Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Extra! Extra! Read All About It - IBEW and AB INBEV Attorneys To Meet At Labor Board In NYC Thursday

Just to let you all see that the process has begun - Here are the letters that Dan got in the mail this week. NOW is the time when you will see if the COMPANY will allow the people to make their own decision or try to stand in the way of that happening. They have encouraging you to make your own decision - well now is the time to see if that was a true statement or not.

IBEW Local 363 will go to the hearing in NYC with NO HIDDEN AGENDA. We want to fairly agree and decide on the date time and place of the election.

We have no intention of playing games or stonewalling the process. WE WILL NOT ATTEMPT TO PUNISH OR HURT ANY WORKER WHO DOES NOT SEE THINGS OUR WAY. Will they do the same?

Unlike the company, we will RESPECT THE DECISION OF THE WORKERS and we ACCEPT whatever way the people decide for this to go. Will they do the same? We will see and make sure that you are informed of what the process brings and "who brung it".



  1. Thanks Sam.

    You are doing a great job.

  2. heard through grapevine that one of our very nice mangers is quoted as saying "they had better vote this in because if they think they have it bad now, they have not seen anything yet". that's nice knowing how revengeful they can been when all we are doing is something within our right as us citizens.

  3. wow what a great day for us guys, thanks 363. just the beginning of the end of the old days.. maybe we will be treated as human beings now, remember us the ones who butter your bread mgmt. just want what we always deserved, RESPECT..... Sam get the bullhorn out its time... mgmt. save your money, steak dinners, and speeches its a landslide, nobody wants to hear what your selling anymore, THE UNION IS COMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. i also heard that

  5. You guys are out of control why would you do that. Makes us look bad please take that off of you tube we are trying too get a contract when we have to bargain remember one thing we all have to work together.

  6. Hi MCC good luck vote yes or you will be sorry.


  7. Ladies & Gentlemen stay focused this needs to happen for us. Question for Sam if we are on vacation is there a absent tee ballot ? When is the next union meeting you need too help us stay strong. Can't wait 363

  8. I am for the union and I will vote YES but lets not stoop to their level. Alot of talk about disrespect and it so true, so lets remember how they made us feel and be the better person. Thank you Jax and Newark for your support and especially Thank you Sam.

  9. 7:52 PM - We cannot depend on getting absentee ballots - the board normally does not allow them. We will know real soon what the election date is - then you guys can plan around that if you can. So far it looks as though there will be no absentee ballots.

  10. Thanks Sam for keeping us in the loop we are not use to that we are use to getting lied too.

  11. Team members are we ready to listen to more lies
    or are we going to stay solid.This will be over soon hopefully the end result will be IBEW 363.

  12. Did card check law ever pass through congress? Does an absent vote get counted as a yes, a no, or is it stricken from the percentage totals?

  13. 11:07 - No the corporations poured money into the anti labor politicians and it has been stopped - not killed - but stopped.

    There must be a LOT of power being in the union - look how much money the "Brittos" spend trying to stop the people from having one.

    If there was a card check law - we would be negotiating today instead of heading to NYC for a hearing.

    Oh well - we'll do it the hard way.

  14. Today we realy noticed the change in the Managers Demeanor.

    We see that the Managers are in there planning stage. They are trying to find out Who is Union and Who is not?

    We can see it's going to be a constant battle with them to try and win us back.

    Suprise!!!! WE ALL AGREE.



    Together we stand in numbers.

    Alone you stand by yourself.