Thursday, September 2, 2010

Tonights Gonna Be A Good Night - First Union Meeting For IBEW Local 363 MCC Newburgh

Tonight is the first meeting of the IBEW Local 363 MCC Newburgh workers! Look at how far we have come in the last 6 months! Tonight we eat, celebrate, talk, laugh, plan, discuss, learn, teach, share, bond, prepare, breathe, reflect and look forward.

Spread the word. Come and be part of the union and the process of getting ready to negotiate and feel how good it feels to have your input count. Everyone is welcome to come but no one is forced to come! THESE ARE NOT CAPTIVE AUDIENCE MEETINGS! The union is for everyone and will run like that no matter who is there or not there. If you cannot come - don't worry - we have your back!

I'll see everybody who can come in Harriman tonight! Let's get it started!


  1. Sam why can't union meetings be posted at work there is alot of people that don't have a computer believe it or not. We are real now I don't see what the problem would be. See ya tonight....feels so good to be psrt of 363.


  3. while burrito received a raise of 363 percent maybe we could get 3.63 percent. Here Brillo pad here is your 1000 dollar one time raise

  4. Tonight is the night to start our new future.
    Lets celebrate hard tonight we deserve it we worked very hard to get 363 it took 15 years
    to get a union we are finally one great team
    we should be very peoud of that. Special Thanks
    to Sam Fratto for keeping us together you are truely the best.

  5. Sam really brought everybody together. First time in a long time. IBEW brothers and sisters united. American union made cans from union labor.

    Now lets make a contract we can all live by.

  6. Thanks for the good times tonight ! Food was Great but more importantly we are one united for the good and benefit of the company! Soon we will have safe quality union cans busting at the seams hope management has room for them maybe another warehouse or two

  7. Great food, great meet and greet. Very informational; I urge as many C and D Crew people to attend as possible. It's a good plan for the future and be there to share in it. We are all in this together. United. We were told for years we are the best, we have to continue to be the best. Prove that we are the best. "We can!"

  8. Sam, Tom, Steve, and ........

    Forgot the other gentleman's name.

    Thanks for the celebratory dinner tonight.

    Thanks for the Tee shirt.

    Thanks for the stickers

    More importantly thanks for representing us in good faith. Too, thanks for the words of inspiration, and your absolutely right.

    Now is the time to make cans.

    Lots of cans.

    The best cans we've ever made.

    Cans of such high quality our competitors cannot compete.

    Now is the time to make this business profitable for all.

    We all need to stick together, managers and workers alike.

    Now is the time to start the real team, not just the pretend "Team" of the past.

    Remember, a three legged stool never wobbles.

    MCC Management + MCC Workers + IBEW 363 = Strength!

    Saturday was the beginning of a new, great, era of MCC Newburgh.

    Go to work, work together, don't take advantage, pull your load, do what you're supposed to do and we'll all succeed.

    Thanks again IBEW 363.

  9. Good meeting tonight Sam answered all our questions. The food was great and the company of all the smiling faces was even better everyone seams so much happier passion is in the air again. We will make the plant run better then ever. Why because we are happier.The best part
    the union meetings are not mandatory like we were told by management.

  10. Nice shirts, good food, good meeting.
    We rock and the plant is going to rock.

  11. Sam and company,
    Thanks for the great food, meeting and many answers. Great to see the happy faces there, even a few of those that didn't believe in this direction. Glad to see that you were there and I hope you will participate in the rest of the process.
    I encourage ALL to attend. Find out what is going to happen and what we need to do. Be a part of YOUR future.

    A proud 363 union member