Sunday, August 29, 2010

First Meeting Of the MCC IBEW LOCAL 363 Members Will Be On Thursday September 2 and Friday September 3

CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE and welcome to the IBEW LOCAL 363! Come one, come all.

THE FIRST MEETING OF THE NEW IBEW LOCAL 363 MEMBERS FROM MCC NEWBURGH will be held on Thursday September 2 and Friday September 3 - 6:30PM EACH NIGHT - in the IBEW Local 363 UNION building at 67 Commerce Drive South, Harriman, NY 10926. Maintenance Crews day will be at 5:30PM on Thursday September 2.


The UNION building is exactly 20 minutes from the Newburgh toll booths on the NYS THRUWAY. Take NYS Thruway to Exit 16 Harriman - after toll booth take first right and get in the left lane - make a left and drive to the fifth traffic light and make a left onto Commerce Drive South (see AMSCAM building on corner) Follow Commerce Drive South all the way to the back we are the last building on the left side. That is YOUR NEW BUILDING.

We will have food catered and after celebrating our victory we will begin our process of preparing to negotiate. In addition to helping you all organize and spending what seems like 15 hours a day including weekends on the Blog since June - I have also been working on putting together a template contract that is made up of what benefits and conditions you have now and while also leaving room for what we might want to add. It is far from being complete and is for discussion and starting purposes only.




  1. Hey everyone remember we won this with about 10 yes votes on vacation. We are a great plant with great people and people like ken carr needs to wise up and stop acting like a baby. We are all in this together and can't be bullied by management. Ken you should watch out or sam will be breathing down your neck and you won't be a happy camper i promise that. Sam you need to watch this character who thinks he's bigger than he is. People still celebrate and enjoy the meetings are this week and we will lay the groundwork for our future. Man it feels good to be a union man i have to say.

  2. Hey Sam we will be there on friday night, celebrate and then roll up our sleeves and get busy. Can't wait this has been a long time coming!!!!!

  3. dont forget all the 'no' votes that were created from the new team members.It was a land slide

  4. There was 145 votes that were counted out of 162 team members that could vote.Sam I cannot be at either victory party due to the fact I am working on 9/2 for someone and 9/3 regular work day.THANKS for all that you did for us.Ken I guess you did not get the letter that said"MANAGEMENT WILL ACT PROFESSIONALLY" cause you acted worse than a child last night.You acted like a spoiled "LITTLE BRAT".

  5. Dear MCC
    Today is a great day.
    It’s not only a beautiful day outside; it’s our 1st day together as IBEW #363
    We are now one voice with one force
    We are MCC Newburgh IBEW #363
    We were always told to accept change and change is good for us
    Now we all have to accept change. Management and Hourly employees
    We all work at the Newburgh Facility and we all have a job to do
    That job is to make cans and sell cans to our customers
    We need to continue with our jobs and now do it a little bit better
    We need to work together as a team
    We need to work with pride and respect our decision to be one
    We need to become one family, the family of Newburgh MCC
    Now that the decision was made and all the hard work that both sides did is over
    We need to continue the hard work to make this work
    We need them (management) and they need us (employees)
    We do not need management coming down on people for this decision
    We need to learn from our mistakes and change for the better of us all
    We all need to work as hard as we did in the last 5 or 6 weeks to become the best can plant in the US
    We need to continue doing what we were doing 6 weeks ago and together we will be great
    We all have wasted enough time and money, now let’s get ready to make cans together as a plant
    If Management starts to come down on us, it just shows that we were right and it was going right back to the way they were before the drive.
    Please let’s all work together for our common goal ( CANS )
    Thanks For your support

  6. Dear MCC
    We will do what they say
    We will follow the sop’s to the letter if they so want that?
    We are strong and solid but we can be tough also.
    We can all be ONE TEAM on the same side when it comes to making cans
    We do not need retaliation from the Managers
    We do need to work together as one plant
    We are MCC
    We are one Family
    We have one goal
    To make as many cans as possible
    So we can all make money to live in the place we live, New York
    So think before you react
    Managers are no so happy right now, but we will all get along when the anger is gone
    Time cures an open wound
    We have all the time in the world right now
    So be patient, and let them vent in the only way they know how
    By taking it out on us
    Be stronger than them, just do your job and go home to your families
    Be Happy don’t worry it’s just going to take TIME
    You’re Friend

  7. Please report right on this site ANY manager and what they are doing when they are acting as described in your post.

    I would like first and last names of those managers so when people google them years from now they can see what they did and how they treated people in this situation. There should be NOTHING to report about anyone.

    But for right now I want EVFERYONE READING to know what is happening so the COURT OF PUBLIC OPINION CAN KICK IN.

    Note to management: I will be calling you soon and I want to meet to talk about how the people want to see this negotiation go.

    WE want to make this simple and easy and get along for everyones beneft and good. But WE don't want to hear things like above about Ken - it's very unproductive and hurts morale.

    Take the high road now - I am going to meet you there anyway.

    ....And don't alienate or mistreat your workers Ken - or Dan - or any of you guys - don't forget the tapes are rolling all the time - they work great in Labor Board cases. This isn't the end of your little world it is just a slight change - nothing more.

    I want to meet with Tony too. Can you guys ask him to fly here?

    I think we can all get along. We don't want to fight with the company - we really don't. We have said numerous times let's all work together for the benefit of everyone. Will there EVER be a response?

    Our numbers HAVE GROWN SINCE JUST LAST NIGHT. People realize that we are going to be very understanding of the company issues and we just want the company to be understanding of ours.
    That is how a true TEAM WORKS.

  8. ....sorry "teach" about those couple of words misspelled...its finger slide and not lookin'

  9. Thanks Sam

    We will all start to keep a journal on any issues that may arise.

    Then we will post all issues for all to see

    We will no tolerate any retaliation against us

    and We will work together with ONE TEAM

    We are MCC Newburgh IBEW #363

    Thanks for your sopport


  10. Sam is the victory party before the meeting or after?

  11. cmon windsor and you too mira loma ride the wave we created in newburgh organize now before its to late

  12. Its whenever the whole time really ...I will have everything ready for when you guys get there....we are just getting our little contract feet wet on those nights and talking.

    It'll be good.

  13. I'll be there! Hey! "NO" VOTERS, PLEASE COME TOO! Be a part of the process! It's about all of us, you guys included. We all have a lot to learn and to do. If it's possible most of the 72+or- members of A and B should attend. Like Sam says, "Let's get our contract feet wet", get to really know ourselves and what we all want and what individuals desires are. AND EAT! CELEBRATE! See you there!

  14. Passion good job on the blogs,man you like to type. I dont.Saynotomanagementshow, Walrus,budwiser,bud light,and all you cast of characters,thank God you are on our side. Here it is.quick and to the point.
    Thank you to all who worked endlessly to make this happen. Everyone work hard make cans ,earn your money.Be respectful to the no voters ,they will see the light.Dont play bullshit games,it never helps the cause.
    Management, dont fuck with us, we won you lost, get over it.You can get more with sugar than you can vinegar. We are your best asset.Start building real relationships between hourlies and salaries. Ask us dont tell us.Pay attention to this.Its important for you to read. I will never go away,never stop trying, never settle for less than what is right,from anyone. Anyone.
    And finally to Ken the negotiator, I will be seeing you, some big macs will ya, your gonna need some fat reserves if you wanna dance with me.

  15. Apparently management has decided to apply the current policies down to the letter and lean on the hourly people as hard as possible.
    Well you know what that is just fine. There is a lot of detail in the plants Sop's that we can apply and our attention to detail (Management taught us that!)will drive you up the wall not to mention production numbers into the cellar!
    Remember two can play that game. So do you really want to go there?

  16. Thats right 848 we have to condition management like Pavlovs dogs. If you get leaned on just drop a note on the blog here and we will follow the sops to the letter. for every occurance. remember that word?

  17. saynotomanagementshowAugust 29, 2010 at 9:13 PM

    Hmmmm I here Ken Carr gave a real real big apology to A crew which they deserved from the biggest unprofessional manager that we have who showed his true colors last night. I bet someone from upper mgmt. spanked him hard and whipped his weak ass. He better not try that on c crew they will school him as always lol lol lol Hey Ken were local 363. you want a piece of me better call Sam he is waiting by the bat phone lol The rules are much different now " the game has changed"

  18. Hey iamunionman that was a real great blog before. I owe you a free night at the blue moon. lol lol lol

  19. Yall want some. Fine then see yall. TO MOR ROW

  20. I just keep thinking of meeting with Tom S. for the very first time thinking maybe on some off chance we can bring this union into MCC. Yes, we called them, and I have no regrets!

  21. We should have had lunch that day i was hungry but was being polite.55 % agree with us

  22. Hey guys lets all bust ass and make some good union cans for our fillers. It was good to see through all this everyone stayed pretty diligent. Lets all "yes" and "no" votes get together and hammer out a good contract and send Sam to the table with something they can't refuse. I am proud of everyone that voted and excited to move forward and make this the world class can plant that it is. GO UNION!!!!!!

  23. Robin Hood,
    Duuude, like its all good now. You know we all have to run like a deer in the woods.

  24. Hey boys its over and we won. I am so happy and ready to go back to work and celebrate with my team leaders oh i mean members lol lol

  25. Hey Sam are we going to get some ibew t shirts for this. We all need to be wearing them at work and showing our pride on the streets. Everyone start displaying your stickers everywhere. I know i am.

  26. Hey Otherguy, I was just being polite too. Only had a diet coke and had to go to burger king after our first meeting. I had to work that night. Seems like just yesterday.

  27. Im glad you were there.Its amazing how many people were on the same page. Almost at the same time.I think the no votes were all out of fear.Watch and see how the people become more solid as negotiations start. We all want the same basic thing.keep it going spread the fever.

  28. I'm glad I was there too. I keep telling the wife how much this has meant to me all this time, and now it's finally a reality.
    We definitely need to push foward and show the no votes this wasn't a mistake.

  29. I have some shirts and some stuff I will bring them for Thursday and Friday. I think that at least half if not more than half of the no votes will be with us once we all talk.

    10:10PM - Trying to defend and preserve what you have and trying to get ahead a little can't be a mistake........"can" it?

  30. Mira Loma: We will wait to see what you get first. There's plenty of time.

  31. Sorry, Sam, the dog has a swap obligation so won't be there...perhaps you'll stop by for our "Labor Day" cookout on the 5th? It will definitely be a moment in history...please post info from the meetings here, thanks!

  32. Digger aka Goober apologized tonight for his misguided passion last night. Wow! To think he wanted the production manager's job Holly now has... he would need to wear a T-shirt with an apology printed on the front. Think he got spanked after daddy read the blog? Hope they sign these guys up for some training classes on how to treat people with respect. Pretty basic. Sam do you have any openings in your class? Post the dates and times for them please.
    All that aside I really hope we can find a way to work together as a team.
    I've heard that from a bunch of is on the blog and of course Sam. Have yet to hear that from the big guy. It's part of being a leader. Follow INBEV's approach by calling this change and not defeat just like they called it combining and not buying out. Semantics. Dan you may have to swallow hard much like we have been for a long time and put on a forced smile but you have to accept reality and you have to approach this in good faith if you want it to have a chance of success. You can fool some of the people all the time and all of the peoe some of the time but you can't fool all the people all of the time. You should know that. All of this stuff is in the leadership manual.
    Just trying to help.
    Monday is almost here. Have a good week.

  33. Black Dog Thats ok fill your swap obligation. I'll do a meatball toast for ya! Let you know how everything goes. First time I heard of the cookout.....Hey labor Day will have a whole new meaning for you guys this year!

  34. Sam, I am proud to be a part of Local 363. I had worked for a company for 14 years that had a union and it was great to have a say in what happened there. I was very surprised that Metal Container did not have a union when I joined them several years ago. I know you will do a great job for us and I will be at the union meeting on Friday.

  35. Indeed, Sam...Labor Day is OUR day now!

  36. BTW, Walrus, in one of your posts, you talked about "fixing this puppy".
    That makes the dog verrry nervous!

  37. A sign of good faith would be to open up the break schedule again......the new version never made a difference anyhow......or cut out Warrens smoke time.

  38. Thanks to all who worked their ass off to make this possible.....After 23 years I feel energized again.....Can't wait to meet you Sam.

  39. it's all good dog

  40. I just wanna say thank you to Dan, Dave, Warren, and Tony for making this happen. Without you guys the union would have never been voted in. THANK YOU!

  41. Thank You all I feel so proud to work at MCC
    we needed this union. I was a manager for many years and I never conducted myselve in the manner
    these guys do. The more respect I showed the more they did. These guys just don't get it.

    Good Luck to our success !!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Spelling don't count (lol lol)

  42. America is failing our government is failing, jobs are decreasing, few just a small percentage are reaping rewards from the rest of us! Am I hearing a company that cares about their employees am I hearing a company that is morally responsible? ... NOT at ABINBEV what we are experiencing is ABINBEV coming in and eliminating THOUSANDS of jobs at the height of high unemployment , reducing wages, increasing health care, eliminating pensions , and for what? So they the few can reap the rewards! they even attach a slogan to it .. they say " A better beer company in a better world" Does this make sense to anyone? Eliminate good paying jobs in the height of a deep recession so the burrito and the top 50 can reap our rewards oh and that figure is 2.5 BILLION dollars! I guess that slogan fits them well. Newburgh, we praise you for stepping up! we look towards you guys as revolutionaries noticing there is a problem with corporate greed and doing something about it .you guys have courage that we at Windsor hope to duplicate. We can and we will!!!! I wonder if the burrito was in St Louis when they let all those people go when they were crying in the streets!!! Remember guys and gals A better beer company in a better world!!!!

  43. Sam I won't be back from vacation until friday
    I'm on the maints crew can I come friday at 6:30?
    I will get back early friday if thats alright.

  44. Windsor that was very well said. We have a fight on our hands. When Tony was here he threaten
    that if we get a union we will get paid less.
    Well the way I see it the other two MCC plants
    contract is almost up maybe we can all stand together.

  45. Can I call you Carlos? I'll except an increase in healthcare cost and another 1000 raise if you hire all those poor souls back into the company. Stand up and be a man Brito the burrito. USA might not like the fact that you are rolling in american iconic dough and all those people you fired helped build this company.

  46. Thanks for the donuts Ken

  47. Maint....I am asking you guys to come at 5:30PM because you get out earlier but you will just get a jump on the food....we will all do our talking when the rest get there...but before, you guys can brief me on maintenance issues....

    see you all there!

  48. Dont care who voted no or voted yes. Lets put aside all differences and work together. Now its most important that we work together to get this contract approved. We are all part of something bigger than just one person. We need to continue to do our jobs. St Louis will be more willing at the table when we continue to make cans!!

  49. Windsor and Mira Loma, we'll be supporting you now. Good Luck and thanks for your support. Damm I'm so happy what a feeling, its like a bird being set free.

  50. coming to the partyAugust 30, 2010 at 11:02 AM

    Hey Sam, may want to prepare yourself on thursday, may get a handfull of D-crew guys there coming home from work. Talked to some of the guys and they said they planned on going thursday cause they had plans friday night, hope that works out.

  51. Wow! I still cant believe the IBEW was voted in!!! Soon we will all have a contract to live by. No more not knowing. Just want to thank all my IBEW brothers and sisters who voted YES. To everybody who voted NO, welcome to the family, jump on in the water is great. We welcome you with open arms. There is power in numbers. To Dan, Dave, and Warren: I have a new passion to make this the best plant in the system. We have a great team @ Newburgh. Lets all learn from the past and move forward. I know all my union brothers and sisters feel the same way.

    I am proud that these cans are UNION MADE IN AMERICA!

  52. sam is there any way the people that cant make it thursday can see a copy of the draft contract that you started? so we are not out of the loop.instead of hearing from team members that went to the meeting.and sam i wanted to thankyou for everything you did for us this far its great to see our team smile again, WE ARE A PROUD 363 TEAM. THANK YOU.

  53. Hey Maints & EVERYBODY - YOU or ANYONE ELSE can come to whatever meeting, whatever day and what ever TIME and DAY they want.

    Please everyone just come when it is convenient for you either Thurdsday or Friday - just try to come if you can.

    1:10PM - Contact me at the union hall at (845) 783-3500 and leave your name and number if I am not there so I can call you and we will talk - YOU WILL ALL BE IN THE LOOP......


  54. was monday a good day at the plant??

  55. heard some of the team members had to go for a random drug test???

    Random ya right

  56. Dear MCC
    Heard about the drug testing today
    Heard about breaks
    Heard about following everything to the letter
    Now we should all start following everything to the letter
    SOP’S and all of the above, everything they want
    They want to follow everything to the letter ( black and white )
    We can do the same ( every SOP to the letter )
    Be smart and do what they want

  57. But that is what we want anyway - to follow everything to the letter. We just want it all written out. We will GLADLY AGREE WITH MANAGEMENT to follow a contract right to the letter. THAT'S NOT A PUNISHMENT TO US.

    Just curious:

    When they DIDN'T work to the letter what were the things they did to "let you slide"? What is it that they WON"T be doing anymore - now that they are working to the letter?

  58. John F. Kennedy:
    Victory has a thousand fathers, but defeat is an orphan.

    Napoleon Hill:
    Victory is always possible for the person who refuses to stop fighting.

    Malcolm Forbes:
    Victory is sweetest when you've known defeat.

  59. Today at the plant was very LOW KEY. 8 AM meeting was about 1hour+. Management was given new rules of engagement. Basically, no retribution, it's out of our hands and let Ken handle it, it's his job now. Do they feed him if management thinks they got a better deal on the contract than we do? If they do I think we should all bring food to the bargaining table with us, anybody want a nacho? Sorry Dog, not fix as in FIX. Fix as in right the wrongs. See everybody Thursday night.

    "Life's Been Good To Me So Far"- Joe Walsh

  60. Sam A Crew is having a little cook out on Saturday the 4th at 8:00PM. Nothing fancy just dogs and burgers with all the trimmings.Please stop by and join us at the picnic benches.Meet some of the team members.Hope to see you.

  61. Walrus - smart move on their part - first step toward just being normal. We can deal with Ken the NEGOTIATOR.

    6:59AM -I'll write that down and will probably suprise you guys.