Saturday, September 4, 2010

Labor Day Warm Up - Here's To The Workers!


  1. Happy Labor Day to all of my coworkers at MCC Newburgh!
    This is truly a Labor Day to remember for all of us!

    Thanks Sam and IBEW Local 363!

  2. Happy Labor Day to all my union brothers and sisters. IBEW strong!

  3. Happy Labor Day! and Happy 60,000 hits!

  4. I may not be a smart man but I swear I saw the B Crew superintendant in the lunch room for just about every break, all weekend. I saw this while I was running. Around the plant. Did he get demoted and he's the new lunch lady? Is he playing Santa Claus to see who's naughty? and is arriving a minute too early or leaving a minute too late? Or is he just real hungry? On a holiday weekend?
    Labor Day?
    We didn't change into space mutants or mortal enemies to be watched. Lighten up. We are the same people we always were. Remember that.
    I can sit there for 30/40/30, with you and another manager "showing up" in time to say without speaking, breaks over or you're 2 minutes too early, break room's closed.
    Why are you even being there for 7 out of 9 break periods? Do you have a Tapeworm?
    Unless you are now the lunch lady, you aren't doing your job. I do mine.

  5. Let me guess,
    The same superintendant who didnt protect the customer from being shut down? The same superintendant who for years has sat in the cafeteria almost all shift on weekends and nights?The one who is on Bcrew? Dont worry brother, just do YOUR job and not his. He isnt worth getting worked up over. When he finally realizes that he has pissed away his job ,he will be looking for new opportunities with another company. He bitches about this company and talks down his boss more than any other stupidintendant.I dont think he is smart enough to start helping himself, so why should you.

  6. run forrest, run.
    ok.i guess its time to play, how big an asshole they want to be.lets keep it to 30,40,30 to the minute.just make sure everything and everyone is safe.Do Not go into the breakroom to report anything to him to office and report in person to him in the office,not the break room.remember its closed.Their rules.Do it with witnesses, he is too lazy and he will hurt the customers again.Let him explain to Dan again how or why he didnt do his job. Sad part is,I dont think Dan cares anymore.I hope im wrong. Good luck.

  7. Happy Labor Day Newburgh. Please keep posting your progress. We are watching from MCC Mira Loma.

  8. Why is reasonable behavior such a hard concept for managers to embrace? Oh year, I forgot, they
    ve got to be busy monitoring the insurrection we have fomented, which of course is resulting in better production, lower spoilage, adn a whole lotta passion running wild on the floor!

    Do you really still not get it, mgmt? shall I lift a leg in your direction?

  9. this mgmt. team will never get it because they are lousy managers. The one on c crew is pretty dumb also he thinks he has it all figured out but his brain just spins in circles. Alot of these managers were in the military and im sad to say is this what our military produces for the outside world. I hope not. They just don't get it and they never will. We went union because our managers just plain suck shit. They couldn't manage there way out of a paper bag lol. I thought tony would see this but maybe his hands are tied at corporate, who knows. Sam will definetely light a fire under their butts i gaurentee that. UNION CANS FOR ALL!!!!!

  10. I Call Them As I See ThemSeptember 6, 2010 at 8:30 PM

    Hey, don't dis the military! The C Crew stuperindendant got hired because he has a college degree. In the military a college degree usually means Officer Candidate School (OCS) and a commission as an officer. There is a reason why he is not an officer while playing weekend warrior. We won't even venture a guess as to what it is. Just watch him in action leading(?) C Crew. If that crew wanted to they could screw his eyes out and he'd think everything is just OK. Hmmm, or are they doing it already? Tink about it, there Digger! Did you buy some soap on a rope? And yes most of the floor managers are just hacks who wore out knee pads to be where they are, no skills other than cheesing, no real people skills (most of these boneheads would have been shot by their own troops in Viet Nam. or left in the jungle, alone.) And surely not leading by example or even leading, period!
    Now that's all changed. If they want to be in charge, make the decisions it takes to run your area. Quit asking the hourly how to do your job! Take resposibility for your actions or in a quite locally famous case, your inactions. Basically the managers need to learn their jobs, what makes everything work, what it does, how do I fix it? Suggested reading, there are manuals for all the equipment in the engineering office. Hint, hint.
    Quit blaming the hourly for your own shortcomings. The big mistake was made by Tony Bhalla when he chose a degree over hands on experience. Don't blame us because you hired what you wanted, not what you needed. Mr. Bhalla you turned your back on all the people who did what they were told to move up the ladder, then you kicked the ladder out from beneath them. And hired these boneheads. Yet the same people you rejected have "soldiered" on and made it work,regardless of the inferior managers foisted on us. You deserve this union. It is your worst nightmare come true and also your salvation.
    Have a nice Labor Day, Tony. We all are! United!