit.

  36. Soon we will be back at the table trying to make our pact with the company.We have lots to discuss. Every article and every concern that our members have brought to the reps..Time to move forward.Go 363 newburgh

  37. 8:32, do you really?

    Hasn't the federal government done enough for the american worker? I honestly don't want their "help", not one bit.

    If the federal government had to operate as a business they would have gone bankrupt a long time ago. However, since all they have to do is print more money to hide their flaws, or tax the working man and corporations more they will be in businees for a very long time if people like you still want them to "help" you out.

    Get a clue and wake!

  38. Hey 2/25, 12:57 Nice quote from the Bloomberg News article I asked everyone to read. And Yes we work for scumbags. It's OK,someday it will comefull circle and bite them on the ass.
    6:44 the only help needed from the feds is to protect the workers ' right to have collective bargaining.
    They don't tax the rich equally they don't tax the poor for the obvious reason. The slaughter us, the middle class. There should be a flat rate tax, no loopholes, no hiding money ala the offshore banks. Everyone pays their 20%. Goodbye,IRS invasions of honest people. I saw a show on the US Tax Code.It was brought to the floor of Congress in something like 12 wheelbarrows. A pipe dream.
    Help we don't need. Protect my rights? DEFINITELY!!!
    Let's make the best ofour first shot collective bargaining!

  39. There is alot going on in our country isnt there. I think we should start fixing things one at a time. Starting right here,getting our contract. We have to get things right the first time. We can bring hope to all for the future of our country and our children by coming to a proper agreement with the company. One that doesnt restrict our flexibility yet preserves a commitment to the employees of fairness.
    This country was formed to make life better for its occupants.We have to get back to that foundation again. We work for a foreign company now,one who doesnt care about our quality of life.This company makes its fortune from the work we perform and the products that we sell here in the U.S.. We make and sell and consume our products here in America.Only the aluminum is imported here.That means most of the jobs needed to produce what we consume are from the U.S.. Isnt that what we need to do more of?
    Anheuser Busch INbev should consider that if Americans want American products, then maybe they should key in on that aspect by producing more beer here instead of importing it. The company brews Budweiser and budlight overseas to save money and then sells it as an American beer. Why not do the same here to Stella or Becks or any other import? Maybe we should legislate something like that?Its time to start protecting American interests.Our interest is obtaining a contract for us American workers. A good and fair one.

  40. Go ahead and give all the public sector unions everything they deserve and then raise the taxes on everyone to pay for it. No problem!

  41. For your information, the unions in wisconsin gave all the concessions that the government wanted to fix the budget but the governor just wants to have full reign over the individuals that they dont have with the union.They were willing to sacrifice to help the state and its people and help fix the budget but the goverment refused. Taxes would have been reduced because of the union proposal.As per cnn