Thursday, July 1, 2010

If You Still Have It - Send In Your Card Before July 11

Most people have sent back their cards already from the first mailing we did. Since then, many people have contacted us and given us their contact info.

There was a second mailing that went out a few days ago and there was an authorization card included with it. If you are planning to fill out the card - do it today - and mail it tomorrow or asap.

This way, we will receive it prior to the July 11 meeting. We will discuss a lot of things at that meeting and one will surely be when we will file for the election.

If you have not received a card or a letter yet it probably means you are one of the few that we could not locate an address for.

If you would like a card and letter mailed to you please call (845) 783-3500 and explain that you work for the Newburgh Can Plant. Give us your information and you will get a packet in the mail.

You can also bring your card to the meeting if you want to.


  1. I am mailing mine in today thank you local 363 for at least caring about us working stiffs

  2. I signed a card before the mailing. Do you still need to send in the one received in the mail?

  3. 6:52 pm - No - if you signed a card already you don't need to sign another. If you know anyone who needs a card, give them the extra one you have.

    Every card counts and we want everyone that we can get because it just makes our group that much stronger. We already have enough to file and have had that amount for awhile now - but like I said before there is a smart way to make this happen and you are all about to witness how that all happens.

    Let's talk at the July 11 meeting and we will see how we will proceed.

    Remember, we realize that this is very a important issue to all involved and it will be done right so that the people can achieve the results they want.

  4. I hope this July 11th you will decide to put this
    to a vote. as i worry that management will start
    getting worried and realize the number of people
    that are for this union,and start firing suspect
    people in favor of this union.Like in the past.

  5. 1:25 pm - But wait - Dan wouldn't EVER allow that to happen - he CARES about the people and he wants to protect them.......doesn't he?

  6. We are on the way to victory they have 108 cards I heard solid has a rock.I will be proud to be
    part of local 363...................

  7. Hey fence sitters join us,or do you rather lose more.

  8. you say you have a real solution well you know we would all love to see the plan.they will be asking for a contribution well you know we all doing what we can.but when you talk about balls contract. well you know that you can count me out.

  9. Rayman we are not getting balls contract that was just exsample you should of went to the meeting you would of found all your answers.I was anti union but now I see this is very needed.
    Hang in there it's not the end of the world.We would like if you would join us.