Friday, July 30, 2010

Come On In - The ( Cess ) Pool Is Fine

Have you enjoyed reading this blog every day, every night or at any and every hour? How is it feeling like you are PART of a solid group of level headed people going in the same direction?

Do you enjoy having the opportunity to COMMUNICATE with your workers WITHOUT FEAR? Having the chance to let management know that they are NOT fooling you with their campaign lies? Or even just to vent on them for things that are unfair?

Well you have just experienced the "cesspool". The "cesspool" is where the people become empowered and can talk openly with their fellow workers. They can discuss the fear, lies and intimidation from the company managers who do not want them to have a voice.

It's ironic that THE ONE TRYING TO CAUSE PANIC AND FEAR and negative feelings is THE COMPANY and they are ALSO the one warning of the DANGER of it.

The "cesspool" is also where the people can see that their fellow workers ALL feel the same way they do - they need the protection of A CONTRACT.

The "cesspool" is also where the people start to form and build themselves into the strong union they will become - IBEW Local 363 - and it is where WE ENCOURAGE EACH OTHER TO STAND TOGETHER.

How did the "cesspool" get its name?

Dan thought of it.

It is a "cesspool" in his mind because Dan cannot accept the fact that HE CANNOT STOP YOU from reading it and joining IBEW Local 363.

Why do we smell Roses Dan?

Good question. I'll get back to you on that.


  1. We love our cesspool it is somewhere we can go to vent.

  2. The vote CAN not come soon enough!

    Did I say CAN?

    I'm not interested in pay raise right now.

    I'm not interested in changes in benefits right now.

    I'm not interested in a change in 401K or retirement right now.

    I'm interested in stability.

    Today, RIGHT NOW, the only place we get to establish a foundation. A place of firmament, is with SAM and the IBEW.

    Perhaps in the future, Sam and the IBEW can improve out lot.

    We've seen what our management can provide. Less people, more work, more failure, more pain, and more sacrifice for those who are already rich, to become richer.

    Today, RIGHT NOW, I hope not to lose anymore.

    "Britto" is getting rich off our pain.

  3. Old Canner Tonys BuddyJuly 30, 2010 at 10:17 PM

    He's right Dan, call Tony you can't stop it. The truth is neither can he. Will Tony then turn on us all, his friends, because we want Sam and the IBEW?

    We haven't changed, you guys did and that's making us try to change to protect ourselves.

    Be careful how you handle this Tony. You need to work with us on this. If you do we can all make this work really well.

  4. PLEASE remember people Tony B.,is not on your side,in fact he is now a IBBEV employee,his interest is only on behalf of upper management,he is NOT your friend,as he would like you assume,he works against us all,he is aware of all that has taken place,and all that will take place in the future,all the take aways

  5. I agree Tony was always my hand around the shoulder guy,my buddy boy. Tony you know we need this and really think you could work with Sam. it could be the best thing that has happened around here,don't fight us on this when you get here.

  6. Just got home from work the more I think about
    it I guess you guys are right we do need a
    union. I'm not sure I will like it but we are running out of opions,I need 5 more years and it would be nice to see that on paper. I'm slowly
    going for IBEW. Good Night

  7. TORN....When you really sit and think about it -

    If they gave all employees a choice when they were hired here:

    OK Mr. employee, you can choose to work here under our written contract system which we cannot change without speaking with you..........

    OR you can just trust us and work with nothing written down and we will change anything we want without notice.......

    Which situation would you have picked?

    The good thing is that we are all being given the OPPORTUNITY to make that CHOICE RIGHT NOW.

    Glad that you are leaning toward joining the rest of your friends on this.

    With five years left you really can't afford any dictated suprises from Belgium or Tony or Dan Or Britto with no say and no chance to voice your concerns about those changes.

    Fact is, with 10, 20 or even 30 years left you can't afford that with this new company.

    The solution is right here - unionize to bargain as a group for a contract.

    Join IBEW Local 363

    Welcome aboard TORN and everybody who joined us this week!


    The Newburgh Choice web site is all them talking to us. No place for us to talk to them.

    What's it going to take to be HEARD?

    A UNION ????!!!!

  9. fact is when we finalize our contract,it will all be written down on paper,we may not even like it all at first,BUT , at least we will know what to expect in the future,with no suprises,AND in the future WE will be able to inprove on the things that WE would like to change,NOT inbev,right now they have complete control...

  10. tony,tony,tony,...,he is no different than dan is,tony may come to newburg,but only to help dan,NOT us,remember the last union drive,tony did and acted just as dan is doing now,tony is not going to "help",us,WE can only help ourselves,along with being organized with the IBEW

  11. Wow i am so glad that the company put on their propaganda web site how much Sam and Tom are compensated. Thats going to chage my mind to vote no. NOT! Why dont you put some useful info up like what your total rewards package is Dan, Dave (you still make plant manager pay for being a failure in Rome) and why not Warrens, (the do nothing machine) that seems to put all his work onto Holly. She sould be making more that all of you because see seems to be the only one stepping up and going above and beyond the call of duty.
    The really sad thing is i have to come to the cesspool web site to make a comment, or ask a question to managment. Because if you ask something in a meeting that they dont like you will get yelled at or have a target or your back.
    So how about it dan do you have the hair on your A-- to post that info for us.

  12. I see on the company site they posted the 363's financial statements. Why? I find this irrelevant to the issue of the workers organizing other than management is using this as a scare tactic to say your dues are being used for more than representing the workers. Why don't they post their financial statement, wages and bonus payouts? How much is being spent to fight us organizing? Think of the manhours lost by these "captive audience" meetings. The ones this week were #1 in a series of how many? I am being paid by the company to ignore my equipment, and ignore the company, a lose-lose. $$$$$ just flying away. By the way a friend of mine is in the North New Jersey IBEW and he speaks very highly of this local. I guess they are bringing one of their negotiators to continue their captive audience brain wash series. Stay tuned it's just ramping up. Silly, actually.

  13. I have one more point, here at the cesspool I can comment on any subject or issue. The company's infomercial site has no place for anyone to comment, challenge, or make any statement pro or con regarding what the company posts. Although they solicit your "input". Therefore it is not a place for the free exchange of ideas but a tool of management to once more try to ram their bias down your throat. Perhaps they should get some straws and sip from their own cesspool. Once again taking perfect aim at the big toe.

  14. If they had any integrity at all they would give up on the "captive audience meeting" BS. I sit legal? Yes. Is it a good way to treat the people who've made your name for you for 22 years? HELL NO!!! C'mon, Dan, make them voluntary and see how many people want to hear your tired old song...

  15. Just a follow up- who the hell is running that web site for NewBurgh can plant? Couldn't they at least spellcheck the name "Newburgh"? One of the many benefits of being part of a multi national 'empire', I guess.

    I challenge my co-workers to not accept captive audience meetings...we have better things to do, like run a can plant at a 'world class' level!

  16. ST - I know everybody hates those meetings but you have to go. They are allowed to FORCE you to attend because they are paying you and it is considered work. If you refuse you would be being insubordinate and could actually be disciplined.

    Don't do anything now. The company is not thinking rationally. Just stay STRONG and SOLID.
    Don't push.

    Hang tight you will have your union real soon in the Newburgh Plant.

    Vote YES IBEW Local 363

  17. Can the meetings DanJuly 31, 2010 at 9:47 PM

    Remember all the spare time we have now to sit around in these stupid roundtable tables and BS about stupid crap that menas nothing. Who cares what sam makes. Look at the job he does and we didn't even join the union yet. Dan you can't even take care of one plant he has like 15 to take care of.

    besides, what the hell does that all have to do with us wanting a contract?

    Any answers to these questions coming any time soon? Better answer before August 27, 28 Dan.

    Never mind Dan too late.

    Vote for local 363 guys. Lets start a new chapter in our "Ameri- Can" history here.

  18. Hey you guys are cutting in on our 35 million dollar bonuses!

  19. Danny Boy,

    All we want is a fair deal. Treat us with respect, pay us fairly, stop raising our benefits and giving us less coverage. Bring back our old 401 k page. (The one we have now is lousy) They should be paying us to use it. Maybe Le-ham is getting a piece of that 401k money we will be paying. We are not asking for that much...

  20. What a bunch of BS YOUR RIGHT 9:47 who cares what Sam makes post what Dan makes. We like having Sam in our corner and nothing is going to change that.Vote 363

  21. How many times have they told us they are obligated to tell the truth, then they post on their web site that union dues are 1% of your gross. what i have been told by the union is that it will be 1% of our base pay. Another lie by the company, how many more will they tell us.

  22. 3:29 PM - I have covered this one numerous times but I am glad to do it again. (and the answer has not changed)

    Dues are 1% of your gross ONLY up to 40 hours and on straight time pay only - no overtime has dues deducted from it.

    As for how many lies will they tell you - probably at least one per day until August 29 - the day after the elction.