Saturday, July 10, 2010

Information For Meeting Times and Place

Meeting Date Time and Location

When: Sunday July 11, 2010

What time: 2:30pm and then again at 7pm.

Where: IBEW Local 363
67 Commerce Drive South
Harriman, NY 10926

Directions: Take NYS Thruway south and get off at Exit 16 Harriman - after paying toll take first exit on right and stay in left lane - take a left. Follow straight and take a left at the 5th light onto Commerce Drive South. IBEW Local 363 is last building on the left side.

Hope to see everyone there.


  1. Dan,
    As far as I am concerned, Iam a weak voice against a big bully. Together with my union brothers and sisters we will no longer stand by and be bullied. We will not just accept whatever the bully throws us, we will sit the bully down and make him realize that he cant beat everybody up.Hopefully the bully will see that we need each other to exist.That if the bully stops bullying he can gain alot of friends. He will be much happier and so will we. Maybe when he grows up the bully and rest of the friends will look back on these times and say how we all learned that together we are better and stronger than we are apart. Just ask ALL THE BREWERIES.

  2. Hope to see a good turn out at the meeting.

  3. Local 363,

    Just wanted to say thank you for your time and answering a lot of questions I had before attending your 2:30 meeting today. I got a lot out of what you want to do for us.
    I do have one suggestion. I think you should control the speaking floor more and not entertain irrelevant and meaningless questions. I was getting quite a bit from your meeting until that point.
    Nevertheless, thank you again and yes I am solid!!!!

  4. Went to the meeting today learned alot this will be great for us. The questions Dan gave us he answered everyone of them and we were all very satified.

  5. Thanks Sam,

    A pleasure to meet you, and I'd apologize for the tough questions, but I can't. I needed to know, and needed to ask the tough questions, as this is important to me, and all of MCC workers. The only problem is I can't find the fence anymore. Have you seen it? My thanks for dinner and for what you're doing.

  6. Thanks Sam, Good meeting

    I feel that we are coming together as a real team not like the team concept A-B Inbev has. The passion for what we want is comming together and the sooner we act on it the better we as a United Work Force will be great. We will make the cans with the respect and the we want and all they have to do is just let it happen. Danny boy needs to let it go, Just let it go Dan. Dan always talks about dues, What about when he goes to church. doesn't he donate to there cause?(The Church wants 10% and Union dues are only 1%) well we want to donate to our cause. We need the Union, so we can be consistant with everything we do at M.C.C. we need a set of rules that benifit us for a change and not always for what they want or can control. We want to control our future and have a say in everything we do at M.C.C. ( oh ya Inbev )

    We want to be fair so maybe someday we can get a 30 million dollar bounus.

    we watch a video on how we made 6 billion in profit - but we only get a $1,000.00 one time check. with taxes taken out , about $560.00. Wow what a slap in the face. Thanks Dan for showing us that video.

  7. Sam it's time to move now !

  8. My thought is you wouldn't get divorced without a lawyer would you???

    You have to have representation at the table, because they have a whole crew working on their side. We need 363 because without them we are nothing more then a piggy bank, to pay for their bonuses for cutting, slicing and dicing something from our plate.

    We are tired of hearing about the millions of dollars in bonuses executives receive while we lose more and more, the list is huge! OH YEAH they have an excuse,"Its the economy and your lucky to have a job" well if its the economy, why are executives and managers still way over compensated?? If I am getting less and less and executives are getting more and more in down times, where is the money coming from?? US!!

    Thats why we need 363 because there greedy a@#%@ses will not stop untill they have stripped us down in the US like they have did else where. Do you have to strip us down untill it comes down to going on strike, taking managers hostage, blocking trucks from the brewery. All while this is happening executives are thinking about the 2 billion dollars they are going to split up. when does it end. the trickle down theory is not there any more, what large companys are that operate like this are dictatorships.

    We need a say in all this, how we are treated is not fair and thats all we are asking for! We are not asking for the world, We are asking for the company to be fair. Is that so unreasonable?

    We need 363, we need to vote YES.
    We need to secure our future.
    It burns my a#@$s to know the extra money I pay for health care, 401K, no raise, raises keep getting pushed back 3 months at a time, crew funds, higher copays for less coverage, no holiday partys, golf outings, etc etc, is going into their pockets while my food bills, taxes, water bills, electric bills, insurance, is going through the roof.

    Vote YES if you agree, We need this!!!