Friday, July 9, 2010

July 11 - Come Meet A Proven Leader - IBEW Local 363

On July 11 the workers at the plant will see for themselves that they are about to become affiliated with a proven leader. A leader whose sole job is to protect the rights of every member in every plant, factory, construction job, telephone call center, highway department and maintenance department.

That is why we exist. The company may have a meeting or two or three or four during this campaign - but after the smoke clears they won't give you the time of day - just like they didn't prior to the IBEW coming in. Now couple that with the fact that you have new owners who -judging from the Brazilian press - are going to "show" the "Americans" how it's done (that p's me off.)

Add to that fact that they openly talk about big multi-million dollar bonuses that will be paid for by taking AWAY from the people - and you have MORE THAN ENOUGH REASON TO CALL IN THE UNION.

Now we have your managers having their first meetings because they know we are coming in. They are nervous. Ask yourself - are they nervous because the people might lose something (as they portray it at their meetings) or is it really that YOU MIGHT GAIN SOMETHING - like a voice at work or a seat at the table?

Or is it that they cannot make and change any rule at any time - like they do now - and that with the UNION YOU will gain a little power. A little strength?

I think most people know that answer.

Everyone who is involved in helping the Newburgh MCC location to be covered by a contract is truly a LEADER. You are helping yourself and everyone who works at the plant now and also coworkers who will work at the plant in the future. Years from now people will have a better way of life because of what we are doing today!

A contract is what every worker at the plant needs.

.....and we will get that by working together.

No matter what Dan, Carlos, Warren or any other paid entertainers the company hires to orchestrate mandatory plant meetings to teach you how wrong it is to want to be an adult at work with a say in things and the right to be treated with respect.

One more thought - if the union was really so bad and so weak don't you think that would be an advantage for the company?

Maybe they know that's not the case - maybe they are so concerned because they know it will be the exact OPPOSITE of that - and they are going to fight like hell to try to stop it - while masquerading around as doing this for "you". BS.

They are betting that the people are weak minded and will believe that they are spending all this time advising you because they care about you making a mistake. Ridiculous.

Be a Leader. Come join a Leader. Come on July 11 and let's start this engine up.


  1. Got my letter from Dan about questions to ask the union.
    Decided to check out some of Dan's information.
    NLRB 237 no 107, page 790
    Went to the nrlb site he referenced and could not find that quote about "unions being potentially hazardous for employees ....".
    All I found was a decision from a case in 1979 involving a hotel owner named Connolly who gave all his employees a raise that he had previously refused to do in hopes that the employees would change their minds about unionizing. The Decision was against the owner.
    See for yourself:
    I did find something like that quote but it appears to be taken out of context. It is a letter of correction and does not indicate who was making the statement. It could have been the words of an anti union witness, maybe a plant manager - not really sure.
    Back in the days of Pro-employee. Back when pro employee wasn't just a slogan . We didn't need to unionize. We had a fair say back then. We were treated fairly.
    But now we do need a union. Not only here at MCC Newburgh, but all over the world. That's because there is only so much that people are willing to take before they get fed up with the rich getting richer off of our hard work.
    Even the Chinese are saying enough is enough.
    I don't think Beth, Georgia, Bill W., and Denise would agree with Dan's statement that cost reductions have not resulted in less wages. What about their gainshare. What about that $1000 we got instead of a real pay raise that would be in our pockets year after year - not just some one shot pacifier.
    Meanwhile, upper management pockets get fatter. How about it Dan? How much do you make? What are your benefits? Why are you fighting our unionization if it would result in less pay and benefits? If you really cared about it, why didn't you fight for our benefits when you had the chance?

  2. Dan

    Can you get us a better deal?
    Can you guarantee us the same deal?
    Can you at least guarantee that we won't lose anything that we already have?

    I know you read this blog. Why don't you answer?

  3. Got the letter what a bunch of BS.WE NEED LOCAL 363!

  4. To the 8:14 poster who started the comment with: 1st off I want to talk about a cancer.....and you named the guy....a guy who talks about the union but who is really just getting information to bring up front, a guy who has been caught stealing beer, garbage bags and what ever else he ""can get his grubby little hands on" but still gets AWAY WITH IT.....You warn everybody to watch out for him and that he is a no good snitch and can't be trusted.

    I just can't confirm the stealing part.

  5. Here is some interesting information about unions.

    United States Department of Labor
    Bureau of Labor Statistics

    “In 2009, the union membership rate--the percent of wage and salary workers who were members of a union--was 12.3 percent, essentially unchanged from 12.4 percent a year earlier, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics reported today. The number of wage and salary workers belonging to unions declined by 771,000 to 15.3 million, largely reflecting the overall drop in employment due to the recession. In 1983, the first year for which comparable union data are available, the union membership rate was 20.1 percent, and there were 17.7 million union workers.”

    Of course, you can say “the unions caused the loss of jobs” which translates to greedy hourly workers caused the recession. But we know that greedy people at high places made the recession happen. You can say the unions brought down the automotive industry, but what about the management decisions to pour billions of dollars into products that the consumers don’t want – like Humvees in a time of climbing fuel costs? What about the millions spent on executive pay? Remember the private jets?

    There is lots of current information about unions on this site. Here’s some more from the US Dept of Labor document.


    In 2009, among full-time wage and salary workers, union members had median usual weekly earnings of $908, while those who were not repre-
    sented by unions had median weekly earnings of $710. (See table 2.)

    In addition to coverage by a collective bargaining agreement, the difference reflects a variety of influences including variations in
    the distributions of union members and nonunion employees by occupation, industry, firm size, or geographic region.

  6. USW Local 8461 Jacksonville MCC fully supports and encourages the union being voted in at our sister plant.We have had a union 37 years this fall.Dan worked at our plant,he knows that the union helps the workers and gives them rights and a voice that a non-union plant does not enjoy.He actually sit in on the 2006 negotiations for a week.This is your opportunity to make a significant decision in your lives and familys lives.Bring in the IBEW, you will not regret it.


  8. 7:46 am - Yes it is true and it does happen quite often but that is always in a response to another 363 plant looking for additional people. We cannot create the need for a person we just can fill it.

  9. Hey USW Local 8461 thank you for your support.

    Please inform your fellow workers of this site and of what we are trying to do here. We would love them to talk about having a contract at work.

    What kind of attitude did Dan have at your unionized plant?

    He openly rejects the union here. He's leadin the pack now.

    Ask your fellow workers to tell us a little about having a CONTRACT and maybe even a little about Dan while he was at your plant.

  10. Lets do it. I want to be protected. I also want things to get better--for ALL OF US.

  11. AFRAID OF GETTING FIREDJuly 10, 2010 at 1:47 PM

    Thank You Jaxs! Being union is not a bad thing I take it.I have not decided yet. That advice helped.I guess I will see my fellow team members on Sunday.

  12. I want some of brittos bonus in my pocket--count me in. He is greedy..

  13. Dan K,

    When they said we were over paid (50th percentile) Did you try to fight for us and say we are worth it? Our volume and spoilage speaks for itself..Treat us fair..We are the BEST and should be paid more than the REST.

  14. All this talk about Dan. Lets not forget our other good buddy, hey Warren where have you been hiding?

  15. Dan it looks like you lost control. Tony was able read the people, Russ (rip) even managed it. Success is not just measured in dollars, it
    is also measured in the support that people will give. I wonder how Custer,Grant,Patton and our other great leader did. You missed that class of life some where. you run by- do as I say not as I do. alittle late now but maybe for your next plant try to lead by example. try working a rotation of nights and then getting up every day at 4am not just one here and there, But a stretch of days. See what connection you have with your family.

  16. Warren, workedat a plant for 22years, from electrician,superintendent to production manager with a secretary. You should be ashamed of yourself. Call us winers. Unlike most I thought you would have brought something to management, but there must be different air on the other side of the "WALL".You have failed the people that work for you. Maybe thats why we don't see you ever. (The Wizzard of OZ)