Sunday, June 27, 2010

Let's Get Organized And Talk About A Meeting

People have been asking to discuss having a meeting. With EVERYBODY there. I will start the discussion:

First of all I would like to welcome all of the management people reading this. Just so you know, it doesn't matter if you know any of this. In fact, used in the wrong manner it would violate Federal Labor law for you to get involved in it in ANY way.

I think that we need to have a meeting with everyone invited and really look at what the group as a whole wants and expects. We need to have questions asked and questions answered so EVERYONE understands the great opportunity in front of each and every one of you.

The meeting is important and if it needs to be at night or day - we are ready to help it happen. The group needs it to see the power they have TOGETHER. And you can ask us anything you would like and all hear the answers at the same time.

So here is an idea:

LOCATION: The IBEW Local 363 Building location is a perfect place for the meeting. It is located just south of Woodbury Commons at the same exit. From the NYS Thruway Newburgh toll booth it is just 20 minutes to the building going south.
The address is: 67 Commerce Drive South, Harriman, NY 10926

We have a meeting hall that can hold over 500 people and also a lecture room that is available to us ANYTIME. Parking is available for that same amount of people. It would be great for everyone to see what 363 is all about.

Commerce Drive South has only three businesses on it - we are at the end of that road. Actual directions to follow if we choose to meet there.

DATE: We can make the date any day including a Saturday or Sunday if that works out best.

Would meeting on Sunday evening be a time that EVERYONE could meet at the same time? That would be the best way to meet - if it is even possible.

SHIFTS: We will set the meetings at a time that allows everyone no matter what shift they work to attend.

NOTICE: We will post it here loud and clear what day and time it will be.

POLICE: On the night or day of the meeting I will notify the Harriman police that we are having a meeting I will ask them to keep an eye on our road for any "management looking" people. The police don't like people hanging around, parking around and loitering on their streets here either.

Managers: Remember it is a Federal Offense to spy on a union meeting. Our construction apprentices will be outside and on the street looking for you and they would love to catch you breaking the law. They might even get a reward for helping out and snapping your picture.

So let's discuss having a meeting right here. WHAT IS YOUR IDEA? DO YOU HAVE A BETTER PLACE TO MEET? LETS TALK.



  1. This union is amazing already! I am so pumped. I feel like I have something good to look forward to.

    Thank you local 363

  2. We have to get rolling on this!

    There are some personnel and job changes planned for September.

    Things will get very unpleasant, very quickly!

  3. We are - very soon. Thoughts on the meeting?

  4. reality is it will take two meetings to give everyone a chance to attend...possibly one Sunday night and the following week Sunday day?

  5. There is know way to get the whole plant at a meeting at the same time. Plant is opened 7 days a week 24 hours a day.So 1 crew is on at all times. Maybe it would be possible to have 2 seperate meetings so that all 4 crews can attend.

  6. When I started my employment with MCC, things were so very different. I had a huge sense of pride in my work that I performed daily. I had a management team that appreciated me and acknowledged my hard work. I was treated as someone that could help the company and my opinions were valued by management. My managers encouraged me to succeed and move up within the company.
    Things are so different now. I am now expected to do double the work for the same pay and accept managements statement "Things are good". I am tired of being lied to or accepting managements "spinning" techniques to get out of addressing problems or questions. I know of people who have put in for Prod. Tech. and are still waiting to be interviewed even though we have 3 new Prod. Techs. hired from the outside. It's very stressful going to work everyday wondering "what will be taken away from me today" or "when will I be written up for things out of my control". I am tired of having meetings about why we are so unhappy only to have them further down the road because our problems were never addressed from the first meetings.
    Team members - We need to stand together now. If we don't, God only knows what will be taken next. I agree we haven't lost anything significant yet, but eventually we will. Lets not have to say then "If only we voted Yes"!!!
    To Dan - I have 1 personal comment. You told us once in a pre-shift meeting after your failed cookout that respect is not earned, it's just something you, as a manager, should receive. Sorry Dan, it doesn't work that way and never will.
    So in closing, Dan, you would like to know why we want a union.....My answer to that is...."Let us look into that, and we'll get back to you!!!"

  7. i think a meating would be a good idea.

  8. We can have the meetings on a Sunday and we will make one in the day and one at night

    What hours would work so that people on both shifts could attend on a Sunday?

  9. I think if you had one meeting at 2 or 3 and another at 7 on a Sunday it might work

  10. Ok - so we have Sunday as the day and two meetins one at 3pm and the other at 7 pm

    Does that allow everyone to attend the meeting and go to work on their shift(s)???

  11. Depends on how long the meetings are....we have to be at work by 545 later

  12. Meeting Date Time and Location

    When: Sunday July 11, 2010

    What time: 2:30pm and then again at 7pm.

    Where: IBEW Local 363
    67 Commerce Drive South
    Harriman, NY 10926

    Directions: Take NYS Thruway south and get off at Exit 16 Harriman - after paying toll take first exit on right and stay in left lane - take a left. Follow straight and take a left at the 5th light onto Commerce Drive South. IBEW Local 363 is last building on the left side.

    Please help to spread the word.

  13. I am proud to have worked with you. Though, you guy's are funny. The management team will not need to "spy" on anyone. You have the cheese with you at all times. Do one thing. File complaints with the NLRB as soon as management breaks the rules. We didn't on the first drive and it eventually cost me dearly. We won in court did but it still did not mediate the pain and suffering the process did to me and my family. Do not let the professional anti-union consultant they will bring in get into your heads. Also, don't be afraid of them. They melted like ice cream in summer down in the city when we put them on trial in 1995. GOOD LUCK! KYBO

  14. Please keep in mind that not all of them are managers. Some are, and their title reflects it. Then we have administrative personnel. Then we have supervision. They are not managers even if thyey call themselves that to soothe their ego. SUPERVISION: supervisor, superintendent, process superintendent. Not managers. That goes for Dale, Superman, Sam the snake, Digger and the rest of them. They don't have the title, the skill and they don't deserve it. They can't manage or lead. Hope you read this guys and think they'll have some training lined up for you in the context of operating with a union.
    Still may never be managers. Oh well...

  15. 9:51 that was well said we are hard core now we are going all the way we have about 68 people that are not backing down no matter what it's the same old shit.IBEW PLEASE GET TOO THOSE FENCE SITTERS !!!!!!!I would bet we have about 100 now.

  16. Good Luck Guys just heard about your union drive hope you guys get further then we did 1995.Stevey W did a good job GETTING YOU STARTED DON'T BACK DOWN GUYS.IBEW ARE GOOD TAKE CARE OF THEM AND THEY WILL TAKE CARE OF YOU.WISH WE HAD THIS TOOL,

  17. Regarding 7/11 meetings at 7:00PM we get out at :00pm and we have tom work the next morning so of us do not live close and travel about an hour to work.Why couldn't the meeting be on an off day ot our last day on after work wud made more sense.Thanks