Thursday, September 2, 2010

Great Meeting Tonight! Your Turn Now "C" And "D" Crew!

Wow! It was better than I thought! Thanks for the great turnout and I hope everyone got the message. We are going to make this plant the #1 plant ABINBEV has. The people are ready to make management shine and even Carlos Brito smile.

We covered a lot of ground tonight and we are ALL on the same page! We have a JOB TO DO! Our first mission is THE PRODUCTION OF CANS - we need to establish ourselves as a hot commodity. It is YOU - the people - who will do that. You will prove that being in the IBEW was and is a POSITIVE MOVE for all involved.

WE WILL MAKE THE NEWBURGH PLANT MORE PROFITABLE THAN IT HAS EVER BEEN! We are happy now and as happy workers we will definitely make more cans! WE HAVE A FUTURE TO BE HAPPY ABOUT!


We value our jobs, our employer and ourselves. We will not come into this new relationship with the company as union members and allow bad attitudes to prevail.

We are taking the high road. We do have something to prove. We know we can get along with management and the company and they will work with us if we prove we are sincere in our work and our desire to come up with a fair contract.

We are taking the first steps at making this the great relationship we all know it can be.

We want to change the perception that some in management have in regard to us and our new union status. We are the same dedicated people. We want to be an example of how things can work for everyone.

Your turn C & D Crew! See you tomorrow night 6:30 PM at the union building in Harriman.


  1. It was a great meeting and I hope my brothers and sisters on C/D crew come to the meeting tomorrow night. It was really good to be part of!

    I am so glad we contacted the IBEW and Local 363. That was definitely the right union to pick. What is written here is really true. There is a new and great attitude coming on that production floor. We know this was the most POSITIVE thing that has happened for all of us and our entire plant.

    Sam has a great plan and he has a great attitude too. He is leading us just as a true leader should. Thank you Sam and we are 100% behind you and we will produce and work harder just as you want us to.

    It is a great day here in MCC Newburgh!

  2. I was very happy I went last night and I hope on top of the members from C&D crew show up tonight, some of the B crew guys and girls can stop by after work, grab a bite to eat and learn more about our unions efforts. We are now a union plant and we all need to contribute here.

  3. I went to the meeting last night I was a no vote
    but I was very interested in seeing what the hipe
    was. I know now why this union was voted in Sam
    is a true leader.He ask us to work hard and
    follow the rules and keep our heads up high.

    Dan & Dave give Sam a chance I did and he will prove to you he is not going to be unfair.

    He seems to be all right.

  4. Thanks Sam the meeting was great thanks for dinner that was real good food. I feel kinda bad
    i voted no i should of went to the meeting before
    you seam to have the same goals as we do.

    Thank You IBEW 363

  5. You guys are all good, honest and harworking people. We welcome everybody to be with us. There are no yes votes or no votes anymore - we are all workers and IBEW members now.

    I am really happy to hear that some people who did happen to vote no came to the meeting and now they have a new outlook upon what the IBEW and Local 363 are really all about.........which is YOU.

    See you guys and Gals from C/D Crew tonight!

    Don't eat before you come.

  6. I feel like I let the crew down last night. If I ever send bad cans to the BE again I promise to mop the entire BE and buy everybody pizza! I let myself down and I let the company down, but most importantly, I let all my IBEW brothers and sisters down.


  7. I Call Them As I See ThemSeptember 3, 2010 at 8:37 PM

    Great meeting last night. Dan had a say in the pre-shifts today. He said he was disappointed in the outcome of the vote, but we still have a job to do. Actually sounded concilliatory. This could turn out to be a win-win (or net-net) for everybody! In reality? it already is. Crews! pick your negotiators, stewards and alternates. Let's be ready to be surprising in our efforts and determination to prove we are what we say we are, THE BEST! UNITED! WORLD CLASS! AGAIN! not whirled, WORLD!
    Right now we are in a union and working without a contract. Let's get our shit together and get this thing off the ground! Let's not give management a reason to stall, we have to be ready to go to the table, yesterday!
    So make them cans, all 12 mil day, do your job the best you can. Suck it up and make it hard to be told "NO" at the table. We are 363 and this is the place to be employed. See everybody at the next meeting.

  8. I am so glad that I went to tonights meeting. This IS going to be a good thing for ABINBEV and US! We WILL make this the best plant. We are very proud of our company and of ourselves.

    Sam is a breath of fresh air for this entire plant. There is nothing wrong with this and and now everything seems right. We actually feel like we have a future again here! We were so worried about that before and now that bad feeling is gone! We can concentrate on what we do best, making cans!

    Tony if you are reading this we are going to show you that this will IMPROVE your bottom line! We are happy! We want this to work for us and YOU. As more of our people are being exposed to Sam and the IBEW they are ALL getting on board with his plan. Make this company make money and they will take care of us too. That's the plan Tony! Can you disagree with that? I can't see how. Even you would have to agree with that plan!

    Really, put away your worries Tony - it's going to be GREAT HERE for all of us.

    Join us Tony - give it a chance! Before you judge what you think will happen see what we do first. We think you will like it and then you will be in a better position to make this work with us.

    To all my fellow IBEW friends and workers here in the plant, we are one and we want you all to come with us, no matter how you voted, that is in the past. Come together with us and help us make this place better.

    Thank you Sam and IBEW Local 363 for giving us hope and our confidence back.

  9. ThomasJeffersonAmericanSeptember 4, 2010 at 4:39 AM

    Ken the Negotiator,
    I know you have pride in the fact that you are an American worker. You obvious have a loyalty to your employer that any company would love to have. Here is the message. Remember when you told one of Newburghs employees that if he was unhappy here maybe, he should look elsewhere for employment?Take your own advise. Your own words have followed you.Your Boss is aware of your failures and has acknowledged it after Newburgh has elected to collective bargaining.Your only reason for your existance at ABInbev was to keep out the unions and keep the employees fearful of impending doom. I guess that didnt work out so well did it. Brito doesnt need to waste money on this fight against the Ibew. Newburgh is already benefiting from unionization. Its employees are being positively motivated by the union to use their knowledge and talents to opitimize production to benefit themselves and its employer. I am telling you this so that when you meet with your boss from Brazil, you might want to show a little of that loyalty to your country and your own family. You are American. Let him know that he is almost out of assets that he could sell in the U.S.. America has already started to rebel against the foreigners that bought out an American instituton.Market share in the U.S. has dropped hasnt it? You might want to suggest to Borito that its time that all the brands that get shipped into the U.S. Like BECKS and BASS get brewed and canned here in the U.S. like Budweiser does outside the U.S.. Its time that American workers gets back to work. Im sure beer brewed here will taste better than beer shipped from overseas. It will be cheaper to produce and cost less to ship from Belgium. Just follow the recipe like the foreigners do for Budweiser in China.
    We americans put money into your pocket. Why dont you take some of these ideas into consideration. There is a reason why we are so successful.We have a free media who will gladly advertize for you. Or would you rather I do it for you. Either way its going to happen. Just like the unionization of Newburgh did. I will gladly let you have the credit if you let the imports get brewed here.Its still their recipe and thats what really matters doesnt it? After all you make the decisions right? Make the shareholders happy. Brew the imports here like budweiser is brewed in other countries to make profits higher. Right now Americans would like our money to stay here. I guarantee.

  10. I was quite impressed with Dan's speech he showed strength and courage to move ahead and focus on what is important and that is the manufacturing of aluminum cans and the overhauls we have coming up and lets not forget those Pillars! we will make you proud Dan we are all here to make this work

  11. Feeling Good about MCCSeptember 4, 2010 at 9:49 AM

    Dan I knew you were a stand up man,you will see
    how good we will make you look.We like you and we knew you had a job to do unlike Tony we know he is capable of lies he did it in 1994 and we watched him do it now. Dan have faith in us and give us a chance to show you how good we can be.
    Have a nice Labor Day Weekend.

  12. Dan Sam has showed us how to be a real team wish you would give him a chance he is good for us and he only wants us to do the right thing.
    He wants us to make lots of cans and respect our managers has they should respect us.

    Dan we ask please to let this work for all of us we like our jobs if we did'nt we would not have over 20 years under our belt.