Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Just To Be Clear........ Ain't No Mountain High Enough!

If for some reason you can't come to the meeting that was listed for your crew or group - you are welcome to come to whatever meeting you can. The only issue I will have is I might have too much food one night and not enough another but I think I have it covered.

See you guys Thursday and Friday. That is when we will REALLY begin to build our union!

Ain't no mountain high enough to keep us from moving ahead!


  1. We WILL be there! This time we are in our union hall too, not just visiting! Everybody just can't wait!

  2. Golly, can I bring the dounuts.

  3. I felt kind of bad for Ken ("Come on guys").

    This has been a highly charged issue for so many months.

    Here's a guy.

    Middle management.

    Between the front office bosses and us.

    On a crew that he's not used to.

    He's probably worked a few days in a row, which he's not used to.


    The biggest transition that this plant has ever encountered takes place on his watch.

    He's got to call the front office bosses.

    The folks who caused this whole situation to begin with.

    Poor Ken was stressed out.

    Ken brain farted.

    It happens to all of us sometime.

    Yeah, he said some things which probably would have been left best unsaid.

    I've done it, I'm sure we all have.

    Then he got whacked by the folks in the front office.

    Ken's a proud guy, he's got his faults like all of us.

    YOU KNOW it had to be tough for him to apologize in front of the whole crew.

    Regardless of the motivation, he manned up.

    Good on ya Ken, you did a bad thing, you took responsibility for it, you apologized, and you even bought donuts.

    No blood, no foul.

    I forgive him.

    Were in a new time now, lots of folks have a lot of growing to do. Management has had a free hand to do and say whatever they wanted without regard for the feelings of their workers for many years. Now, that have to think a little before they speak. The days of kicking the dog for fun and victory dances are over for management.

    New behaviors have to be learned, they never had to do before, so there's going to be a learning curve.

    We, the workers, have some growing to do as well.

    Now, we're Brothers and Sisters in a union.

    Take care of each other.

    Pull your load.

    Don't take advantage of those you work with.

    Do your fair share.

    I think good times are ahead for all as long as we respect each other.

    Let's git 'er done!

    Whoops, sorry Ken.

  4. We too often forget that not all of them are mangers.
    Supervision: Superintendent, Process Superintendent
    They all want to be lumped in with the same title but are not. Let's get the tem leaders some fancy title to make it easier for those who want to hang out up front and in the office when the crew needs help can feel better. Not all just some. You know who you are. They have the lifetime job now, first step in not having to always be where needed. Not all just some. You know who you are. Assistant supervisor.
    Why do we expect them to act like mangers when they are not? It's common sense to be nice and show courtesy and one can manage like that. Let's give them some time to get in the groove. Conflict will not serve either side. Sure we will find the way to work together hope it is soon and all it takes is treat others like you want to be treated. Do your job. Before you point out look at yourself.
    BE NICE!
    Let's lead the way in this relationship and by this I mean lead by example.
    Help each other out.
    That's it.

  5. malepatternbaldnessAugust 31, 2010 at 1:33 PM

    Where is Tony?

  6. Those were two great posts! Those were perfectly written words! That is the ATTITUDE that IBEW Local 363 wants to proceed with. You are both 100% right - it is a little different than it was and people are gong to have to get past their feelings of resentment against each other - in ALL directions.

    We want the world to know that we are going to be very reasonable and fair and we are going to think about how what we do will affect the company and even the managers. We just want to be thought of too.

    What is not fair about that? Will someone from the company reply back that they are in agreement? Let's make this work and get off the worlds screen.


    That is our goal. We want to WORK TOGETHER. We will push hard for that to happen. We will be patient. We will bite our tongues sometimes in good faith.

    We will only stray off this plan and course if it is demonstrated to us over time that we are alone in following that plan.

    We hope that in the next few weeks EVERYONE will see that it is best to respect each other.

    See everybody Thursday and Friday - food is ordered!

  7. 12:50 & 1:15 That is one of the best things said on this blog. I did'nt like the fight for union but knew we all needed it. There are some who dont pull their own weight and that too is disrespect for fellow team members. Lets all watch each others back and work hard to be #1 again, managers as well. RESPECT EACH OTHER

  8. I for one is not concerned about if there is enough food.Sam & IBEW 363, you did so much already. I am just glad to have a voice, and that is happening because of victory and ALL will benefit.

  9. Attention all workers at Newburgh bottling co., Congratulations on your recent win in joining the labor community!!! Let me be the first to welcome you as brothers and sisters. my name is Troy Ashdown, I am a CSEA rep. outta Kingston,N.Y. and I have been involved with the labor movement as a rep. and a municipal worker for D.P.W in Kingston for over twenty years. You guys just hit a grand slam home run by voting in Sam Fratto as your rep. from IBEW 363. Sam is an excellent representative and will serve you well! We currently have an anti-union Mayor in Kingston and we have been fighting against unfair labor practices as a result. Sam has come out for us time and again and I consider him a true friend and a trustworthy man of action. Once again, congratulations!

  10. I like the whole new direction this column is taking. Attitudes and people are a little shocked right now. I agree with male pattern and thin up top. Give this a little time to soak up (wake up from this dream)I know still when I walk into that door to go to work its still feels different for me, Its probably the feeling that we have a say over our future. But it certainly feels different.But I would have
    to say shame on you if you do not learn from your mistakes. And you do them over and over.
    Hopefully we all learn from our mistakes and
    we all grow from here.
    So see you all Thursday for the first time I
    do not feel afraid to go to the meeting!

  11. as 1 of the team members that got caught in the cross fire the other night.all is forgiven, emotions were high as expected, on both sides, lets put by gones behind us. lets lay off Ken he apologized and we must all moveon and make this work. lets work on getting a fair contract and still putting up those numbers and quality that we are known for like it or not guys we are all brothers now.

  12. I agree, let's be the first to show that attitude across the board. Let us set the stage for sitting at the table RIGHT NOW. Show them all that you guys are the best at your jobs. Display a friendly and positive attitude. Make cans better than ever. We are not here to fight.
    Our workers are good people and good workers.

    We are here to make this all work for both parties and to work in a partnership with the company.

    That is our goal.

  13. I Call Them As I See ThemAugust 31, 2010 at 8:55 PM

    An Open Letter to the Employees at Windsor, Mira Loma and any other non-union Packaging group facility including Longhorn Glass.
    We have just voted to have the IBEW represent us as a union of employees in contract negotiations with ABInbev. If you start organizing and become union members we will have something management always talks about, LEVERAGE. It would be one large collective bargaining unit. Think about it. Call our local. Sam Fratto would be more than happy to give you contact information for locals in your area. The more the merrier. The more the stronger. We are just getting our wings and learning to fly. You are still in the egg. Break out. We are with you! We have heard your voice through all our loud lobbying. We have the experience now to help you achieve. We could all (Packaging Group) be a formidable bargaining force. I'm sure there is some way we could link all the plants into one bargaining unit. A sort force to be reckoned with. What do you think? The Breweries (Newark here) has already said a hearty yes to our union cans. Join us. Strength in numbers. What do you say? Join us!

  14. I Call Them As I See ThemAugust 31, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    Day 2: Subdued, the only front office manager on the floor was the infamous Warren and his 64 Colors. Dave L. Made a Guest appearance to look at his part of the billboards and take down the transcripts of roundtables.I see the corkboards are bare in the hallway. Are there new communiques? or are we to be incommunicado? I thought communication was the backbone of our "special" relationship. What's up with the sudden surge in drug testing? No retribution? Backlash at the "highest" levels? "High" team!" Laughable. Watch out for the subtle trap. Bone factor is "HIGH".(Watchdog) Just do your job, to the best of your ability. "WELCOME TO THE MACHINE!"

  15. Did anyone ask Tony to come and meet our Rep Sam? Please do. I think if they both meet we can put this together. No sense wasting good company time fighting us, we make the cans!

  16. I have said this over and over but you guys are the best.I agree with all of the above.
    I will say it is great knowing we are union now.
    See ya Friday my brothers and sisters.