Thursday, August 5, 2010

Don't believe Everything The Company Tells You About Having A Contract

Look! This happens all of the time! It is happening to YOU GUYS right now in every CAPTIVE meeting Dan holds.

Many times we are told things from corporations that are not true or we are encouraged to do things THAT ARE NOT IN OUR BEST INTEREST.

They ALL do that to protect or grow that bottom line. Nothing else is as important to them. Not even YOUR WELL BEING. That is a fact.

The sad thing is that at the time we are being told something is good for us - it seems like it is SUCH good advice.

Then later we find out that specific "corporate encouragement and advice" could have killed us.



In this video, they are promoting smoking in a childrens cartoon. Of course, it was good for "big shots" but THAT ADVICE really wasn't good for us.

In your plant, they are promoting working with no union, no rights, no say and no contract. Of course, that is good for the "big shots" but THAT ADVICE really isn't good for us.

It's time to NOT believe any more of the lies. The ones they are telling and the advice they are giving you are like giving kids a pack of those Winstons to smoke whille they watch Fred and Barney.

I have exposed plenty of their lies already and I am sure you are all on the same page with me on that. Enough is enough.



  1. That's the truth, you go Sam

  2. I am telling you and everybody here that this really is the best thing that we have done together here, next to telling them to stuff their dam steaks. IBEW Local 363 was born right there that night for us and we just didn't know it.

    It is just a blessing that all of our paths crossed with Sam. It is so obvious that he really is a great labor leader and he really will care about us. Can't wait for my first day as a union member of 363. I will be dam proud that we all did this.

    August Bush sold the company to INBEV and now we are buying insurance, for the dollar for every hundred and only on straight time this is a grand slam.

    Power To The People IBEW Local 363

  3. Hey Dan you have kind of been pushing those "Winstons" on us too.

    Well we just read the surgeon generals report and we are quitting that "bad habit" you got us stuck on.

    We are going to replace that old stale cigarette smoke you have been pushng on us with the fresh air of IBEW Local 363.

    Our date to quit "smoking" is August 27 and August 28

    GO MCC workers! Go Sam! Go IBEW 363!

  4. Only 21 more days of listening to why it is better for us not to have a contract.

    Management reasons that WE are better off without a contract because the company can react to market conditions quicker. As if Inbev considers US an actual part of the company. All we really are to them is another resource. Human Resource. But they prefer to put a spin on it and call it People Manager. REALLY!!!!

    To Inbev WE, as in employee both hourly and salaried, are just resources. No more than the machines making the cans.

    Inbev does not look at cost of living. Inbev does not look at what the MCC plants are making in other areas of the country. Inbev does not even care about the differences in skill levels between working in a low speed, old fashion factory and the Newburgh Can Plant.

    Inbev looks at the specific geographic area and asks "How little can I pay the workforce and still remain productive?"

    Now they know.

    Open your eyes, see beyond the spin and you will come to the same conclusion as I have.

    Unionizing is the only way to be Human with Inbev.

  5. Wow that was good. Can't wait to just vote and be unionhere I'm tirde of hearing the bullshit too. Dan is becoming a joke. Maybe they should fly in our friend Tony next and just skip "Negotiator Ken".

    Here is my advice Dan, cut the crap an stupid nonsense you call your meetings,call 363 and offer to negotiate right now, don't even wait for the election, then you will never really know how bad you are going to "lose".

    If not get ready for an embarrassing result for you and a very proud day for us.

    In fact, just forget it Dan. Lets let it happen so we can see how well you sold us all on the idea to vote against ourselves. Brito will be pised at you Dan after this. Maybe you and the other managers can call Sam and get a union to protect you.

    voting 363 all the way

  6. JAX is watching youAugust 6, 2010 at 8:23 AM

    JAX here Everybody in our plant is watching you guys. You are a real great bunch of people. This site is great and we are right with you. You have all of our support.

    vote yes vote in your union

  7. Theres nothing their negotiator can say that should make a difference in this situation.He is just a guy whose job it is to get the contract the company feels they can operate with.He doesn't know squat about a can plant and never has worked in one.He just works off a figure he's given and thats his goal.If he meets that goal great, if he saves some of the money even better for his side.He doesn't decide the amount that AB/I is going to spend.If you guys continue to be a stellar can plant and producing income for the corporation, they will find the money to keep both sides happy.

  8. Im one of the organizers of this thing and i just wanted to say im sorry that some of the things on this blog is not exactly what was intended. It wasnt to be a place to bash but for q&a. I see that it has become more, a place not just to ask questions but to vent, and i dont blame you for that. I blame some of managment for not listening. enough on that, what i want to vent is what happened at our last meeting, someone had mentioned that the unions salary was posted but not managements, we were told that it is out there if we were to research it, and that we dont pay their salaries. Im sorry to say that we do pay their salaries, because without us, the employee, be it the person that makes the can, fills the can with beer or the forktruck driver that loads the truck to deliver the product, guess what, they dont have the money to pay the salary, so dont say we dont pay your salary because we pay it with our sweat. dont trivialize what we do here dan. As far as im concerned you have just insulted us all. This is why we need the union because they have forgotten what the employee does for them.
    Lets see how dan will put a spin on this one in his next meeting. Dan looks like you just stuck your foot in you mouth again. or as someone else put it, took aim at the big toe. If you really pay attention in his meetings you can see for yourself at dans true nature, when he is asked a question, if its something he doesnt like he will yell at them, and then blame it on his emotional state. Bull shit dan.
    Wake up people we are here because of their lack of respect for what we do. And yes you should be compensated for your knowelege, We all know what happened when tony tried to run a printer, because he thought it was easy. If you are someone that doesnt know ask one of the oldtimers im sure they will tell you.
    Stay solid and focused and vote yes
    and of course i will be anonymous for fear of retaliation.

  9. I have to tell you short version of tonys printer experience. It ended in epic failure. enough said

  10. Sam, the people are solid and strong as they can possibly be. A few antis will write things that Dan puts them up to but on August 27 the worm turns and on the 28th we will be 363 and you won't have a better group behind you.

    YESSSSSSSSSSSS Vote yes for Local 363

  11. Just spoke to two fence sitters and they finally got rid of those splinters!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The union is the way to go! Look at us already, we are speaking out about what we like and don't like. The muzzle and blinders are finally off!

    363 all the way

  12. In response to Dans insult to us all.I know the ONLY thing you care about Dan is you.If you cared about the workers you wouldnt argue when they bring up a valid point that is important to them. Why do you think most of the people dont say anything when you ask if they have anything during the meetings.Now you ACT concerned. you say it hurts when people make comments about you.BULLSHIT. You only care about yourself.admit it. say it in your next meeting. apologize to all four crews. And I still will vote yes to 363.Why ? We dont trust a liar!

  13. You say another round of meetings? O.K. If thats what they want give it to em. OK code blue again everyone, code blue.All those who are asked what it means by management. Say "Idont know".Never heard of it before. say it means nothing. Code blue everyone code blue.Good job last week on code white. refer to cards again if you forgot. Its working fine.say again code blue.

  14. justsaynotomanagementshowAugust 6, 2010 at 8:19 PM

    Feels good to see everyone starting to come out on the blog and express their feelings. We are strong we are together and we are unionizing as we speak. This has been good to see everyone really sticking together and letting their voices be heard on the blog and in the plant. as Sam has told us just be strong, polite and go about your business in the plant as usual. today is August 6 and the election time is coming up sooner than we all think. Our time to vote will be here and then not only will the plant hear us but corporate will hear us Belgium will hear us and Yes Brazil will hear us also. This is about us and our future and our families that we support with our hard work at the plant. Everyone is hanging tough and playing it cool, just keep it up because they will throw more stuff at us to tell us how bad the union is and how we should continue to let them keep taking from us and our families year after year. Our representation will come in the form of Sam Fratto and the guys of ibew 363 and believe me they have our best interests at heart. They are putting alot of hours into this and really going out of their way. People sitting on the fence or just not sure of the way to go remember how much can you lose before its too late and there will be no one standing there behind you. Don't wait for this to happen, we have the backing now lets take it to the house and vote the union in and get moving with protection from inbev. UNIONIZE

  15. Windsor here again,
    We are so happy to hear the way you guys stick together.

  16. I have already made up my mind and I am in good company. We need to do this in a big way. This is not only for us but for future people who dont even work here yet. We are putting dignity back into this place.

    With AB we had it. With AB we were treated more than great and we didn't need a union.

    AB is gone.

    What we had is gone.

    What we have will be gone,

    unless we stick together.

    We owe it to ourselves to unionize!

    I'm in and I'm a yes vote

  17. Remember guys & gals tell Dan what he wants to hear let him think you are a NO this makes him happy.
    He will be surpised to see what good actors we are.
    Sam I want to go on your e-mail I have question that I don't want it on the blog.

  18. Windsor here if you win this we will consider
    going union here we want a blog this is great
    Wish you luck we are watching.

  19. 10:13PM - email me and I will answer your question.

  20. Windsor when we win our election contact me and I will help put you in touch with someone to help you. After the election, we can talk.