Sunday, June 27, 2010

Americans Without Contracts - Expect No Respect

Read about the "Inbev plan" - Paste this link into your search box and read this article from a BRAZILIAN MAGAZINE about Inbev and Brito.

Then take every letter and every fact sheet Dan EVER gives you, add to that every anti-union "consultant" the company brings in, hires and pays who gives you advice and information about organizing and unions and throw it all in the garbage.

If you have no contract at this plant - you will be in the worst position you can be in.

With a contract you have a chance to make things better EVERY time an issue comes up.

The article makes me sick - any cuts they make will go toward the BILLION dollar bonus for the "fabulous forty" .


  1. That article says it all to me. Nobody but local 363 is going to even try to look out for us.

    I am sold.

  2. Wow!!!!!!!!!My card will be in the mail tomorrow.That made me sick !!!!!!!!!!

    Lets all get our cards in there is nothing to think about anymore.Dan save the companys money the fight is over I was a no vote.

  3. I read that I can't believe we are in a company like this maybe it's time for me to find a new job is ball hiring ?

  4. our future with the "Boys from Brazil is evident in this article,layoffs,cutback of benefits, and a total disregard for the american worker.If this doesn't get our behinds motivated to get the IBEW in here and get a contract what will? My fellow workers the writing is on the wall don't be misled, read about how much is at stake for the "Forty".Do you think they will care about us when those cuts are going to make them millions.IBEW IBEW IBEW sounds so could i had to say it 3 times.Let's get that contract.

  5. I am so confused,but after reading that I quess I'm not going to fight this it's time to mail my card in I sat on it too long already.