Friday, July 16, 2010

MCC Newburgh Workers: Soon To Be Part Of IBEW Local 363

It looks as though the managers are starting to rev up a little and approaching some of you. For those who have the tapes - let em roll. For those who have gone out and purchased your own - great idea! To the managers who are being directed to approach the workers - be careful what you do and how you do it. Be even more careful of what you say.

Why do that? Why intimidate the people you work with? Why is it such a big deal if we have a union in the Newburgh plant? Especially IBEW Local 363 - we have a great reputation and great relationships with the employers of our members. There are other unions that also come under InbevAB - why can't we have the same? This is what the people want. This is what the people need to feel confident and stable.

The best thing that management can do right now is to pick up the phone and call Local 363. We are willing to meet and discuss what it is the people want. We are all looking to make this a win win for the company and the people who do the work there for the company.

Things are starting to move along now - everybody hold on tight and report ANY infractions. Everyone should keep a log book dated every day - it's a great record of events.


  1. How long before we come to a vote ?

  2. We have to go through the election process. After we file the election petition -we have to meet with the Labor Board - with the company - at what they call a hearing - then they have to produce a list of elegible voters - we have to look at it and approve it and then the board will give about 28 days for election campaigning before they will run the election. We will all know the date soon.

    Remember, it doen't matter if the election is today or next month IF the people want the union and the contract and they stay one can take that away from them.

    I will say again - you are in good hands and we are on it.

  3. BUD "WISER"July 17, 2010 at 8:22 AM

    When we win can I do the Howdy-Doody Victory Dance in the cafeteria?

  4. Now that is funny!! We all need to stay strong.
    Just beware that they will try too get us too fight, that is the plan for us not to trust each other.Keep your eyes open for the team members that are out there all ready with their anti union shit you know who you are don't come crying when one day they come in and tell you they are changing something again.

    Vote Yes IBEW all the way baby !!!

  5. Why is Warren working at MCC. Holly does all the work.She doing a great job on my crew.


    We need too start are own campain

  6. The company took months to hire four guys.They went through training.They are new on crew now.Welcome to you all.They just hired four more and they are in training now.Its funny it took a much shorter period of time to hire these guys, but welcome to them too.One of them is a supervisors father.Hmmmm. I heard also that the company is looking to hire more very shortly.Very Very shortly. I wonder why this is happening now?Hmmmm.Is the company trying to buy some votes? Hmmmmm.Welcome to all they hire.every quarter the company has tried to drive down costs.When we complained we were short staffed,the company said the staffing reduction was good for us and kept us competative with our competition. It was for our own good.We worked harder and harder.We drove down the costs per thousands while Management numbers have never been higher at newburgh with less employees.If youve recently been hired here at Newburgh, I would like to ask you to talk to the guys on the floor and ask them what the plant was like at start up.Then ten years ago ,five years ago, and now.Ask them about when was the last time theyfelt that the company rewarded them for hard work.How many more people are they going to hire to try and sway a vote?It doesnt matter. People are tired of being treated like they have been.Our reprentatives from local 363,have helped us form a union that has been upfront,transparent,honest,and willing to show us any legal document,law,or anything we have asked them. Promptly also. Ask the company to show you the five year plan,or three year plan,or any plan for the future of Newburgh.Ask them what their goals are for Labor costs in the future.Ask them what are the goals for general tech positions in the future.Ask the other hourly employees what are the issues that made people ask for help in forming our union. Just the fact there is going to be a vote is proof that people are concerned and the company has been unwilling to listen or change like they had in the past. The "if you dont like it leave" attitude prevails at Newburgh and we as employees are unwilling to accept this. There is a better attitude, a better way.A way we have been yearning for, for years now. We want to be the best can plant in the world.We have the cappabilities, we have the equipment, the people and the knowledge.Soon very soon we win the union vote and turn the the focus back on making cans instead of worrying about what we are going to have taken away from us tomorrow.Good luck to all the new guys stay safe and please ask any question you like any where any time. you will know whats right. Thanks . GO UNION

  7. I know I keep saying it but you guys are really amazing. You are SOLID. I don't have ANY question about that! You guys should be proud of yourselves. yOU WILL GET YOUR CONTRACT FOR SUREIF YOU GUYS STAY IN CONTROL.

    Keep multiplying your numbers, talk to your friends outside of work hours about the union.

    Together, we are going to make this happen.

  8. Good job iamaunionman! I hope all the new people pay attention, because he said it like it is. Oh yeah, what did Human Resources say to you about the union? I heard at least eight more new employees coming to Newburgh in the next three or four weeks or sooner. Also I get paid monthly by the company and Im glad you guys are sticking together. We cant say anything at work but we are tired of Britos bullshit. He gets the big bonus and salary while I received nothing.At least you folks are going to have a voice in your future.Ive been faithful to this company and I made my career here and all I have is a reduction in my salary to show for it.Call it a what they want but that is what it is. Good luck

  9. Hi jaxs again I have too agree you guys are great
    hang tough ya all really need to go union.We all should get Mira Loma & Col to read this.

    VOTE YES i'm a union man and proud of it.

  10. Sam we think you are amazing.Please make this happen. are life without a union now will be bad.
    You know the saying pay backs bitch that is what we will have to deal with.

  11. Understand that the purpose of the new hires is to rid the plant of General Techs.

    Windsor, under Dan's guidance, was down to ONE General Tech when he left. It looks like Windsor, since Dan' leaving, might be hiring replacements now.

    They must get the new hires in place before the Union takes hold.

    General Techs have been told they will be training the higher paid Production Techs in their General Tech positions.

    We need General Techs, as we are in shortage now. We were told NO GENERAL TECHS WILL BE HIRED.

    Any guidance here Sam?

    Managers informed all General Techs months ago that thier days were numbered.

    Either become a Production Tech, or as new Production Techs were hired, you would be let go.

    The total manning has to remain constant. We hire PT's ..... who's gonna go .....

    Sam this is happening NOW!

  12. 6:58 lets have a conversation about it - you need to get in touch with me so I can give you some advice about that situation.

  13. Someone - in any plant - let Mira Loma and Col know about this site.

    Jax and Newark - stay with us guys - we can use ya.

  14. To the poster who warned of a "rat" and named him. Please rewrite your entry but just describe without naming him - unless he is a supervisor - then we print the name.

    That kind of info with naming the name has to be personally between you guys unless you can get your point across here without using the name.

    give it a try...

  15. I hope you gen tech read this their are too many of you that just don't get it.Don't worry about the seniority that is not important right now saving your job is why do you think they are hiring all these pro tech. wake up

    Vote yes don't listen to what the managers are telling you they are full of shit.I worked in a union plant and it was fine.

  16. Hi Guys hot night opened this blog you guys crack me up I love it.I worked at Newark for many years I was not ready to end my career but the old mighty Carlos ended for me don't make a
    mistake go union they are not finish cutting back not even close.The union will back you MCC
    won't trust me I was a manager robot.

  17. Sam I have not meet you yet but I hear good things about you after reading this tonight
    I am changing my mind without hisataion.We are gen tech I have heard that Dan is a cut throat.

    I will help any way I can. vote yes

  18. Im one of the new hires,things sounded pretty bad
    for you guys and gals here. I am grateful i got hired here that pays well. Now that i am here i want to protect what i have. Yet i have not seen anything compared to you guys and gals have experienced. I also do not want to. So just to let all my brothers and sisters know: Im in!!

  19. 9:40 PM - Hey New Hire! Welcome aboard! You are coming to work at the perfect time. Hopefully, you will work under a contract very early in your career. Please pass this site to any other new hires.....the good news is that the "new hires" will be playing a part in helping the people who have been here get a contract.

    New hires can contact IBEW Local 363 at (845) 783-3500 - identify ourself as a MCC Can Plant employee and ask that a card and letter be sent to your home.

    Glad you commented new hire!

  20. Good evening guys and gals.Lets have a little
    fun,Lets have a vote on this blog right now.
    How many will vote yes and how many will vote no.
    if you are a no vote give a little detail why so
    maybe Sam can anwser a concern you may have.

    I would think with over 1400 hits thier are a lot of team members on this.

  21. BUD "WISER"July 17, 2010 at 9:51 PM

    MCC Newburgh - Please be cautious when you talk to a certain person who came to work with us from a NDC warehouse!!!....If you don't know whom I'm talking about, he loves Corvettes and the Boston Celtics!!... This man has been harrassing team members about the union everyday...trying to figure out who is on who's side......and then he runs to management to tell them.....Believe me I know he's a rat because I've had more than one confrontation with him about ratting me out over irrelevant things just so he could move into higher positions....Don't bother talking to him....He's quite clever and can make you say things and take things out of context and use them against you.....He's managements right hand Cheeze Man!!!!!

  22. You go new guy !!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Yes no question

  24. Welcome new guy ,hope there are more like you. Callthe union and get your card.

  25. I know who you are talking about he did that too me I feed him with a long stick none of us are stupid or give a shit what he said... He is useless the only reason they keep him is because he is a RAT.His day will come when they turn on him.

  26. Are you still taking union card? The guys told me that you filed. I'm a yes even though I did not sign a card I'm solid.

  27. Thats fine 10:07PM You should call the IBEW office just to make sure we have you on our list. I asked the new guy to send in for his so he can be on our mailing list too.

    Looks like EVERYBODY is solid.

  28. BUD "WISER"July 17, 2010 at 10:23 PM

    F ING YES!!!!!!

  29. BUD "WISER"July 17, 2010 at 10:26 PM

    We're "SOLID LIKE A ROCK" Sam!!!

  30. Unbelieveable I can't believe what I just read
    I'm from ball x mcc thank god we got bought we really like working for Ball you guys need a union real bad.Good Luck

  31. I'm not going too vote i'm leaving soon. I do wish you guys alot of luck.

  32. Sam they can bring the troops in all they want we have heard the same shit for 20 years. I vote yes I did not sign a card. You need to juice this up a bit a funny song that matches are managers. This is a fight we are going to win.

  33. In addition to what BUD "WISER" had to say I worked with that person at the warehouse I worked my tail off and he got all the credit. I'm still here, while I hear he's reaping all the benefits of my hard work I didn't stand up for myself which is why I hope mcc newburgh stands up for themselves get a contract newburgh it's the only thing you can do for yourselves

  34. Why are the managers telling us we can end up with less if we go union,can that happen? I would think in good faith that would not happen.
    Please let me know i'm on the fence.I will be at the meeting Monday morning.

  35. 11:03PM - two questions:

    Who do the managers say will cause the people to have less? Who will propose that it happens?

    Did the managers say you will never get less if you don't "go union"?

  36. We need to stay strong and ignore all there efforts to try to save what they had. We need to change this plant around and help ourselves now. They say "we need to accept change" well now it's time they accept CHANGE. We need to help all of the people on the floor. It's the same thing every year. They use us and realy do not appreciate us for who we are, and what we do.

  37. Talk about Howdy Doody. He comes thru the break room from his smoke break and never say's hello to anybody.Now here is a manager who realy cares about us.

  38. Together in mumbers we can do this. We need to start following all there directions and let them start thinking for themselves. They are the MANAGERS, who are suppose the know the proccess, let's start asking them how to fix things. Managers are the diccision makers aren't they? That's what they get paid to do RIGHT? Let's see how many good diccisions they make. So when they are wrong they can only blame themselves for the wrong diccision.

  39. I am a general tech at Newburgh and I have seen it all over 22 years worth.I say "VOTE YES" . By the way the GT'S are being told the new hires are only learning the GT jobs so in case they are ever shorthanded they can be moved around into different areas.New hires please join us-call the union get your card and VOTE YES!