Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I'm sure Dan is in his PJ's early tonight, brushing his teeth and combing his wet hair to the side - getting ready for a good night sleep before the big debate with the big bad union.


In fact, he is probably still meeting with the "third party" union busting professional attorneys that Carlos is PAYING TO FIGHT THE UNION AND HIS OWN LOYAL WORKERS. Trying to figure out a plan on how to get the people to vote against themselves. As they say in Brooklyn.....fagetaboudit. These workers are WAY TOO SMART FOR THAT NONSENSE.

I can't believe the amount of time and money that the company will spend to stop the people from having a voice at work and having some rights.

This is still America isn't it? We are still Americans aren't we? Do we have the right to organize or not? Why are these rich people trying to stop the working people from protecting themselves? Who are these attorneys? Are we supposed to believe that anything Dan says or they say IN REGARD TO THE UNION is in OUR best interest?

If they have this much money to spend - to bring in Lawyers against the people - I guess they REALLY DIDN'T HAVE TO SCREW WITH THE 401K ADMIN fees and make the people pay MORE NOW DID THEY?

Greed is what is driving them. They want to keep you weak and without rights......It means more MONEY for THEM DOESN"T IT? Dan is probably in line for a huge bonus for beating the union or his ass will be fired for not beating the union. My advice? Dan start brushing up your resume.

I ask you - REALLY - would ANY grown man or woman allow ANYONE to make them believe they are wrong to stand up for their own benefit? Please tell me no.

There is only ONE reason that ANY rational thinking person could be convinced to vote against themselves and that is BECAUSE OF FEAR OF WHAT THE COMPANY WILL DO TO THEM - for exercising their rights.

I WANT TO MAKE A PACT WITH EVERYONE WHO CAN VOTE. Soon, the company will get desperate and start threatening people. Stay quiet and just worry about voting yes. Tell them everything they want to hear - it doesn't matter. Just get through this time period. But here is the promise we need to make to each other:

IF......they fire ANYONE.....that person needs to become THE SYMBOL AND THE MARTYR OF THIS ELECTION. And that needs to CAUSE SUCH A LANDSLIDE OF YES VOTES IN RETALIATION that they will realize they have made a huge mistake. so.........IF.....someone gets fired.......someone must pay for that - BIG TIME.

We will have to make a huge NATIONAL statement in response to that - first the MASSIVE YES VOTES and then we will discuss what ELSE we will do. I told you we have ways to play nice and ways to not play nice.

My choice is always to play nice FIRST - but SCREW my people and I play not so nice. Kind of simple isn't it? THE PEOPLE ARE WHY WE ARE HERE - AND THAT WILL NEVER CHANGE.

BY THE WAY......

- Someone explain to Dan that I never said "do not listen" to his speeches as he said I did in his CAPTIVE meetings this week.....in fact, I specifically said "LISTEN AND BE POLITE" in regard to his speeches numerous times.....Dan if you get that wrong after I repeated the EXACT OPPOSITE STATEMENT - HOW CAN I TRUST YOU WITH MY PEOPLE WITHOUT A CONTRACT?





  1. Danny Boy,

    You have told us many times that the Union will not be good for us. You do not know what our future (or yours) is. Britto is greedy. The reason i am voting yes is because we will have a contract. Something you have not given us yet-Danny Boy. You are just a middle man..

  2. One thing everyone needs to remember is you are in the drivers seat.You have the momentum and the power to make this happen and the company knows it. Even if not one thing changed after voting the union in, the fact that you have that contract will give you an enormous psychological boost and equality with management that will change every aspect of your daily job.You will still battle over many things but you will have the legal backing to win many more than you will lose.Its funny that this matter isn't being mentioned at our plant and we have a union.I think this is just the start of a huge change for the better for all of the people in your plant and we wish you well.Jax Can Plant

  3. Harley-Davidson’s profit gain last quarter was helped by a turnaround in its financing unit, as well as more efficient production, but the company is still cutting.
    Harley has warned union employees at its Milwaukee factory that it would move production elsewhere in the United States if they did not agree to more flexible work rules and tens of millions in cost-saving measures.
    Harley’s evolution is part of longer-term shift in American manufacturing, said Rod Lache, an analyst with Deutsche Bank.

  4. DAN

    I am on the fence.

    I am afraid to ask questions in your meetings because I am afraid that you will think I am for the union.

    Please answer my question in your meetings.

    Every decision has its pros and cons.

    What will Metal Container Corporation lose if the Newburgh Plant votes in the union? What will Metal Container Corporation gain if we vote in the union?

    When I say Metal Container Corporation, I mean the corporate entity - not the hourly workers. I am not asking what I will gain or lose. I am asking what the company will gain or lose.

  5. As a sign of goodwill, Dan, please post the minutes for your Off site union busting meetings.

    If you want our trust, you have to earn it.


    Imagine - not only a management team, but an

  7. BUD "WISER"July 28, 2010 at 7:45 AM


    Why don't you post what Harley-Davidson employees are getting now.....there are 2 sides to every story.....and I can almost bet they are already well compensated...If your going to say something make sure you post both sides!!

  8. Do I have to go to the meeting if I'm voting a solid yes? I may stand back because I really do not trust management I'm sure there are a lot of us that feel the same way. I'm with you Sam thanks for the last meeting it was great!

  9. votin yesssssssssssssssJuly 28, 2010 at 7:52 AM

    5:19 AM - Lucky the workers at HARLEY HAVE A UNION so they can sit at the table and TALK and BARGAIN over those changes.

    HERE we just watch it happen to us -

    until AUGUST 29

  10. BUD "WISER"July 28, 2010 at 7:53 AM

    Get ready everyone, for our hour and a half meetings today and tomorrow....Stay strong....stay solid and think of your futures.....Britto wants to cut our throats and thank us......363 wants a contract to let us keep what we have.....Besides I've already heard so many people say "The more we have meetings, the more I'm going to vote Yes".....So keep the meetings going Dan....your helping IBEW Local 363 more than you think!!! LMAO!!!!!

  11. 7:45 AM - NO YOU DO NOT have to come to the meeting with the union. It is only manadtory when the company has a meeting - THEY HAVE TO "FORCE" the people to go.

    I would love to have you there and there will probably be some good discussions but you can decide that one for yourself. DO WHAT YOU FEEL IS GOOD FOR YOU.

    Geeeeee - why doesn't the company let the people do what they feel is good for themselves?


    Seems like they force themselves on you, fight the peoples choice and JUST THREATEN AND BULLY TO ME.

    Well, the threaten and bully part is just starting up. (Watch it Danny - I got ya on tape)

    We will change all of that on AUGUST 27TH AND 28TH

    Vote YES IBEW Local 363

    Isn't it ironic that the people are so openly AFRAID of the company............

    And it is the company telling the people that the union is bad?

    Thats like a bank robber telling the bank employees not to call the police because the police will hurt them ( as he walks out with the banks money )

  12. Sam,

    I know some folks are on the fence about IBEW 363 representaion because of their individual financial situations.

    After the pay losses created by management, and no pay raise this year, they can't afford to have any more loss in pay.

    Is it true that Union dues are tax deductable?

    This may make some of us feel a little better.

    Thanks Sam

  13. 8:50 AM - YES THE UNION DUES ARE TAX DEDUCTABLE. In fact, you need to inform the person who does your taxes that 1% of what you grossed should be deducted.

    Just to explain the 1% - If a person made $1000 dollars in a week - the dues would be $10 dollars. It is one dollar for every one hundred up to 40 hours.

    There are no dues for any union cheaper than that and for that one dollar you get the BEST UNION - IBEW LOCAL 363.

  14. Dan K,

    I hope you read this forum.

    I'm a fence sitter, and I'm torn.

    I don't like the way things are going in the plant.

    I don't like unions.

    This is really like a election in politics. In a couple of weeks we all have to vote for who we feel will represent us better, you or a union.

    Wether we want to vote or not, like you told us, every vote counts.

    I plan on attending one of the meetings that the union is planning. I want to hear wht they have to say. I hope you come, because I have questions and concerns for both of you, and I'd like to hear both of your answers.

    I'd like to hear what you have to say too.

    I wish it didn't come to this.

  15. Dear fence sitter - don't be torn any longer. Come to the meeting and I will answer any questions you have on your mind.

    I am sure that you have known of some very smart people in your life. If you approached them for advice on a major issue - they would probaly advise you to GET IT IN WRITING.

    That is what your fellow workers are trying to do in regard to your work life - GET IT IN WRITING.

    YOU are OWNED by a foriegn company now and you have no protection or rights at your work place.

    Quite frankly, there is no fence left.

  16. I was a fence sitter not anymore you are right we are owned by a far-away entity all we are to them are little roaches and who cares if they step on a few of us. It really is amazing that management continues to push their agenda when they all know that a union is the right choice for protection. I think they are feeling left out maybe you can write a contract for them so they also can be protected.

  17. Danny Boy,

    Why the long and hard fight against the union? We only want what we have now plus a little better down the road. Is that too much to ask for? Why are you against us and our future?

  18. gaaaaaaaaaaaaawly cant we all just be friends

  19. Just attended the 2pm meeting with sam. All my questions were answered. No one twisted my arm, unlike the roundtables (reeducation meetings) that I don't want to attend. If your future is important to you, you should go too! Thanks sam and crew.

  20. We had a meeting today with Dan he is really trying but it does not matter what he shows
    or tell us we want a union and contract,I know at some point he will tell us how bad a contract is but we see it differently.


  21. Sam I hear you got 2 more yes today.The team members are pissed they want to be lift alone
    Dave & Dan are getting you more votes....

  22. I'm going to assume that Dan didn't show to the meeting to answer any of our questions. That's too bad. I'm sorry I didn't show to this meeting, but I had other stuff going on. You still got my vote IBEW!

  23. saynotomanagementshowJuly 29, 2010 at 8:19 AM

    well the meetings went well for Sam yesterday. no i don't mean the one's at the knights inn I mean the one's at the plant with Dave and Dan. every meeting with every crew just pushes people more union. they waffle their answers and half the time don't even look at the people their talking too. Sam trust me there is not to much to worry about for the union push because dave and dan are doing all the work lol. Im seeing a big landslide victory for this election, people are really tuned into why this needs to happen. everyone be careful of the companies website because they will track you on there believe me.
    Everyone just stay calm and do your job because our time is coming very soon. I know sitting through the company meetings are boring and useless but let them think they are doing something constructive. they show how great the company is doing but mention nothing of our security with the company and have no answers of our future. Its time to put our future down on paper and that will be soon. Go UNION. And dan don't insult me with your lack of intelligence, we all know the deal here.

  24. Hey everyone,

    Like the site a lot. From what I see and hear, we're on our way.

    Sam, you come as advertised. Very well informed on the labor laws and I was impressed with the way you make your points. Very good meeting last night and for those of you who showed and are anti-union, I hope you enjoyed it the same as I did. Whether you want a union or not, You have to agree that Sam was open and honest to our questions. What more could you ask for prior to making a big decision on your future with MCC.

    Thanks again Sam...

    For those who haven't been to a meeting yet, I highly recommend going. Whatever your beliefs may be, there is nothing like an open forum to discuss our future.

  25. FROM TONY ROUSSOS , Hello , Newburgh - I have been reading through your posted opinions and i must say one thing . Some of you are under the wrong impression regarding our IBEW 363 in the work place . My Union Stewards and i do not walk around the plant fighting with Management . The Union does not generate hostility . It just keeps everyone in Check . It gives us the ability to discuss issues . YES sometimes things may get heated from time to time , But overall , we at Wallkill are able to sit down and make agreements that will satisfy everyone involved . If you people decide to Vote Yes for the Union , Your world will not change dramatically , It will Give all of you a voice .. And all of you deserve that . Your Union body is YOU ! The IBEW 363 officials are only your representitives that you call on , when you are dealing with an issue your stewards cant handle . You People are the Union . Its all up to your Chief Steward and In House Union Officials , SO Choose them wisely . They need to obtain the necassary training that will teach them how to work with management ,and Yet at the same time provide for its members . The trick is organization and the ability to work together as a UNION ..... PEOPLE - Stop fighting over this . Your feeding into their plan to split you up . Discuss things like adults and most of all Avoid Conflict in the work place . Thats what management wants . Dont show weakness yet ask alot of questions . The Union Members employeed at the Wallkill Plant are HAPPY with the way things are going . We have great Shop Stewards that communicate with the work force . I ( As the CHief Steward ) am a straight shooter with people , I dont lie to my members . When we have employee issues , We weight out the options together and construct our plan of defense together . No decissions are made at my level or my Stewards level until i investigate everything and i get the input from my Union Members . Respect for each other , Is our reason for great success . Know One hates each other in our plant , We deal with issues as they come along in a respectful manor . OF COURSE we have a few HARD NOSE supervisors , but the Stewards handle them in ways that work in our benefit .... Remenber this the next time you lash out at each other . TEAM WORK PEOPLE - TEAM WORK . Like i said to our Union Officials in the past , Call the Union Hall and get my Numbers , I would be happy to sit down with you , with my Stewards and Members to discuss concerns or answer questions .
    Thank You , Tony Roussos / Wallkill Chief Steward . E-Mail me - anthonyrsss@yahoo.com.

  26. Hello Newburgh , I sent you a Blog yeterday , but it didnt go through . So here it is again . My Name is Tony Roussos and i am the CHief Union Steward at the Wallkill Can Plant . Recently as i read through your Blogs and question several people , I understand you have a few OLD employees of wallkill making false statements . Please allow me set you straight on one thing . The wallkill Can plant Never tried to Re-Certify the IBEW 363 . This statement is totally false , If people are saying this , ASK THEM FOR PROOF ! The employees at Wallkill are very satisfied with the way our Union responds to our requests . In the Past , I can Say , We have accomplished alot . My Suggestion to all of you is - Dont listen to the negitive remarks . We also tolorate the same type of employees , they continue to trash others , so management will think they are the greatest . People like that usually have their own agenda's . For the Ex.Employees of Wallkill , Ask them what positions they held " WAS IT MANAGEMENT "? and why they were TERMINATED ! See how they respond . My Stewards and I are offering our services . If any of you would like to meet with us , and members our our Union Let us know , Contact the Union Hall for my Numbers or e-mail at anthonyrsss@yahoo.com Thank You. Tony Roussos