Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Tony, Choices, Name Game, Future Changes, Contract, Hardass Hints

Here is the info instead of waiting for the computer man

Total Awards Changes -

Newburgh Activity

No wage increases, Benefit changes
Break Policy changed
Concerns about pension freeze based on salaried changes
Management not listening or powerless to positively impact change
General uncertainty about the future, new ownership,recent MCC plants sold,
many changes
Lack of trust of new ownership
Need security of union contract.
Pension changing from pension to savings account defined contribution
Health care costs up to 35% by 2011
Retiree Medical - lump sum instead
Variable pay

....and the best part........the EXECUTIVE REPORT STATES THAT NEWBURGH UNION ACTIVITY WAS SETTLING DOWN IN APRIL ( That was listed in the positive )


Let's get to Tony.

Welcome to town Tony! I have lived here all my life and never had the priviledge to meet you. I think WE will be changing that in 10 DAYS. Heard you had your first meeting. What do you mean we can't get the people what they want - who is going to stop that from happening Tony?

Is it YOU Tony who will stand in the peoples way of a FAIR CONTRACT?

I have been told that Tony was hinting he was going to be a hardass. Hardass against WHO Tony?? Against the people?? Why would you do that? These are the people you loved, the ones you put your arms around. Now you are going to play HARDBALL AGAINST THEM TONY?

It is their right as Americans to choose a union to represent them Tony. This is STILL THE UNITED STATES TONY. You don't have to threaten the people Tony - don't worry - we won't hurt you. We just want a CONTRACT Tony. We are still the same people. In this country people get to choose many things Tony.

Why do people call you Tony? That is not your real name.

Your real name is Ranjive.

BUT YOU CHOOSE TO BE CALLED TONY. And people call you that - they call you Tony - because you are allowed that choice in this country.


Now these same people are CHOOSING TO BE UNION TONY. Don't threaten them - I don't care how high up the food chain you are - DON"T YOU THREATEN THESE PEOPLE.


No more of this Tony - this ain't 1994:

According to the employee, Bhalla told him that “we know who they are and we’re gonna get them.” (Is this the caring Tony I heard so much about?)

It should be noted that the employees pretrial affidavit, given only 1 week before the hearing, stated that Bhalla remarked, “[W]e should fire them all.” ( ...and here we thought you really cared Tony )

You also made a comment that IBEW Local 363 was weak.

Why do you say that when I offered JUST YESTERDAY TO ALL WORK TOGETHER? I asked you to call me - you never called Tony. Why? If I am weak you will have an easy time. I also wanted to debate you Tony - I still do - if I am weak - bring me in and show the people how weak I am.


...Or YOU just don't trust them to make an ADULT DECISION.


Was it their health costs? No, you never even contacted them for that.

Was it their 401K? No, you never even contacted them for that.

Was it their raises? No, you never even contacted them for that.

Was it their pension? SHHHHHHHHHH Don't mention that - that's next.

Was it the steaks? No, they didn't eat them.

The answer is that you NEVER spent any money at all advising them of anything EXCEPT when you spent money against the unionin 1994. The point you fail to grasp Tony is that was AB - this IS NOT AB........and it's 2010 and this is the IBEW Local 363.

The people want a contract here.

Remember - I asked to play nice and get along. You are generating negative energy.

One more thing Tony, you don't respect our choices - WE PROBABLY WON'T BE RESPECTIN' YOURS.

So YOU ALL HOLD ON TIGHT because here I come.....Cover me I'm goin in.



  1. Ranjive's ma nameAugust 18, 2010 at 9:54 PM

    Ranjive is a phoney and we need to put an American foot....ahhh never mind.

    Ranjive you dont scare us.

    We'll call you Tony again when we get our contract.

    bring on 27/28 and 363

  2. Wow we really need a contract.The words coming out of Tonys mouth is total B/S.gals & guys we
    can't afford not to have a union. VOTE YES

  3. we are many
    we are strong
    we are here
    we are devoted
    we are tireless
    we are relentless
    we are united
    we are focused
    we are committed
    we are one
    We are IBEW

  4. Former Fence SitterAugust 18, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    Thank youTony. Your speach today made me hop off that fence I have been siting on since June and jump right onto the IBEW 363 bandwagon. Are Yyou crazy? Do youthink we are too stupid to figure out that your nasty, hardass self can come out jkust as easily without the union and we would be screwed. You disgusted me today and came off as an arrogant asshole.Now I don't trust YOU. I don't trust that you won't baby out and hardass me anyway. Screw that Sam take my 1% and knock some sense in Ranjives head would you please. I'm done being the scared little employee.

  5. I feel the same way it was a hidden threat.

    Sam time to get down right dirty dig up the dirt and post it.

    Go Nation wide with it give people a good story
    to read.

  6. windsor here the writing is becoming very clear

  7. Ranjive= handjive

  8. Windsor can you believe this Ranjive thinking we are a bunch of schmucks. he probably flew here all cocky like he has the silver tongue and we will all fall apart - go scratch Ranjive.

    We are a strong unit here in newburgh. Stronger tahn anybody knows yet. Looks like Tony would have taken care of us but he is turning into Ranjive the Hun. I don't trust his ass either.

    Too bad, I'm a man and I am standing up.

    Go 363!

  9. Be a man Debate Sam.

  10. VH1: Behind the MusicAugust 18, 2010 at 10:18 PM

    If we vote yes does this mean I shouldn't waste my money on the learn a language disc (Portugese)from Rosetta stone. Dam I was hoping to get transferred to Brazil and help start up the new plants you talked about. I like chorizo too. It's all part of the Dream. Cue up some Aerosmith. Dream On.
    Well i guess in the future the tune will be "Walk this way."a good thing Cause it ain't never been "Money For Nothing".
    Look at them yo-yo's
    that's the way you do it,
    you make the beer can at the MCC,
    That ain't workin
    thats the way you doit
    money for nothin and a case for free.

  11. Hi It's Tony or Ranjive or Bill or whatever I'm called. I can't debate Sam because I am chicken sh*t and I know I have no case in front of the people in my old plant. I am just a sellout and a company hack.

  12. I Call Them As I See ThemAugust 18, 2010 at 10:25 PM

    Hey, Windsor;
    How do you like Wonder Boy? went up that ladder faster than shit through a goose didn't he? Smile you'll catch the wave. MCC will stop being known as morons creating cans to Metal Canmakers Co-operative. Hear that Mira Loma?

  13. Hey guys, make you a deal, don't vote for the union and I will promise to get Dan to actually help roll up your sleeves and get you right back to the hard work while you forget all that union crap. Whadaya say? Is that enough to convince you? You have my personal guarantee things will be better, for me I mean.

  14. Wow Dan 150 people have 45,000 hits.

  15. ranjive ranjive doing that crazy ranjive

  16. vote 363 to have someone in our corner. ranjives not

  17. Yup 45,000 hits. 25,000 of them Ab-Inbev anti -union consultants reading it and telling them how to beat us. Now tryng to cover there asses so they get threre fees, that will be dedcuted from your health insureance next year, you'll pay more. "i'm reading from notes so everyone hears the same message". Consultantspeak. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!ok, NUDGE NUDGE WINK WINK. You win.

  18. saynotomanagementshowAugust 18, 2010 at 11:44 PM

    Im hearing from tony that we didn't get a raise this year because we make too much money and he wants the union plants to catch up to us. Does that mean your salary was frozen too tony and you got no bonuses til every other can company caught up to you? I highly doubt that and it is public knowledge what you and the top dogs make at corporate. And your bonuses are out of control too. that is an insult to us tony and you know it. You are just a company lapdog for inbev and carlos and probably just doing what he tells you because you all are not allowed to think for yourselves anymore. That is an insult and we are waiting for our days on the 27th and 28th to prove to all you mgmt. that we mean business. All I have to say now tony is you might as well get back on your plane in coach class and go back to St. Louis because you are of no value to us anymore. TONY HEAR THESE WORDS MCC=UNION STRONG. Take that to the bank tony we the people have nothing more to say. We will when the contract talks come up.
    We are local 363 keep pounding away Sam they need it lol.

  19. So, now Tony is the heavy? Brito and Pete-o's hypertensive little bitch? The same guy who defines corporate middle manager suck-up?

    Tony, you ain't worth a gen-tech's pay...and that's the way it is, because...


  20. Ranjive,now im really pissed off. Are you theatening Newburgh?Well are you? I know Dan cant tie his shoes without permission first.Do you know that a large group of us predicted that if August Busch sold the company and the owners let you do as you wanted you would screw this company up. You were counting on the fact that America is in a recession and that we wouldnt stand up for ourselves in this economy. Well dumb ass you were wrong.

  21. After my meeting tonight i thought about what i heard Tony say. I watched him talk and look at everyone. I really havent felt that this union thing was that big a deal. Why is the company spending the money trying to fight its employees instead of making simple changes and making us happy? I understand that times are hard for everyone,but they didnt have to act like this. I have to think that when Tony talked about when things happen there are equal and opposite reactions that he is threatening us somehow. I have to be honest and admit i was going to vote no but now i think i will take my chances with the union because its sounding more and more like he has a vendetta against Newburgh. Im only one person, please vote yes I dont trust the intentions of AB any more.

  22. Ranjive,
    your pathetic.
    Love always,
    American can slave

  23. Thank God we have 363 now. These idiots are lost. Cant wait to hear what they have next. Go IBEW Im with you all the way.

  24. Tony you're a phoneyAugust 19, 2010 at 8:43 AM

    Tony pissed me off too. Who the f does he think He is? We do the GD work around here! we make the cans. We sweat all day. We deal with incompetent managers.

    Now this fake "Tony" comes down here to threaen us to scare us about wanting 363? Well, "Tony" you got another thing coming.

    You want play hardball and go against us now? You want to THREATEN ME AND MY FAMILY? Go right ahead - but you better remember we run this plant. It is going to run a lot slower when you try to SCREW US. You can bet your ass on that. We won't be bullied! So cut the shit Ranjive and deal with us like A MAN.

    If you are a man because a man wouldn't act like a little punk like you did in your meting with us. Your disgusting.

  25. Wow great meeting yesterday if you believe that BS Tony spewed and his two Puppets eye f*#king everyone. Were those stares suppose to make us feel threaten. Wow these people still don’t get it we are tired of the BS Management.
    If I am correct Tony’s comment is that ( It does not matter if you are Union or not ) .So my ? Is if this does not matter from the man on the back 9 lets do it today . Why did you stop your golf game to come and see us if it does not matter. Remember your next comment (It will make your job easer if we are UNION) Accept the Union an we can move on. What side of your mouth will you talk out of for our next meeting. Dan Dave I loved the Puppet act you look very concerned . Just one more comment Tony have you looked at the management staff that you have put together at MCC 9 they are a big disappointment that is your down fall people who think they are above the worker. Everyone read between the BS this is our time UNION IS THE WAY TO GO

  26. Tony came to our plant and someone spoke up during the ecm about how the sold plants were better off with ball and the people he talked too liked it better.Tony said that the grass is not always greener on the other side, too let it grow.It sounds like you guys let it grow and now your going to mow it to the ground.Stay strong, only a little more than a week to go.good luck

  27. Did Tony max his total package($500K) did Dan ($300K) If there was more time and money spent on a common goal to run the plant better togerther we wouldn't be here today. Like you haven't been told for the past 5 years. Warren and Dave have been here all along. How could they let Dan get so far off track.How many employee's could have move up and helped and done a better job? We will be IBEW 363 Aug. 29th, and when you guys have to deal with it go look in the mirror to see if you have a clear conscious.

  28. you better be careful we r united! leave! we don't want you! You bring us nothing! We r in a recession why didn't you give up your pay increase ? answer that tony ANSWER THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  29. saynotomanagementshowAugust 19, 2010 at 10:43 AM

    tony if you read this blog which i know you do I bet you know where the downfall started. about 7 or 8 years ago when the real can making managers left and yes they were not too people friendly but knew the business that is when you stopped hiring from within and went out and got the jason owens type managers and people from the gap with no experience and thought we would catch them up to speed which we did. This is a business that needs experience along with leadership values not ex marines that wanted to come in and bully everyone and lead by fear. that is what happened tony if you couldn't figure that out. I personally think you did but being you don't work at the plant no more it didn't bother you that some of your old friends were taking this abuse. Fear should not be in the workplace it is not needed to get things done. You people preach it in videos you make us watch then you go out and do it yourselves. This is what was the starting point of the tip of the spear tony. People are just tired of being treated like shit. We don't want the world tony we just want some respect, and wow since the drive started we notice the managers acted human isn't that surprising lol. We want to do our job and make lots of cans and bring good money home to take care of our families, lets put this behind us and go union strong and work for the common goal together. We will all get along and Sam will help make sure that this happens. Sam has our back and we have his, these are the facts tony. mmc = union strong go 363

  30. I did not have my meeting with Tony yet but I hear from the blog that he is here to hold the line. I did predict that and expected his stance to be hard nose.
    I used to beleive in him and have stopped to do so a few month ago. The proof is in his actions and involvement in making decisions for Newburgh: compensation, breaks, budget, bonus categories and most important the people that are at the top of the management team and how they are to treat, manage and interact with us, the workforce that is producing the comodity that pays for all our wages and benefits.
    So when you add it all up you can see that Tony is not the saviour.
    Look at the new and old company: ABI was not perfect but they did understand what it means to spread the wealth some. Their top people made a lot but there was enough to keep the workers feeling like they share in the gains. New leaders came in looking to cut the fat, take out that part of the cost that the consumer does not want to pay and fly coach (Brito in his taped message) but what they actually did was to take so much of the gains that there is nothing left for those producing and hoping that they will be taken care of, hoping and not requesting since without a voice and a turn to speak there is no place for you to say what you want and to agree or not with the "package".
    “Not on my watch” from August III still rings in my ears empty just like the “put your trust in us” they are trying to convey between the lines now. We did and look where we’re at now: adversaries just because we spoke up. Still think we are “juvenile” Dan? Tell Tony that in one of your daily phone calls after the steak event? Does he know what your take on our pain was: JUVENILE? A lot of us are older than you and this is your extent of understanding the workforce you’re leading.
    This is in a nutshell what the change is all about.
    Dan and Dave and Warren need to go and if they don't they will when the union gets voted in. They failed with the union drive and also failed in relating to and caring for the workers. If we were to post all the stories involving bad management by these and more it would be too much even for Tony to defend.
    Remember years ago when we had an offsite meeting and they made all the mangers get up and apologize for their mistakes? How many here today were around for that? I know that would not help now, but we are not there at all, there are no apologies and no regrets from them, just from us that we trusted them to lead us and all we got was disappointment. A bone here and there, manipulated results for gainshare to make us feel better once in a while but that wears our pretty fast.
    We're here because of the failed leadership. Period. We have our flaws but we are the ones that sweat, drive through two feet of snow at 5 in the morning, do linesweeps and scrub our hands or ink and front end spooge till our skin cracks and bleeds, get blisters and athlete's foot from wearing boots all day, get knee and ankle strains and sprains, breathe the inside spray and ink mist, and finally struggle with night shift work on the job and on the days off. Yet we make the cans and somehow keep the ball rolling, reduce spoilage and respond to crashes, make things work and rake our brains to find solutions. That should account for something and not be taken for granted. If we stop trying then everything slows down.
    One choice to make: vote YES! Then again most of us have made that choice already!

  31. Didja know HandJive was a Rock & Roll hit in the fities?

    Check out YouTube.


  32. Eagle Eye,

    Wow, that was well said. Alot of good points in there. Tony, as you see--we are not asking for that much--just our fair share. And every now and then we need some help from Dave Lehman--(The Peoples manager) but we dont get that either..

  33. eagle eye,Very well put,you speak from truth and heart,I/WE,are with you brother!!!!!

  34. Hey People,do you know,even poor Larry(the mad mopper),was in a UNION and ORGANIZED,WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH US!!!!

  35. Eagle eye,
    you said everything I was thinking. Great job. I hope that Ranjive reads this and takes this back to Borrito. You communicated all the same things I have felt for a long time. Thanks Im pissedoff.

  36. It takes managers to manage! MCC fell way short. After reading what happened in 1994 to the workers trying to improve things and then the lies Tony said in court its hard to beleive him. To all the new guys..... i was new once, not that long ago. This is a great job, I agree. Just want to keep from bleeding any more, keep what I already have. Before you know what you have here. you need a few yrs under your belt. 12 hrs is along time out there on the line. maybe you guys need another 12 months training just to run the printers. Opinions are like assholes......everybody has one!

    Stop the bleeding......Vote yes

  37. I drove thru the snow storm this year and put my life at risk for this company when they should have CALLED its employees and told them Not to come in.Dans excuse of not wanting for people to lose pay was the lamest bullshit excuse for greed I have ever seen. They could have compensated everyone. They got paid and they didnt all come in.They DONT CARE.I hope everyone finally accepts that. We have to take care of ourselves. Together. IBEW yes!

  38. Tony says if we get the union in, then he is going to play hardball. Guess what we can play hardball too. That is a promise Tony. We are not stupid like you think. This can be hard or it can be easy you choose.

  39. I Call Them As I See ThemAugust 19, 2010 at 5:16 PM

    Not only did you drive thru a snow storm, it was declared a state of emergency and could have gotten your ass in a sling with the cops. A can maker is not an emergency vehicle, cop, fireman, ambulance or DR or nurse trying to get to a hospital. Other than snow plows those are the only vehicles allowed on the road ways during a snow emergency. A small blurb on a prenamed radio station telling employees 1st or2nd shift is canceled should be made. If I get ticketed for driving during an emergency are they going pay the fine, pay my insurance increase and clear the points off my license? I guess counting beans is worth more than me. And Mr Peoples told an employee who asked why we aren't closed "The state police aren't closed and we're not either" That night there were 10 power failures and all the "production" was held.
    The BeeGees had a semi-hit with "Jive Talking" in the70's. Tony's version was a non-hit in 2010.
    First off he talks too fast, sidetracks himself and muddies the air with too many contradictions in one mouthful. All this While reading predetermined "bullet points" probably written by lawyers and the infamous "Ken" And yes he did say it didn't matter to him whether we went union or not. Then threated "I am the one who decides who gets what."
    Suggested reading is the 1994 judgement against MCC for firing union organizing employees. It's all Tony.
    "Can you see the real me,me,me,me,me"
    I agree that when they took college degrees over experience and hands on knowledge they began the us and them. They pulled out and destroyed the ladder that was there to climb in this company. Hourly's had to teach mangagers (and still are) their areas and what each machine does. Every one was professional enough not to disinform. After the latest round of disinformation it should be quite clear that organization is needed and so is a yes vote for 363. At least we will be organized while they continue to display to us their disorganization.

  40. I keep hearing in the meetings that Sam (IBEW) promised me better wages and benefit package if we go uniion. Sam never promised that to me or anybody else. The only thing Sam promised me was a voice through a contract. Thats it. For me 1% is such a small price to pay for that. I dont want anything else from him. Also for your information.....Sam is not the union!!!!!! WE ARE.
    If not for the union would Tony even be down here? We are using Sam and the IBEW....not the other way around.

    Stop the bleeding, VOTE YES

  41. The Cupper and the DownenderAugust 19, 2010 at 5:33 PM


    Maybe you can answer my question. Why would you play "Hardball" against us when we just want to be treated fair, and maybe a better package down the road? If you notice--we are still running 6 million pretty frequently. Our gain share right now is almost 11%. What does that tell you Tony? After we got SHAFTED with our package deal--we are still working hard. Give us some respect and a piece of the "PIE".....You got yours=so did Danny Boy and i am sure "The peoples manager" did also..............

  42. sam do different unions stick together? like brewerys and fillers if we go on strike will everybody try to help out?

  43. Well said Eagle eye. For the people who don't know Tony (Ranjiv), well, you don't know him. The lifer's do. He speak with forked tongue. His meeting may have sounded concerned but understanding. He was really giving you the bird for wanting a union. Tony does not ask a question unless he already knows the answer. He likes to bait and trap. Asked a direct question he will answer in such a circuitous route (just like his roundtable presentation) that you will either be confused or you think you heard what you wanted to hear. He is also a narcissist, arrogant and condescending. Therefore, beatable at his own game. If he doesn't care if we are union or not, we'll give him "the union". We do care! Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. For he has just tried to sell you Marvel's Great Elixir! This ain't Kansas, this ain't OZ.Forget the double-double confusing talk. It boils down to being told what you get or fighting for what you have, anything more is a bonus. See you on the 27/28. Raising a PINT or 2 or 3 or so on the 29th.

  44. Sam what happen to the posting you were going to put up on the blog. We need the big gun now Sam.
    Tony was very threatening and he is pissed.
    I hope you are a good negotiator because we are going to need it.

  45. 6:11PM - yes they do. Don't forget there are
    2 million UNION MEMEBRS in NY. It doesn't have to be breweries and fillers it could be carpenters ironworkers teachers cops fireman electricians plumbers civil service workers county state federal there are many many people that would take up our cause.

    WE are going to take care of this right here right in Newburgh. When I meet Tony he will see that I am somebody he can work with. I just represent the people. TO DO THAT I HAVE TO BE FAIR TOO.

    We will get this done in a reasonable manner or the World will know why.

  46. Hey:
    I call em as I see em......WOW! WELL PUT

    King Cobra ...... I have a copy of it that a little bird gave me I just don't know now if I can post it legally. Here is what I will say about it - YOU GUYS ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING AT THE RIGHT TIME - you need a union.

  47. Don't put it up. They are skirting the law. We have to be as pure as the new snow. Let them shovel all the shit they want to. Screw them and the horse they rode in on. They created the "problem" with their own arrogance. Dig your way out, smart guys! You have 7 DAYS. To you management guys, your universe is entroping. Know what that means? I didn't think so. I'll tell you. It expands so far that it collapses into itself. I'm sorry I used big words. Supercalifragilisticexpialadocius. I think that means 363 wins.

  48. BUD "WISER"August 19, 2010 at 8:37 PM

    It's hard for me to write anything after Eagle Eye's post. You hit it right on the head and took the words right out of my mouth. Tony's meeting was a total waste of time. He didn't persuade anyone to vote any differently. I can't believe he thanked us for "his handsomely large salary". Not to mention his analogy of managers and hourlys being like parents of children. I think the final nail has just been put in the coffin. August 27th and 28th We Will All Become The Adults Our Parents Would Be Proud Of!!!!! Vote YES!!!! We will never regret it!!!

  49. Is it true Tony gets a bonus for keeping the union out? Now I know his motivation. We need Sam more than he needs us. Sam, Tony said that the IBEW will run out of money without MCC. Is that true? Tony said that its the union dues you are after, nothing else. That you really dont give a shit about us. Do you get a bonus for unionizing us? PLease shed light on this and settle the rumours. Thank you!

    Vote Yes and stop the bleeding.

  50. Hey whats up people this is to d crew Don't
    bother with convincing me about a union any
    more after that today i will vote yes.Tony
    IS NOT watching out for us he made that very clear today we are children to him.


  51. Tony never said he would play hardball! I heard him say golf and bowling outings and maybe some fishing trips! They made a mistake treating us like crap because they misunderstood what IMBEV wanted. So vote no and there will be brats and hot dogs on sunday the 29th, wait, make that monday, and Tony will cook it personally and Dan will bring in that nice plastic flatware his wife spent all day picking out. And this fall there will be all the chips and soda you want at the ECMs.

  52. Sam what is your plan ? That was painful today
    Tony is not the man he once was.He was very
    threating my crew read right through it.

    after this round of meetings it's a done deal.
    Teamembers are pissed.


    THREATENING? I'll handle that too.

  54. I Call Them As I See ThemAugust 19, 2010 at 9:43 PM

    OK, here we go. It's BALLS TO THE WALL TIME!!! Management only really has 1, count'em 1, 1 more shot at you before the vote. Have they swayed you yet? I hope not. Do we guarantee the quality of our product? Ask Sprout. (as a side vote should he part his hair in the middle?)Let's not split hairs over this. Yes we do. Would a contract guarantee at least stability for the life of the contract? Yes it would. So, what's the problem? You've seen just about all of it. Just like any other group about to lose total control over their underlings the "MACHINE" (to quote Ranjiv) with not give up without spinning a bearing. (Wrecking itself to you non mechanics.) To the former Ball employee. I hear from our Chem operators that you ran the area and didn't know how to do the checks so you took their word for it. To that I say BULLSHIT! You can't be in charge of an area that complex and not understand the science. If you were that off the page maybe the FDA or someone should know that you signed off on maybe poisoning a lot of people. But no, the operators are really the professionals. They would have and probably chose to stick it to you some other way. Care to tell us more about your experience?
    When we win this election remember that Tony has , for all his rhetoric, said he will not bargain in good faith. "I have the say in what gets paid". Let's test that statement!

  55. Clint Eastwood - HOLD IT - Let me perform CPR on my wife right now who is laughing on the floor about me getting a "bonus".

    Bonus Money

    I don't get any bonuses at all - ever - for cryin outloud I don't even get paid for all of the hours I work. As a matter of fact I have never had a bonus in my life ever! Not even a Christams bonus...I get nothing, zero, nada, ooogotz for any of this...I get the satisfaction of helping you guys do what I am good at making happen.

    IBEW Money

    IBEW Local 363 did not approach you. If we needed you that bad we would have knocked on the door begging first. Our local is the most well off union in the Hudson Valley and in the State of NY - outside NYC.

    Since 1925, IBEW Local 363 members have invested in the future and in our union so generations of workers can have a viable organization represent them. We have a very healthy general fund that is in EXCESS of 10 millioon dollars - look it up Tony. You guys need to get one right once in awhile.

    Tony gets $100k if he tricks you into voting NO....just think they wasted almost $80k already on their weak and stupid anti-union campaign...$100k is a great payoff for Tony.

    Just think, if they would just face us they could pay those health care premiums again instead of pissin it all away. If not he probably will fire dan and Dave to save face with Brito.

    You always blame the little guy down the chain on the corporate world.

  56. Hey Ranjive - better cool your jets little man. You don't wanna piss off the people who actually do the work do you? You better think twice about playing hardass cuz we'll start playing "can" ass real fass.

  57. I Call Them As I See ThemAugust 19, 2010 at 10:33 PM

    Hey, Clint! Don't you think he (Sam)has earned a bonus? He's still out there answering. It's important! to him, to US!! I think he's either an insomniac (like most of us), has no life (I doubt it) or really cares what happens, (most likely). We all have a stake in this. So if Ranjiv gets a bonus for deep sixing a union don't you think Sam is entitled to a little extra in the paycheck too? And if he doesn't get something I can bet he won't be paying for beer for a long time.
    They came in their designer clothes, fed you at the trough of bullshit then went to Schlessinger's for Prime rib and steaks, with appetizers and dessert. Then Smacked each other on the back about how great it was they changed your outlook. High fives for killing any thoughts of organizing. There will be bonuses for all if we defeat this. Came back and tried to snow another crew with the same (a really good adjective escapes me know). Bullshit is the word, I guess. And went home, or to the Hilton (sorry, we're on a low budget, the Days Inn) and went to sleep in their Dr. Denton jammies.(you know the fleece ones with the feet in them) and you became a footnote in their agenda. Sam is still out here fielding your questions and remarks. If he can't get a bonus buy him a Guinness. A real beer. It doesn't have some dumbass ritual to pour it like a Stella (who ever gave a beer a girl's name like Stella?)
    Cheers, Sam!

  58. Cheers! To you too Call Em'!

    No bonus for Sam nothing changes for me win or lose. Well, I get more work thats what changes.
    But I like my work - I like helping people - and I like when a company man sh*ts on the people and I get to school them why it aint gonna fly no more.


    Give me a STRONG UNIT IN NEWBURGH and I will show you how to get what you deserve and to be treated with respect.


  59. Well, You almost had me Tony.
    It was a great show.
    Very peppy and upbeat, non-threatning.
    The company is doing well.
    The bad times are behind us.
    IBEW 363 is too weak and going broke.
    We had a few missed communications.
    Things are looking good for the future.
    I'm concerned for you, really.

    I really felt that you meant every word.

    Then you compared me/us to children.
    I/we are all ADULTS!! We have raised kids and grandkids. We didn't get this far by making uninformed choices, and we don't need daddy to watch over us anymore.
    Your management team/style have treated us like children for the last few years.
    Didn't ask for our input. Made the choices for us. Down to the position of breakroon garbage cans, the vending machine operators, the uniform company, the forced break schedule,on and on. These things affect US and we had no input. The atitude has been "We have collage degrees, we know what's best for you, trust us".
    I for one am sick of it.
    Guess you didn't know that many us have been to collage too. However, we didn't lose our common sense.
    Guess you didn't take the business class that taught if you take care of the workers, the workers will take care of you.
    You and your team have made it VERY clear that you will watch over the the interests of the company. You have NEVER said that you would lookout for US!!
    I will make it VERY CLEAR for you that I have to lookout for my interests. I want/need someone on my side and the "weak" local 363 is offering. I'll be voting "YES" next week. Thanks for showing us the way.

  60. Jax Steelworker Sez,

    It's great to see the eyes of the puppies opening after all these years. Could never figure out why you guys weren't union from the beginning and then one of your former employees came down here and told us about the cookouts, company parties and the gainshares of 10 & 11 per cent ! We've been listening to the same crap out of Tony (RANJIVE ...REALLY ???) Since he was made the Big Kahuna after he talked you guys out of the union last time. It's amazing he hasn't learned anything new in all these years.
    Who said this : " I guarantee if you go on strike August Busch will close this plant" ........give up ???

    John Duss...........Plant manager of jacksonville about 1986....we went on strike ......increased our pension multiplier and he was fired shortly after the strike was over.

    Moral of the story: They will tell you whatever they think will achieve their goal until you back them in a corner or piss them off...then the real feelings come boiling out.

    Stay Strong Stay together Stay United

    Good Luck

  61. Thank you Sam. All the work you do, you should get a bonus. When this is over and we are IBEW you will never pay for a beer around me thats for sure. Those were some questions from my brothers and sisters that needed answers. Thank you for answering them without a load of crap and for posting hard questions.