Friday, September 17, 2010

The WORLD IS Watching! MCC Workers - Comment And Be Heard - Let The WORLD KNOW What Our Concerns Are!

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United States 55,449

Canada 423

Denmark 69

Japan 50

Brazil 36

Luxembourg 22

Latvia 20

Malaysia 20

Taiwan 20

Czech Republic 15

Absolutely amazing! When I told you all that the WORLD was watching - that was not just fancy words or hopes - IT IS A FACT!

Look at all of the different countries and locations on this earth who are following YOU AND OUR SITUATION very closely.

I WOULD BET that there are a lot of Budweiser drinkers IN THAT BIG WORLD OUT THERE who are and will be sympathetic to our cause. I WOULD BET MANY, MANY PEOPLE AROUND THE GLOBE WOULD SUPPORT US IF WE LET THEM KNOW WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Let's let the thoughts and the concerns of the people be heard - RIGHT HERE - We want people to know the BACKGROUND OF THIS ISSUE.

We are just working people who want the PROTECTION of a WRITTEN CONTRACT.

We are not pigs. We do not want to hurt the company or even their PROFIT MARGIN.

We just want to stop worrying about OURS AND OUR WELL BEING.

PLEASE CONTINUE to follow us and support us - let us know you are there.

We may be just average people and seem small compared to the corporation but we are BIG when it comes to our knowledge and skill in RUNNING THIS PLANT.

We WILL take the high road and be diligent in our efforts WHILE WE CONTINUE TO BREAK RECORDS FOR MAKING CANS IN OUR PLANT.

WE NEED AND ASK EVERYONE OUT THERE FOR YOUR SUPPORT! We are just working people with families who just want a chance to work hard and be treated fairly - that is NOT too much for us to ask.

Is it?


  1. No, it is not too much to ask. You have much support just in the United States alone. We are watching and have been for months now. Very interesting indeed. Keep strong and stay together.

  2. I have been watching this from the begining.
    I worked at MCC for many years but because
    of a manager that lied I got fired these are the worsed managers ever. I am so glad to see you guys have a union god knows that place needed it.
    Wish you all luck hopefully Dan L will have his
    day soon in kangaroo court. Take care MCC.

  3. Newburgh you have come a long way is Warren still there I dislike that man the only thing he was good for is throwing his weight around.Stick together you will be fine. Maybe I can get my job back.

  4. My eyes are opened wide now. I see what I did not see pror to the vote. Tis is really all about us. It is not what they tried to portray it as in our anti union meetings before the election. In fact, it is nothing like they made it out to be. I believe as time goes on more people are seeing the light here. And what is really the big deal? So what, the company has to agree and write our stuff down in a contract. Brito has a contract and so does Tony! Well now I want it like that too. It makes sense. Look at the issue with the supervisor job. That qualification rule is just changed at the whim of whoever is the office boy of the week. I'm done with that. I hate to admit it now but I'm stickin with the union too!

  5. I have a question for the world to see. Why would a company tell you if you vote a union in here you will make less? We make a avg of 11 million cans a day we make this company alot of money in return they threaten us why ?
    The managers at MCC are a joke. They talk about us not earning our money they should look in the mirror. We have managers that sit in the break room all day long are they earning their pay ?

  6. Come on world give us advice.

  7. As eveyone gets older they realize that they have been working to support there families. They also are looking forward to having some time in retirement while they are still healthy. Does every big company have to try to screw this up for the working class people. Take Take Take!!!! Do you sleep well? Remember your reap what you sow! Did you get your Big bonuses?

  8. I think the world should get to see a copy of the AB/Inbev 10 principles...which, when you distill them down, contain only one concept:

    1) we demand from the employees effort and loyalty to the company at levels which approach religious fervor.

    Of course, this being the "tunnel vision dream" of AB/Inbev, the second concept goes unsaid, but is still true:
    2) Our loyalty, first, last and always, is to the bottom line, and to the shareholders and corporate officers who profit most handsomely from in. Employees are simply an asset to be used with ever greater efficiency in ever smaller numbers.

    What did that do for morale?

    As it turns out, the very best thing it could have. Made us proud members of IBEW 363!

  9. Tony,

    Are you reading this? So much for being pro-active. These are the people you have in charge? Warren's victory dance, Dave's 1-800-dontcare, Dan Larson scapegoating the shipping issue, Rich Bailey getting fired from Ball for lord knows what, Dan clueless, Warren on the production floor is like a Bigfoot sighting, and list keeps getting longer. If the hourly performed this poorly, they would have been fired a long time ago. Tony, for God's sake get your head out of the sand!! We are showing you our passion now show us yours. Work with the IBEW and give us a solid contract.

  10. I have dedicated 22 years of my life to metal container Newburgh.
    I have worked countless nights weekends and holidays away from my family.
    I have missed countless family functions,school plays,concerts,my childs first steps.
    I have had to miss wakes and funerals for extended family members and friends.
    I have worked while sick.
    I have worked tired.
    I have worked while in sever discomfort.
    I have reschedule vacation plans to make sure the job gets done.
    My body has paid the price of 12.25 on concrete and steel.
    I have never stopped trying to improve on what I do at Newburgh.
    I constantly am exposed to chemical smells and heat.
    I cant sleep properly because of the rotation of hours.
    I have worked under threats and scrutinization.
    I have been yelled at,cursed at,and ridiculed.
    I have been told I am never good enough.
    I am one of the lucky ones who has able to keep my job,as my brothers and sisters of past have been terminated unjustly.

    The company keeps telling me I am fortunate to have this job.
    the managers who have had the luxury of not having to experience the things I just wrote about. The ones who sit in the office during the week.earning a significant amount more than I do. The ones who laugh at me and tell me I am overpaid.


    I earned every penny.

    I AM WE.


  11. iamaunionman, every word rings true, thanks for puting it so eloquently...there's only one thing to add....


  12. "God Damn, well, I declare,
    Have you seen the like?
    Their walls are built of cannonballs,
    Their motto is "Don't tread on me!"

    Yeah. We are strong. And we will only move FORWARD from now on!

  13. Tony B,

    I hope you spend some time reading these comments. They are all true. We are not asking for much--just a fair deal. Work with Sam and lets make it better for everyone. Thank you.

  14. The Bite Of the Rat

    Once upon a time ago there was a rat, now that rat has no where to run, running in circles that rat runs dazed and confused with cheese stuck in its cheeks.
    Once upon a time ago rats were welcome into the management arena one trap two trap info info screamed management waiting for the cheese eating tattle tales. Here we are today all as one working together with no fear of the bite of the rat. No more running to management we are now a unified group that can work out our differences together. IBEW Thank you again!
    For appreciation anyone in favor of dropping off August safety beer to Sam and the IBEW?

  15. As far as I can see, the IBEW has been nothing but POSITIVE in regard to what the process should be and how we should go into the future. How can this company have even the slightest issue now with what we did and production levels going up? For crying out loud Sam did what they couldn't do, make us feel like we were worth something. Sam has said over and over that he doesn't want us to fight with management or even the small few who oppose us in our ranks. He said to accept them as they are. That we will still try to improve things for everyone and they will still benefit form our efforts. He told us THAT HE and US will and must work along with our management team!!!!! Not once has Sam or the IBEW said ANYTHING NEGATIVE about how things should go in the future. The UNION is the one holding out the olive branch, trying to be level headed, saying we need to be fair and WORK TOGETHER! All I can tell the people in management and St. Louis and where ever else you guys make decisions is don't screw this up by not being fair back to us. This plant is on the verge of being something great for the company and US. I expect our company to see that we are NOT at war and to be fair with us at that bargaining table and NOT PLAY GAMES WITH OUR LIVES. The result will not be good for anyone. Follow Sama lead and lets make this work out for us all and just "make the dam cans" as sam says.

  16. Did the Newburgh management team take lessons from BP?

    To all that posted here.....WELL DONE!

    Union made and union proud.

  17. I will second that you guys and gals are great i am proud to be a union sister. Very well said I
    love you guys & gals !!!!!!

  18. C'mon c crew wear your shirts tonight. show your unity

  19. great blog iamunionman. that is one of the better blogs i have seen. how true all those words were. everyone lets keep working hard for we shall be rewarded for our hard work.

  20. Outstanding blog iamunionman!!!!! I agree with saynototheshow. You put into words what everybody on my crew is feeling. Well written. Let's keep the ball rolling and make as many cans possible. I have a feeling that we are not the ones that will wreck the 6,000,000 runs. Management always seems to get in the way.

  21. Good job on running the plant everyone.
    We know how to get the job done.keep it going.Make sure you stay safe. I know people are hustling and trying to keep the ball rolling,but make sure you stay safe. Its very important that everyone keeps their head focused.
    Go union 363 make it happen!

  22. everybody is working safe. there is only so much we can do when we get our ass kicked for 3 nights.a crew frontenders limped off the floor this morning knowing they did all they can to make cans but it does not always work out that way. and it was not from the lack trying. we work very well as a team. thankyou for all that helped. in this nightmare.

  23. The man from Ball got fired from there for being caught on the job for having an affair.It seems management loves these kind of people as we had a couple of them already that worked at our plant.Even our past HR manager always tryed to hug some of our sisters at the plant but an outsider did him in.Remember my sisters if any of management tries to approach in in a non professional manner "TELL" on them.

  24. a crew
    thank you for you working thru the nightmare.we appreciate it, even if management doesnt tell you.sometimes you eat the bear and then sometimes he eats you.keep it going, we wont you down either.

  25. 6,000,000+ cans last night right?
    Not too shabby!
    We'll go for it again tonight.
    All pumped up.

  26. The only reason we can run 6's is because management has been scarce lately. As long as they stay off the production floor and stop interfereing, we can run.

  27. I hope someone in St. Louis really takes notice of how terrible the managers are here in Newburgh. Instead of working together the past few years, they have worked to promote a sense of insecurity and distrust in the plant. Management has done wonders to keep the morale down and try to pit team member against team member. They've done well to promote and reward the snitches. But that's how Newburgh works. Lies, deception and back stabbing. But no more. If your managers had treated the people better, none of this would have transpired. Get some real managers in here and dump these losers!!!! And for you team members that think your superintendant is your friend, you are sadly mistaken. How do you think they've survived. They take everything you tell them and use it against you in the front office.

  28. 9:26 Ditto! They the managers manifest deception and backstabbing oh and lies they are full of them. Now its different we are now as one we are unified!

  29. am, as so many other people I talk to are so much more comfortable these days...more than we have been for many, many years, just knowing each and everyone of us contribute a minor say in our future!! and believe when I say it is alot better than NO say...because I know that the guy working next to me may not want EXACTLY what I want but...he STILL has my best interests in heart just by wanting what he wants compared to my needs!! So...lets start this 10 day maint, stretch by working hard and showing our ethic HAS NOT CHANGED...just our unity!!!

  30. HEY, HEY...all the finger pointing here really does NOT help anybody...althought you might feel better..lets keep our energy pointed in the right direction...AND GET THINGS DONE!!!