Tuesday, July 20, 2010

That Looks Kind Of Good Doesn't It?

The Election Petition Is Filed With The Labor Board. By now you should have noticed some changes in the demeanor of your management crew. If you are reading this, management guys - now is the time to be real careful.

Get ready for lies and fake concern for your well being. Now will be the time that you will be told everything under the sun as to why you just CANNOT allow yourself to bargain as a group. They will tell you that is bad, it is a mistake and it is wrong.

The company will even spend huge sums of money - that they could be giving to you guys, the workers - to stop you from bargaining together.

Let's face it - They will be spending those tons of money AGAINST YOU. Which will be at the same time they are telling you they are concerned for you - do you see that this does not add up?

They will tell you you can "get less" if you go union. Well I ask you, WHO will CAUSE that to happen??? Who will bring that up as a proposal in negotiations? It will not be the union making any proposals to give people less.

So, who could it be that would come to the bargaining table and propose anything of that sort?? Why it's the same people warning you for your "own good" and giving you advice for your benefit.

Let's go back to lies - Managers are telling people they can tell who is commenting on this site - ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE. As a matter of fact, we may have that genius on tape - that is an UNFAIR LABOR PRACTICE ALREADY.


Please let us know when the hired help arrives at the plant. You can triple the lies and deceit then. We will expose them for EVERY LIE and every time they change the subject from getting a contract to some stupid madeup issue that they think will somehow make you VOTE AGAINST YOURSELF! lol.

Also - thanks to the new hires who called about the cards. You guys are part of this too. Working for the new foreign owner without a contract is a death sentence for us all.

DURING THIS ENTIRE CAMPAIGN - Let's all observe how the company treats EVERYONE IN THE PLANT.

Notice what they do and how they do it and who they do it to - those are some things we will need to straighten out when we get to that bargaining table.

Stay strong everybody - be polite and stay neutral. YOU are going to have IBEW Local 363 in that plant very soon.


  1. It doesn't matter what they say or what they do. We can all take the extra break that the anti-union talks provide. Day dream while they rant on. Tell them they are right - we don't need a contract. And THEN VOTE YES. There is nothing they can do about it.

  2. Do you need to have signed a card to go to the meetings?

  3. Let the Games Begin~!!!!

  4. Ru Roh Roerge .....


    Thursday the IBEW Filed.

    Friday BIG MANAGER MEETING with Tony B. present.

    Fact or fiction?

    Inquiring minds want to know!

  5. Sam again we did'nt get a chance to see the sign.

    VOTE YES 363

  6. saynotomanagementshowJuly 20, 2010 at 8:51 PM

    hey everyone we are doing great sticking together and waiting for our opportunity to finally get here. and tony if you are reading this blog site just remember back when you came to our plant and wondered why everyone had long faces and didn't want to say anything its because this is where we were headed and this is where we were forced to go because of lack of leadership from the top down. don't think you really know how bad this place is mismanaged. well now sadly you are finding this out but its a little to late. wish things could have been different but we really need representation this time and Sam is the way to go with local 363. we are all hard workers and we just want whats best for everyone and our plant. everyone stay strong and pass the good word to each other we are in this too win. go 363.

  7. inbev gives us no choice! Its a yes for me

  8. Fed Up - No, you do not need a signed card but I will make you a deal - if you didn't sign a card and you come to the meeting and it all makes sense - you will sign a card too and join us full blast. Deal?

  9. what are the benefits of signing a card now? Is that necessary if I plan on voting YES?

  10. 9:37 No, it is not neccessary for anyone else to sig a card now. We have more than enough cards to have the election. However, I believe that I should still afford people the opportunity to ADD their card to the rest of the plants cards if they want.

    For some people, signing a card now will be about feeling that they are more of a part of the whole movement by adding their own card to the groups cards.

    I think thats a great thing but it is not required or neccessary - I am glad you support the cause and your fellow workers - that is MOST important right now.
    Your fellow workers are depending on each other here big time and it is going to come out in their and your favor!

    Stay tight - Stay strong!

  11. Good Luck ya all hang in there we have a union at Jax we have no issues.

  12. During the anti-union...a more clear term is anti-hourly worker.....we should use the 5 whys. Starting with why don't you want us to vote in the union.

  13. As The Can Turns

    Last night at MCC Newburgh D Crew had the opportunity to work with one of the outstanding Sector Leaders - Dale

    This is not the first time a crew ran without a Floater, but Dale told M J the Team Leader for D Crew to go around and ask everyone on the Backend if they wanted to float?

    Everyone of course said " No Thank You "

    Dale then told our team leader " I'll get around that". I will ask ------ ------ to work on the line so Dale can have someone float. M J said you can't do that, that person is on light duty or restricted work, due to an operation.

    Dale called that person in the office and asked him if he would work on the line? That person told Dale no because he was on light duty.

    Dale then called Dave Lehman to ask if that person could work on the line?

    ( tried to take him off light duty)

    Dave Lehman said " No Way can that person work on the line"

    Here is another example of Dale trying to do things his way. He doesn't follow policies or proceduers. All he cares about is his production numbers for the shift.He wants to make his production no matter what it takes. Including asking a person whom he was told by two other people. He is on Light Duty.

    We need to look at this very carfully and see the pattern of these Managers.

    These Managers need to get rid of their Marine Mentality. You are just to follow orders. It doesn't matter if you are wounded or hurt.

    Just get up there and do what they say.

    People like this, is the reason we need a Union. To protect the people of this plant.

    Think the Managers will treat us like human beings or there Little Marines

    Vote yes to stop the Marine Mentality to the employees.

  14. Did you see the You-Tube (Theteammember)

    Now thats funny

  15. Here at Newark we really didn't need a union with A-B but it was comforting to always know 2 and 3 years down the line what our compensation would be. Today is different with inbev there is no doubt in anyone's mind that without a union we would run aimlessly not knowing what was next. A-B was a great company to work for we knew they would do what was right for company sustainability and growth with their products and employee retention. Inbev is not that way. everyone can see that profits that flow into top managements pockets is the agenda for this company. I'm also sure this is just not a local widespread viewpoint here at Newark but throughout the north American zone. Newburgh this is a great site and hope all goes your way at the election!

  16. When August Busch owened the company things were much better and we had a brighter future.

    Now we can't even get the bathroom's to work right.

    Did you see the mens bathroom out on the floor?

    On Maintenance Day it was all over the floor, and left that way for the night shift with a note on the door.

    If that was in the front offices they would have had Instant Plumbing there ASAP.

    I guess we are just products of our Environment.

    we shouldn't have to work like this.

  17. Well Sam, I'd like to make that deal with you, but I was probably one of the first cards that was signed. I only ask if we need to sign a card to go to meetings because we have a team member who insists she was told she wasn't allowed at the meetings because she didn't sign a card. I thought I would air that publicly here.

  18. Fed Up - two slaps with a wet noodle for not knowing you were in already and early.

    YES - Please extend my personal invitation to ANY and ALL Hourly workers who have signed, not signed and even may never sign a card....... I am sure that if and when they come they will agree with the rest of us that bargaining as a group for a contract is the best and better situation for everyones benefit.

    IBEW Local 363 welcomes EVERYONE and we exclude No ONE.

  19. Thanks Sam

    We will all stay solid in the up coming days ahead of us.

    Listening to what they are going to tell us.

    Ya right, we'll Listen. Ha Ha

  20. That guy on light duty was lucky there is a union drive going on otherwise Dave Lehman would have sided with Dale. And made it official by calling up that loser company doctor Dr. K to validate the deal.

    The unions not even in and its helping people!!

  21. 7:00am Let me do the work here - It would be nice if it was deleted as a good faith gesture.

  22. The comments about (the team member), yes its funny, but this is not the place for that. We really need to keep our focus, this is about getting a contract. Sam and others have worked very hard to get us to where we are, we dont need anything for management to use against us to sway votes.
    and remember when this goes through, we will still need to deal with management.

  23. Does anyone find it amazing that with all of this anti-union propaganda that Dan K. and Dave L. would put up a slide that shows you all of the breweries,and where they are located, knowing the fact that most of the team members know all of the breweries are represented by unions under a contract agreement? Do they think we are idiots or do they just not see the hypocrisy of that?