Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pssssst.......The Election Was Signed And Certified On Saturday

In case you may have heard differently, have no fear........... - THE ELECTION WAS CERTIFIED ON SATURDAY NIGHT WITHIN 15 MINUTES OF THE COUNT.

It says: "The undersigned agent of the Regional Director certifies that the results of the tabulation of ballots cast in the election held in the above case, and concluded on the date indicated above, were as follows........A majority of the valid votes counted plus challenged ballots has been cast for IBEW Local Union 363.

The certification is signed by the Board Agent, the company attorney and IBEW Local 363.


  1. well that answers that one. See you Friday.

  2. Kind of negates thecompany blog, eh?

  3. Little bit. Is it me or does it seem that the questionable statements always coming in from the same direction?

  4. thanks for the donuts Ken.
    I know you can.
    I saw you try.
    We will make you look good again.

  5. Sure is a lot easier when management treats us like adults. we will return that with respect. Funny how managers called this site a cess pool but on the other hand they treated us like a piece of shit little kiddies.
    The tide has turned...We don't need managers treating us like kids and if you do we will use a wet burrito noodle on you.

  6. I was on vacation just got back and I am a yes vote,so that makes it 80 yes.


  7. I was also unable to vote so add another to make it 81. Just call me landslide Larry!

  8. Time to move on.
    time to make cans.
    time to work on contract
    time to show the rest of the country that is still watching us, what an american force that is motivated can do.
    We need to show Brito that investing in IBEW workers is the smart investment that pays dividends.
    This thing we have done is being watched by many. If we succeed they will see they can too.
    This movement can make it clear to any investor that American workers are the best investment they can make.
    We need to do this for our families, ourselves, our country, and our employer.
    Show Our Boss if they believe in us and give us the right support they will reap the harvest of what they sowed.
    I have been impressed by the efforts I have seen by everyone that has been a union supporter during this whole union drive.
    I am impressed that management has given us more respect after the day of the vote.
    There will be bumps along the way im sure of it. but we are on a good start. Thank you all for what you have done for us.Keep the train rollin. Im proud to work with all of you.

  9. Proud union made cans by our IBEW Brothers and Sisters! Continue the great job.

  10. Time to share is now!!!September 1, 2010 at 7:09 PM

    Time to concentrate on putting together a contract. I can not believe how many people i talked to the last couple days that don't even know there is a meeting tomorrow and Friday!! Tell someone you know, cause it doesn't seem like the plant is going to post it anywhere even though we are now a certified union plant. If you can't make it then at least give Sam some topics to bring up at the meetings so he can get everyones opinions. stuff like:
    Overtime rules and regulations
    overtime pay
    3 consecutive vacation days taken
    vacation scheduling
    scheduled overtime and vacation days
    break schedule
    work schedule
    shift change from nights to days
    water bottles on the floor
    401k dividends paid
    health insurance
    swap policy
    rotating jobs
    reasonable notice of working holidays
    leaving the plant for local deli run
    being able to turn the channel on the tv!!!

    anything that you might have a gripe about needs to be shared because chances are, you are not alone. So if you can't make the meeting then make a post so we can make a contract together.

  11. better health insurance. for what we pay sick days. and is there any way we can oust dan dave and warren for some real management. hire real office team that knows how to run a union can plant. that feals really good to say.union made

  12. You will see all postings for meetings on here. It is the most efficient way to get the word out. Everyone knows the blog address. Spread that word so everyone knows to check right here. Come and join the rest of the United States. See you guys who peeked tomorrow and Friday...lol

  13. Maybe everyone attending the meetings should write down their wants, needs, issues, wish lists what they would like to see negotiated and hand them in at the meeting, kind of like homework. It can all be sifted through by the negotiating team, and incorporated into the plan. No idea is dumb or not worth looking at, you might bring up an issue no one has thought of. Alot of input is a good thing. It establishes a base to work from and is also a gauge of all of our feelings about what is important. PARTICIPATE! IT IS YOUR CONTRACT! It is our responsibility to make this work! BE involved! Just because you might have said no it is still your union, be involved, your opinion counts, if you said yes continue to support your union. Let's finish the job we desired and set out to do. See you tomorrow night.

  14. By the way, nice list there, Time to Share.

  15. Dont forget Ken said our safety beer could be on the table here!!

  16. Why do I keep hearing the theme song whistled from the "Andy Griffith Show" yet have images of "Deliverance" "squeel like a pig" or the ALIEN emerging from the guy's stomach? Reach up and touch someone? "Looking for love in all the wrong places" At least the Ken had the balls to blurt out what all the other anal retentives up front won't say. Just real bad timing. Remember to wash your hands after shaking. Mama would like that. And the next thing I knew I was runninggg.

  17. Sam, there should be a little extra in the contract for c-crew!!!!!! We carry MCC Newburgh.

    Ken Karr is not a bad guy. He made right with A-crew and then bought dounuts for c-crew. At least he had the balls to fess up!

    Still wait'in for the victory dance guy to do the same.

  18. I agree we all should move on and the contract is very important. Everyone should attend and help shape the future of the plant.
    Im only going to mention this one more time but im not going to give Ken Carr a free pass, he acted like a total jerk and thats why we went after the union to help us out in the first place. I think there are more managers waiting to explode so everyone be careful and watch what you do or say. And if harrassed please let Sam or someone that knows how to get a hold of him know. Ken that was dispicable what you did and for being a college grad and coming from a union place you should have known better. I see you weren't at work last night hopefully that was the discipline for the harrassment you gave to A crew. If that was one of us we would have been fired as you should have been too. You hopefully have smartened up because that won't be tolerated anymore.
    Last but not least everyone should attend these meetings because we all need to celebrate a job well done. GO UNION STRONG ALWAYS

  19. Wow it is funny that we all watch the videos of respect in the work place and we are told of discipline if this happens. For what happened Kenn Carr how did you keep your job? Lots of us want to know. We all figured that you would melt down first. Hmmmmm must be the lack of a good education, yeah thats it.

  20. I also just got back from vacation # 82

  21. See you guys in a little while. We will begin our journey together tonight. Together being the key word.