Monday, August 9, 2010

CAUTION: Don't Follow Dan Down A Crooked Path Of Misinformation

Don't follow Dan down this crooked path he is trying to lead you down. The one with NO CONTRACT AT THE END. Make no mistake, there is nothing straight about Dan. He is just full of lies and misinformation. Worse yet, he is purposely zigging and zagging around the question THAT HE NEEDS to answer:

"HOW are we better off without negotiating OUR OWN written contract?"

He hasn't and cannot answer that with an intelligent answer. He can regurgitate words for an hour and a half that don't really mean anything but he cannot answer that.

Also, I have just read Dan's response to his questions that I answered about A MONTH AGO. Way to stay on top of things Dan. If any worker has a question - as always just feel free to ask it right on this site. I will always give an honest answer and most of you know that already.

Best of all - I will answer right away - a big difference from Dan never answering or taking a month to answer OR his sidekick telling you to call the company 800 number.

$298,000 Dan?? - Now I know WHY you didn't answer that one. Sorry, but you started it - moneybags.

But anyway - HEY EVERYBODY, according to Dans letter you don't need the union because YOU HAVE DANS PERSONAL COMMITMENT that "we will keep working at getting better."

I don't know about you fence sitters but that makes me feel a lot better.

In his letter Dan writes, "Let's stay non-union, keep many of the positive aspects going already working in our favor and roll up our sleeves August
29th to improve some more!"

Tell ya' what - I can see how a reasonable and educated person would feel MUCH SAFER with DANS PERSONAL GUARANTEE than with a WRITTEN CONTRACT.



It is just what every self respecting person would like to sign up to work under forever if they had a chance.

...And don't worry too much about Dan not pushing too hard for you WHEN HE "NEGOTIATES" ON YOUR BEHALF NOW AND IN THE FUTURE YEARS YOU WORK HERE

......that $298,000 he makes isn't as important as DANS PERSONAL GUARANTEE TO YOU. You are in good hands.

Plainly put - and I don't mean to insult anyone who reads this site but - THEY THINK YOU ARE STUPID. These guys are unbelievable and they just don't get it.

Maybe they are in AB denial. It's not AB anymore DAN. The people need the protection of a WRITTEN CONTRACT from a company openly bragging to slash wages and jobs to increase profits.




  1. Thnaks for the letter Dan. Somehow I doubt that it wa syou that wrote it. like Sam says it was typical of you slouch back nmanagers we have. YOU never gave answers in any amount of time. And you all thought it was a joke. I hope Brito fires all of you. Now you guys can take that 800 number and shove it. Sam is the guy you will be giving our information to. get used to it danny. And why do you sound so blah like a dam funeral is going by in our $25,000 meetings? It's not worth the money. you could be payin my dam health care with that 25,000 and I am pissssssssssssssed at you guys and we are getting this union in here this month! DanEverybody thinks you are a sellout and a jerk.
    God its like listening to paint dry in your stupid forced meetings. You are a phoney and you donm't even believe what you say. First of allyou have a contract don't you Dan? You slimeball and you are FIGHTING US to get the same thing?
    I cant wait for the 3 weeks to go by. I know there is a lot of people wh feel this way and when our union is in here "local 363 ' we will put humptey dumptey back together again.

    vote 363 just like me

  2. Got the letter too. Pffffftttttt Forget it Dan your done.
    start putting together our stuff Sam we are voting you guys in heavy. We all connot wait to help make this really a better place. It WILL BE A LANDSLIDE. The people aren't feeling the love Dan.

  3. Dan, thanks for the letter. It only took you 5 weeks to get answers for retorical questions.

    Still no answers about why we should remain non-union??????????

    Still no contract talk?? Workers in past years didn't need a union. The company was good to them. As has been said, times are changing, corporate GREED is out of control! We need to protect ourselves and our families. You want GOOD QUALITY people working for the company and they need to be WELL PAID, 50th percentile can't even live in this county!!!!!!!

    Still bringing union dues into (which you don't pay, we do). Three years of union support for one year of your paycheck, still sounds like a good deal to me.

    The return of union cards was offered prior to filing with the NLRB. No one asked for their card, so they were filed as required. Dan, really, PLEASE get a clue!

    Just like a politician, you talk around the ISSUES and tell us why the other guy is bad for us, but you don't give us reasons why we should stay with you, (hint A CONTRACT).

    I DON'T TRUST YOU with MY future. Sure are glad that you won't retailiate for my saying that.

  4. Dan, why do you feel the need to lie to us . I know for a fact that no TM was EVER forced to do anything they didn't want to do. Most TM's got cards in the mail so how did we force from home, did the mailman tie them up . Dan,I really can't wait to hear your clear idea of your improvement opportunities. Seems you only have one for us and that is to vote YES.The only thing clear is your brain, you have no clue what is going on around . I would like to thank for your letters and meetings every time you speak or write to us we gain other YES vote keep up to good work Dan

  5. Dear Dan Letter
    Dear Dan.
    We the people of this plant don’t want to listen to the lies anymore.
    Your personal commitment is a waste of ink on paper that Marie keeps track of.
    Did you get Maries permission to mail out the letters? $$$$$$$
    The management team has failed at MCC Newburgh, face the facts.
    I think the Fence just fell down and it’s a Landslide now.
    The management team just keeps pushing everyone over the fence to the Union side.
    Thanks Dan for all your support and help with this drive.
    We are strong. We will stay Solid and We will Listen to your Promises that will never happen.

    The one thing that will happen is


    On August 29th we will be One Voice with one New Family

    The Family of IBEW #363 Newburgh Can Plant

  6. Earth To Dan, Earth To Dan

    IBEW 363 did not "come here for dues" because we need money. MCC Newburgh workers called us AND ASKED TO BE ORGANIZED INTO OUR UNION.

    YES DAN - It was the people themselves who called in IBEW 363. Can you get that one straight?

    IBEW 363 offered everyone their cards back - no one wanted them back. Why not Dan? You said people should ask. So we offered them back at our meetings. No takers Dan, no takers.

    There were 120 cards signed for IBEW 363.

    IBEW 363 dues cost less than coffee and a roll.

    The people need a contract Dan - you have one - why are you fighting the people that you "care" so much about? Doesn't add up Dan.

    When you fight the IBEW - you fight your own people - stupid move Dan.

    Refusing to debate me showed everyone that you could not pull it off without being exposed as a phoney - no other way to say it Dan.

    By the way, my offer to debate is ongoing - just jump any time you feel froggy Dan and we will clear EVERYTHING UP for the people in one debate.
    Why are you afraid of that Dan?

    Dan, remember how I told high powered Manahttan and St. Louis attorneys that I was their "new buddy"? That was with a wide grin Dan.

    I'm already your buddy Dan - we are going to work together for the next two decades!

    Funny how you talk about layoffs and then brag you never had any.

    Funny how you talk about how long bargaining takes. Are you hinting that the company will not bargain in good faith? You must be. We can put this contract together in less than 60 days IF WE ALL have the peoples BEST INTEREST in mind.

    Obviously Dan, you are instilling doubt of the company's good faith, maturity and integrity.
    You are hinting that maybe "we all" DON'T have the peoples best interests in mind.

    I know IBEW Local 363 does. No question. 100%!

    IBEW 363 CARES about the people and knows that they want a FAIR CONTRACT. We will work day and night to make that happen.

    Will Dan and Company still care and work to help you when you make that choice he said you have the right to make? Ask him.

    After the election is over and the PEOPLE choose the IBEW 363 - will Dan still act the same? Will he still be concerned? Will he try to work things out fairly? Will he be bitter? Will he be angry? Will he have meetings to give ideas for the contract? Will he spend time with all the shifts? Will he send you anymore letters? Will Tony?

    It was Dan that said you have the right to choose and that he wanted you to make a sound and informed decision. When you do that and it results in you choosing IBEW and a CONTRACT - will Dan be a man and shake your hand?

    I will.

    No matter what the result is. The union WILL RESPECT what the people decide.


    "I will respect the peoples decision no matter what and I will work with them no matter what"

    Say it loud Danny.

    Why not?

    Because Brito will fire you - that is the real reason for all you do. Your whole schtick based on SAVING YOUR OWN ASS.

    Better get goin' on that too Dan because you are LOSING this election and the PEOPLE ARE WINNING IT BIG TIME.

    Don't worry though. The people are choosing the best union in the Hudson Valley! IBEW LOCAL 363! We are known for being fair AND for representing our people.

    Can't wait until August 27/ 28!

    Somebody is shaking somenes hand.

    Bring your hand sanitizer Dan.

  7. Finally we don't have to wait for the managers to scramble calling corporate for answers they are so brain washed up there they cant make the simplest decision like letting someone drop off their wife to the airport less than a mile away so she could attend a funeral. What a freaking joke! you brought this upon yourselves I'd rather abide by set rules than wait for your answers! Oh I will have to call corporate for this one. oh let me talk to dan because i cant even tie my shoe without help!!!!! managers are hired to make decisions and you cant even make a moral decision. What a joke. Has britto got your tongue? afraid to make a decision fearing his free wielding AX? The meetings are a joke!

  8. here is a website you may want to look at scroll down to union vs non union wages.
    Here is another, do you think that the rich, usually ceo of companies are looking out for your best interest?

  9. Dear Dan
    We the people want to be left alone.
    We are tired of you and you managers trying to be so nice to us.
    They are even trying to talk to us, which they haven’t done in years.
    We want nothing more from you but a contract.
    The constitution of the United States of America is a Contract between the people of this great country and the government agencies that runs this country.

    If a contract is good for this country, it will be good for our plant.

    Quote from the Constitution

    "We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America"

    MCC version

    We the People of the Metal Container, in Order to form a more perfect Union (work environment), establish Justice(Fairness), insure domestic Tranquility(between the managers and workers), provide for the common defense(atmosphere), promote the general Welfare(Pay Scale)with inflation, and secure the Blessings of Liberty(PRIDE) to ourselves and our Posterity(fellow workers now and to come), do ordain and establish this Contract for the People of Metal Container Newburgh New York.

    We need to stand up for our rights and be recognized by us the workers.

    The workers that make this company money and the company that pay’s Dan’s big salary.

    We just want our fair share of the pie.

    We will vote yes on August 27th and 28th

    Thank you for your support.

  10. The latest communique has found its rightful place, at the bottom of the bird cage. And now that everyone knows what everybody else makes, that becomes a non-issue. So, it boils down to me making a decision to protect my paycheck, benefits and myself by wanting more representation than corporate wants me to have. Hmmmm, no brainer. Can we move this election up to save a few trees, money and time? But then again 90 minutes off the floor, on the company's dime, some never, neverland. Aug 27 and 28 be there.

  11. saynotomanagementshowAugust 10, 2010 at 5:57 PM

    Wow I just read the danny boy letter. It took about a month for this juvenile to send a response to this. dan im supposed to believe you when you could not even meet and debate with Sam but now you have your answers to fix this whole thing. Sam I now know that they are under your payroll lol because every time he talks or sends a letter to our houses he pollutes my mailbox and insults me to the point of throwing up. Him and Dave are actually happy thinking they are winning this election and that people on the floor are telling him they don't want a union. Boy dan you are easy to fake out!!! lol Why don't we stop these wasteful meetings that we are bored at and yes I would rather be on the floor because I don't need to be sitting in the conference room where I don't belong. My job is on the floor and thats why Sam and local 363 are coming in to protect that for me. And boy management has been so nice lately. Shouldn't they be like that all the time dan. Tony if you are reading this I can't believe you too have been fooled by these people that supposedly run this plant. Tony do you ever wake up and smell the coffee and wonder why this is happening? Don't bother coming here Tony because nobody has anything to say to you either because we are fed up with it all. You have let this run out of control and I hope you are satisfied that you have let a plant that you once had alot of pride in go down the tubes. You are probably the biggest person to blame so I hope you take this very very personal. And last but not least there is a landslide waiting to vote so just bring it on dan, dave and the rest of mgmt. Get your hopes up dan get them real high because on August 29 we will call Sam and thank him for all the help he has given us and all the tireless hours that he has put in. People this man is going out on a ledge for us lets not lose this opportunity to have our say. dan talks about us continuing our good times, Is that what this is called Dan. ONCE AGAIN DON'T INSULT MY INTELLIGENCE MR. KIMUTIS. Blah im pissed. GO UNION!!!!!!!!!!

  12. saynotomanagementshowAugust 10, 2010 at 6:14 PM

    Oh and another point that should be well taken, If you are a fence sitter or just someone that doesn't know which way to go can you count on one hand how many times you see warren tomlins come out to help and i don't mean cigarette breaks he tries to take with the employees that smoke. This guy makes all this money and does nothing for the plant. Hey mgmt. if you want to save money for the company stop cutting back on the hourly's and start cutting back on the useless mgmt, that does nothing for our plant. Judging by the salaries we could save alot of money. heh heh They make our job harder and they would not be able to run freely over us any more. We need a say people, lets wake up and take this in a landslide. Don't just win but rub their faces in it. Shocker huh mgmt? the people are finally banding together after all these years. God we are long overdue. Take us to the finish line Sam and all of us at mcc, we are almost there. GO UNION STRONG!!!!

  13. AAAHHHHHHH....The true virus of this plant has finally surfaced. Warren you are a virus to our plant. From the day you ratted out your sick partner till now. Explain that to the people that haven't been here long enough to know. The remaining constant of our decline in Newburgh has been YOU. You alone is good enough to vote YES IBEW. No other choice makes sense.

  14. Rolling like a freight train..

  15. One day a man goes to a pet shop to buy a parrot. The assistant takes the man to the parrot section and asks the man to choose one. The man asks, ''How much is the yellow one?''

    The assistant says, ''$2000.'' The man is shocked and asks the assistant why it's so expensive. The assistant explains, ''This parrot is a very special one. He knows typewriting and can type really fast.''

    ''What about the green one?'' the man asks.

    The assistant says, ''He costs $5000 because he knows typewriting and can answer incoming telephone calls and takes notes.''

    ''What about the red one?'' the man asks.

    The assistant says, ''That one's $10,000.''

    The man says, ''What does HE do?''

    The assistant says, ''I don't know, but the other two call him boss.''

  16. Well just found time to read that letter what a joke we don't trust you any more leave us alone we want a union nothing you say will stop this we are solid and strong. VOTE YES

  17. its hard to follow all those heart felt feelings. You all make me proud to be a part of our union.we are already there.thank you all for saying over and over what Ive been feeling.If you all didnt care, this blog would be blank.look at the hits. I wonder if the company site has this much activity?
    I just want to touch on an idea and would like a response from those who care. Do you think Dan might really understand that we need a union? I think he knows it,but he has no choice. If he does anything that he is not told to do, I bet he would be gone immediately.They ALL know,including Tony, that the only way all ABINbev workers in the US can keep what they have is with a union who will represent the employees best interests.also they know that there is safety in numbers.Tony cant say that either but he knows its true.If he did he would be gone too.I think thats why they have been doing such a lousy job at fighting the union drive.Keep telling them you are happy and they will leave you alone.
    Dan,this is for you. The IBEW has not sent me one letter in the mailbox.No emails. No phone calls. no captive meetings.they have not harrassed me in any way.Yet I want to know more on what they have to say.I trust them more than you or Tony. I do not want any more letters to my home.I dont want any more meetings. send any information to my work email. I will read it while you pay me.we have shown you that even under these stressful times due to you. we still make the plant run. Admit it Dan, our union is here to stay.make peace with it.its ok.I bet you and Sam can work things out.You will fell better once you stop struggling. Your staff feels the same way, they keep whispering they wish it was over to us and arent concerned that a union is here. we all know.

  18. Tony spelled backwards ynot?
    Dan spelled backwards Nad get it?

  19. U SOLD US OUT DAN!August 10, 2010 at 10:12 PM

    I am so tired of this litter showing up in my
    mailbox! Its just like the politicians always
    making promises!I would like to see the Q&A
    sheet when DANMAN and ROBIN went to corporate
    And negotiated for our wages and benefits!I
    bet it went something like this:

    Britto: Well lets start with the executive
    compensation package. Well I propose
    a 15 percent reduction, i got my top
    confidants salary in mind

    Danman & Robin: Well um um if its all
    right with with you, we got some propositions
    that will save you alot of money.

    Britto: interesting,let me hear your proposals

    Danman & Robin: Well um um, First proposal is
    that we keep salaried staff salaries the same.

    Britto: Did you not hear me! I need more money!

    Danman & Robin: um um, yes we heard you our worshipfullness.

    Britto: I like that! Go on

    Danman & Robin: Well we take it from the um um
    you know, the idiot blue collars. we will take it from them and they will love us for it!

    Britto: Sounds like a fairy tale. What do you take me for an idiot!

    Robin: There uneducated animals! They even pee
    standing up!

    Danman & Robin: We will make this happen for
    you. All we got to do is feed the Animals

    Britto: ok. But dont poke the lion!

    Britto: And you better bring me more next
    year or its your sallaries!

    Danman & Robin: Oh dont you worry we will!

    Later that day:

    Robin: Hey buddy,im glad they didnt touch our
    salaries lol.

    Dan: Im glad those idiots back at the plant
    arent negotiating our salaries!

    Danman & Robin: We will feed them steak and they will love us for it! We are Gods! They
    will thank us because they all still have there jobs.

    Danman: By the way Robin take these notes We
    loose three jobs next year and our salaries
    are safe.

    Robin: Do you think we can get a little extra
    if we get rid of Four!

    Day of the Great American Steakout!

    Danman and Robin: Why isnt anybody eating there steak! I have never seen this before! They are
    standing as one!

    Robin: Hey Danman i think you should call Britto, I got the 1-800 number!


    Robin: Hey Danman heres that 1-800 number

    Danman:you freaking A**H**E almost everybody
    sent in there cards!

    A Week Later

    Danman & Robin in ST.LOUIS

    BRITTO: What The F**K did you A**H***S Do!
    pound gorilla!

    BRITTO: Robin get off Danmans lap you got your own seat! And you guy better fix this or its your A***S

    Danman & Robin: um um, Dont worry we will get
    them to vote against themselves!

    BRITTO: You better i want my money! And wait till next year!

  20. YOUR FRIEND SADISTICAugust 10, 2010 at 10:43 PM

    I like when Dan says in his letters. That we will all have to roll up our sleeves to work at this..
    heres a clue Dan our sleeves have been rolled up
    why is it management never takes the blame for anything you still dont get Dan we are tired of rolling up our sleeves doing the work with no help. Well Dan you showed up a week to late to help us move. We got help 363!

  21. Yea I like that one too. Roll up our sleeves!

    Ohhhhhhhhhhh mannnnn and WE been sittin on our asses all this time.

    You got some nerve writing that to the people Dan!

    Is that your promise or your PERSONAL GUARANTEE you are giving the people....... instead of a union or a contract?


    Where's the beef Dan? Is that the five year plan?

    You cannot be serious, can you?

    You don't have anything to do with sales I hope.

    Dan - honest to God - you haven't told the people anything. You have said a lot but you haven't told the people anything.

    Let's take the original question for you Dan that you still haven't answered:

    Why is working under a written contract bad for the employees?

    There's your homework assignment Danny. One little question. And please Danny, try complete sentences that have at least a small amount of factual evidence behind them.

    ...and Danny, don't try to trick us AGAIN by changing the subject - ya clever little rascal you.

    Come on danny, give it a try. Answer a legitmate question for rhe people you say you care for so much.


    You guys were bad actors though.....lolol

    But anyway Dan I have a new and second standing offer ( the first was the debate that you were afraid to have Dan - remember?)

    The second is that I am going to offer to bury the hatchet for the good of everyone in the Newburgh Plant and to ALL MEET and agree to come together to work hard to make the plant better for the company and the workers in all ways.

    It is always better to have a fair and honest relationship. That is what we want.

    We want a written contract.

    When we win the election on August 27/28th the offer will still stand. If you reject it then the people will know which one of us who were both telling them we cared really meant it.

    If the union is NOT voted in, we will be men and respect the peoples decision.

    If the union IS voted in, will Dan, Tony and company be men and respect the peoples decision?

    Let's hope ALL OF US are men.

    If not, then it is not but it won't deter the IBEW Local 363 from representing the people at MCC Newburgh TO THE FULLEST EXTENT POSSIBLE.

    You can take that to the bank.


  22. Well my fellow team members we're coming up on our election day. So I wanted to take this time refresh your memories or enlighten some who haven't heard this story. I got the extreme pleasure to attend another crews "break" meeting with Warren. The conversation was this:

    Warren: ".....So the cafeteria will be closed outside of the break schedule".

    Team member: "Will we be able to come to the cafeteria after we do a line sweep in 125 degree tempatures to cool down and have some Gatorade?

    Warren: "Oh, thats right....there's no Gatorade on the floor.....Well there's water fountains on the floor!!!! No more safety breaks!!!"

    This is the Gods honest truth. If some of you haven't heard it, ask around. The people that attended that meeting knows what was said.

    The time has come to be treated with dignity and respect. And that will only come with IBEW. It's obvious Warren and some other managers have absolutely no compassion for the workers on the floor. Oh, unless the word union is mentioned. How many meetings have we gone to, to be asked "why is moral down". Only to have nothing accomplished from those meetings. The years have gone by where management didn't care how we felt or wanted our input. But oh wait....there's going to be an election. Now they want to talk!!! It's way to late. Nothing is left to be said now.
    August 27th and 28th vote YES to IBEW Local 363 and it will be our time to have some dignity.
    It will be our time to have some respect.
    It will be our time to have say in our futures.
    It will be our time to be treated as human beings.
    It will be our time to do the "Carrot Top Waltz" in the cafeteria!!!!


  23. Danny Boy,

    Yea Dan--where is the BEEF? And not the beef in lehmans freezer from the great American steakout.

  24. Britto of ABI is reviewing a potential Plant Managers application for MCC Newburgh and notices that the man has never worked in a can plant before.

    Boss says to the man, "For a man with no experience, you are certainly asking for a high wage, $295000!"

    "Well Sir," the applicant replies, "the work is so much harder when you don't know what you're doing!"

  25. how many ate steak at the GASO?

  26. Don't get the dog wrong. He understands that he is a man standing among men, and women, who want to take the helm of their own destiny. Enough of management steering us towards the iceberg while they congratulate themselves on how clever they are....

    Tell the band to play louder, Dan, it's gonna be a hell of a noise when your world comes crashing down around you....and you have MY personal guarantee on that!

    No amount of promises will ever get me to trust this company as I once did A-B. Only a fool would think otherwise...