Saturday, June 26, 2010

Dan Kimutis: Whose On First Dan?

Just read the letter from Dan Kimutis to the "team members". Funny how we are "team members" and that's ok - but UNION MEMBERS isn't - Hey Dan - we're going to be both!

Nice try with the letter Dan but the canned responses are lame. Looks like Dan is either confused himself or wants to confuse the people. Who's on first Dan?

Of course he didn't give the union the addresses - we don't need him for that. This isn't about how people got addresses its about a contract.

Dan was right on ONE THING in his letter - forming a union at the plant is the biggest work-life decision you will ever make. You are deciding, once and for all if you would like to have a fair and legitimate voice at your workplace with a fair remedy to address concerns with your employer......OR NOT.

Lets face it, after that, Dan is just another company hack trying to fool the people into believing that being against themselves is the right thing to do.

Can't we all just get along Dan? The union is not a monster. We are fair! A vast MAJORITY OF THE WORKING PEOPLE AT THE PLANT WANT A UNION AND WE HAVE THE PROOF. .

Want the proof first? In order to protect the identity of the employees who signed cards - Let's get our Congressman or County Executive to compare a list of the employees you give him with the cards we have to confirm it. It's a landslide amount we have already.

WHY DOESN'T THE COMPANY JUST RECOGNIZE THE UNION? Let's sit and TALK for the good of everyone in a fair setting.

The people want a voice Dan - it's REAL THIS TIME.

Back to the letter: Dan shouldn't worry about tapes or video hats - if he isn't worried about getting caught on one breaking federal Law by violating the employees rights. Will we bring him to "court" if he does that? You bet your ass we will Dan. You or any other of you management guys reading this everyday thinking you are slick. You had better school up.

That brings us to the part about the union bringing lawyers in. Here's another union promise - we don't NEED a lawyer. But I bet the company will be hiring one though.

So Daniel, who is the COMPANY LAWYER going to be fighting against? It can only be the workers. The workers that have authorized IBEW Local 363 to represent them.

Spend money on the workers not against them.

Dan said in the letter to ask him any questions.

You say "Fact 1" is the union cannot guarantee that if given the chance they will be able to negotiate a better deal than you have now.

WHO will stand in the way of that happening Dan? You say it as though it cannot happen. It could. Right now - with no contract - we have no guarantee and no chance.

YOU say...since the union is not willing to strike, I am not sure what they intend to use as leverage to force the company to agree to something it does not want to agree to."

WHAT would be the list of certain things that the union would be trying to force you to agree to that you would not want to agree to? Please tell us the ones that would force US to use leverage.

YOU say...."FACT 2" Neither this union or any other union can guarantee that a company cannot make changes.

WHERE you miss the point Dan: The employees cannot guarantee a company cannot make changes without a contract.

In FACT without a contract, the employer can make unilateral changes at any time, can do so without notification, switch the rules back and forth to meet the company needs at the time and no employee can say anything or question it.

In FACT, with a contract the company CANNOT make unilateral changes, they must discuss, negotiate and fairly bargain over the affect on the employees and both parties must agree.

I notice a slight unintentional hint in your words Dan - "CHANGE IS and WAS INEVITABLE"

You're right on that too Dan.


  1. this is the greatest site and the greatest thing we can do at this place is to get a union. Dans letter was a bunch of nothing i dont believe anying he says We are helping people that will work here now and years from now. lets do it!

  2. If I have too stand next to someone who makes sense i guess it would be ibew looks too me we will have a union I spoke to some one who is union i asked him if he had a chance to be non union what would he choose he said union and told me 10 reasons that shocked me. He said they stand by you and tri to get what you need for& your family when he retires he will get $4200.00
    a month he as been union for 14 years that is unbeleveable. So to get to the point how can we not become union i have 12 more years i'm lucky if i get 1400.00 after 22 years of team open your eyes remember when they told us change is good well take that advice ......Go IBEW,ONE MORE THING WE WENT LOOKING FOR THEM WE NEED THEM MORE THEN THEY NEED US.THEY ARE STANDING UP FOR US RIGHT NOW AND IBEW IS USING THERE OWN MONEY.

  3. Dan said in the Anti union meeting last week>The Union has approached us. That is not the case Danny Boy--We approached the union. Dan is looking out for 2 people-Himself and his twin brother--Dave Lehman. (the peoples manager)


  5. I was never a supporter of any union before. What the IBEW 363 said has been truthful and makes alot of sense. We do need to get a contract for our own sake.
    This is the best way for us to have some say in things.

    Lets stand up as Americans for cryin out loud.

  6. Dave-Le-Ham,
    It seems like alot of people have problems with the way you help us with our questions and problems-Do you plan on doing anything differently?

  7. I wonder why the survey was ao bad? Maybe there is a problem. Starting with Dan K (the penny pincher) and dave Le-ham his twin brother. Dave did you try to fight for us when they wanted to start charging for our 401K? I doubt it. Some peoples manager you are..

  8. Dave Le-Ham,
    Who made you the "peoples manager"? I bet it was you.

  9. Danny Boy,
    After all the things that have dissapeared for us "the workers" we are still doing the best we can. Volume is good--spoilage is decent--How about taking care of us? Give us some of Carlos's bonus money. 35 million..

  10. No matter what they ever offer it cannot take the place of getting a contract.

  11. I agree. I want to see Dave Le-ham fired..

  12. A fence sitter here, you're gonna have to sell me.

    Known: It's obvious Dan and Dave ... care about only Dan and Dave. They are trying to make themselves look good at our expense while expanding the number of managers in the front office. In the process they are padding their pockets, again at our expense and pain.

    BY the way, how many managers do we really need anyway? We all know about the seven hour long breaks by managers, crossword puzzles, hours spent shamelessly on motorcycle and car websites, texting, and hiding in the front office with newspapers and magazines on nights.

    We also know of the swollen numbers of managers who place all the responsibility on the workers, who have zero authority. The warehouse debacle, designed by management, and paid for by two of the hardest workers I know on my crew, by them getting written up for something they told their managers about. Shame on MCC management.

    Unknown: You ... the union. I've seen some evasion on your part on answering questions on this site. I doubt you can be worse than the Dan and Dave Show, but I need some straight answers to straight questions.

    Answer the questions, you will get my card and my vote.

    Evade, and then I'm the unknown.

    Question one: EXACTLY how many completed cards do you have in hand?

    Question two:
    How many cards do you need to make this work?

    Question three:
    Is the privacy and identities of those who completed the cards kept from MCC Management?

    Question four:
    Should this come to a vote, is the vote and the identities of those voted kept secret from MCC management?

    I need this job.

    I have been lied to by MCC management, time and time, over the years. I've been taken advantage of and abused by these folks and I've had enough.

    But, if I can't get straight answers from you, the union, then what makes you different from MCC Management?

    So buck up to the bar union boys, want my card and my vote, and perhaps those of other fence sitters.

    Here's your chance.

    I'm already in the frying pan with Dan and Dave. I don't want to go into the fire, or into another frying pan.

    We're in a bad way at MCC.

  13. Does anyone know how many cards have been sent in? Whats the next step?

  14. Question one: EXACTLY how many completed cards do you have in hand?

    "Exactly" cannot be put here at this time - it will tip the company to too much. Here is my response - enough to call for the election right now BY LAW - enough that another union probably would have filed already - our goal is to give this a little bit more time to build a strong union at this location. Not MUCH time but a little bit.

    Question two:
    How many cards do you need to make this work?

    30% - we are way way past that but as with anything else there needs to be a plan and our is to multiply and give the people a chance to grow together.

    Question three:
    Is the privacy and identities of those who completed the cards kept from MCC Management?

    Yes - they will never see or know who signed the cards - the Labor Board gets the list from them and the cards from us and compares the numbers and makes a decision.

    Question four:
    Should this come to a vote, is the vote and the identities of those voted kept secret from MCC management?

    Yes. No one will know how ANYONE votes - the union or the company. Even the Labor board will never now who voted how.

    You say you are in a bad way but you are actually in a "goodway". You are getting an opportunity to make a DECISION about your voice and opinion at work. You have a chance to change it so you have a say at the decision making table.

    and mail the card to:
    IBEW Local 363
    67 Commerce Drive South
    Harriman, NY 10926

    write canplant on the envelope

    See ya at the bar I'll have a can of Bud

  15. The last I heard they had 92.They are still waiting for the new cards that was just sent. give them s chance before they call for a vote.
    They really don't want any of us to get in trouble so they are doing all the work now someone actully cares about our well being.

  16. I heard there was more than 92.Really we shouldn't even fall short of 90% of the workforce here! We need a contract! Danny boy can tell me whatever he wants i know if it"s written in a contract mcc can't change the rules or policies like flavor of the month at baskin -n- robbins.The unknown scares the hell outta me i want the known,i want the contract, and i want the union.

  17. Nip it in the "Bud"June 26, 2010 at 10:24 PM

    Welcome Local 363! You are what we need! Thank you for coming to our plant.

  18. Managment don't whant to hear from us on anything, unless some rat is cheesing someone out.

  19. Thanks for the straight answers.

    Card on the way.

    The Dan & Dave show is the known, and it's been bad.

    I've finished reading the Ball contract, and I like what I see.

    Thanks for your hard work.


    The CONTRACT is what is IMPORTANT in all of this. That is the goal. Everyone should read the BALL CONTRACT - that is a current active contract. Any anti-union or other "facts" or rumors are designed to bring you away from the subject:

    The contract link can be found top right of this
    site - just click and read

  21. thank you and welcome to mcc

  22. We've all heard the phrase by management, " case by case. " I would really like to know why is this. For example when we had the big snow storm back in february, orange county was in a state of emergency. By law no one should have been on the road and each individual had to go in and state their situation. That was ridiculous. In the end everyone was excused but it shouldn't have been that way

  23. I just read a comment about how management doesnt want to hear anything from the employees unless it has to do with cheesing someone out. This is true. There have been several people in the plant who do nothing but continuously cause trouble and the only reason they've never seen disciplinary action is because they always feed management with what everyone else might be doing wrong

  24. If safety is and has always been #1. How come we can't get a hotel room during a big snowstorm? It should be a tax write off for the company anyway?

  25. Dave Le-Ham-(The peoples manager) --When you told us 2 weeks ago about the new company that will be in charge of our 401k(and the new fees) We asked you to get some information on the new company. I have not seen anything yet. What is the hold up?

  26. Dave Le-Ham--I want to be a peoples manager too. I sure could get away with alot of stuff that i didnt do.

  27. Where do i get an application to become (A peoples manager)?

  28. REALLY : YES -WE-( CAN) !!! *V*July 1, 2010 at 10:54 PM

    dear fence sitter,
    you answered most of your questions for yourself. your on the hot seat with the double D's. Ask yourself for what??? And then ask yourself what else are you waiting for, to be fired? fired from these two made up so called leaders. you have obviously seen a lot of mismanaging going on to say the things you said. you know whats right in your heart,you've seen enough over the years and heard all of the lies enough times. get off the fence it hurts get in the game with the rest of us hard and smart working employees. join a real TEAM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!