Monday, September 6, 2010

Happy Labor Day To All Of Our New Union Brothers And Sisters At MCC Newburgh From IBEW Local 363!

Happy Labor Day EVERYONE! This is a very special Labor Day for all of us. For some of the workers in the MCC Newburgh plant this is their first Labor Day working as a union worker.

There is a NEW PRIDE in MCC Newburgh, in our work and in ourselves. You can see it on the faces of the people when they come together to meet.

Many people that have come before you also found themselves in the same situation - they either could stand together or lose what they had. They had to have the courage to stand up for themselves just like you did. YOU are part of that HISTORY now!


Suprisingly to some, the union has made the production of cans the first and most important issue. That needs to be the backbone and base of our plan. High Production.

We have a mission to improve our already high status within the company and really become the number one plant in North America and to get our contract. Two issues that go good together. Two issues that belong together......and two issues that will become a reality!

Some workers have been in a union before but have already told us that they feel the IBEW and Local 363 are something different. Our plan is to include the people in the process of forming their union and negotiating their contract. THEY will be at the table to bargain directly with the company along with Local 363.

We are moving forward and are getting ready to form the basic structure of our bargaining unit and our negotiating committee.

Let's enjoy our election victory and enjoy our First Labor Day as one.

Tuesday we will explain what our stewards and our negotiating committee can expect to be doing and what those positions will require of the people in them. Everyone who is interested in any of these positions shoud pay attention to the article here Tuesday explaining the details.

Enjoy your Labor Day and BE PROUD THAT YOU ARE ALL UNION MEMBERS of the


  1. Happy Labor Day to all of my fellow canners throughout the country!

  2. How correct you are. It's very hard to play negotiator hardball against a hard working, productive winning team.
    As for bad managers, let him patrol the breakroom, because basically he's irrelevant on the production floor. Ask a question, the standard answers are "do the best you can" or be asked an obnoxious question in return, like you are an idiot. Lot's of expert knowledge transfer there, huh? It will eventually catch up with him. Play management rules enforcement officer all you want. for the most part everyone abides by the rules anyway. More irrelevance. Don't worry upper management will only contiue to cover his ass until he is liabilty to their own careers.
    Remember our job is to perform our tasks at the best possible level as we can. Prove our worth to earn a conract both we and management can be proud of.
    Have a happy Labor Day

  3. I Call Them As I See ThemSeptember 6, 2010 at 3:12 PM

    The future's so bright I gotta wear shades.
    Happy Labor Day, our first as unionistas, fellow canners! And to all our new 363 brothers and sisters.

  4. In response to those trying to explain the bad boss it is sad that with all the teamwork training we and they have got over the years we are not more of a team at work. Most are there not because they deserve it for their leadership or equipment knowledge but for their connections at the right time and the right place. They know it just like we do. They feel threatened by those that have more skill and appear to be better leaders and don't understand how to capitalize on the resource. The only thing they know how to do is push them aside or even write them up for stuff as simple as "perceived to be negative". They lead in fear just because they are insecure. They are in the position just because they were sponsored by someone whose boots they licked at one time. They lead not with the respect that they should have so as to be effective. The plan was to put them in position and let them grow into it. The only thing they had to prove is total submission to the one who made them what they are. So once in the position they are nice and try to extract info in equipment from those who have it until they feel comfortable they have enough to get by. Then they revert to who they really are. They know we know but have some power over us and even if you had proof they would write you up because they are a team against the hourly that are just good to comply and be ready to serve without question.
    Well, it was like that but not no more. Now we are a team not against them but for us for each other. Bad management brought the relationship to where it is today. To think that all the required training days they all had to do each year... did they fail or just burned through their courses and travel expenses, and failed their test in their workplace... InBev probably cut that out so they could use that as an excuse.
    That's my take on it.
    For all those who have to work today: hope you have a good day and night. Don't think of a party you may have to miss out on or leave early or get to late. Or the nice day outside. Or the family that you leave home.
    Make the best of it and the shift will be over before you know it.
    Happy Labor Day!

  5. I am so glad we are union now. It made a world of difference to me today! I feel like I at least have a say in things from now on. I'm happy about that and so are a lot of people.

  6. can we fill the union fridge with union made cans and union filled beer from Newark?

  7. I am,as so many other people I talk to are so much more comfortable these days...more than we have been for many, many years, just knowing each and everyone of us contribute a minor say in our future!! and believe when I say it is alot better than NO say...because I know that the guy working next to me may not want EXACTLY what I want but...he STILL has my best interests in heart just by wanting what he wants compared to my needs!! So...lets start this 10 day maint, stretch by working hard and showing our ethic HAS NOT CHANGED...just our unity!!!