Monday, August 16, 2010

United We Stand - MCC And IBEW Local 363

United We Stand! On August 27/28 the workers at MCC Newburgh will show that they are united as one and we will begin our new relationship with the company. A better relationship that gives us all a voice and a fair contract to work under.

The people are strong and determined to vote YES and join IBEW Local 363!

We stand United with all of you and promise you will be proud to be IBEW and proud to be 363 THE MINUTE the votes are counted!

Thank you for the many emails and phone calls this week. Your input and information have been what made this campaign work! YOUR SPIRIT AND DRIVE ARE TO BE ADMIRED!

I will be in Albany today representing IBEW Local 363 at an AFL-CIO meeting. There are many issues that will be coming up that effect workers in NYS and IBEW Local 363 as always is right in the middle of it - protecting our members interests.

United, United United We Stand.


  1. morally compromisedAugust 16, 2010 at 9:07 AM

    I'm gonna start taking the high road and doin whats morally right. I wonder which crew that came from?!?! LMAO

    “To fight and conquer in all your battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy's resistance without fighting.”

    We need to stick together and vote yes.

  2. Bud Light presents ...... "Real Men Of Genius"

    (SING) Real Men Of Genius

    Today we salute you MCC Newburgh Management TEAM.

    Each year there's been talk of a Union, but your predecessors coordinated with the Workers and kept them Union free. They kept those who made the plant productive ..... happy.

    (SING) All that changed when Dan arrived!

    Each day Management TEAM you compromised those who worked hard for you in your terrible working conditions, those who butter your bread. You cut their wages, their benefits, and nickel'd and dime'd them into anger.

    (SING) You screwed your people every day!

    After cutting your productive Worker's breaks, and witnessing Warren's victory dance you tried to pacify the Workers with a steak dinner. Our Tea Party started there!

    (SING) You didn't witness Warren's long breaks as an ET!

    So crack open a nice, cold Bud Light oh swami of destroyed plant morale. You will always be remembered as the Management TEAM who brought a Union to MCC Newburgh and introduced the workers to SAM and the IBEW 363. You have made Anheuser-Busch history, you've led the first plant in Anheuser-Busch history to choose Union representation. This one's for you Dan, it wouldn't have happened without you!

    (SING) MCC Newburgh Management TEAM!

    Bud Light Beer Anheuser-Busch St. Louis Missouri

  3. The time for talking with the management is over they don't want to hear from us, nothing is going to get better the way we are going without out a contract. we don't have a leg to stand on. Lets all stand together and be united as one voice and vote yes. Then and only then will management be forced to hear us in the negotiation process.

  4. saynotomanagementshowAugust 16, 2010 at 3:04 PM

    Wow I saw that disgruntled employee who was probably a team leader who spouted pretty hard. I do agree with the black dog that we should not be beating up on each other or the team leaders. The Back end team leader on c crew got some unjust berating that he didn't deserve. Remember people we are all in this good fight to help us all better ourselves. When we crash down the front door we are bringing everybody with us, not just some. This is a fight for all of us and we all deserve the respect that we will get. Everyone will have a fair say in this believe me. And for the comment on a poor return on our investment let me just say that in a few years without a union you will see your investment with Inbev stripped to the bare bones. So dear disgruntled just think of this as a little work insurance, doesn't that sound a little better.
    Remember everyone has a right to voice their opinion and be heard. Not everyone will be on the side of the cause. When the union is voted in we will take these brothers and sisters by the hand and let them enjoy all that we have fought for because there is safety in numbers and that is what we are.
    Also to Dan, Tony and all front office mgmt. we know we have to work with you as you have to work with us so lets keep this a good relationship because this union is coming and we are going to ride the victory parade when it gets here. You guys will like Sam he is a good guy and this relationship will be alot better than you think.
    Lets just wait out the time til we vote and be strong be diligent be respectful and keep pushing for this union that will help us greatly. We will be local 363 UNION strong.
    One more thing everyone NEWBURGH MCC ROCKS because of the great workers that work there. Everyone remember that!!!!!

  5. Sam did someone fax you that letter we got today?
    Need not too worry did'nt mean a thing.

    Vote Yes Aug 27/28 IBEW HERE WE COME !

  6. saynotomanagementshow you are the man ! We do rock hang in team members it won't be long now.
    363 is the magic #

  7. Top Reasons to Unionize in the US
    Labor unions leverage the collective power of their members to get concessions from businesses - in everything from pay and benefits to work conditions and job security.
    Feb 17, 2010 - Estela Kennen

  8. I agree with Black Dog, no more beating each other up. It's counterproductive. Plus they are entitled to their opinion, just as we are. Unlike the company infomercial, you are allowed to state your case here. Be tolerant! NO MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME WE STILL HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER! If we work together then we are the "Team", maybe not the team the want us to be, still a team. Working for the good of the whole, dissidents included. No more personal attacks, from either side. On anybody. We are going to decide whether to be dictated to or have a say as a unit, a collective bargaing unit, all of us, on what direction the company and we want to go, security, properity and mutual goals. Get your heads out of your asses, management and workers and let's start fixing it. No more bullshit, mud slinging meetings, both sides should clam it. Shut down the blog and management stop the brainwashing and fear mongering meetings for these 2 weeks before the election and let's just do it. If both sides can agree we could vote as soon as possible. This could be the first sign of negotiating in good faith. A good sign of what could follow. We have the numbers, management has attrition and the OJ defense (throw as much shit on the wall as you can and see what sticks). Start now. Vote now.

  9. 8:27PM - Haven't seen it yet but someone will get it to me by tomorrow. I bet I can guess what it says though - the same WEAK and mistaken points that have no true bearing on the REAL question:

    "Why are we better off working without a contract with our new company ABINBEV?"

    They CANNOT ANSWER that question and make any sense.

    Walrus - Just so you know the elction date is written in stone now because the Labor Board has scheduled the dates - there is no canging it to an earlier date.

    I would agree to everything you said if I got a phone call from Dan or Ken asking me to come in, grab a committee of workers and lets talk. We could resolve it all.

    They would need to formally RECOGNIZE IBEW LOCAL 363 as the workers bargaining representative.

    Even if that doesn't happen - don't bank on that option - I am all for establishing a great relationship and we WILL do that AFTER YOU GUYS WIN this election UNLESS I get that call.

    If my phone doesn't ring tomorrow - I know that is not an option - YET.

    I'm always open to the idea of working together and I will always be open to that after the election and throughout the future.

    But until I get that call, RIGHT NOW I have to help the people:

    1) get organized
    2) get a contract

    That's my mission here and I will do that which ever way the company would like to. I am leaving my offer on the table to all do it TOGETHER - Labor and Management - and I will never take that off the table.


    Dan and Ken - The union hall number is (845) 783-3500 Please leave your number there tomorrow and I will call you anytime of the day or night.

  10. Sam im glad you decided to omit my last entry. It was counter productive probably. I was angered by one of the responses to my previous blogs about an individual and his anti union sentiments. I thought about it after I sent it.I regret my actions at first but I guess the stress is getting to me. Thank you to my fellow Team members for taking the high road and showing me that I shouldnt do to someone what I do not want done to me. Good job walrus, budlight, saynotomanagementshow and black dog. We`ARE better together than apart.Sorry.Go 363

  11. Tony = liar
    Liar = Tony
    Both 4 letters
    Both the same

  12. Sorry, all this organized harrassment is one big pain in the ass. Another letter in the mail today, more roundtables with Tony, my eyes can't take all the 90 minutes of 1000 yard stares. Another brick in the wall. If they really are worried about my well being they sure have a funny way of showing it. Focused, 11 days.

  13. Dan,
    Nice letter.How original.How lame,its a shame.
    quit now, some how, find a way, it will pay.
    Sam is right, dont fight,make a call , thats all.
    dont retract, a contract,we concede to succeed,
    Sit down,no frown, after all, we can have it all.
    do it right , dont fight.
    end it now, you can do it somehow.
    A union shop,to make it hop,a canplant wont rest, to be the best.
    Make it so, dont be slow.
    Its for the best, thats no jest.

  14. 10:33PM - No problem - I knew you were just frustrated but DONT BE!

    We are in GREAT SHAPE!

    Our numbers are good!



    ....and the PEOPLE WILL GET WHAT THE PEOPLE WANT.........

    ...and they want to be IBEW 363 members working under a WRITTEN CONTRACT with someone who will represent their concerns able to approach management on AN EVEN PLAYING FIELD and get results for those concerns.

    EVERY EMPLOYEE can have that ..........



    With a written contract,
    at least you have a prayer,
    Without a written contract,
    all you have is air.


  16. sing this song to the name game tony tony so phony, banana nana nana fo phony, fee fi fo phony, Tony.
    The blame game

  17. How come we're the ones 'giving birth' to a Union, yet it seems that Management is having Labor Pains? LOL
    Keep Breathing, folks...we're almost there!

  18. Sam, why do Passions postings have the same icon as yours? Thought it was someone else. Shouldn't it have same icon as everybody else?

  19. If anyone had the same icon as mine it was because I copied the comment on a newer post so people would not miss it. Passion has written so many good posts that made sense I didn't want anyone to miss a couple he or she posted in stories too far down. If you go through all of the posts you will what I mean.

    We can use your eagle eye when we are looking over something important like our template for the contract. We will be doing that real soon so warm up your eyes. You are the perfect person to depend on for those small details!

    Hope that answers your question.

  20. food for thought!!August 17, 2010 at 5:47 PM

    i need this union to get in so i am protected from being "FIRED"

  21. Sam, guess this settles it for me - Eagle Eye from now on. Will be happy to help with more than the eye but also with the mind that has been around this place for many years. All you have to do is ask.
    It does answer my question and thanks!

  22. Eagle Eye (laughing) Glad you are onboard with us! You will have plenty to read and peruse over believe me. I am already REALLY busy on what happens AFTER this election.