Friday, June 25, 2010

Carlos Says 'NO Change For Employees" After Merge

About a minute and a half into this video Mr. Brito is asked if there would have to be any changes to the employees. His answer is - "Not at all".

You feelin' that love?

Do you see any changes?

Here's the only change we need in Newburgh and it is COMPLETELY UP TO THE PEOPLE IF THEY GET IT - A WRITTEN CONTRACT:

Agreement Between Ball Metal Beverage Container Operations and I.B.E.W. Local Union 363


  1. He did just shake his head no and say "no change".

    He just forgot to tell the newburgh Plant.

    maybe he meant theres no change in his employee bonus of $35 million dollars

  2. Our esteemed plant manager made the following statement prior to the start of our shift: "With a union as our representative, things could get better, things could get worse or things could stay the same, which would actually be worse, because we would be paying dues to keep what we have."

    Keeping what we have is better than giving anything up. The latter is what has been happening on a regular basis lately and we can do nothing other than take it.
    Try this scenario; Let's assume we choose the I.B.E.W. to represent us. The company decides an adjustment to the employee contribution for medical benefits is justified. For simplicity sake, let's assume a team member pays $50.00 per pay period for medical coverage. The company says a team member will have to pay $75.00 under a new contract. Now, the union and the company sit down and the union says, "No to any increase." So after working through this situation, it is agreed that a $12.00 increase to $62.00 is acceptable to both sides. Did we lose? Well, it is costing $12.00 more per pay period but not the $25.00 increase we would have just had to accept without the ability to negotiate!

    We all know the economy has been tough lately but the company has paid debt down ahead of schedule and doubled cash flow (The company's words.) So, why do we keep losing ground?

  3. Did everyone see the Ball Metal contract?
    Look that over! we need that!
    send in your cards.

  4. Heres a change we are sticking together and gettin a union

  5. Too bad Dans "fact sheet" had NO FACTS on it.

  6. windsor fan of danJune 26, 2010 at 11:03 AM

    Boy Dan still doing the same lame game. Go Newburgh!Did you guys see how many hits on your site? Soon maybe we can get a blog like this for ourselves!We are sooooo glad Dan is finally getting what he has always deserved. A Union.

  7. Carlos>How about spreading your 35 million dollar bonus around evenly? Some people are more greedy than others...

  8. Dan K,

    How come it has come down to this? Look in the mirror and think about it. You think the workers on the floor are slugs> Thats not the case.

  9. Dave Le--Ham----Who made you "The peoples manager" What have you done for us?

  10. Dan K,
    How come the survey was so bad? When is the last time you asked the employees 1 on 1--what can make it better? It seems like>Its all about you..

  11. Dan,
    You mentioned in our recent meeting--The Union has approached us>Do you realize that wasn't the case? Did you tell your Boss that? Maybe you are the primary cause of this>Trying to save a buck..Be fair to the workers>they will be fair to you.

  12. Dave Le-Ham,
    As the "peoples manager" When are you going to stick up for yourself and us? You have been like a puppet. Be a Man..


    The CONTRACT is what is IMPORTANT in all of this. That is the goal. Everyone should read the BALL CONTRACT - that is a current active contract. Any anti-union or other "facts" or rumors are designed to bring you away from the subject:

    The contract link can be found top right of this
    site - just click and read

  14. I would to be treated like a person with some intellect!Yes this is a bit scary, That is because its change. And change can be scary. But what is more scary? Kimutis and Leeman going to a conference and representing our interests for pay and benefits, where there biggest concern is there own pay and benefits. Where they gain, and we lose. or having a organization(Local 363) engage in collective bargaining for us, where the only way they gain
    is if we gain. Hopefully over some time we can get back some of what we lost. And lose no more.

  15. I think the employees at metal container would like to see the day come when they can express their opinions and not worry about a target on their backs afterwards.

  16. Its coming soon. July 11 is going to be a good day.