Sunday, August 1, 2010

Happy August! "I'm Stickin With The Union"

Happy August everybody! This is going to be the best month of your lives! This is going to be the month that YOU DECIDED to become IBEW Local 363 members and get yourself a contract.

Ya' know - without a contract you have NO RIGHTS. Every decision and every change that effects you in that plant is put in place WITHOUT YOUR INPUT.


Well, the good news is that it is NOW AUGUST! And AUGUST is a new beginning.

Strangely enough - August is the month that the company will turn up the engines to FULL SPEED to "talk you out of it". They will tell you that you don't need the union. They will tell you how bad it will be, how it will hurt you.

THEY ARE NOT BEING TRUTHFUL TO YOU ABOUT THE UNION. They are NOT holding these meetings with your best interest in mind - THEY ARE TRYING TO CONFUSE YOU.


Ever since we were kids we have heard these famous old sayings. Kids today still hear them from their own Mothers - STAY WITH YOUR FRIENDS - THERE IS SAFETY IN NUMBERS.

The company is using FEAR to get you to move away from sticking together and bargaining as a unified workforce in the Newburgh Plant. And it's not working, is it? In fact - IT IS BACKFIRING ON THEM.


That is what the roundtable meetings are all about - Fear.

Momma was right then and she is still right today.

Stay with your friends and vote YES on August 27 and 28.

OHHHHHHH, You - can't - scare me - I'm Stickin' with the union!


This is OUR MONTH!


  1. Don't worry, we are all sticking with the union.
    Thank God it is August finally.
    Go 363

  2. Sam we are sick of all this bull sh@@ we want a union we will not say another word till aug 27 28
    and they can take that to the bank.We will make like we are happy. Vote for IBEW WE WANT YOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!! So give it up Dan & Dave !
    We are all strong no matter what the cost.

  3. 28 DAYS! This is a reality check, If management wants fantasyland go to Orlando. This union is going to be a reality and they have to face it. Start dealing now.

  4. Hello Newburgh , I sent you a Blog yeterday , but it didnt go through . So here it is again . My Name is Tony Roussos and i am the CHief Union Steward at the Wallkill Can Plant . Recently as i read through your Blogs and question several people , I understand you have a few OLD employees of wallkill making false statements . Please allow me set you straight on one thing . The wallkill Can plant Never tried to Re-Certify the IBEW 363 . This statement is totally false , If people are saying this , ASK THEM FOR PROOF ! The employees at Wallkill are very satisfied with the way our Union responds to our requests . In the Past , I can Say , We have accomplished alot . My Suggestion to all of you is - Dont listen to the negitive remarks . We also tolorate the same type of employees , they continue to trash others , so management will think they are the greatest . People like that usually have their own agenda's . For the Ex.Employees of Wallkill , Ask them what positions they held " WAS IT MANAGEMENT "? and why they were TERMINATED ! See how they respond . My Stewards and I are offering our services . If any of you would like to meet with us , and members our our Union Let us know , Contact the Union Hall for my Numbers or e-mail at Thank You. Tony Roussos

  5. FROM TONY ROUSSOS , Hello , Newburgh - I have been reading through your posted opinions and i must say one thing . Some of you are under the wrong impression regarding our IBEW 363 in the work place . My Union Stewards and i do not walk around the plant fighting with Management . The Union does not generate hostility . It just keeps everyone in Check . It gives us the ability to discuss issues . YES sometimes things may get heated from time to time , But overall , we at Wallkill are able to sit down and make agreements that will satisfy everyone involved . If you people decide to Vote Yes for the Union , Your world will not change dramatically , It will Give all of you a voice .. And all of you deserve that . Your Union body is YOU ! The IBEW 363 officials are only your representitives that you call on , when you are dealing with an issue your stewards cant handle . You People are the Union . Its all up to your Chief Steward and In House Union Officials , SO Choose them wisely . They need to obtain the necassary training that will teach them how to work with management ,and Yet at the same time provide for its members . The trick is organization and the ability to work together as a UNION ..... PEOPLE - Stop fighting over this . Your feeding into their plan to split you up . Discuss things like adults and most of all Avoid Conflict in the work place . Thats what management wants . Dont show weakness yet ask alot of questions . The Union Members employeed at the Wallkill Plant are HAPPY with the way things are going . We have great Shop Stewards that communicate with the work force . I ( As the CHief Steward ) am a straight shooter with people , I dont lie to my members . When we have employee issues , We weight out the options together and construct our plan of defense together . No decissions are made at my level or my Stewards level until i investigate everything and i get the input from my Union Members . Respect for each other , Is our reason for great success . Know One hates each other in our plant , We deal with issues as they come along in a respectful manor . OF COURSE we have a few HARD NOSE supervisors , but the Stewards handle them in ways that work in our benefit .... Remenber this the next time you lash out at each other . TEAM WORK PEOPLE - TEAM WORK . Like i said to our Union Officials in the past , Call the Union Hall and get my Numbers , I would be happy to sit down with you , with my Stewards and Members to discuss concerns or answer questions .
    Thank You , Tony Roussos / Wallkill Chief Steward . E-Mail me -

  6. Thank you Tony. Our company is making it sound like you guys hate the union and want to get rid of it. The couple of guys that we inherited from Ball have nuzzled up real tight to management we all know what they are about but thanks for exposing them anyway.

    Ask your guys from Ball to come on here and talk to us that way well get the truth.

    Soon we will all be IBEW 363 brothers and sisters!

  7. Thank You Tony that is the best info I got in weeks I was not sure about the union but thanks
    for the eye opener.

  8. We are a union, we have been since the great steak out of 2010. Now we have a name. IBEW363. We`already made management come to the table. Lehman said now they want to talk about how we feel about things. Well now they have too. They have to negotiate in good faith. Thats the law. WE made them do this. We`are the union. We are IBEW members, we already signed our cards.Now the vote is just a formality to prove to the government that we are one. Less than a month. We can sleep through the anti stuff. The so called experts are coming soon I bet. Oh thats right they wont be coming, Boritto laid them off! vote yes for union go 363

  9. THE SADISTIC CANMAKERAugust 1, 2010 at 8:59 PM

    sorry i havent posted in a while.still rock solid.I see management is at it again. Persecuting team members they think are for 363. I encourage team members to visit the company site. At work of course! Not on your computer and look at the other Plants contracts, sure look good to me, and alot better than the ball contracts. And with a few small changes i think we would be all smiles. Most of us anyway! So Dan, i said in the past that i would respect you win or loose just do not persecute team members who you believe are for 363 (You or management).Dan do you really want a war? Let me put it to you this way read the art of war.Dont ever underestimate your enemy. Yet we are not an enemy yet.But start
    firing anybody in the near future,that you believe union or not. We will be. Dan we know who our enemy is? Do You? Sorry people i see
    it happening all over again.And sorry to some
    pretty cool people in management. But like i
    said before you want to play by some shitty
    sadistic rules. I welcome you to my world. what
    ever you can think in this world. I probably have already done.So its your move Dan we are
    sticking this thing out to the end. And believe
    it or not and i know it pisses you off. Were
    sticking together and got each others back!And thank you Dan for posting the foundation work
    for our contract on your site!!

    P.S. No Threats were ever made and never will
    be SORRY DAN!

  10. saynotomanagementshowAugust 1, 2010 at 9:18 PM

    hey Tony thank you very much for the wise information. this will help put alot of peoples minds at ease. I knew that was all crap what the team member told dan and help to put a smile on his face. that smile will drop quite a few notches come the 27th and 28th I promise you that. and to everyone else there is more re education meetings coming our way this week, aren't we so lucky. wonder when they are going to bring in the big guns from corporate. everyone hang tough and just stay calm and keep doing a good job at work and the rest will take care of itself soon enough. tell them what they want to hear or just stay quiet as a church mouse lol hey Sam hows it going. keep up the good work. all our eggs are in your basket. UNIONIZE

  11. Can ' t scare me Im stickin with the unionAugust 1, 2010 at 10:07 PM

    Our group gets stronger with every assinine anti-union meeting they hold. We all hate being in those meetings but we know it is something we need to get through. I agree with The Sadistic Canmaker if any of my workers are picked on or fired there will be hell to pay. With Youtube and the internet we can play hardball too.
    I am sure the AMERICANS in this country will have PLENTY of sympathy for us poor American workers being exploited by our new foriegn owners from Belgium.

    Many people don't even know Buds not an American Beer any more. Bet millions could get pissed off really easy now. What a kick in the Can we can give them here in the states if they want to play hardball.

    Just work with us and let us have the dam contract!

    VOTE IBEW 363 IN AUG 27 AUG 28

  12. i think a good you tube video would be you have a bunch of different beers at a firing range,including ABIs. And the punch line would go can you guess which beer is a American beer and one at a time go the line maybe when you get to the ABIs products you got to pull out a machine gun with all the different products and finally ending on Yueng Ling, and you ran out of bullets. Yueng Ling 100 Percent American!


  13. Come on people in the past with AB the rumor of thinking about a union and we would see increased wages and benefits just to have them reduced over a slow period of time.Management keeps telling us this is a new company! Well they are right!There not giving and taking over a long period of time.There taking big time in a very short period of time.Do you really believe this new company is going to give us even a little next year? I will let you answer that one!Is Dan or Tonys bonus in our 5 year plan?I think it is, and i do not believe it looks good for us!All i ask is let them negotiate their wages and benefits.And let us (363) negotiate ours.Is Britto going to slash our wages and compensation package?He already has told us he is!50th percentile remember!
    Shame on you if you dont protect yourselves.Is it a gamble if we get a Union?No its stability and peace of mind.Is it a gamble if we dont? No,its like playing Russian roulette with a fully loaded gun! Do you want to play? Well if you dont vote YES you killed us all!

  14. I just got my letter from tony bahalla today. what a joke. me and my wife got a good laugh out of it. how much money are thay gonna waste over the next 26 days on there anti union B.S. give us a break dan and lets get this vote done asap. does anybody feel that there bonus check was screwd up? well tony it looks like this is a done deal better luck next time tony with other can plants.and for dan and dave every time you talk are feelings get stronger for363 just give it up dan in 27 days it will be done. thanks local ibew 363 we will all be as 1 team soon.

  15. vote yes yes yes make our lame management staff tow the line. no more making up rules and policies on the fly for their own benefit. this is the best thing that has happened here in a long time.

  16. Reading the Blog from Tony Roussos will explain why the management here has always protected the problem ( NON UNION ) voting individuals. They continue create conflict on a daily bases .Management keeps these people close with certain special jobs and looking the other way when there is issues. This keeps the workers from working together, and it creates conflict on the floor, management loves this. It makes there job easier .When management is confronted with these issue they always act concerned and tell us that they will look into the issue. This means there happy because the people on the floor cannot work together. We all know who the problem people are lets look past these individuals and come together for the good of the rest of us.Rember the Union will only be as strong as we make it. Dan and Dave are trying to save their Butts. Tony writing a letter to try and scare us, I don’t think so! Remember all three have a contracts telling them what there getting for the next several years. I want a contract telling me the same thing. YES! Dave I want it in Black and White not a 1-800 number and as for Dan, Come On you have been a great disappointment from day one. When we had our round tables (captive meetings), team members told you why we are inviting the union into our house. You did not listen just like in the beginning of this Blog. Fact is you and your management team do not listen. Well, it is our turn not to listen! We will sit there in your round tables (ONLY BECAUSE WE HAVE TO) . I would love to have the option not to go but this is the only way you can try to save your Butts .One more thing as far as the Ball Contract its Balls. That is what there employees have bargain for. When the IBEW is voted in we will do the same bargain for us. There are three main things in a contract Money, Benefits, and Pension the rest of the contract usually stays the same. These three things are the drivers here. When Inbev gloats about how much money they have made above there projected amount, how the top managers are making a 92% pay increase this year and the main man Britto gets a $30,000,000 increase because he cut the fat out of AB. There is more to come so he can line there pockets with more. I Believe that the team members want to decide how to serve up our own pie. We want a say and we want protection from the new ABInbev . The IBEW LOCAL 363 is the way to go. Everyone stay strong and ride out the BS it will be over soon, Welcome 363.

  17. Sam I posted a blog as littlecanthatcould on Aug3 and it is still MIA. what happend?

  18. DAN HERE WE ARE AGAIN>>>>> We forced people in last night to cover production needs. We all understand the plants needs. WORKERS AND MANAGEMENT are required to run this plant. MP leaves early approx. 9:30 so he can attend one of your dayshift meetings. Who did you leave in charge,,, a fill in team leader, a 1 month old back end team leader and someone who resigned and and reapplied( Which is goog for his family). Where was your 1/2 of the team?????? If it is important for MP to be present at a meeting, START IT AT 6:00AM. You want to be friends, listen to what we are saying. Management has to carry their own weight. We are tired of doing your 1/2 of the job. GET IT TOGETHER!!! You caused this.

  19. PROFITS EXCEED EXPECTATIONS 1.14 BILLION. And to think of all those people fired and all that talk of how good the company is doing and still not even $1.00 in the pensions. LOOKS LIKE ANOTHER slap on the back for ALL the big boys to get even BIGGGGGER ATTTTA BOY checks next yrar.