Thursday, June 17, 2010

All We Need Is A Contract

It's really that simple. With everything changing so fast at work, now is the RIGHT TIME for us to come together and bargain with the company as a unit.

This is not a push to take from the company or to push for unreasonable demands. Not at all! It is to help us, the people who are scraping to stay in the middleclass. We just need a little bit of protection and there is definitely safety in numbers.

So please - all of you supervisors reading this - don't make us the enemy. We are on friendly terms with most if not all of you. All we want is to have our right to organize a union to be respected. You see what they do, are doing and can do to YOU already.

We want it better than that.

Without a contract, we are at the total mercy of people who make decisions without thinking too deeply about our needs - and our concerns.

Having a union will put us - the workers - directly at the table with those same people. If we are at the table, involved in the decision making, we can make sure that our concerns are heard and our needs are met.


This is US FOR US.

No matter who tries to say it differently - that is exactly what it is.

We want and need a way to protect ourselves and indirectly, our families and that way is called, "a contract".

What are your thoughts?


  1. I think a great majority of our coworkers all feel the same - we know we need that contract more than ever. We need to continue to build our numbers and hold on tight when the unavoidable company -led anti-union campaign offically kicks off.

    I don't think company rhetoric has a chance this time.

    We all know that need that contract.

    This site is GREAT KEEP IT GOING!

  2. We need a contract things will get worse before they get better,and if this don't go though this time it will be hell to work there they will tri to get even.

  3. What happens when the managers get a hold of this site and start reading what we are feeling and use it to there benfit.They will tri to scare team members,it's pretty sad that we have to work under this kind of stress every day.

  4. We know the managers see this site and we are glad about it. What the company doesn't realize is that a number of their managers are on our side.

    Someone asked about when the vote will be. We are banding together. Now we must multiply. After that, it will all become clear to us when we should call for the vote. Time is on our side because we are growing.

    Having a voice - even on this blog - is an improvement already. Let's talk about why having a contract is necessary. Everyday more people are seeing that as a FACT.

    Spread the word. Get someone a card who needs one. Give out this blog address:

  5. This time it does not matter what the company tries to tell us about the "dangers" of forming a union. We have seen what it's like without one and the answer is clear - protect ourselves.

    Can't wait until the talks, company meetings and managerial "concern" for our wellbeing starts up.

    Its funny how only THIS subject - of unionizing - peaks the company concern for our welfare and how they try to come off as looking out for our benefit.

    The truth is they KNOW having a UNION MAKES US STRONGER and that is the real reason they want to stop us from organizing and going for that contract.

    Think about the subject of dues. They will tell us the dues are too high or we'll pay fines or whatever.

    What other expenses that I have can they give me some advice on? How about gym memberships? Golds or Planet Fitness? Would they ever waste the ink "schooling" us on any other financial issue in our lives? Nope!

    To my fellow workers: If the company is concerned about this - then it must put US in a BETTER position.

    I'm voting for the UNION! I am supporting my co-workers! I want the IBEW in here!

  6. Managers are telling us that we may start at zero is that true ?

  7. Need a question to be answered can the union promise that we will not lose what we have now ?

  8. What is the magic # to get this union rolling ?
    It seems to me we are real close.

    Vote Yes we will be much happier we will know what is right what is wrong without things being
    turned around to there favor !!

  9. Thanks for the questions:

    6:41pm - you start with what exists already and move from there. Sounds to me like the company is getting real nervous and trying to scare the workers out of protecting themselves with a contract. Nothing can change unless it is agreed upon and negotiated. All terms and conditions remain until negotiated to something different. They can't cut pay OR offer to raise pay to thwart the effort to gain a contract. You should ask why they said everything would start from zero - Is it because management wants to hurt the workers? Seems so....and if that is the case how do you trust anything they say while they are "looking out for you" with their "advice".

    8:05pm - has the company promised you won't lose what you have while they have absolute control and you have no written contract? If so, you don't need the union - If not - then you better take control and get a seat at the decision making table to fight for what you want to keep. And keep in mind the ones you will be fighting are the same ones giving you bad advice now.

    The union MUST be worth alot to the workers side of the table because the company wouldn't give a crap what you did if it wasn't. Think about that for a minute.

    Wanna test it? Ask them who they suggest you use for car insurance. See if they spend time at work giving you advice or care if you make the "wrong choice" or have different coverage.
    Don't be fooled - They are worried about everything but your well being.

    8:11pm - yes we are very close but we want to get as many people on board as we can before we file for the election. New cards are still coming in - pass them to who needs one. Sadly, a small minority will believe the lies coming their way on behalf of management. The rest need to keep a clear head, stay strong and don't fall for the EXCUSES the company throws at them as to why it is "bad" to protect yourself and your co-workers with a written contract.

  10. ......also, we have distributed 10 tape recorders which are in the plant at all times. We will be recording management when they give their "advice" to the workers. The National Labor Relations Board loves when Local 363 gives them solid proof of the managers speaking in their own words threatening the people during an organizing campaign. It's unbeatable in court and the managers are too stupid to realize they are being recorded.

    So go ahead, talk it up all you supervisors and managers! Lay it on nice and thick - and then get ready to be embarrassed and found guilty of violating Federal Law.

  11. Isn't recording someone without their knowledge a violation of the law also? Is this putting us in a bad position by making secret recordings?

  12. 7:25 am - not at all! We only record MANAGEMENT. The law states that as long as one party to the conversation is doing the recording it is legal AND admissable in court. We have some great ones already!

    Don't worry - obviously you are not one of the 10.

    My father always told me to be man enough to stand by the words I say about situations and other people - we are going to make them stand by their words. In court if need be.

  13. i am not sure if i am for a union or not. one thing i can't understand however is why you are all hiding behind anonymity.

  14. Hi rayman,

    I don't know yet either, whether I am for a union, or not. The simple fact remains, that if the union does not get voted in, and, it is exposed who is for, and who is against, there will be targets placed squarely on the backs of those that are for. The fear of posting a true identity may make most think that voting YES for the union would be a good choice. But, we need more answers. Let's set a date to meet our potential negotiating team. WHEN? WHERE? WHAT time? I think we need an open Q & A session to allow us to make a better decision.

    Please, allow people to keep their anonymity. Please, do not criticize those that go anonymous. The leaders of our group will rise to the occasion, guide us in the right direction, and allow us to make the best decision.

    Everyone stay informed, Seek answers. There will always be two answers. You will have to decide which is right for you.

  15. to whom this may concern: if you have not signed a card yet and you are a yes vote please send it
    in so they can get the ball rolling they would like to have 75%. You won't be sorry.We are a great team we will be better having a piese of mind............. go 363

  16. Rayman we can't afford too get fired and we know about that target.

  17. Everyone needs to go to the June 24 story Extra! Extra! The Ball Metal Contract is there.

    This contest is OVER. not having a contract is bullcrap.

  18. I don't like unions.

    I received my card last week, and deciding whether to send it in.

    Management at MCC Newburgh have treated their employees so badly, it appears to be our only option to stop the bleeding.

    I want MCC Newburgh to succeed, and under its present leadership, we are failing.

    A question .... Are there "Cards" such as A, B, & C. I was told only A Card holders could vote and attend meetings. I was told that the only employees that could be A Card holders were TT (Electricians). Prod Techs, Gen Techs, and Plant Techs cannot vote and attend meetings.

    Thanks. MCC Newburgh needs your help.

  19. Everyone in the plant is an equal member to everyone else in the entire union.

    Everyone can vote and everyone can attend meetings....and clambakes and any dinners or events

    We are one.

    You say you don't like unions......just realize that this union will be your co-workers and yourself.

  20. Thanks for the fast response.

    Another question please?

    The latest discussion around the plant stated that we needed 100 cards completed prior to intitating action.

    Is this true?

    How many cards have been received to date?

    Again, I want MCC Newburgh to succeed, and I wish to be part of that success. If we are terminated because of this process, we all lose.

    Thanks again.

  21. 7:43 am - We need as many cards as we can get before filing for election. We have a HUGE amount of cards now - we are sending out a mailing and after we get the remaining cards from that mailing - we will file.

    We have an unbelievably GREAT group of people in this plant and IBEW Local 363 is going to make sure that we give them every opportunity to win this in a LANDSLIDE.

    The best thing you can do is talk to those whom YOU TRUST and ask them to make sure to join us and send in their card to move us to the next level.


    Did you check out the Ball contract yet?

    You guys will have one of those too!

  22. Very well, I don't like unions, and sadly it is our only option.

    My card is completed, do I mail it in, and if so to whom?

    How do I mark the envelope to make sure it gets to where it has to go?

    Again my thanks for helping the MCC work force.


  24. What the hell was that letter all about we have people that are that stupid too carry tape recorders around I don't think so give us more credit then that I can't believe that we have a management staff like this. We truely need a union someone too believe in us help.come on team get those cards signed.

  25. Did everyone see the Ball metal contract? Read that good! We need that!

    send your cards in please!


    The CONTRACT is what is IMPORTANT in all of this. That is the goal. Everyone should read the BALL CONTRACT - that is a current active contract. Any anti-union or other "facts" or rumors are designed to bring you away from the subject:

    The contract link can be found top right of this
    site - just click and read