Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Careful Visiting The Company "Election" Website With Your Home Computer

Remember when the company put out the rumor that they could "tell" who was commenting on OUR blog but they really COULDN'T because that is our site? Well now they are making their own site.

Think hard before you visit OR COMMENT on the company website with your home computer. Especially when they make you enter a password. I am not trusting that and neither should you. They own that site and THEY CONTROL IT. Can some computer geek in St. Louis figure out who is on there? I don't know but why give them the opportunity. If you want to look, just don't use a computer that links to your home.

Let them make hard copies and hand deliver their "message."


  1. Respond to them on OUR blog. We know their reading it

  2. Why would we be worried about them tracking who visited their website? I don't really care if they know I was there. They even encourage us to visit this blogsite so we can stay "informed". I think that your paranoia is a little misplaced and I'd be willing to bet that this comment will never see the light of day on your site. So much for "nothing to hide"!

  3. A computer "moron" here.

    Visiting this site is safe?

    AB / MCC / In Bev has their own, separate election website?

    If so, this is the first I've heard of "Their" website.

  4. Yes - that quetion came up early on. The company spread a rumor about THIS site - saying they could "tell" who went on it or commented. T




    They will be giving you a "card" with a password on it to link into their "site" if you didn't get one already.

    I would tell them to just hand me hard copies of whatever dribble they want you to see. Let's face it, it just going to be Dan regurgitated.

    I'm ALSO sure they have some geek in St. Louis who is REALLY IN CHARGE of their site.

    Don't trust it.

  5. 4:06 AM - Check out their track record from 1994. Go to and there is a search box in the top right corner...type in MCC Newburgh Can Plant and read the 15 page court papers about what they have done to their employees in the past.

    ...and then take your blinders off and read it.

    Paranoid? - nope - smart, one step ahead and watching out for the people.

    YOU can do whatever you would like. It's a good guess on my part that they will LOVE your comments on that site anyway.

    The good thing is you are in the vast minority in your thinking.

    Make sure you read the court case and the RESULTING GUILTY VERDICT.

    That's why I said what I said.

  6. A team member asked last night durring roundtables what the wallkill plant gained and loss in the last contract. I know a lot of team members wanted to hear the answer to that and Dan and Dave could not give one, even though they pulled info off the contract to help plead their case. Ive heard before that a union will not propose less than what we have , would appreciate it if you could shed some light on that for us.

  7. Hey 4:06 or should I say Mike....thanks
    For your input, even though you're all about
    Sucking up to management.....hey......
    Shouldn't you be busy with your made
    Up pm rover job? "and we were 90% compliant
    With blah blah blah".....get a real job!!!.....
    How much longer are you going to milk it

  8. Hey 4:06 (Mike) I see your statement did get published on this site..Now who is hiding?Paranoia? I think you might be..Because after the Union is voted in the Company will not be able to make up fake jobs for you. Your PM Rover job is a joke ...It should be called the do nothing job..Sorry Mike your days of ass kissing and fake jobs is coming to an end on Auguest 28th. Welcome 363

  9. I would like to thank Dan for our boring hour and a half meeting. He has enlightened us all on how great our questions are, yet he has no answers for any of them. If he is trying to build a case against the union he is doing a piss poor job. Dan please do your homework and get some information for us before you set up these meetings. I am so embarassed for you that you are clueless as well as your sidekick..oh and what was that sign language that the two of you were doing? Did you want Dan to steal second base? Well anyway Dan and Dave thank you for making my vote even stronger..YES YES YES to 363

  10. I have to say the meeting was real with Sam, not that monotone, read from the playbook crap that i heard earlier.I would like to make this point about the dues i would pay when we get a contract.when you buy insurance for a car,home,appliance,etc.... its a service of protection written out in case something goes wrong. That's how i see my dues and for the 1% on 1000 ($10) to have a written contract, to have representation in bargaining, to have a means of grieving an incident, or unjust repremanding, i can honestly say that's the best money i could spend for my future at MCC.Wake up the writing is on the wall we are headed down an uncertain future, but we already got a taste of the past (breaks,leaving for lunch,no raises)We need an insurance policy,we need a contract, and we need IBEW 363, can i get yes vote.stay solid

  11. Having sat through both meetings yesterday,I want to share my opinion with my fellow employees.Dans captive meeting was very very poor. How come before the union drive, Dan and other management hardly even new my name.Now they are telling us that we are great in all areas of our plant because of OUR hard work.If a union comes in, arent WE still going to be here? What would change? Why are they trying to suggest that if we go union that Im going to turn into a evil beast? IM not. Are they?Im still going to come to work and earn my paycheck. I just want to know what I can expect as far as my total compensation package for next year is going to be. Only with a written promise, a contract can that happen.

  12. 6:57PM- ANY TALK of losing ANYTHING has STRICTLY come from what side in this issue? Sam or Dan? The answer is DAN. He is the one hinting around and threatening that - not the union.

    WHY DAN?

    THE UNION WILL NOT PROPOSE ANYTHING LOWER THAN WHAT YOU HAVE. In fact - like you - we want to gradually improve EVERYTHING over time but we sure as HELL ARE NOT IN FAVOR OF LOWERING anything.

    WHAT IS THE COMPANY PLAN? IT MUST BE to cut away from the people and as of this day with no contract - it OBVIOUSLY still is. Prior to 363 coming in - DAN HAD A A CLEAR SHOT to pillaging your compensation.



    Someone needs to ask Dan point blank - If we have no union after August 29 will we lose anything related to compensation or our job classifications?

    If he tells you yes they are cutting - you need the union. IF HE TELLS YOU NO - HE'S LYING.

    Bottom line is if there is ANY discussion about lowering anything or any pressure about it - it will only come from one place.....

    those same people who are telling you in hour and a half long meetings that they CARE for you.

    Dan and Dave and their trusty sidekick Britto.

  13. i talked to mike and he told me in confidence he is voting for the union, but i told him don't let the managers hear that or they will treat you differently and he assured me that they think he's anti union and will keep the act going.i hope the managers don't somehow find out mike that your really a union supporter.

  14. If we are number one in so many areas of our industry why shouldnt we be compensated as such. Why should anyone want to be paid a lower level. The 50 percentile bullshit are only words to try to justify a reduction or stagnation in labor cost.The information INBEV gives to the public clearly showes the only way they can increase share price is off the workers. Simple, if you are not selling more beer or raising prices significantly, then you have to cut costs by selling off the non essentials, which they did.Then continue to cut labor . By the way thats the ONLY way left for them to reach their bonus goals.Then 2.5 billion dollars to be shared by only top execs,including britto. Not the workers who made the cans or the beer. Secure your future with a union vote yes for 363

  15. Can I get a copy of sams wednesday meeting tape? it was so good! One of Dans major parasites was there taping it. Funny thing was Sam knew itthe whole time and talked loud enough so the tape would be clear. I want my kids to hear it, it was great information and made so much sense!

  16. Mike you had me fooled, awesome dude keep it up, it's working.

  17. WOW to those who posted 4:06 was Mike well wrong, please don't make up stuff and accuse TM of something they did not do. OK cause I'm not even up at that time yet. Try at least to keep it real, since what I did want to post never showed up here as suspected.

  18. Lets keep focused on a contract - that is the issue.

  19. Hey 4:06, I'm not paranoia. I do CARE about my fellow team members. do YOU????????

  20. Oh and by the way 4:06 it did make the website so you see Sam will listen to everyone as he TOLD us to do.Vote yes

  21. I agree Sam....What we need is a contract and not useless bickering. We still have quite a ways to go before the election and we need to stay focused and strong.

  22. There is nothing the company can tell me to change my mind now and I was a legitimate fence sitter until yesterday. Thank you Sam

  23. Just a note to everybody from a long tme mcc employee who doesn't want to get involved too much in the politics of all of this. I went to one of the meetings and I am now voting yes. We have no other legitimate choice. We can't trust the company anymore.

  24. If 406 is a reference to the post time.

    It wasn't Mike.

    It was me.

    I didn't hear about the cards that MCC handed out. I got mine now and promptly threw it away.

    Just waking up, and seeing that post about being careful about the site.

    I asked the "Moronic" question.

    My apologies to all for the confusion.

    Too ....

    Sam, my apologies.

    I wanted to make one of the meetings this week and my intention was today. Troubles at home prevented it.


    It hasn't changed my vote.

    After the MCC meetings last night, I'm still go Union.

    Someone asked, when the union wins, do we get a sticker or tee shirt or sumthin?

    Wanna wear it!

  25. Danny Boy,

    You and your brother Dave L. skated around the roundtable questions like Dorothy Hamill during the olympics. Unionman had alot of good comments in his post. We are #1 in many of the catagories. Treat us fairly. During our ECM's we were told profits were good, volume was up and the big loan they took out was being paid off faster than they thought. How come nothing was added to our package? The big boys sure made out pretty good. Millions in bonuses. Sharpen your skates Danny Boy.

  26. WOW!

    Read the NLRB minutes from MCCs history.


  27. 6:42 - yes and the tshirts will look good on the floor of the plant on everyone. Don't worry about the meeting - just glad to have explained things thoroughly enough that you understand the importance of having a contract.

    Stay Strong Stay Solid Vote Yes for IBEW 363

  28. Hey the MCC meeting was like, can we get a carfax on that rusty piece of junk your trying to sell us. No No Look at that blog spot junk, there sales men not us. No No can I see the carfax. No No look what the jerks said about me. Can I please see the carfax

  29. well i haven't been here long. thought i was against unions, but after sitting thru these meetings and listening to all the guys that have benn here for years.. i am starting to think that for our best intrest we need a union.. i saw one of the newguys put a posting up b4, well i am with u also didn't think i would b here but i am with u guys go 363..

  30. I cant wait for dan to get fired after we vote the union in. He deserves everything that happens to him.I was talking with another manager and he told me that Dan is really fighting for his own job right now.

    If it is either you or us dan, goobye dan

  31. 10:46 PM - Please feel like you are a part of all of us now. You will soon be a PROUD MEMBER of IBEW Local 363 as will EVERYONE WHO MAKES THOSE CANS.

    Welcome aboard and keep low

    Stay Strong, Stay Solid, and vote yes for IBEW Local 363.

    We welcome every new hire into our group.

  32. Well Dan keeps preaching to us that he has no involvement in union drives HMMM.. funny but i believe the windsor plant had at least a few union drives in his time as plant mgr. there. HMMM. whos being truthful now LT.DAN. and as for your sidekick mr x plant mgr. now our esteemed PEOPLES mgr heard Rome can plant under your leadership was close to going UNION in at least 2 elections or the election of 94 at newburgh that MGMT. was caught (found guilty)lying under oath . hmmm and u want us to believe WHO. well guys sounds like your track record speaks for itself. think its a landslide 363 is coming you have left us no choice. GO UNION

  33. Sam, enjoyed getting a chance to meet and hear was a breath of fresh air in the face of the 'captive audience meetings'. Maybe we should go back into the playbook from 94, when someone asked Tony Bhalla, "do I HAVE to attend these meetings?" Tony thought about it and said no, they are voluntary. I think that question needs to be asked again...they said they're gonna bring their 'union negotiator' in to talk to us, I'm sure that'll be a doom and gloom scare talk....very sad but predictable. DON'T GIVE IN TO THE SCARE TACTICS!

  34. Read the case file from the last union drive
    well the way I see it now you managers are liers
    How many more lies can we stand,I don't know you Sam but I guess I will take my chance with you.
    For those who have not read that read it. Is that the kind of management you want to trust.


  35. Wallkill Says : I referance to your question of July 29th regarding Wallkill's new contract , Let me say this . Our Neg Team did a great job . From what I understand , The discussions got real Hot and Heavy at times but When the smoke settled we walked away with our medical , a pay increase and numorous in house issues addressed . The entire plant is satisfied and if you do your home work , the vote went through 99 % yes votes . Mainly because our Negotiators and stewards did the job of explaining everything in detail before the vote . Without the support of the Union during these times , Who knows what we would of ended up with . I know we would of lost our medical for starters . Communication is key . If you decide to go with the Union , Choose your rep's wisely .

  36. Hello , I am an employee from wallkill and i wanted to let everyone know the IBEW has saved my job twice . I screwed up on two separate occassions and with the support of the Union Stewards and IBEW 363 Officials , I was able to continue working . I am positive , if we did not have a Union , I would of been on the street 4 years ago , when i made my first mistake . Think about it .