Monday, July 19, 2010

Listen, Do You Want To Know A Secret?

This secret won't be a very well kept one. Soon everybody will know. By the way, anybody see Dan around?

Everybody stay tuned, stay quiet and stay solid.

Let's do our talking right on here. Soon this blog will be getting much busier - if we need to go that route - we are going to be a nationwide story.

That is not where we want it to go - but just in case we're warming up in the bullpen. Rodney King said, "Can't we all just get along?"


  1. aaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahaaaaaa

    this is soooooooooo good! we are the people who have been killing themselves running this place are finally going we are going to get to have our say.

    I'm voting for 363

  2. Can one manager, any manager explain why Erik Moulds position has not been filled when its been what 1/2 year at least since he was fired for actions in favor of an hourly worker who busts he ass every day to do good by the company?

    Can one manager, any manager explain why Sam Federicos job was not filled prior to him retiring. What one years notice was not enough time?

    Can one manager, any manager explain why you still havent selected the FE trainer, its been months since you spanked Stan back to crew.

    Oh let me guess - its corporate - thats right.

    Which means that not only are the managers in the plant inept so are the managers at corporate.

    We need a union to protect us from managerial mismanagement.

  3. I think we should go nationwide. Ever since Inbev took over all they are trying to do is pay off his loan to the bank he borrowed it from.No more Busch Gardens, no more Kings Mill and No more money for us. But Mr. Inbev can cut himself a check for 30 million dollars. Where's our cut???

    We need to do what ever it take to save what we have now and look to the future with a solid contract.

  4. everyone needs to brace for the big scare the company is about to unleach on us stand strong and just wait for the day for to do the right thing for everyone in plant and protect our future.

  5. United we stand - Divided we fall

    We need to join together to Vote for this Union and put an end to them changing the policies when ever they want.

    Vote Yes

  6. I hear we filed, and a special delivery was made to the front office to a great gnashing of teeth by members of the management "team". Good. Remember when the AGV's were brought in and we were told that they would replace most of the human shippers? That no one would be let go but the employee reduction would be done by attrition, someone leaves and they won't be replaced. All of a sudden we are hiring all these people, not even really training the newest ones. Are they trying to stack the vote deck? Don't worry about the anti-union whiners and complainers or the rats. When the vote is over and the union is joined they have the same choice management gives us, like it or leave. Hopefully they'll see the light and join with us. Now the real pressure begins, hang tough and stay focused and united to achieve our goal, a union and a conract. If you have a friend or contact in any of the other plants, Mira Loma, Windsor, etc, shout them out and let them know what's going on here. Remember Jax is a union plant and it works there and they are the darlings of the company right now, winning awards and recognition. We can too. VOTE YES!

  7. Check out you tube. theteammember

  8. Poor taste. We are not twelve years old. We are getting off track.

  9. Theteammember youtube video does not have anything to do with the union or our need to unionize.

    As others have said we want respect. Disrespecting others, will not get us respect.

    Lets keep this site for honest information.

    So that we can make the right decision.


  10. Let me do the work here - didnt catch that for what it was. It would be nice if it was deleted as a good faith gesture.