Friday, August 13, 2010

Ken The Negotiator - Beat It - You Lied Already!

Ken starting out with an $800 dollar lie wasn't a good strategy. The people don't believe anything you say. They know you are a just high paid shill - not sent here to negotiate - but sent here to first scare the people and second to muddy up the system. This ain't my first rodeo cowboy.

While I have your attention Ken because I know you are reading this - how much MONEY do YOU make per year? Dan started this craze of putting peoples salaries up for the crowd to see - what's yours Ken. We need to ADD YOUR SALARY into the total CAPTIVE MEETING COSTS.

I bet Dan is glad you are here though - it takes my attention off of him a little. He is just too easy. Brito knows that.

Let's talk about caring. Dan and Ken both have meetings with the people and show how much they care. They give advice. They show films. They have papers. They want the people to make sure they make the best decison for themselves. They bring you in and talk one on one. They stop production and have a group meeting for an hour and a half. They care and show they understand. They want to help you and your family.

Do you then not agree that if Dan and Ken change on August 29th AND BECOME DISTANT, UNCARING AND SPITEFUL that both of these people were not EVER being truthful to you.

That would be a shame. They were not caring about you at all - they were lying to you for the benefit of the company - to keep you without a contract.

If they stay true to their word they will have credibility with you AND with your union. WE will test this and WE will see who is caring for whom before AND after the election.


KEN THE NEGOTIATOR has no allegience to you AT ALL so I can see him blowing it FIRST........RIGHT AFTER THE IBEW GETS IN THERE.

IBEW Local 363 has been upfront and open for this entire time. We have not lied, not once. There have been so many out and out lies that Dan and now Ken have told it borders on the ridiculous. I mean, Kens baggage wasn't unpacked and he told a huge one in his first meeting about initiation fees. Problem for Ken is THERE ARE NO INITIATION FEES AND HE SAID THEY COST $800.00!

Thanks Ken - you made it real easy.



  1. No initiation fees? Wow, I'm relieved. No other sophmoric, and humiliating initiations either? Geez,I'm disappointed, no spankings?. Like I said, the ravings of a losing dogma. Dan called us the "Motherload" for 363. A gold mine and their economic salvation. Seems better than the lead ABInbev has been giving the American worker. I can read. Yes I know some of you don't think so, but I can play dumb with the best of them. Maybe I should be in management, but, definitely not on this team. I say money well spent. How much did Ken's little visit cost me and my "Total Rewards Package"? I am at an "IMPASSE" at how vocal I should be. I really feel insulted that the company feels the need to "educate" me about the evils of being in a union. I have a brain, I use it. Sometimes. I have seen the deterioration of our once great company and our "Total Rewards". Maybe it should be called "Totalitarian Rewards" I used to think I had a say in it. Not anymore. Ken never heard of our "Wage and Benefit Survey" passifier/valium that we used to have. "Where do you want next years "raise" to go?" Do these people ever communicate? I thought that was their biggest ASSet. Uh huh. It's actually sad. But funny too! "I'll never lie to you, but the truth isn't for everybody" Nice attitude. Is the $800 tax deductible? Only kidding.

  2. For all those fence sitters and those that may be scared off by the lattest meetings, please ask yourself why would they not want a union in the plant if it was going to save them money. Also they always give you the worst case senario. There is no reason to think that we would go on strike, but they want you to believe that we will. Ask them when is the last time a can plant has went on strike. bet they will have to get back to you on that one.
    When they are giving their speaches always ask yourself if it makes sence and if not, more than likely it is misleading information they are giving you to scare you.
    Stay strong and focused and we will be a union plant.
    One more thing if it is so bad being in a union why havent any of the union can plants or breweries gotten rid of the union?

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    BRUSSELS -- Brewer Anheuser-Busch InBev NV says the football World Cup helped push up its sales of beer and soft drinks by 2.0 percent and 5.5 percent in the second quarter, driving net profit 7.5 percent higher to $1.15 billion.

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  4. "We know that communication is a problem, but the company is not going to discuss it with the employees."
    (Switching supervisor, AT&T Long Lines Division)

  5. Dear Ken,
    You told more fibs today,you told us that the union decides on the contract. Lie. The people have to ratify the contract before it is finalized and signed with the company. That means that people on the floor have to vote on it and need a majority to ok it.But you knew that didnt you, Ken do you really think that we are that dumb?
    Dan, if you were hoping for this guy to make a change in what people think. you guessed it. you were wrong again.
    Now Tony is coming,oh boy thats going to give us more to use on the blog. Everyone was getting bored were glad to have him.Every time you guys open your mouths your breath smells like your feet.I guess he is going to act all concerned. Tell us he cant believe that it has come to this.You see for you its the most dangerous time. He might have to make some changes before the vote to show people that he now knows that you were making wrong decisions and you might wind up being the sacrificial lamb.If Tony senses that its that bad he will do it. good luck,

  6. saynotomanagementshowAugust 13, 2010 at 9:34 PM

    wow made it through another day of meetings at the plant. what a waste of time for them to bring Ken the negotiator down to our plant. He knew nothing about us or the plant or why we are where were at. Dan and Dave just sat there looking pretty whipped. Things are still strong and the people are very determined to make this happen. We are even starting to see some warren sitings which are pretty amazing seeing him on the floor. I hear Tony is coming next week to throw his last minute spiel. Its good to finally know he cares about us.
    Man to sit through the meeting and listen to some of the lies and misinformation that is coming out really I hope people aren't buying into that nonesense. It was great to hear ken talk about starting negotiations where we would lose benefits and money just like Sam said they would. Remember its the company that will take money from your pockets not the union. That would be our punishment for bringing the union in. Well everybody now is the time to stay strong behind Sam and be polite, listen and most of all do your jobs and just wait for the 27th and 28th and vote YESSS and lets get this thing rolling. Remember the new company will continue to take from us unless we get things on paper. We are running Union strong right now lets keep the freight train rolling. GO UNION!!!!! And Sam definetely keep up the good fight you are doing great and we all appreciate it.

  7. By the way, Ken, when were those pictures taken? If this is recent the clothes are so out of date that one can only think former eastern bloc. Or the Disco era. Donna Summer soundtrack? Aldo Nova says Life is just a fantasy can you live this fantasyLife? Oh yeah, and my North Jersey IBEW contact says that ST. Louis was a depressed no work for anyone area during the time of that was stated during the employee timeout (roundtable) the union wanted to keep people working. NEGOTIATION WORKS BOTH WAYS FOR THE GOOD OF ALL!!! Keep them in check on when and what about, I'm sure by now Thomas Edison (and his brother Con) are laughing at the irony of it all. Don Quixote too? Is Dulcinea that good a piece of......... is it worth them making this big an effort to thwart the will of their own employees, who have had enough of the BullShit? Record gains, bridge loans paid off, doing better than projected, $35 mil bone us. Flip the coin, a $1K check taxed as a bonus at 42%, lied to and told this is a the equivalent of a 1% raise pay out. Yeah right. Pay more for health insurance. Told by their lackey Pete (MR. Supply) during the ECM don't count on a raise for a while. Euro bonuses for all! Why do we want a union? A contract? We are out of vaseline and can't afford more, that's why! A side note to management: Did you ever wonder why the plant runs better on nights and weekends? Go figure. Answer: The double doors are shut. 8/29

  8. Tony if you are reading this I believe the reason
    for this union is the new company. People being afraid of things get in taken away.Dan is a good man he is only doing what he is told. I hope nonthing happens to him if we become a union plant.

  9. Tony is coming? I guess they are almost getting serious. Will he be ruining my day in a roundtable? I know, 90 off the floor, 1000 yard stare. Did they think Ken would stanch the insurrection? Let's pour some gas on the fire. No, use Coleman Lantern (it's the Naptha). The Wizard of Oz has more credibility with the old timers, "Pay no attention to the man" who cares about the curtain. If you remember the movie the Wizard is a snake oil salesman in Kansas. Wake up Dorothy! When's the IBEW clambake? Are we all invited after 8/29? We're huuuunnnngggry! Can I get a doz/ raw on the half? W/tobasco?. I really plan on being there with my new bros and sisters in the union. Tick, tick, tick,tick.

  10. LOOK!!!The whole thing is about CONTROL!!!! If they can't control how you think or control your wages and bennies and still make it sound like it's a good thing they have lost. We don't need no thought control. We are only asking to be treated fairly, not bastard children of the main business. So get off the bus with the "negotiators", round tables , Tony Claus is coming to town. We know with some certainty that we would have been sold to Ball during BUDATHON, the yard sale, if they could have gotten around the anti-trust accusations. We would have been better off. The next time the Gernmans need "liebensroom" and annex Belgium, can I be of assistance? And how about the political stability of Brazil? I am against the Chavez type of leader, but if Evo Morales wants to take a big bite out of Inbev's ass? Excuse me, Signore Morales (Portugese y'know), do you need your floss and your tooth brush?. And these Dreamers (that's the big thing, "Our Dream") people lead our company. If the neo-leftist government of Brazil wants a piece of Inbev's ass is the whole company going to pay? I want my ass covered. I want the IBEW to take out a contract on my ass. To cover it. Don't you?

  11. What do Ken, Dave, Dan, and sperm have in common?

    They all have a one-in-a-million chance of becoming a human being and doing whats right for the workers.

    Before Sam and the IBEW, who was listening? Now it seems the world is listening!!

    Dont tell Sam or the IBEW but I would have paid 2% (dues) just to stop the bleeding.

  12. Dear MCC
    Do what they do to you
    Listen with one ear and let it go right out the other ear
    We will listen but we don’t have to believe anything they say
    The lies will all come now and it’s time for them to make all their promises that will not be kept
    Remember the past for those who were there
    Remember all the promises they made then
    Remember all the promises they never kept
    Now we need to remember all those times that never came true
    Lies then and more lies NOW
    Stay strong listen and be polite
    It’s almost over
    Just listen with one ear and let it go right out the other ear
    That’s what they do
    Vote YES on August 27th and 28th
    IBEW #363 The New Family of MCC Newburgh Can Plant
    Thank You for Your Support

  13. Right on brother !

  14. REMEMBER PEOPLE,tony is coming,so what,he is the same as dan,only he get paid more,he is not your friend,he can not fix anything,i am sure he will be well prepaird when he gets here,bring tissuse with you,but REMEMBER he is NOT here to help US,only to help dan and keep the people separated,and put questions in your head,at the last minit,and don't forget he works for inbev now,unlike us that are mcc,tony WILL NOT HELP, but he is very slick,remember that,and vote for US,not management