Saturday, July 3, 2010

Send In Your Cards Prior To July 11 - Bring In The IBEW To Inbev-AB

This week coming up will be when everyone who is sending in a card should do so. We will call for the election as soon as we have a solid and strong majority of people supporting the cause. We want to have all of the cards sent to us in order to plan that out properly.

If you know someone who has a card and has not sent it in - and you can talk to that person - ask them to send in their card this week prior to July 11.

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  1. Yesterday's meetings with the IBEW went really well. They showed they are straight shooters who want to help give us the voice, backing and protection that we need. Where Dan wants us to be scared of the union it looks like we should be scared of how Dan and AB/Inbev Have been taking from us since the merger. Remember people we are not American owned anymore. Carlos Britto and higher mgmt. are looking to cut this company to the bare bones for their bigger bonuses in the future and to extract from this company what they can. A contract would help us to keep some of our rights in place. If anyone is sitting on the fence over this vote just think what you have now and can you stand to lose anymore? Hopefully you will all get to meet the union reps soon. IT IS TIME.