Friday, July 23, 2010

Come Hear Sam And Dan Debate This Coming Wednesday And Thursday In Newburgh

I would like to invite you to our next meetings - the only way for the people to truly measure what you and I are telling them is for us to get into the same room and debate the issues. You have already said many things that are questionable and I think the people deserve to "check with another dealership" so to speak. I am willing to pay the $600 it will take to rent the meeting rooms for two days and we will treat you with respect when you get here - not because you've earned it - because YOU don't HAVE to earn it - because of who YOU are. That's another thing YOU SAID to the people - Remember that Dan? - because they do. They also remember the "Victory Dance" Warren did. I might want to debate that subject too. Don't even RSVP, I'll figure that you are coming so we can both give the people the best opportunity possible to make the best decision.



We will be having our next meetings:


AT THE KNIGHTS INN at 90 Rt.17K, Newburgh, NY 12550

Come to the meeting and ask any question you like. We will give you honest and to the point answers. We will also have a way for anyone who wants to ask a question without speaking if they wish.

We will discuss anything that you may have heard at the captive audience meetings that the company has held.

"Captive Audience Meeting" is the legal term the Federal Government uses when companies require employees to attend anti-union meetings while at work.

I sincerely hope that Dan does come to these meetings where the people will be encouraged and feel free to ask questions of each of us.

To be fair - I would also ACCEPT AN INVITATION - to debate at the breakroom if Dan would feel more comfortable....all that needs to be done is for me to be invited.


  1. Comon Dan...Show them Union Boys Who's Boss......I'm Right Behind You Big Boy...I Know you Will Show Them Up.....Show Them How You Have Led us Down The Right Path of Riches and Fame......Show Them Those Quivering Lips of Meanness Like you Did to Burrito to Keep Us a World Class Operation......NOT !!!!!!!.....Dan, You along with Tony Bhalla have sold us down the road. Tony look what you have allowed to happen at YOUR PLANT...IT'S A SHAME.....WE BELIEVED IN YOU TONY........VOTE YES

  2. dont worry we will see tony before this is all over coming over here rubbing our shoulders bein our big pal and friend where wqs he when they took away from us? stay away tony were getting a union in here its not AB no more

  3. well Dan why don't you man up here or send our esteemed peoples manager , u seem to be speaking from the unions side in all these lil anti union mettings we have to suffer through. go meet the IBEW, its what we all want, they are ready are u? and put it on the table. when is TONY B coming to town. think its even to late for TONY CLAUS the union is coming to town. you blame the inbev merger but did that make our breaks shorter or prevent us from going down the street to get a sandwich or slice of pizza. no that was our EINSTEINS up front well that went over as good as those steaks or that slap in the face 550 check.. hmmmm seems the salary staff can still have their power lunches do their shopping etc... on their break time hmmm sounds pretty fair huh. LEAD BY EXAMPLE.. not at MCC NEWBURGH. so look in the mirror fellas this is just as much ur doing as the BURRITOS selfishness, TONYS GOLDEN BOY has really botched this one up. i'm sure TONY is very proud.. so we plan on seeing u on wedenday DAN bring ur esteemed sidekick he has all the 1-800 numbers you will need you owe it to all of us maybe we won't have to sit through anymore of those staged meetings.. plzzzzz

  4. Dan this is the only chance you are getting we want a matter who I talk too that works for union plants they are happy.
    Sam is right we are being told to go to these meeting give us a choose see how many show up.

    Vote Yes we will come off of vacation to vote yes.

  5. Hi team i'm a x team member this is a great site.
    This place gave me unfair treatment don't even give it a sec guess go union !!

  6. Dan are you coming do you have something to hide?

  7. Dan if you don't go to our meeting invite Sam to your meetings let him defend the union instead of you telling us how bad it is for us.

  8. MCC SOON TO BE 363 !!!

  9. I look at it this way. Dan needs to come to all of the meetings this week or this election is over. We are supposed to be making a choice based on facts. One side cannot lie with the other side right next to them in the room without soem kind of rebuttal. If Dan is not going to come that tells me he has things to hide or he is not telling us the truth.

    I bet Sam would show up to the break room to debate if he got invited. If Dan doesn't come to these meetings and doesn't invite Sam to the company meeting, that tells me whats up right there.

    Besides , I want to see Sam twist Dan into a pretzel.

  10. Dan
    Your management team has failed. You know when you are done. The sad face and a fake concerned face you had, while you read from your promted sheets.

  11. Remember when Inbev first took over and you all had meetings wih Dan and the rest of your managers about it? Remember the tone of voice of the managers in those meetings?

    Pretty much it was too bad, this is the way it is.

    Here is a famous quote from that time:

    "There is no silver bullet. We are NEVER going back to where we were."

    Notice they don't have that same "too bad" tone now while you attend the anti-union meetings. They are nice as pie. Same people though just different attitudes. Why the change?

    The reason is that THIS TIME YOU are making the decision and they KNOW THAT. They cannot vote!!!We turned it around on them now and they are walking on EGGSHELLS.

    They do NOT want YOU to vote IBEW Local 363 in. Why? Why is this so important that lawyers from St. Louis are FLYING IN to protect them from us???

    It must be really worth alot to go that far. Meetings for a month about it? It must really be worth alot to someone in the CORPORATE OFFICE to spend all this time "to HELP you decide".

    YOUR 401k is your retirement nest egg. Why didn't THEY have a months of meetings to decide how to invest or to discuss the stockmarket or what would be best for your investment future? Why?

    Why was no lawyer from St. Louis dispatched to Newburgh to advise us how to save our nesteggs?

    Because they are concerned only about themselves not us.

    Think about this, these Captive Audience Meetings aren't really for YOU, they are for THEM. For them to STOP YOU from gaining a little ground.

    If they get what they want and the union is not voted in - there will be no more time wasting meetings, no more nice as pie. There will be no NEED for that ANYMORE.

    THE GOOD NEWS IS - Soon YOU ALL WILL BE MEMBERS OF IBEW LOCAL 363! Whether they have meetings or not! The people need someone who is REALLY ON OUR SIDE AND NO ONE ELSES. That is IBEW L:ocal 363.




  12. Hey Sam,
    Thank you for having the balls to be willing to stand up and debate Dan. Dan I know you are reading this and so is Tony. Tony give him the green light to debate Sam. If what Dan says is true, then everyone will see who is telling the truth. Oh yeah, everyone should bring documentation to back up their claims. Sam, you wont be alone.your one of us now an honorary canmaker.

  13. Thanks 1:19PM
    I am proud to be an Honorary Canmaker.

    I hope Dan does show up because we can convince him that what we want is reasonable - a contract.

    Nothing he or any other company rep says can "trump" that. Nothing.

  14. If the company brings in outsiders to do anti union,nazi style brainwashing, monotonous meetings,slice your wrist boring lies that no one believes.Do I have to sit through them or can we refuse and walk out without getting fired.Cause they really suck at giving meetings.Id rather be out on the floor doing my job making the company money for all of us.Please let me know.

  15. Iamaunionman UNFORTUNATELY, YES you have to go. Thats why they call them "Captive Audience meetings" the people are forced to attend. But please just listen and report back what they say.

    I will answer any questions. I can guarantee almost all of what they say will be about EVERYTHING BUT GETTING A CONTRACT.

    THOSE CAPTIVE MEETINGS are like listening to someone talk about hockey at a baseball game - THEY ARE NOT TALKING ABOUT THE MAIN SUBJECT. A CONTRACT.

    But yes - you need to attend, stay solid, be polite and listen and vote yes anyway.

  16. Dan?

    Don’t you think it’s about time you concede to this process?

    You and your Management Team should just stop trying to win something you have already lost.

    It is futile for you to continue with this.


    We are in this predicament because of you and the environment you have created.

  17. I was a manager at mcc newburgh guys you need a union that front office lie they have a agenta
    and you are not in it trust me they suck in that front office they moved me to another plant and fired me. Think about your future vote for the union that is the only hope you have. Good Luck
    and stay solid. P.S this sight rocks !!!

  18. I was told to look at this blog wow....I worked at MCC many years ago it was o.k it was AB now team members open your eyes protect your future
    I still talk to some of the guys and i'm glad I don't work there any more I work at a plant that is union and it works for us.Once you get use to it you know where you stand allways. Vote Yes don't let another union pass by. Talk soon I'll be reading this it's better then going to the movies.Hopefully you will finally get rid of Warren !

  19. Sam I hear luck is on our side 60% of the no votes will be on vacation.

  20. I like working at MCC if the union comes in how will we get what we want if we don't go on strike? Don't get me wrong I want the union but what leverage do we have ?

  21. I worked at MCC for over 20 years this is the first time we all stand together hang on don't get discouraged it will be over soon.We will be one happy family IBEW 363.

  22. So these meeetings are kind of what the VietNamese did to the south after they took over. Captive Meetings = re-education camps. A kind of sanctioned brain washing.

  23. 2:57 PM

    We don't anticipate anything negative happening because it can only come from Dans side of the table and he says he cares for all of you. So if that is a fact, we won't ever be put in that position because Dan and the company would never propose lowering anything. In fact, they act very concerned about NOT letting that happen in their captive audience speeches.

    Funny how you never hear the union talk about lowering anything.

    BUT to answer that anyway - We would need to think about what it was we wanted and the reasons why they are opposed to it. Is it legit? Or is it spite? Follow me so far? If it is for spite the people will convey the message. Whether to strike is ALWAYS completely and ONLY up to the people. We don't like that option. When we have our union you will also see that there are many ways to convey our disappointment in the spite situation.

  24. Dan.

    You once said “we hold everyone accountable for their actions" all the way up to ME.

    Why is it that you write up team members for the negligence of your Manager’s?

    Did the Managers get in trouble for shutting down the fillers due to warehouse issues?

    I don’t think so.

    Your Managers don’t treat the workers with any respect.

    Your Managers talk to us like we are stupid and don’t know what we are doing.

    Your Managers belittle us every chance they get.

    Your Managers are the reason for all this.

    Thank you All Mighty Manager for what WE are about to become.

    Because of you “ WE WILL VOTE YES FOR THE IBEW 363”

    At least I can thank you for that Dan.

    Thank you Dan

  25. In our captive meeting they talk about getting a web site to answer question do they really think we are that stupid to write on that.Sam you are the person for us!!Vote Yes

  26. Re-Ed that right there is some funny s@!t. I love this site.

  27. So I'm sitting here at this very hot gathering and what happens these two guys have IBEW hats on I ask them questions about the union they belong to a different local and they tell me
    that they been in this local for 15 years.

    When they told me the type of benfits they get I all most fell of my chair we are getting cheated so badly.
    My name is Adam.

    If you want someone to back you the only advice I give you go union we live in a rough time.

    Everything is gettin bought by people over sees they DO NOT care about the American workers.

    Nice talking too you I got more beer to drink
    this is pretty funny.Union dues won't make or break you.

    Good Luck my new brothers and sisters.

  28. Wait till the end of the August they'll open up Special Re Education camps for the ones that aren't

  29. Re-Ed camp....that is funny I care who you are..

    VOTE YES 50.00 is not a lot of money they will take more back then 50.00 in April.

  30. Sam where is our victory party going to be?

    That will be the event of the year!!

    Vote for IBEW

  31. Hey Passion you got it going on....Man do I love this site.

  32. Now that is really funny someone at a party wrote on the site drink a beer for me Adam.

  33. I will have a victory party.

    When the time comes.

  34. I hear IBEW 503 loves the union. they get great benefits. looking foward to being brothers & sisters

  35. BUD "WISER"July 24, 2010 at 8:53 PM

    I'm there Passion......can't wait for that victory YES Newburgh.....we won't regret

  36. This was just confirmed from somebody working today. A-Crew's team leaders while on there day of work on Friday. Were shown appreciation from
    management (Hickman) For them filling in as superintendent. She took them out to TGI FRIDAYS
    for lunch! Well of course i do not have a problem with management showing us there appreciation, but never before have i seen management take team leaders out for lunch having a one on one with them before for doing
    such a thing?Again my problem is with management
    changing policy to fit there need. Again Dan
    policies change from one person to another.Hey
    Dan just a week ago wasn't a team member given
    such a hard time for asking to bring his wife to the airport ten minutes if that.Because his wifes father was very ill and in the hospital?
    Hey Dan I would like to know how two or three people can leave for lunch drive down to TGI Fridays on a friday afternoon be seated,order,
    eat and drive back in 40min.Hey Dan I hope there wasn't any hidden agenda, Because that is
    is illegal.So here it is again everybody... management changing policy to serve their own
    need! Watch your step Dan you do something illegal where going to catch you!

  37. Hey Dan your lucky numbers are 363!

  38. Dan i want to go to FRIDAYS also. Will i be excused?

  39. You are kidding me could not leave to go to the Airport. That is illegal to take a team member out to lunch.Sam that is out of the norm what do you think ?

  40. Sam when are you going to put some of the recordings on the blog ?

  41. Come on now, do you really think that any management will show up for a debate? My prediction....not one will be there. St. Louis will never approve it.

    To be fair, all our issues did not come from local management, it's much further up the line.

    I and many others have told management what the issues are and they did not hear us. We didn't use captive attendence either. They asked, we answered, they didn't hear us.

    When the current top man arrived, he had the no tresspassing signs put up at the enterance to the parking lot to keep the union out, so he was aware that there were issues that needed to be addressed, we gave the issues and were not heard.

    We are tired of not being asked and not being listend to.

    MCC management CAN YOU HEAR ME NOW?

  42. saynotomanagementshowJuly 25, 2010 at 1:13 AM

    Man all you guys and gals are rocking the show lol!!! Lets talk a little about warren tomlins and how useless he is to this company. we never see him on the floor and then he comes in to the lunch room for a victory dance. wow what a classy guy. people are just so fed up and tired of the way management runs this facility. they use their Marine mentality because no disrespect to the military thats all they know. Tony it is ashamed it has come down to this, we have such a great core of workers and now we will have the say that we need to make it a little more comfortable to work there. Hopefully after the union and contract gets in place we can get back to focusing on making cans and supporting our families without all the hassles we get now.
    For all you non union thinking people please remember all the tough times we have had and your personel issues with management. It will only get worse not better. Lets all hang tough and unite and unionize. Sam lets get it done, keep up the pressure its paying off big time. Remember inbev rules us not AB anymore. that is the big difference maker. VOTE YES.

  43. i have a comment about his speach, he thinks that this blog is cesspool but he continues to read it, explain that one in your next re-education meeting.

  44. Britto is one more job cut closer to getting his 2.5 billion bonus. Whitehead is going to acrew and they are not going to fill his position. Maybe Hickman and Warren can take care of the decks when its 120 degrees up there!! I gues mass conveying will take care of itself. Great job Whitehead, thank you for your hard work, now be sure and mop under the flanger. Here.s a clue, we make budget because of mass conveying!!!!

  45. 10:30 Pm - We all KNOW why they wanted to take the team leaders to lunch - to work on them to vote against having a contract.

    The team leaders are not that stupid. I am sure they disguised it as something else but it was a personal Re education meeting - team leader style.

    Team Leaders - What is the future for team leaders? Will they be dona away with like they are moving to do with the Gtech? you are team leader until the minute they decide you are not. Don't be fooled into voting AGAINST the very people you are leading.

    Your fellow workers NEED and WANT the protection of a WRITTEN CONTRACT.

    Do what you have to do, go to lunch, let them talk - but don't hurt the people who work on your team.

    The risk of working with no contract for Britto and Company is VASTLY DIFFERENT than working for AB without one.



    Stay tough Team Leaders. We know you are on the SAME SIDE AS US.

  46. 10:28 pm - Go to Fridays???? YOU are NOT ALLOWED to even leave the property.


    YOU just can't be trusted to leave the property -


  47. What about the whole crew Holly? I think pizza for the crew or an extended break would've been nice.........You Managers just don't have it

  48. Holly can you schedule another pizza run? I picked up 6 new votes because the people think you are trying to sway the election.

    Every time you PO the people I gain.

    Red Lobster would probably pay off better for us - can you swing it on the HR Budget?

    ...and thanks for the input team leaders - WE KNOW you are with us.

    All we want is a contract - written down so we know what we have.

  49. Probably one of the first things we should try to get in our contract is at least a 1% raise on top of anything else we ask for to compensate for the pathetic "raise" we got this year.
    Also, I think we should try to get MVP back. This lame insurance we have now isn't working.
    Also, thanks for the heads up on Holly's lunch. A real eye opener! God forbid we take 5 minutes extra on a break, much less order food and sit there and eat it in 40 minutes. You can't break the rules to push your agenda. We're in this thing together, not a chosen few.

  50. There's a Super that shouts GTFO in the brake room .... what does that mean?

    Gracious Tidings For Oxalis???????

  51. What is interesting to me is Dan, Dave and Tony have all the information needed for there cause but when we as a group should be properly informed we are not! We get lies, excuses and 1-800 numbers for important information on things that affect are daily lives. The only time I see this group of so called Managers really make a effort is when there -ss is on the line, they come out of the wood work to make it look as if they care. Ask yourselves if your best interest or there's is what they are worried about.

  52. Tony Roussos Says : I cant blam you guys for asking all kinds of questions . This is your future /// BUT , The bottom line is , You cant go wrong with our Union . You asked them to come to you , RIGHT ? All of you are listening to the wrong statements made by questionable employees that are in it for themselves and knowone else . These few individuals will always have something negitive to say , We deal with this everyday at Wallkill . What i enjoy as a Steward is when these same employees are up to thier necks in trouble , then they come knocking , ASking for help . Trust me , this happens alot ..... I really cant tell you what to do , Follow your hearts , Ask yourself , Are you willing to continue living under the conditions you have ? If the answer is NO , Vote yes for a contract people . Again , If any of you would like some questions answered , Feel free to call me or e-mail me at . Good luck to all of you . The IBEW 363 has always been here for us when we needed them for over 30 years . Dont listen to rumors concerning Wallkill , If you here something , ask me , Dont spread false information . Thank you .

  53. This is the best I have seen this plant run in years. I almost forgot we used to run like this on a daily basis.