Thursday, August 19, 2010

Whoooooooo Are You?

Ranjive or Tony - Friend or Foe


Are you really our friend or are you really not? Why Tony? Why would you send out mixed messages? Why are the people telling me you are THREATENING THEM? Let's not do that. You are too big a man Tony - you do not need to react like that.

First you come off as everyones friend and everything was ok UNTIL you thought you were losing ground and then.....THE TANTRUM.... I control! I am king! You are nothing ! I am mad! I am upset! I want it all! I will hardass! I will punish you!

Tsssk, Tsssk Tony - thats not professional.

Dues Tony? We aren't here for dues. We weren't even in sight until your RECENTLY SCREWED employees called us for help. Bonus money? Tony thats your world - a $100K reward for HURTING PEOPLE. Nice.

Tony, you said that you decide who gets what.....IF THAT IS SO.....DO WE BLAME YOU NOW OR LATER FOR THE INCREASED EMPLOYEE HEALTH COST AND THE 401K?? Must be but then again - what the heck is the truth with you guys anymore??? Lately, it's been hard to keep track.

What about Ranjive calling you the "children" and they the management are the "parents". That's the end for me - that shows the REAL ATTITUDE TOWARD YOU ADULT WORKERS THEY LOOK AT YOU AS CHILDREN! NO WONDER THEY ARE TRYING TO "STEER YOUR THINKING" NOW.

Listen, I don't know about you but I have kids at home and I had one set of parents and NONE of them are named Ranjive, Dan, Dave, Tony, Brito or even Ken.

That comment was very TELLING and insulting and most likely put the icing on the union cake.


I am going to risk it and assume - you know what happens when you do that - I am going to assume that NO or at least VERY FEW PEOPLE look at Tony as their Daddy.

Tony, I don't know why you don't call me. Take the high road. I said things - you said things - we all said things......just call me and lets get on the same page.....

.....for the peoples sake. The people you love. Let's do it for them. Come on - two big men like us putting it all aside for the good of the innocent workers. Sounds like a plan. No hardassing needed.

The people want that Tony - give it to them. You can be the hero - I will let you have ALL OF THE CREDIT. I don't do this for credit and I don't do this for dues - I do it for them.

Your turn - Tony - turn this around.
In the meantime guys -




  1. Tony just got out of work sorry to wake you but we all know you are upset with us for wanting to protect ourselves. We think that is wrong. Why are you against us now? Is this some kind of game to you? We are not going to hurt the company Tony you can bet on it. Why do you seem like you dont care if you hurt us if we are union? we are still the same people. The same exact people. Just with a contract. Whats the big deal? Sam will work with you he has even said that here so why do you have to argue about this? He asked you to call him, why don't you ?Sam will just be carrying our issues to you. We are "adults" Tony. Stop the sky is falling act , it's not! We like our jobs but we need ours too dammit! You better accept our "adult" decision or your name will just be Mud.

  2. 2:10 is my favorite part of the Who video. I would love to stand up at our roundtable meetings and scream it to them.

  3. People, remember last time Tony came,with his BS, and told us ("this is a good thing"),well at the end of his speach he looked around ,of course no questions,so he says,"come on boys and girls smile"??,what kind of s*** is that,IBEW, ALL VERY SOON!!!!

  4. Tony is just doing his job. ABI looses control of the labor if we go union. They loose control of us. Britto is gonna do more cutting in the future and it becomes more difficult to do so with the IBEW here in Newburgh. One tagger for example, rumors of no GT's anymore. They are going to get rid of Whiteheads job. (Any other manager in the world would see the amount of work Shawn did to the decks had a direct improvement on production. But not our management team!!) Shawn, I know this will not help you pay your mortgage. But THANK YOU.

    Tony, we dont want to hurt the company. We dont want a unrealistic contract. We just want it in writing so we can stop the bleeding. Check the numbers...we have been running balls to the wall and will continue to do so because we are adults and know how to compete in a flat market. Sam and IBEW are not the enemy. They are here to help us get it in writing (contract). This is not about Tony or ABI, its about my future and providing the best I can for my family.

    Vote yes for a better world and a better 2morrow. WE CAN!

  5. In eight days we are going to show the world WHO WE ARE!!!


  6. Part of the problems we have are no term limits for team leaders.

    im voting yes

  7. I Call Them As I See ThemAugust 20, 2010 at 1:50 PM

    Here's a thought, chew on this for a while. Management has probably spent the equivalent amount of money trying to keep you from unionizing as they would have spent giving you the 1% raise and $1 dollar in your retirement. No money for us but plenty to fight with "the children" over union membership. But money is only one of the issues. To quote Tony: "net-net". All the general grievances with be aired out when we sit at the bargaining table and iron out a conract.Will he get a bonus for fiscal management on this one? We'll see, after the end of next week. By the way, Hey Dad (Tony) can I borrow the car? Can I borrow $5 for gas? Can I Dad, can I, Pulleeeeeze!

  8. just woke up. Im frontend team leader. if u want term limits, u can have it. nobody likes me or my opimnion. my super cant manage his way out of a rown paper bag. i was a strong no but after listening to tonys speach ive changed my mind,

    im voting yes.

  9. Tony......I'm turning you in to the officials for the mis treatment of CHILDREN.....Yup I'm turning you in to the IBEW Local 363....You are in deep trouble Mister.......

  10. Going No Where - Welcome aboard! Now you will be going SOMEWHERE and YOU will have a SAY in which DIRECTION YOU ACTUALLY GO IN!

    You will be very happy when we start planning our course of action and you help develop it!


  11. I am so disappointed in Tony.

    I've heard such good things about him.

    Meeting him was a deep disappointment. I thought he cared about us. He doesn't.

    Because of his presentation.

    I'm voting for the union.

    Tony exploded me off the fence.

  12. If this fe team leader is who I think it is,I'm freakin' out. There's only 2 choices and I'm quite sure about 1 of them. Wow,quite the reversal, good fortune even. Welcome! Convert your followers. Once again a clear image of target practice on the big toe! Nice shootin' there Tony! You're a regular Wyatt Earp! You have taught your underlings the fine art of tact and diplomacy! Ken, Dan and Dave no one can really blame you. You were only following the "Tony Book Of Damage Control",the denial version. See you at the table after the vote.welcome aboard Front End Team Leader.

  13. VH1: Behind The MusicAugust 20, 2010 at 9:51 PM

    Hey did you see the ad? on your home page? "One Trick of a Tony Belly" Cut down a bit of your belly every day using this weird old trick.
    The answer is spew out more bullshit than you can swallow. Getting a little soft around the middle I see there Tony. And I thought you gave us the full spew. Can we see the Peoples manager's credentials for justifying him in the position? Does he have a degree in humanities?, CSW?, complete knowledge of the 1-800 system? The reoccurring theme here is #1 why is he there? #2 Why do hourly employees know his job better than he does, Georgia knows his job better and probably should be in the position. He blew it as a statistic guy, plant manager (Rome), statistic guy here again, now HR? sorry, People? Nice enough guy but c'mon find him something he can do well. R&D in Idaho. Once again, Dan, likeable person, thrust into a tough place, really unprepared to handle what Tony, sorry, Ranjiv has put in his lap.He has to defend the corporate fucking of his employees. Then really abandoned to survive on his own wits. (You don't want to be know as the guy who lost a plant to a union do you?) Causing a revolution he was told wouldn't happen. Because, Tony's "children" are to well behaved to realize that their collective butts hurt. We'll let the rest of the "steering team" (who steers a Bob sled?) Rest unscathed for now. Beth is the soul of the money, Marie keeps us afloat, Denise pays us, they are untouchables to our venom. Everyone else is fair game. Sorry not Georgia either, she does more for us than is realized. At the end of next week when when this is a union plant I would like all of us to bury the hatchet. Invite Dan and Dave out for a beer. Start the whole relationship over. No adversaries. A TEAM again. The Jets have team rules, MLB has team rules and we will finally have ours written down. Then we can be a team again. Not "Who Are YOU", "Back In The Saddle Again"

  14. This is very, very good for you!August 20, 2010 at 10:00 PM

    Tony, you need only to blame yourself for this. You left a strong plant to move up in the company and we helped you do this. And for that you leave your ex-moron partner here to hide in the corner of the plant and just get pissy. You transfer a palnt manager from Colorado to here who loves listening to himself speak and doesnt give a crap about what we think. Mr. "I dont need to earn your respect, my position deserves it!" We can totaly understand economical change, but you pair that with the front office BS, it sucks! You allowed our management to overlook people with knowledge in order to fill upper jobs with people that will do everything they say. "nobody but gap stars, and rednecks and pill counters for our supervisor positions here! No one on the floor is qualified!" You allowed Dans cheerleader become the HR manager. Tell me what people he represents! And now you say "We made a mistake on how we treated you, Brito wants us to have golf outings and christmas parties, wants us to come to work and have fun, and love our jobs like good boys and girls" You and Dan made a lot of mistakes for this plant, one of the benchmark plants you tell us. It took the scare of the Union coming in to make you realize this? I can not believe the complete change in attitudes and the efforts that was put in because a couple of cards got passed around. Our biggest benefit is a nice gray area when it comes to policies? We have managers whos biggest concerns is our happiness, they work hard for us? How? Because they watch our breaks and count heads in the breakroom, or make sure we don't cramp up sitting in the QA booth, and get plenty of exercise out on the floor? That we stay hydrated with the nice gatorade stands so we don't go to the breakroom for water? And most of all Tony, you ignored the signs. You came here and saw there was conflict and low morale and you just said you were gonna take our smiles, put them in your pocket and bring them back to Britto. Well come back on the 29th and take all our smiles back to Britto!!!!!! Gonna take a group photo with Sam and the rest of IBEW.

  15. I Call Them As I See ThemAugust 20, 2010 at 10:04 PM

    Hey, Lambchop, they even eat their own. when Tom Burley retired they extinguished his position and laid it off on Guerra, who with the demise of most of EHS in St Louis got another stack of shit laid on his lap. Saving money and killing people, it's the Inbev way. I guess there's plenty of third worlders' ready to step into a dead guys job in Brazil. Maybe Dan should consider trying to organize the people on the other side of the double doors before it's too late for them, want to join our union?
    HEY WINDSOR, HEY MIRA LOMA!!! Wake up! Pay attention.

  16. VHI very well said...I agree with that.Dan is a
    good guy he needs to get his managers in control.
    The only ones you see working up there is
    Mr Jenkins Mr Jackson and last but not lease
    is Mr Connor.Don't know what John does...
    We will all have to work together. Sam is the man for the job.

  17. When it is all said and done I will be the first to reach out to heal.

    If I am rejected ( again ) I will adjust, its that simple.

    but just to be clear IBEW Local 363 and Sam like to get along first....we are GREAT PARTNERS but awful enemies.