Monday, July 26, 2010

OK - Here's How This Should Go Dan

Ok,Ok Let's look at where we're at right now - two days before our voluntary meetings at the hotel in Newburgh. It looks like most of the people in the plant are in agreement that they want IBEW Local 363 to represent them. They are also in agreement that they need a written contract so they can feel comfortable at their job.

We have invited Dan to come to the meetings we are holding this Wednesday and Thursday so that we can debate the following issue:

"Should the employees vote to have IBEW Local 363 represent them so they can get a written contract?"

The problem is that the majority of people in the plant have already answered that. YOU KNOW THAT DAN - YOU REALLY DO.

We are at a point where you should try to finish what you started Dan.

You started by saying that the people need to make their choice - well, they have done that - bigtime. They want IBEW Local 363. You need to accept that and respect that now.

Don't agree? Want proof? We can provide that throught the Labor Board. Let's call the Board Agent and ask him TO VERIFY if the cards signed are 50% plus one of 164.

If it is - we start bargaining - whadaya say Dan? We can turn out to be great friends - we will HAVE to be for the good of the plant and the people.

Dan - I will be the first to extend my hand to you when this is all concluded.

The best thing for everyone involved is to get us all on the same page RIGHT NOW. Why cause hard feelings? Let's work together. We can do it. Working toward making this facility the best it can be with the people working under A WRITTEN CONTRACT is a win-win for ABINBEV and THE PEOPLE.

So here is my offer and request: Call me on Tuesday July 27, 2010 and we will call the Labor Board Agent and ask him to confirm whether we have a majority of supporters who requested to be represented by IBEW Local 363.

If he says yes - Dan and Sam show at each meeting on Wednesday and Thursday and announce to the people that we will begin bargaining asap. We will pledge to strive to have a GREAT RELATIONSHIP where we WORK TOGETHER and LISTEN to each others concerns. Everything we do will be for the EQUAL BENEFIT OF EVERYONE involved in the making of this product AND for the company.

Call Corporate Dan - let's change direction. I'm in.

If this isn't an option - at least show up to our meetings and debate me face to face on the issues.


  1. Dan just call corporate and lets salvage what can be a good relationship. We all do want 363 Dan. Why can't you and those above you call Sam and work this out? It would be a great move.

    Stop the needless meetings and the tension, work with us Dan.

  2. Just Like the Waltons: G'night Dan, G'night Dave, G'night Greg, G'night Jim, G' night Toddycakes, G'night Marie, G'night Dave, G'night Bill, G'night Georgia, G'night Beth, G'night Holly, g'night Denise, g'night John, Good Night Warren. See you August 29th. Shining.

  3. Dan you want are respect? We listen to you. How
    about listening to us? lets put all aside the
    name calling ok? We the magority want a union.
    Please understand this is not to hurt you or management this is to help us.It is to help us
    feel secure at our jobs and our daily lives.In
    return we will give you our respect.I know you
    can't just say ok you can have your union.But
    if you want my respect as well as many others?
    Dont persecute us that want a union.I respect
    that you are trying to sway votes with your speeches,go ahead call us names,it is all good
    it is a campaign.And it will probably ease up some frustration.But respect us please do not have your management and supervisors persecute us for what we want.Do this and when it is all said and done, people who voted yes and no.. will you have gained their trust and respect.

  4. Hey if this debate happens can you post it? Sorry
    if i can not go to the meetings. Im just to much
    of a chicken shit? Sorry but i got to worry about my family. But count on me to vote YES!

  5. Hey Chicken Shit - lol - you can come. If you are nervous just come to listen. I am sure there are quite a few workers in the same situation.

    It is a shame that you have to be worried about FEARING management just for wanting your voice heard - it is still America right? AB didn't sell the whole country to Carlos did they?

    Wish you would come Weds or Thurs - its all good conversation.

    YOu will be happy with IBEW Local 363 when it is all said and done Chick

  6. why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the side of the 363

    With a Mac truck barreling down on you hurry crossing to the 363 side before Burrito hits you real hard

  7. Do not associate Beth, Bill and Denise in with those others. That is not fair. They will do anything for anybody. They just happen to work up in that office. I'm sure they would rather be with us.

  8. Now comes Mr blue. As you may or may not know Dan and the boys are meeting tonight with the Union busting lawyers.Can the round table talks be far behind? I think not. As you that have been there long enough remember things will now start to heat up a little,but fear not,for we who have paved the way before,and have gladly paid the price[being lied about and fired]We stand with you now,knowing that our sacrifices have made this endeavor that you are now pursuing an easier task.STAND UP NEWBURGH AND UNITE

  9. You know there will probably be no debate at the meeting. The company rhetoric is hollow and repetative. "The blog is negative" no, the blog is worker bees who are fed up with the status quo and the arbitrary use of policy. "All the union wants is your money", right, and all the Catholic Church wants is "YOUR MORTAL SOUL". They both offer something, representation, one to negotiate a fair deal to bind with the employer and the other to help you ascend to the pearly gates with the maker. Hmmm, let me see, management tells me what is good for me, or I decide. Uhmmm, No debate there.

  10. Sam bring out the guns they went off site this afternoon with the big boys so they can convince us how bad it is to have a union. What are you going to do about that?

  11. Sam dont hold your breath too long.He wont show up.Right now he is informing his staff what to do in regards to dealing with the hourly employees.You did a good job informing the company on what the law is in regards to communicating with the people on the floor. As the voting date draws nearer, I expect the company to start to get nasty with their tactictics. They will probably violate the law as they become desperate to try to win with fear and intimidation. Like they did in the last union vote. They lied and threatened illegal actions to general techs, at that time there were alot more of them. They threatened to restaff the plant and could not guarrantee that they would keep all the positions. clearly the company violated the law.the company had to post the ruling in the cafeteria that they did violate the law but they still won the vote.illegally.Im sure that they would be willing to pay the fine than to lose the vote.
    This time it can be different, thanks to you and and this blog. People can see for themselves. Show them where to find the facts. everyone can communicate freely here without fear. At the plant there is only one way communications. They stand up and preach on how Im supposed to feel. When you tell them they get angry and argue and tell you that your wrong. They still dont get it. When dan read his statement the other day nobody said a peep other than the absentee vote question. If we havent been able to reach him yet I dont think we have enough time this year for you too.thanks for trying though. oh yeah we know we are going to win this time our internal poll has us winning 72% go union!

  12. Get ready, prepare your mind.

    The meetings about why unionizing is a bad choice is on its way.

    Probably going to attach the power of a contract. "Just because you have a contract doesn't mean things will not change".

    It's going to come down hard in very "convincing" ways.

    Stay strong by reminding yourself that without a contract we have absolutely no power, no right to negotiate, no right to disagree, no right to offer alternatives.

    If all the people that said they want to unionize vote yes 4 weeks from now we will be a united front.

    Stay Focused, vote YES

  13. saynotomanagementshowJuly 27, 2010 at 8:43 PM

    Hey everyone this is getting interesting now. The only thing i can say about the Holly Hickman thing was pure stupidity and she should have known better and that just proves how dumb management was for letting this happen. Boy dan you sure know how to cut your own throat at a crucial time like this. Boy this makes getting a union like 363 an easy decision even for the people that are hanging on the fence. Sam i agree with you about dan just starting negotiations because this is starting to be a landslide and dan has no clue how to stop it. This is truly inbev now and not ab anymore, the busch family really screwed us over and i hope they will pay for this decision someday. For now we work hard to support our families and vote YESSSS and let Sam start negotiations for us and get us where we need to be. I want the vote because the landslide needs to be shown to inbev about how they run their company. By the way has anyone had a Warren sighting. uh didn't think so lol lol. i'm not messing with you warren just letting you know someday you should start doing what they pay you to do. Lets go strong and remain a driving force. WE ARE THE PEOPLE AND WE WILL BE HEARD. GO Sam

  14. Dan remember the 800 lb gorilla cartoon character you put up on the screen and the stupid skit you guys put on.At that moment is when the majority of the people lost the respect that YOU HAD BEEN given. Those two actions showed what you thought of the Newburgh work force. That was very demeaning to everyone who sat through that. you earned it

  15. Wow, I can't believe in a previous post someone used the word "cynical" when referring to team members attitudes. This is the worker's paradise. The Cathedral to Aluminum. Cynical? Please, you now owe me a royalty because I own the drilling rights to cynical AND sarcasm! And vote yes, because we need to return to stabilty and security with our jobs. This is a long time coming. We need it for outr collective psychy.