Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dan A No Show Again - Avoids The People And Being Shown Up And Exposed

I will dedicate only one paragraph to this. Dan - you cannot hide from the truth - even if you don't want to face it. So much for your fake statement that you want to help the people decide. You should have come to these meetings and given me a good thrashing. You didn't because you can't - you can't make a half truth fly when I am in the room - so BECAUSE OF YOU the people will not get the opportunity to "grill" us together. I was ready and I still am - anytime -just call me Dan.

More important than that is to now make a statement to all of the people.

In order to preserve the community of interest that the workers have with each other and to avoid alienating ANY WORKER - I will not put through ANY comment that mentions ANY other worker.

Dan, Britto, Warren, Dave, any manager and even Sam are ALL FAIR GAME.

Last night I put through every comment as a group without even reading them because an obviously "troubled man" at the late Wednesday meeting complained and said I was censoring the site. So I needed to show the entire group that just blasting comments through isn't what should happen in SOME CASES. But after being accused I had to make the point that a certain amount of discretion is really needed. I hope that troubled mans tape at least came out good enough to give to Dan. It really was some of my best sessions ya' know.

So I will exercise that for the benefit of all of the workers in the plant from here on in. It is something that will help us all jell better later as a unified group.

So feel free to hack away at anyone NOT in our bargaining unit.

I would like to take that a step further and ask every worker who considers themselves a "YES VOTE" to not bother, aggravate or pick on someone who is a suspected "No" vote. Leave them be. They will have to come to grips with things sooner or later on their own. Some people just think different - we will accept them anytime they want to be part of us.

Great meetings today and tonight. Alot of great questions and most importantly ALOT OF GREAT DISUSSIONS.

Just want to make the statement so no one thinks they were too "slick". I believe this meeting was taped right from the front row. I can smell 'em a mile away - I have been doing this a long time. The good thing is that I AM PROUD OF AND BELIEVE IN EVERYTHING THAT I SAID.

So have at it - play it loud.

Just wish Dan could have heard it with his own ears - but he is afraid to debate me.

It's tough to keep the people from figuring out you're lying about things when your competition is right there to expose you.


STAY SOLID, STAY STRONG, BE POLITE AND LISTEN (read that part good Dan ok?)



  2. no good for Dan but good for us. I'm sold and I was an anti last week
    363 comeon in

  3. goodnight Danboy

  4. Sam thank you for answering my question.
    From this point on I believe nonthing
    that comes out of Dans mouth!!I only meet Tony B
    2 times and now I understand why my fellow team mates want a union. ( its called lies)I'm been here less then 6 years and trust this Sam Guy more then I trust MCC.

  5. Just had my first employee name one. Sorry, no names of coworkers allowed. Make your points around that please. We are going to win this.

    Let's talk about why we need a contract and how strong we are and why we are so solid.

  6. JAX stands together with our brothers and sisters at the MCC Newburgh plant. Stick together and don't listen to any of the antiunion crap any manager gives you. Vote that union in or everything you have will soon be in Brittos million dollar bonus and his boys bonuses. vote yes and protect yourself .

  7. I'd like to send an apology to Mike. I found out who wrote the 4:06 post and it was not him. I will not expose who did write it for the simple fact that our strength is people united not divided. Thank you for the meeting Sam. It is clear unionization is the only choice for us.

  8. A coment was made last night from one of our newly hired ex-ball team members that Ball is trying to vote the 363 out, I just spoke with a friend of mine who works there and he had no idea. Didnt seem like anyone cared when he said it either but I tell you though, first time I saw Dan smile in a while. Almost as good as the break-time victory dance. Would like to see someone take a picture of his face on the 29th when hes not dancing anymore. My t-shirt size is a large and I would like something like red or yellow or even orange so people stop me to see the 363 on the front!

  9. good question......I'll get back to youJuly 30, 2010 at 1:43 PM

    Roundtables last night, would of gone better with steak and chicken, couldn't choke down the dry BS that was served. Maybe when Tony shows up we can get bags of chips and soda like our ECMS! Should of called in and listened to Sam! All I got was a card to a site thats not even up and this one has 23,000 hits. sweet smell of victory!

  10. 1:28 pm - We are all extremely proud to be IBEW 363 here at Ball Metal. Any former Ball person who says any different while working with you is just being a company suckass. Don't believe any of these dregs that we spit out and you picked up who spread bad rumors about our union. If you looked into their history, you would find that they were they had issues and that is why they are not here anymore. I have been watching this blog since the beginning of the month and I think you guys are in pretty good shape from what I see.

    The IBEW has done a tremendous job for us for a long time and they will do the same for you.

    vote yes you wont be sorry

  11. saynotomanagementshowJuly 30, 2010 at 6:46 PM

    well i just read the blog about the ex ball employee working at mcc now. a little info on him and that he was management and probably was against the union. he said he worked alot of hours with little time off, wow managers that actually work for their pay lol. Don't let this scare anyone because Sam is all over this union situation and everyone just stay strong. and by the way ex ball person you will be backed by a strong union because you are on the floor now like the rest of us and ibew 363 will cover your back so stop spreading untrue stuff. thanks Sam and GO UNION!!!!!

  12. I will not name the names you guys can figure that out but exball person is lying to all of you about ball I know who is working there. Another was a manager and a scummy sneaky boss who hated the union. take thatt o the bank and take what those two company butkisses say and flush it right down the toilet. they both would sell any of you out for a nickel 363 has done us nothin but solid over here you guys are crazy if you blow this vote for 363 baller man

  13. Sam is it true that Ball is unhappy with ibew 363 ?

  14. Sam is IBEW going to be bought out by another company ? Please don't post but we heard that at work.

  15. saynotomanagementshowJuly 30, 2010 at 8:39 PM

    thanks ballerman and we will not blow this chance to get 363 in here. Sam has made it clear and we are all strong and waiting for the vote. if there is any other ball people please give us your thoughts and thanks for the encouragement we appreciate it.

  16. I work at Ball that is not a true statement we have a pretty good idea who would say that...
    He did'nt leave on good terms.We heard about this today don't be afraid to go union.That is all we are going to say about that.Good Luck

  17. 8:37 Pm - LOL - That is going to make the top ten - IBEW is NOT a company....we cannot be bought.

    These company guys have to come up with some better ones.

    I haven't heard them bash the concept of having a contract yet. Why is that bad??

    IBEW Local 363 is one of the strongest and most respected locals in the IBEW and in the entire labor movement.

    You are in good hands and joining a great organization.

    Vote YES for IBEW Local 363

  18. Thank You for answering my question if this
    becomes our new future that is good to know.
    Also is it possible to get the word out too
    Ball so we can hear if they are satified with
    IBEW 363?

  19. Hey Team I heard last night they had a meeting.
    hold on too your sit we are going to get brain
    washed next week. Why do they care now we have
    been so unhappy for so long and they never
    LISTEN it's to late. Sam weather he is a salesman
    or not I'm sold that is where I will buy my new
    We all have united lets stay that way...It can
    only get better.If they come up with a contract
    of there own don't fall for it and if you have not read what happen in 1994 read it,that nis a grand slam right there. THEY LIE.............

  20. 6:21 AM - YES I spoke to BALL yesterday and I am working on that now. My plan goes further than them telling you on the blog.

    I'm waiting for a few more "feet" to get into Dans mouth so they can pull them out for him while you watch.

  21. Do you remember the day the company announced that we were not getting a raise,only a 1000 dollar one time check?Do you remember when they told us no more money in the pension? Do you remember how it felt to say NO to cheap steak?How it felt that you were not alone when most people said No together. Didnt you feel good to finally have an impact,a way to have your thoughts on what happened noticed. Dan tried to make light of how everyone responded and called it "the great steak out of 2010." He actually called the action juvenile.How does that make you feel? Just not eating what they throw you made them upset. Why? It got the point across didnt it. No one can deny that the action got noticed. Can you see the correlation? Dont forget the way you felt.Remember the things that have been reduced or taken away from when you started. Remember what input you have been able to give and what the company does when you tell them your concerns.
    Now can you see how the company reacted when the union showed up? Do you see that now they want to listen! If your still not sure what to decide. Just step back and look at the facts.Before the union showed up how often did Dan, Warren and Holly stop just to see how you were feeling about things. How about now that the union is here? Have you been questioned about your breaks since the union showed up? Didnt management the other day say dont worry about your breaks with the meetings going on, just adapt your schedule its o.k.Why cant that be every day it used to be.ONLY BECAUSE OF THE UNION, ONLY BECAUSE OF THE UNION! Not even management can deny that. Stop fence sitting and support the entity that supports you right now. We have made these things happen ,We are the UNION. Vote yes, Keep the company wanting to know what is important to us, keep them listening,because right now we are. Decide and vote yes.