Saturday, September 4, 2010

Schools In: Warming Up For Labor Day Weekend


  1. This shows history repeats itself,in this day and age we need a union.


  2. Happy Labor Day Weekend to all

    Be Smart and Be Safe

    Enjoy the great weather


  3. Great meeting last night Sam. I agree with you, we need to make this a great can plant. We all need to work together (teamwork)and make a lot of cans. Union made cans!! So lets roll up our sleeves and get to work. We are union strong. WE CAN. Proud to be an American. Nothing is impossible if we work together. Thanks IBEW for bringing us together. Cant wait to see the contract.

  4. I also say thanks Sam and thanks IBEW 363 for bringing us all together. You have done for ABINBEV what all of the managers in the company could not do since INBEV took over, really bring us all together.

    We have worked as a team before but not LIKE THIS. This is diferent. This is a feeling that we all now have. We have a chance and we have a voice and we want to make cans better than anyone in the world.

    The company should embrace us and then we can all really work for the good of all.

    There is NO reason that this new partnership with us cannot work. In fact, there are many many more reasons why it should work.

    The future looks great for MCC Newburgh cans and canmakers!

    To all my fellow canners, follow the lead of our union, LET'S PROVE WE ARE THE BEST AT WHAT WE DO and let's really make this place hum.


  5. sam is there any way we can buy our shirts and hats. i have family and friends that want to show our support?mcc newburgh ibew 363 strong

  6. Sam great meeting last night you have made me feel so good about my job I thank you for that
    I hope managers can put this behind them and lets be the best we can be.Lets all work together
    lets make cans and make big money for the company.


  7. Steve of the IBEW said that hats and shirts are available at the Union office during their work hours.

    Gonna make a run myself.

  8. I really like the direction the IBEW is taking us in. This is my first experience with a union and I have to say that I really like what I see.

    If we follow the plan that was laid out and be a "production machine" and really make Newburgh "hum" as we called it, the fear from management of us having a contract should lessen and then be gone. There is really nothing to fear.

    We are still US only MUCH BETTER. We are IBEW Local 363 and we are the best at producing cans.

    This has been such a boost for employee morale in our plant it is unbelievable. Coming from a person who before didn't care if the union came in or not, I see it as very positive now.

    I am backing 363.

  9. Now that we have taken this HUGE step Labor Day has a new meaning for all of us. It's almost ironic that we became organized, unionized, almost demonized and exorcised within approximate reach of Labor Day. Labor Day the celebration of the American Worker, who's prowess allowed us the manufacturing ability to win 2 world wars, the scourge of our enemies because of the talent, abilities, innovation and of the American worker. We became the industrial envy of the world. And still are.
    We have joined 363 to continue in that tradition and protect our rights as workers.
    Have a safe and happy labor day. It's more than just another paid holiday.